Tickets were oversold because the company were “not very good” (N.B. this is a polite version of the term used by the Social Chair). However, all 144 dinner/Queen tickets have been sold, and 306 tickets have been sold in total. We have been given permission to increase the capacity to 350, so around 40 tickets remain. These need to be sold before 4pm on Friday, none will be available on the door.

ID policy – security will check campus cards and ID on the door and give all guests wristbands. The bar will not serve anyone who is not wearing a wristband. This needs to be made clear on Facebook.

Set up – the companies will be setting up from 9am. The dining hall will be set up from 2:30pm, but help is needed in the bar before then. Times will be posted on Facebook for people to sign up to, in order to avoid everyone coming at once.

Art Days – tomorrow is the last chance to finish art stuff, please come from 9am-5pm.
Welfare will be provided by the JCR team and St John’s Ambulance.

There should only be limited help needed during the event, mainly with the dining hall at about 9pm.
There will be 4 members of security, 2 stewards, 2 members of St John’s Ambulance, 4 technicians and 4 people with the inflatables.

Guests can arrive from 6pm, dinner starts at 7pm and should last 2 hours. There will be a welfare cafe in the JCR with a Photobooth, which will have different backgrounds (designed by AL). The cafe will provide tea from Tealicious (there will be coffee in the SCR for W (Porter)) as well as jam tarts and Haribo. Possibly also something savoury (big Tesco run). There will be a popcorn machine outside.

Croquet will be outside, as well as a bouncy castle, ball pool, human demolition and shisha tent (all the shisha equipment is working, apart from the unimportant bit M? broke).

Music – Baby band (10pm-11pm); Keys (11:15pm-12:15am); DJ to finish

Tech – there will be lighting from the wall of the Wendy house garden down and projections on to House 12. Reception will be lit and have speakers, the corridor to the dining hall will be lit. In the dining hall there will be black cloth on one wall, moving lights and a smoke machine (which apparently won’t set off the fire alarms). In the JCR there will be a bubble machine. People will be given lollipops as they are leaving and there will be a burger van outside all night. Message people about risk of epilepsy etc.

Clear up – the stewards will be around until 3am, we’ll try to get it done on the night, help unless you are too drunk. Take away will be provided.

Twitter – despite being an engineer, RR doesn’t understand Twitter.

1,000 custom notes have been printed, pens as well.
AGr will monitor the weather forecast to check for rain. The shisha and ball pool are covered, others aren’t but will still run.

People with ents/knave tickets will arrive before dinner ends to limit overcrowding.

If people don’t want to drink they should contact GC with a suggestion of what they would like instead.

Wine will be on the table, drinks can be brought in in plastics, wine glasses stay in hall, bottles don’t have to.

ACTION POINT!!!! – GC contact House 12 residents about whether they want ents tickets or would rather not be around