Aggression Sessions
Feast ents tickets not sold out – on same night as aggression sessions, so may possibly do an aggression sessions ticket at a cheaper price?
– At least advertise that ents works out at the same time as end of aggression sessions, so it’s a good deal
Will do a final push first once we’ve got actual ents booked so people know
And remind people that non-cuths people can come

Booked – got it in gold

Booked – All Events Security

Food van
£40 basics fee – may need food trader licence (didn’t get it last year)

Swing Boats
Need to measure garden
May have an issue with the budget for it if we don’t sell the ents
RH found another option

AR don’t have the chocolate fountain for that night – have popcorn, waffle on a stick and chocolate kebab stalls – £645 + VAT (without the credit taken off)
If we can do chocolate fountain we should (and cut the chocolate kebab)

Designed Things
HJ to do notecards and snapchat filter

A bit over budget at the minute, but if we cut some things (and they normally give us a discount as well, which we think they’ll apply again)
Cutting red carpet and rope
Cutting TV in back bar – can make some TV stuff
Will run by the sound stuff with CW (Facilities) and JG
Possible issues with road closures – will ask about the white gate way