Met with production company this afternoon
Tickets sold out v quickly
Social Comm members need to check if they still want to go to dinner ASAP (by Weds)

HJ done cover photo, and to do Snapchat filter

Carnival Funfairs – have swingboats which could be good – got the dimensions (40ft x 20ft and fairly tall) – £900
Food van – dc catering – £800 for 400 servings – or have people pay, and we make up to £800 if that’s not what they make
Victoria sweet cart company do sweet stalls and things – can do discount deals – also do photo booths
300 guests – £399 for chocolate fountain for 3 hours
Blue sumo suits

Dining hall and marquee = chocolate rooms
TV set in the bar (big cardboard one)
Pink boat
Hang lollipops outside on trees (with fairy lights)
Ballon lollipops and sweets
Giant Wonka bars for the toilet bars
Bar can be the sciencey room with load of tubing
Back bar the TV room (photo booth as well)
Walkway in marquee can be the squirrel area
Gold runners
Arts and crafts day – 18th Feb all day

Kinky Jeff and the Swingers – £175 for an hour
Durham Big Band can, and are £200, but probably gonna go with Cuth’s
Cuth’s Big Band who we can just give ents tickets to (some may have dinner tickets though)

£25 per hour – K something – did Cuth’s fashion show

Prosecco normally for drinks reception – could look for something more colourful (£1.33 per person last year)
Cocktails – could have some with fizzy sweets in the bottom – could have one for each of the kids

Not booked yet

Golden Tickets
Put them under five people’s plates
A gift basket of chocolate and sweets and things they can collect later