JCR Meeting 2020-03-09

Setting: In Brooks bar with another new layout. Today I have a desk overlooking the darts board and SWC has a higher table next to me. EMM is hidden away under the dartboard.

Raffle prizes include a Cuth’s day shirt from last year ft. a stain, won by AM, some flower garlands suitable for wearing to SU Assembly on Thursday, a laptop bag found in a cupboard and a large fosters sign which says Durham University.

Present: SWC (Chair), JC (Vice-President), EMM (President), SG (JRO), BT (JRO), RJ (FCO), EGS (Students with Disabilities Rep), MW (Social Chair), LJ (Social Comm), AH (Female Welfare Officer), WB (Head Frep), HT (Outreach Comm), EJG (Swimming), PJ (Social Comm), MF, SLP, MT (SU Rep), KS (Webmaster & International Comm), RM (PG Academic Rep), EE (International Rep), KB (JRO), TB, HB (Welfare Campaigns), SS (Social Comm), KM (Finance Comm), JMG (Welfare Campaigns Manager), AJ (Librarian), ALW (Social Comm), SP (SRO), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep), SM (Postgraduate and MFure Students’ Chair), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), ABD, CG (Communications Officer), HR (Social Comm), SB (Outreach Comm & Welfare Campaigns), AM (Green Machine Technician), SA (Outreach Chair), ABLC (Sports & Societies Chair & Keeper of the Couplets), LE (Social Comm), RH (Outreach Comm), OW (Male Welfare Officer), JRG, LM (Welfare Campaigns), EH, PW, HMM (Assistant Ethnic Minorities Rep), WE (Stool), RMM (LGBT+ Rep), EAM (Student Trustee), AW (Music Rep), EEG (Assistant Students with Disabilities Rep), JR (Facilities Manager), LB (Outreach Comm), BC (Welfare Campaigns), AC (Welfare Campaigns Manager), DH (Year Out Committee), DT, EO, IC, PW, KM (Finance Comm), MP

Apologies: HJ (Rugby – Men’s), NN (PGM Social Sec), JW (PGM Vice-President), OT (4th Year Rep), LJH (Assistant LGBT+ Rep), MR (Ethnic Minorities Rep), SL (Feast Manager), ÁB (PG International Rep), HH (PG Welfare Rep), AG (Social Comm), RSD (Student Trustee), HCM (Welfare Campaigns), EJ (SU Rep), EW (Social Comm)

Absent: AB (Finance Comm & Outreach Comm), EBM, JZ (International Welfare Rep), SR (Finance Comm), DB (Finance Comm), LGH (Outreach Comm), IN (Outreach Comm), BD (PGM Treasurer), AK (Social Comm), LA (Welfare Campaigns), AS (Welfare Campaigns), OB (Welfare Campaigns), LD (Welfare Campaigns), WN (Keeper of the Glass Bell), MC



Method III Amended

Campaign Videos


Election Questions

PhD Levy

Password Protection

Welfare Campaigns Team

Vote of No Confidence in JZ

Vote of No Confidence in HCM


Method II

Transgender and Non-Binary Rep

Postgrad Rep

Mature Students’ Rep

Local Students’ Rep

Summer Ball Manager

Cuth’s Day Manager

Method I

Sports and Societies Chair

Senior Welfare Officer

Outreach Chair

Facilities Manager

Communities Officer

Female Welfare Officer

Male Welfare Officer

Music Representative


Minutes of previous meeting

*Passed on a general aye*






Finance & Compliance Officer

Social Chair


Senior Welfare Officer

International Rep

Not submitted.

Outreach Committee Chair



Postgraduate and MFure Students’ Committee Chair

Sports and Societies Chair

I’ve not really done anything.

Commmunications Officer

Facilities Manager



Method III Amended

The JCR Notes


The JCR Believes


The JCR repeals 

Election Rules order

Article 3 Method 3 rules:

1.2 Applying for a Method 3 position

1.3 Selection Procedure


The JCR Orders

Election rules order

Article 3 Method 3 rules


1.2 Applying for a Method 3 position

1.2.1 The overseer of the Method 3 position will publicise details of how to apply for a position, giving at least one week for people to contact them. The overseer will have to make a post about the application process which will be shared on Cuth’s JCR Elections page by the SRO.

