Michaelmas Ball
People liked decorations
Few blips but overall good
Blips including coaches charging us for sick, venue charging us for removing plants from plant pots, photobooth didn’t arrive (they have offered a discount for next event)
Lost property from Beamish wasn’t good either

Refreshers Week
First weekend back
Silent disco, acoustic night, pub quiz, Newcastle night
Good feedback last time so same again
Friday: Silent Disco – need to get bar extension and book dining hall – will post about DJs – AL and CG keen
Saturday: Pub Quiz – dining hall – LJ possibility – can have diff people doing diff sections – could do 2017 theme – people think of rounds and post on the group
Sunday: Acoustic Night – Brooks – delegate to alt soc
Monday: Newcastle night – with Hild Bede – maybs about 200
All events not fresher exclusive

23rd February
Feast Manager running tomorrow
Theme ideas:
– Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
– Murder Mystery? Cluedo?
Marquee – currently buying one isn’t possible – having one is still good
Congested with stuff in marquee entrance, dining hall and JCR – maybe have marquee ent with access from a back door?

12 Days of Cuthsmas
Final day will be where people email in theme ideas, and winner gets a free Cuth’s Day ticket – but not lumbered with their idea

Summer Ball Venues
New venue
Derwent Manor – huge and pretty
Have agreed to match prices with Hardwick – and based on the discounted ones we got from Hardwick it should be cheaper
Guaranteed alcohol licence until 3am, so can keep us until 4am – beer only £3.50, wine cheaper etc etc
Can have up to 1000 people in marquee
Can have 3 rides