JCR Meeting 09/06/17


SJ Chair:


Welcome, correspondence


MC – President


TJ – VP has resigned






Motions are Fashion Show Committee, Fashion Show Exec to be elected by method 1, chillax soc



MC (for the motion to create a committee)




The fashion show is a society at present – this needs to be dissolved and re




Change to first motion, dissolve the current fashion show society and carry over the exec structure to new committee


Amendment passed




Why is the committee chaired by the VP (of fashion show)




The president is too busy




So busy they cant be here




I would like to change the grammar by amendment




This is why people don’t come to JCR meetings


Amendment passed


Amended Motion passes




Second Motion


MC for the motion: we need enumerated method 1 elections to prevent nepotism




Isnt this just what we did








We don’t have a trinity term, its easter – amendment suggested to change this


Amendment passed


Motion passes



Third Motion




Shall I stand up *silence* (stays seated) – I want to found cuth’s chillax society for people who don’t want to drink but engage in social activities e.g. board games


Motion passes





KL (on behalf of AB)


I’ve been JRO for 2 years and Green Machine Manager. I attend all the committees. Manifesto point 1: rewrite the election rules. This needs to happen because of a change to the Devote system. * demonstrates knowledge of elections software * . Manifesto point 2: Create a document that outlines all the positions.




Method 1 shpeel


KL (on behalf of JS for Senior Frep)


I was a frep this year. I enjoyed it much and fulfilled the role thoroughly. I would put an emphasis on welfare in fresher’s week. Would introduce time at racecourse for sports. Emphasis on societies and freshers’ fair. Relevant to me because I felt that I was too slow to join them myself. Propose a 2nd meal in the week for those not on the meal deal. Lasting experiences open day and frapping, as well as disappointing rugby career.





Please go online and vote, method 2 environment rep


*difficulties over 5 people trying to run for 1 position *




Nothing better than the smell of JCR confusion in the air


Situation is resolved by AW running in abstentia




I grew up in Wales near Liverpool so I like the environment. We/I will work tirelessly to save the environment.


AW is elected.




Reminder to vote.