1.2.2 Applications must be lodged to the overseer.

1.2.3. Accepting a Method III position: You may only accept an application position after being notified of selection if this will not result in you holding more than two JCR positions (Method I, II, or III) at the same time, except in the case(s) of 1.1.2.


1.3 Selection Procedure

1.3.1. At their discretion the overseer may use an application form and/or interview.

1.3.2 Successful candidate(s) will then be chosen by the overseer after consultation with and approval from the President and Vice-President. For method 3 appointments conducted for Postgraduate and MFure students committee, the PGM Vice-President will be invited to be a member of the panel.

1.3.3 The overseer will constitute a panel three members, the overseer, President, Vice President or in absence thereof the overseer can choose from the members of the executive committee to scrutinize the applications of candidates.

1.3.4 The questions asked to all candidates will be open ended and applicable to all other candidates.

1.3.5 All correspondence during the selection process will be minuted by a member of the panel, who shall then electronically submit it to the Vice President.

1.3.6 The overseer and the panel have the option of Re-opening nominations.


1.4 Forbidden application methods

1.4.1 During their application candidates are forbidden from: Offering any bribes or exchange of value for the position, Personally attacking a current or previous JCR Member, Associating or affiliating with any member of the Governance Committee, the Executive Committee, Trustee board or any previous holders of the position.


1.5 Complaints procedure-

1.5.1 Any member of the JCR can submit an electronic complaint to the SRO.

1.5.2 The SRO shall convene a meeting of the Governance committee to discuss and sanction any candidate.


1.6 Method of Sanctions-

1.6.1 Disqualification: The candidate is removed from contention for the position.

1.6.2 Official reprimand- The panel officially reprimands the candidate for violating rules and further offences shall be taken into account by the panel in making their decision.

1.6.3 Rerun of the appointing process- The Governance committee with a 2/3rds majority can nullify and void the entire Method 3 appointment process and ask the overseer of the appointment to restart the entire selection process.


Proposer: SP

Seconder: SM


SP: This motion tries to improve on our method 3 procedures. A lot of this is already done but will be in the orders. It will be more transparent because it will now be minuted. We want to constitute that everyone is asked the same questions. There’s also now a complaints procedure. One small motion by the SRO, one giant leap for democracy.

AW: Will the minutes be public?

SP: Yes, on the website.

AW: isn’t that going to deter people from running? I wouldn’t want my interview to be online.

SP: This is standard practice for other methods. I think that’s an important point though. One of the reasons for doing this for transparency. I think it’s important to be minuted and available to gov comm. But maybe it shouldn’t be online.

AW: I agree, it should be minuted but not put online. Only for gov comm. Also, I’m unsure about asking the same questions to everyone.

EMM: This year all the exec were unconscious bias trained by the University. They say that to give everyone a fair chance you should do the same for everyone. Given that that’s the advice of the training we have available we should stick with it.

WE: If someone is interviewing, and they speak about something on their application, does that mean the interviewer can’t ask about that?

EMM: That’s not how we do things in Cuth’s. Candidates can bring things up again in the interview.

WE: Isn’t that very limiting for the interviewer?

EMM: I think sticking with training is better.

SP: I think it’s important that everyone is treated fairly. The interviewers can answer open ended questions and dig deeper.

JRG: Is the interviewer able to ask follow up clarification questions?

JR: You say about consulting the president and vice-president. How involved are they in the early decision making process?

SP: They can be involved. Usually the panel will decide. But it’s a consultation to ensure everything has been done properly.

SWC: The panel will often be president and vice-president

JC: I’ve had the University training and the encouraged follow up questions. So we should too.

RJ: They can do what’s right in the interview.

SWC: They’ll ask a set of questions, but it’s more of a conversation. No one would question that. There is a degree of flexibility.

AW: Amendment that interviews will be minuted but these minutes will only be available to gov comm.

SP: What happens if the other candidates want to know why they were unsuccessful?

EMM: They’ll get feedback from the panel. But feedback should be on the individual’s interview.

EE: We need to be careful with the storage of these minutes. What if a candidate doesn’t want the interview to be minuted?

