Held in the Bailey Bar at 5pm

Possible Themes for the Feast – Seven Deadly Sins; Arabian Nights; Willy Wonka; Alice in Wonderland; Vice and Virtue; Versailles; Mardi Gras

Seven Deadly Sins – Ambitious and potentially difficult. Fits with medieval idea, can section off certain areas.
Vice and Virtue – too tacky and difficult
Versailles – too similar to last year
Mardi Gras – beads, masks, colourful but reliant on people being involved, risky.
Willy Wonka – different areas, allows for interesting ticket promos (e.g. hidden tickets in bottles/on trays), chocolate fountain, obvious colour theme, easier/more subtle ents and decorations, cheap decorations, base courses on names of children, shuggy boats, retro games, lots of sweets, ents based around children, too similar to potential Cuth’s Day theme?
Alice in Wonderland – Inflatables, banquet scene in book, cards, croquet, bouncy castle, shisha, theme food around the book, riddles, slightly darker, less obviously childish
Choice between Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland – Alice in Wonderland overwhelmingly chosen.

S? to talk to kitchen about appropriate tweaks to the menu.
Possible Ents – bouncy slides (Health and Safety? Dresses?), caricatures (12-15/hour can be done, could lead to long queues), house of mirrors (cost?), shisha, outdoor heaters (apparently not allowed by Uni policy, S? to check), spinning tea cups (space issue, also sensible after lots of alcohol?), croquet, chess, Drink Me/Eat Me, AR

L? and CH to continue with theme, especially looking at ideas from the book. CH to look into lighting.
Table decorations – difficult without theme, use SCR as cloakroom so that JCR is not cluttered up (would need manning and permission). Rig up coloured lights (expensive, may be easier to uplight with projections). Cards hanging down, chess board roof, plain table covers cost £38, SE will forward on info from Michaelmas Ball table decorations.
AL and HM to keep working on it.
Dress Code – Themed black tie? Might put people off as extra effort, but would look good. Make it optional? Yes, but needs careful phrasing.
Music – C? says the late night music won’t be an issue, but he needs to know in advance. DJ in dining hall – what sort of music? Needs to be flexible or have two DJs as people will want chart stuff later on. Big Band to play? Might be ignored once DJ starts, possibly have them play outside while the dining hall is being set up. CH to talk to mini Big Band about Soul/Funk. RR, as an engineer, to set up a system that means people can text/tweet requests to the DJ. T? and M? to find DJs.
Tickets – to be sold two weeks in advance, T? to set up Facebook group within the week.
Welfare – make a Welfare Cafe as part of the theme, AS to look into this. Check with EH whether Cuth’s Welfare would be happy to man it. RR to contact St John’s Ambulance etc. CB to look into Security.
Food – DM to investigate, Survivors’ Breakfast?
Photographer – £50 T? to find someone external.
Chinese New Year – Food competition in Brooks, encourage all to attend.
Wiff Waff – Check new date (GC), T? and CB to work out a better explanation that £7 gets you entry into a tournament and unlimited food. Sell physical tickets as well as on-line