Held in the House 8 Conference Room at 5pm

Christmas Formals – The International Students are expecting something special. Get the choir or choral scholars to sing, and Big Band or other jazz group to play during the meal. The meal on Tuesday will be followed by a Silent Disco with a Christmas channel. The theme will be black tie with a Christmas twist. Decorations (crackers, tinsel, lights, snow spray, snow flakes) may be provided by college, if not by Social Comm. The back bar will be turned into Santa’s Grotto, with SC as Father Christmas giving away cheap toys as presents or raffle tickets. GC will ask S? if winter drinks can be provided, and whether mince pies can be sold (for about 60p). People will be charged £1 for entry, either on the gate or before the silent disco (which may also get them a deal with a club). The decorations can be re-used on Wednesday.
Second Term – three unthemed formals, as well as Burns’ Night and Military Formal. Something, possibly a formal needs to be done for Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year. There will also be a fair-trade formal. Something based around I’m A Celebrity could be done on Australia Day, with forfeits raising money for charity. For non-bar based events, Come Dine With Me and British Bake Off (judged by the Head Chef). Also the idea of Hot Dog Time Machine, where one song from every year is played in order, possibly in a Cuth’s Take Over Night in a club. There should be a link-up with Welfare to help promote their campaign weeks. There will be a Fashion Show in February, before which there could be a clothes swap event. Another non-bar based event would be a Scavenger Hunt (possibly Easter Eggs).
Feast – Currently February 28th, possible themes 7 Deadly Sins or Medieval. To be organised by Social Comm with input from S?, N? and H?.
Action Points
I’m A Celeb – AL
Chinese New Year – CA
Bake Off – SA
Come Dine With Me – AS/VP
Fancy Dress Formal – DM
Take Over Night – GC
Welfare Link-Up – MF
Clothes Swap – CP
Silent Disco/Christmas Formal – GC, CH, HM
Feast – CB
Gingerbread – AG, SE