SWC: If this amendment passed, it wouldn’t be public.

EE: It’s more a matter of the fact that it’s accessible to anyone.

JRG: Every individual always has the right to retract their data. So if an individual didn’t want the minutes to be held that’s allowed.

RJ: If you don’t want us to keep your data, just tell us. Easy.

SP: Minutes are usually initialled.

*Amendment passed on a general aye*

AH: In currently it says PGM Vice-president is invited to the panel for PGM comm positions. I’d like an additional clause for welfare appointments that male and female welfare officer are included.

JC: It’s elsewhere in the orders, although it is confusing that is here and this isn’t.

*Motion passed on a general aye*

Campaign Videos

The JCR Notes


The JCR Believes


The JCR Orders

Election Rules Order


(4) The candidates have an option to electronically submit a campaign video script 72 hours before the meeting. And must submit the final version of the video at any point between 72 hours to the JCR meeting and closing of polls for approval before it is published.


1.3.4 Campaign video- The campaign video will be no longer than 5 minutes Campaign videos should have subtitles A member of the executive committee, Trustee board, Governance committee or all current and previous holders of that position can’t feature in the video in both active and passive capacity. The video cannot be shot in the Cuth’s dining hall and both Bailey and Brooks bar The video should include the Candidates name, Cuth’s crest, and must feature the candidate in at least one frame. Only the candidate and their campaign team can feature in an active role in the video.


Proposer: SP

Seconder: MC


SP: We want to create an opportunity for election candidates to submit campaign videos. Candidates often want to do more creative methods of campaigning. This gives them an ability to show their affable and personal side and communicate their ideas.

EAM: I’m not sure about this. I have some issues. It provides an opportunity, but only a limited number of people will be able to do this well. It requires the candidate or a friend to be able to make a good quality video. Also, Cuth’s is one of the few colleges that adds social media campaigning, and a lot of people are a bit sick of election spam. Adding another way to spam people will only make that worse.

SP: I think a lot of the time candidates use memes to try and break the monotony. I think this will be a good way to do it. Videos are more fun. I’ve made a campaign video before. Most election skills are quite specific. It’s optional.

SM: My concern is the amount of time allowed. It takes a long time to make a video. People will be put off because they’ll feel like they have to do this. It might put people off or put them under pressure.

EMM: Amendment to make the maximum length 2 minutes.

*Amendment passed on a general aye*

RMM: How will you avoid the issue that some people have access to more specialist skills? Everyone can make a poster but not everyone can make a video.

SP: There is a budget for campaigning. Maybe we could increase that.

JS: I agree with a lot of the issues surrounding skill sets. Public speaking in meetings is important because that’s relevant to a lot of the roles. But very few roles need video making skills.

SS: Besides the aspect of it being amusing, what benefit do you think it will bring? There have been a lot of disadvantages mentioned.

SP: The benefit is that everyone only gets one shot at husting, and if they mess up that hurts their campaign. Also, it spreads more information than memes. And it helps people to know the candidate more. People will be more willing to consume it.

AW: This is problematic in regards to the current standing orders. You’d need to only use the proposer and seconder, or use the campaign team for less than 48 hours. And the script has to have been submitted before the team is selected. So proposer and seconder will be selected based on who’s good at making videos.

SP: The script doesn’t need names.

AW: So you write an endorsement before selecting the campaign team member?

SP: The video can be submitted at any point during the election.

*Motion has not passed*


This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR resolves:

Proposer: SA

Seconder: MW


SA: Ages ago there was a motion about charity donations from summer ball tickets. It was a one off for that year. Last year it happened, and it has this year. We want it to be a thing. The proposal is that Michaelmas, Feast and Summer ball all have £1 donations from dinner but not ents. That won’t apply to the Durham Grant tickets or reduced exec and social comm tickets. Freshers’ week donations are discretionary.

MF: How are the charities decided?

SA: Outreach committee votes.

EMM: Normally outreach creates a shortlist, then those options go on the facebook event for voting.

SLP: Why wouldn’t discounted tickets have a donation?

MW: We don’t know how many discounted tickets there will be until after the decisions have been, so it makes it easier for budgeting. They’re a small proportion.

