Ticket Collection – This has been advertised, at the Bailey it will coincide with dinner, at Brooks it is just before the pub quiz. The aim is to make it look nice, so wearing black tie. There will be a computer available for people to buy ents tickets. MF and SC are to organise teams to hand out tickets.

Increase Ents Ticket Sales – In future years there needs to be something to show Freshers/postgraduates how much fun the previous balls have been, as they may have had negative experiences elsewhere. Postgraduates had mentioned that they thought the tickets were too expensive, so a 20% discount was agreed. It was suggested to do a raffle for champagne and a deal so that if a friend had recommended that someone get a ticket, they got a 10% discount. This last idea was rejected as it was felt that enough strategies were in place already, and it could be tricky logistically, but could be used for subsequent events.

Flyers – TR is to make A4 flyers with about 3 lines of text to advertise the ents tickets. These will be printed by SC and GC will distribute them to groups on Sunday.

Ticket Delivery – TR is to organise teams for this, and also for posting flyers. CP and B? will help put tickets in envelopes. GC is to email everyone to let them know to expect their ticket.

The deadline to buy Ents tickets is 6pm on Tuesday.
CP and GC will number the tickets to make sure none go missing.

Table plans will be put on the tables.

Takeover nights – GC has discussed in theory with clubs the idea of doing Cuth’s take over nights, possibly with Cuth’s banners, Cuth’s DJs etc. Also the possibility of Acoustic nights, though licences need to be checked. Agreed to be a good idea