JCR Meeting 2.1 Minutes


Durham Grant Feast Discount

This motion would increase the discount that students on the Durham Grant are eligible for from a third to a fifty percent discount for the Feast of St Cuthbert 2023.

Support for Durham University UCU Members Strike Action

This motion aims to reaffirm Cuth’s support for UCU’s industrial action.

Black Lives Matter Updated Motion II

This motion builds on motions from 2020 and 2021 which resolved to make donations with JCR funds to a number of different charities including the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation. This motion aims to ensure that these donations have been made, and if not that these donations are made and to ensure that they are included in handovers so they are not left out of budgets or not reviewed again. 




President of the Society (I Presidential)

Vice President (I)

Senior Welfare Officer (I)

Sports and Societies Reporter x2 (II)

Team Cuth’s Social Media Manager (II)