Exec Reports

Motions (Serious):
HLM for JR
HLM for EW
HLM for CH
HLM for EM

SwD Rep (I)
Environment Rep (I)
Student Trustee (I)
Assistant International Rep (II)

Motions (Unserious):
CRAS Deratification 3.0
Merry Monarch Motion

Elections (Method IV):
Leader of the Song (IV)
Orbiting Professor of Martian Anthropology (IV)
Golden Bedspring of Fornication (IV)
Red Herring for Persistent and Unadulterated Lying (IV)
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (IV)
Soft Cushion for Academic Blagging (IV)
Wooden Spoon for Stirring Disharmony (IV)
Anonymous Magistrates Paper Bag for Technicolour Yawning (IV)
Keeper of the Couplets (IV)
Wincrete Memorial Trophy


JCR Meeting 2022.06.19 (3.3 – Joke Meeting)