JCR Meeting 2023.10.19

JCR Meeting 1.2 Minutes (19/10/2023)


Approval of Minutes



PGM Committee Expansion Motion 

Creation of a PGCE Rep and General Member Positions on PGM Comm

Participation Fund Panel Motion

Clarify standing orders concerning makeup of the Participation Fund Panel

DSU Assembly Elections Motion 

Create new Standing Order for the election procedure for the Cuth’s SU Assembly Rep

Welfare Campaigns Manager and Social Media Motion

Motion to allow the Welfare Campaigns Team Manager access to the Welfare Social Media Platforms

Assistant Librarian Requirements Motion 

Motion to change requirements necessary to run for Assistant Librarian 




Assistant International Rep (II)

Assistant WCS Rep (II)

Assistant SwD Rep (II)

Assistant POC Rep (II)

Assistant LGBTQ+ Rep (II)

Trans and Non-Binary Rep (II)

Local Students Rep (II)

PG Welfare Rep (II)

Michaelmas Ball Manager (II)

Formals Manager (II)

Assistant Librarian (II)

Sports Rep (II)

Societies Rep (II)

JRO x 2 (II)