SS: Why does it not apply to ents tickets?

MW: They’re sold up until the day.

*Motion passed on a general aye*

Election Questions

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR orders:


Meetings of the JCR Order

Section 13 – Questions for Candidates


Proposer: RJ

Seconder: BT


RJ: This is designed to make JCR meetings shorter. Elections take ages. Most people decide based on the hust and a few questions. So we should limit the number of questions. Stupid questions can be discounted. The chair can enforce this.

AJ: If it’s a stupid question that gets discounted, is it still answered?

RJ: No.

EAM: It might make more sense to set a time limit rather than limit the number of questions. And maybe have a set number for presidential election.

RJ: For some elections, the SRO can allow more questions. And they can allow fewer questions.

PhD Levy

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR repeals:

JCR Membership Order

2.5.3. Full Members continuing from Undergraduate study into Postgraduate study will be required to pay the JCR Levy again at the beginning of their Postgraduate course.

2.5.4. In special cases, an application to pay charges in instalments rather than in one payment may be made to the FCO and it shall be left to their discretion whether to accept or reject the application. The FCO’s decision shall be open to an appeal to Governance Committee in the usual manner


This JCR orders:

JCR Membership Order

2.5.3 Full Members continuing from Undergraduate study into a one-year Postgraduate course, will not be required to pay the JCR Levy again.

2.5.4 Students doing a PhD course will pay the equivalent of one year’s membership levy at the beginning of their degree which will confer JCR membership for the rest of their degree course

2.5.5. In special cases, an application to pay charges in instalments rather than in one payment may be made to the FCO and it shall be left to their discretion whether to accept or reject the application. The FCO’s decision shall be open to an appeal to Governance Committee in the usual manner


Proposer: RJ

Seconder: SM


RJ: Not many PhD students are involved in the JCR. They’re busier than average students. Currently they have to pay the same levy as undergrads. The proposal is that they pay the levy for one year for their whole degree. It won’t affect our finances because there are so few of them.

*Motion passed on a general aye*

Password Protection

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:


This JCR Mandates:

Proposer : OW

Seconder : KS


Definitions of Data Protection & Personal Data:

– ICO Website: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-

– DPA 2018: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/data-protection-act-2018


OW: The new webmaster is redesigning the website form the bottom up. I’d like to implement password protection. It’s easy to indemnify people through web searches. This can be used for cyber crime. The new website could be built with user accounts and passwords so that people that aren’t logged in can find out organisational information, but nothing about students. Then people that are logged in could see the private data. It would be based off university emails. It would need some changes to the privacy policy. We don’t intend to block off pages. Cuth’s students would be able to say names of students, other people wouldn’t be able to see anything to identify people. Members of the public would be able to see that we have a netball team and what they’ve done, but not who runs it. Students can see who runs it. It’s about protecting students. Especially estranged students.

EMM: How would this impact honorary life members? And other alumni. Is there provision for them to see minutes?

OW: Anyone who is affiliated will have a way to have an account. It would work like Unidays. You need to verify your email annually. It could work with Dunelm emails too.

SP: What happens to the information that’s currently on the website?

OW: The website is being rewritten so this will be built in. Everything currently on it will fit this.

EBM: How will this impact minutes?

OW: Currently, the censored version is pseudo-anonymised. So it should still be private. It wouldn’t affect the minuting process.

JC: There are already two versions, one with names and one with initials. So it’s not a big step to switch to having one with names and one without.

*Motion passed on a general aye*

Welfare Campaigns Team

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR repeals:

Positions in the JCR: Up to 20 Campaigns Team Members will also be invited to attend.

This JCR orders:

Positions in the JCR: 7 Campaigns Team Members will also be invited to attend


Proposer: ES

Seconder(s): AC, JMG


ES: Currently there are up to 20 members of welfare campaigns. The work is spread very thin. Lots of people don’t show up to meetings. So we want to make it smaller so that people are valued and useful.

EMM: POI. This was changed in reverse 2 years ago. Welfare wanted to be more inclusive. But this keeps cropping up and massive committees don’t work.

