Postgrad Comm 17.00  Cuth’s Bar

1. Apologies & Absences
Apologies: JF

2. Introduction
we want to create a ‘postgrad community’
get the vibez from the postgrads and feed it back to the committee

3. Roles
2 Social Reps to provide social events but spread the load – MAs are hard
sit on social committee – “”don’t forget about the postgrads””/non drinkers/internationals.

thinky thinky stuff – JF – Academic Rep
fora, reading groups

Union Rep – each college gets one vote (that’s T?)
the postgrad union rep doesnt get a vote but they need to be on top of what the union is doing, attends assembly and puts forward postgrad views

International Rep – does what it says on the tin

General Reps – man power/’HLE’s bitch’
‘will be a useful role to develop’

4. What HLE expects of everyone…
the postgrad rep doesn’t have to do everything, needs to make sure they delegate
hopefully roles are now better defined – committee needs to come forward with ideas and plans
doesn’t take too much work – easier when everyone works together
academic commitments always come first – tell HLE or tell MT (she’s paid for this shit)
This term…
one non drinking event
an international event
academic stuff is already sorted
a couple of social events per term – there will also be jcr events

5. Plans for the future
fb group – make it a constant presence – not HLE (everyone is bored of him now)
count the bar crawl as one of the events for this term
halloween film night – brooks JCR, more relaxed event – on the friday halloween (JCR event on the sat)
need to promote it – posters – O? will make one
email – compose a message and HLE can send it out
he’ll forward relevant emails to the reps

tasting night – gin?
michaelmas ball – notoriously difficult to get pgs to go – important to promote it regardless
after 14th november – countryside walk and a pub visit – arrange with the SCR/college or a joint thing with the JCR – hire a coach (Job for J?) – talk to IH
Alnwick castle? big book shop – the international students would enjoy this
Christmas dinner out – need to book it up soon-ish
sunday christmas lunch 7th december – O? will enquire and find somewhere
inter MCR formals throughout the year – want at least one of the reps at each one – shows we care
– Usually quite limited. meet PGs at brooks, show them where to go and walk them over
– make sure they know about it and want to be part of it
Our inter MCR formal (E? and O?’sbig day) – 4th march – start planning at the start of epiphany, takes a lot of time

6. Any Other Business
– attend JCR meetings, and ENJOY THEM.