Conference Room

1. Apologies & Absences
Apologies: MT, OW, AG
Absences: DM

2. Ball Bedrief
Major ents
– Wanted more DJ
– Might have preferred jazz type music during the meal
– People wanted it to go on longer – although they were all shattered (liscensing)
– Really enjoyed Basement Jazz
– Have everyone performing longer

Twister ride
– those that went on it loved it, some forgot about it
– made sure it was lit for when people arrived
– used well throughout the evening
All ents stopped at midnight – people wanted them to go on longer, it did make people go and dance though
Bar was very expensive – there were deals on soft drinks though. We do provide everyone a bottle of wine

Minor ents
– Very helpful company and easy to work with
– Basement Jazz & monroes – Very keen and both were good to work with
– DJ was really nice and keen for future events
– Basement Jazz had a nice time – all that matters really
Clearing the hall and getting people back in for music is always a hassle – very dependent on venue
Beamish and Hardwick Hall were both a bit more spacious

– Not worth it – a bit formal food esp with self service
– Too quick tidying up – meal was quite rushed
– Efficient but not necessarily glamorous
– Just over 1.5 hrs start to finish

– Some preferred Hardwick- this year’s outdoor space was better but it wasn’t quite as glamorous inside
Booking system (eventbrite)
– More expensive than anticipated – will look in to alternatives for the feast
– Ran smoothly

Ticket Price
– Felt the £40 for the meal was too much
– Was expensive – freshers often don’t go until 2nd and 3rd year
– Most people felt it was worth it for the evening and the atmosphere
– Assume it’s around 65-75 – it’s what people expect

Ents tickets

– Most ever sold, nearly 80 sold
– £30 probably the max for that
– All coordinated but not overbearing
– A classy light dusting of theme

– Looked good
– Not enough noting cards – a nice touch though – 2000 is not enough
– A plan of where everyone is sitting so you know where to send notes would have been nice but is logistically difficult

Union meeting place
– They didn’t realise we were coming, fine though
– Stairs not ideal
– Plan before and tell people where they need to be
– Easier if you distribute the tickets in advance
– A good central meeting place

Drinks reception
– First impression was good, cramped though
– Uplighting wasn’t that noticeable or big impact
– No lights at the front and quite expensive for what we had
– Ents lighting was all focused on the stage
– ‘Already sorted’ – an alternative local AV company
– Lighting on the drive/dropped off at the front would have been better

– She was great, flexible
– Tactful about photos of people eating
– Good quality photos
– She was noted

St John’s Ambulance
– Definitely necessary
– Good for them to have a separate room
– Almost all of those that visited were freshers
– A lot of people pre drank while getting ready
– Have the rules of the game in the bar before a formal
– Freshers and pgs struggle with knowing about noting

2. Minor events
Various ideas were discusses
RR to upload a list for different members of the committee to organise