*Motion passed on a general aye*

Vote of No Confidence in JZ

This JCR Notes:


This JCR Believes:


This JCR Resolves:


Proposer: EMM


SWC: This is a Method I position so it will be voted online. This is based on automatic procedure.

Vote of No Confidence in HCM

This JCR Notes:


This JCR Believes:


This JCR Resolves:


Proposer: EMM


SWC: This is a Method II position so it will be voted on here.

*Motion passes*


Method II

Transgender and Non-Binary Rep

No Candidates

Postgrad Rep

No Candidates

MFure Students’ Rep

No Candidates

Local Students’ Rep

No Candidates

Summer Ball Manager





Request New Candidates



I’ve been on social comm this year, where I’ve seen how it works and what’s expected. I’ve seen how themes have become reality this year. I’ve also been on Cuth’s fashion show exec, where I came up with a theme. I’ve been involved with graphic design at events and making the theme into a vision. I also managed Bertie’s Bingo this term. I’d like a Fly me to the Moon theme, with lots of fairly lights. Maybe laser tag.


My theme would be Secret garden party. Maybe secret forest, enchanted garden. Floral and Summery. I’ve made a pinterest board for it already. Bunting and fairy lights. People should step off the bus and into an enchanted forest. I was Vice-president of the snow ball, which I organised for over 300 people with one friend. So I know the managers at Hardwick and have experience.


I’d like a Moulin Rouge red, gold black theme. I have some photos here. Feathers, roses, lights, windmills, Eiffel tower. People like free food, so maybe French toast, waffles and crepes and toasties. And candy floss. Maybe a bouncy castle ball pit. Maybe also a carnival swing. Jazz music with cheesy jukebox feel good music.


MW: Summer ball is at a difficult time. How will you manage the work load of designing and planning with exam time?

PW: I’ve already planned my time in advance and my exams are well spaced out. My last exam is quite early.

EH: I only have two exams and they finish early, so I have lots of time. I also enjoy productive procrastination.

LE: I have 5 summative straight after Easter then only one exam. This is a nice break.

SS: Summer ball is the biggest of the year. How will you use the big budget and big space?

EH: Having a lot of garden party games would be good. Maybe a coconut shy. Fireworks. And I’d bring back the sweets.

LE: Laser tag in one room. Tarek card reader. Maybe a band during the drinks reception. Free food and lots of rides.

PW: Bouncy castle ball pit. Also a cabaret show during dinner. I want to also use other people’s ideas. I’ve been to lots of balls.

ALW: Could you elaborate on previous experience organising events?

LE: I’ve been on social comm this year where I’ve helped organise feast and Michaelmas ball.

PW: I don’t have experience organising a ball, but I’ve organised charity balls at a charity I worked for.

EH: I organised snow ball for almost 300 people. I did all the decorations and buses. I’m also on the DUSSC exec, where I organise a big event in Edinburgh. I organised a party for a cancer trust during sixth form.

*LE is elected*

Cuth’s Day Manager



Request New Candidates



I’d like a beach party theme. Chilled, summery fun. Deck chairs, fish and chips and ice cream. Sex on the beach cocktail. Tribute acts work well for the music. Maybe feminist icon tribute acts like Madonna and the Spice Girls. I’ve been on social comm this year so I’ve seen how it’s done. I’ve also been a frep team leader so I know how to manage people. A buckaroo surf board might be fun.


RJ: What happens if it rains?

LJ: Then it will be an ironic theme?

SG: How would you manage to have fun on the day?

LJ: I would be sensible.

MW: Cuth’s day manager doesn’t have to do anything on the day. Cuth’s day is the hardest event to get the theme across. How would you do this?

LJ: The Pimms stand could be a beach hut. Beach props. Beach balls. Deck chairs. It’s simplistic which makes it easy to represent.

*LJ is elected.*

Method I

Sports and Societies Chair



Request New Candidates



I’m quite experience in Cuth’s Sports and Socieites. I’ve been on running and climbing exec this year. I want to put equal value into sports and societies. I want to give societies more recognition for achievements. I want a form where people can submit society achievements that we can use for social media. I’d like to improve the quantity and variety of reporting, so I’ll have a system where societies can request a reporter. Then I’ll also put reports on the website. I want to continue the great work on inclusivity. In addition to meeting the execs at the start of the year, I’ll produce a dos and don’ts list including positive tips for running socials. I’d like to brand all the welcome sessions as a give it a go week, and put this all into one timetable that’s publicised, so that older years can also get involved. I want to have a digital freshers’ fair which increases the relevance and quantity of information hat’s available. I want to keep pushing the participation fund and making it clear that our societies are there fore everyone and financial reasons shouldn’t stop people participating.


