Over Microsoft Teams. It takes a while for everyone to get in, and we all have a lot of fun playing with the Minecraft backgrounds.

Present: SM (PGM Chair), JC (Vice-President), RM (PG Academic Rep), OT (4th Year Rep), EM (President), NN (PG Social Sec), HH (PG Welfare Rep), AB (PG International Rep), JW (PGM Vice-President)


Absent: BD (PGM Treasurer)


SM: I wanted to see what you thought we could do this term. EA (Principal) wants a research forum over zoom. Jon has asked me about a research slam, which I don’t think will work because most of us will be just starting on finishing dissertations.

RM: I don’t know zoom works.

SM: It’s similar to this, but you can share your screen.

RM: A livestream might be easier.

EM: Livestreams can be awkward because there’s less engagement. On zoom you can see if people are getting bored.

HH: We have seminars on zoom and they work quite well.

SM: Also it will be very useful being able to have slides up. Not many people come to research slams normally anyway.

OT: Would it be aimed at undergrads or us?

SM: It could be aimed at anyone. But exams are coming up and most undergrad dissertations are being handed in, so people don’t want new ideas.

SM: We could also do a film night and/or a social event.

OT: Didn’t we agree to watch the Untouchables?

SM: We should probably also think about welfare. Postgrad loneliness seems very relevant right now.

AB: How would we do the film?

OT: Netflix party is an option.

JC: It could be done over zoom with screen share.

SM: There are issues with doing things together, but we should think about we could do something social.

AB: People could have food at home, and that saves our budget.

RM: I’d have to get Dominos for the 5th time this week.

AB: We could all make the same recipe.

SM: We could do a bake off style thing?

HH: Maybe a cooking competition.

JW: I support that.

EM: Wants to send out MR (Head Chef)’s recipes for feasts and formals. But also you can find recipes anywhere.

HH: A few years ago there was a welfare cookbook.

RM: If there are enough people in the cooking contest, we could go head to head on Instagram with polls. I’ll be the judge because I can’t cook.

OT: I think a games night is a good idea.

HH: There are a lot of online games available. We could play cards against humanity.

SM: So we’ll have a games night and try to encourage cooking/baking. Then we’ll look into a film night but there might be limits. I’ve been sent a few things from other MCR presidents.

SM: Maybe the research forum should be after exams so we don’t hurt participation.

RM: Usually it’s just us that turn up anyway. So we should do whatever’s easiest.

SM: Let’s aim for mid to late May. We’ll see what EA says about that.

Action: RM to talk to EA about research forum.

Action: SM to talk to JW (Vice-Principal) about research slam.