SS: On the college website, a lot of the information is outdated. What would you do about that?

TB: I’d give everyone a time frame to write things up. And try to get it down by results day, when people are googling. It will be a constant nagging.

ABLC: Which part of the role interests you most during Epiphany term?

TB: Getting more people involved in new societies later in the year.

MP: What is your artistic vision for the naked calendar?

TB: It was great this year. I like the black and white theme and I’d keep that because it’s classy. Maybe art soc could help with theming.

Senior Welfare Officer




Request New Candidates



Hi everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is EGS, I am currently your students with

Disabilities rep, and I am running to be your Senior Welfare Officer next year! Welfare is

such an integral part of any JCR, and I would love the opportunity to continue the incredible

work that has been done, whilst also bring my own ideas to the role to help Cuth’s Welfare

improve even more.

So why would I be good for the role?

As a person, I have a naturally caring and empathetic nature, and amongst my huge passion

and enthusiasm for Welfare, I also have a load of experience. As a frep and open day rep I am

active listener and active bystander trained. But I also understand the challenges of Freshers

Week and ready to tackle them in a senior role. This year I have been an active member of

the campaigns team so I have the knowledge of how to run a successful campaign. As SwD

Rep I have worked with the officers to put on events and campaigns. I have also worked

closely with the officers helping out in a welfare capacity with Hatfield’s Lion in Winter Ball last week, which gave me a true insight into the active roles of the officers, and I also gained the knowledge of just how important it is to keep up Inter-Collegiate Welfare relationships.

What are my ideas?

I have so many ideas, and not enough time to explain them all, but here are my main ones:

Campaigns Team – I want to work with the elected Officers and Campaigns Managers to

ensure that the running of the campaigns team is as smooth as possible. I would like to make

the selection process of the team slightly more detailed, just so that we know that the people

we select are fully committed and enthusiastic about being part of the team. With that,

introducing specific roles within the team would help, so that each member is responsible for

a certain part of a campaign, and these roles can be switched up so that people can get a

variety of experience in different areas.

Communities – As it is a brand new role, I want to work really closely with the

Communities officer and Minority Reps to ensure that this position reaches its full potential,

and the relationship between Communities and Welfare remains strong. Particularly with

fresher’s week, working together to provide a smooth transition into fresher week is vital. I

would want to do this by keeping an open and honest dialogue between the two committees

so that they are both on the same page at all times about what is happening.

Visibility – I think the structure of Officers and drop-ins currently works really well, so

there’s not much I would change in regards to that but I think increasing accessibility of

drop-ins would work really well, by holding at least one drop-in session a week in either the

Bill Bryson or the TLC. I also would like look into the possibility of having Welfare present

at popular formals to increase the known presence of Welfare all year round, this may be

something I can work with the Communities officer on, and can be a joint effort from both


I encourage you to read my manifesto for a full outline of all my ideas, but to finish, with my

empathetic personality, my experience and my ideas combined, I think I would really excel in

the role of Senior Welfare, and I would so appreciate being given the opportunity to do so.

Thank you for your time.


I am KS and I think I make a good candidate for senior welfare officer because I have the experience. Admittedly not in this college’s welfare committee but elsewhere. I was the year manager for my pervious university’s student support and services network. There I ran campaigns including one to increase awareness towards undiagnosed mental illnesses and students who felt alone in our community, these issues I believe are very important in Cuth’s today. I have also spent the last 2 years working as a Legal assistant and Spanish translator for legal aid organizations in the Midwest and Texas, this has given me the experience to guide people through one of the hardest bureaucracies, the US asylum system. And being an international dyslexic LGBTQ+ student who deal with mental illness, I have worked through this university and college support systems, including visa support, disability support, getting counselling help in a new country, these are a little easier than us asylum but can be daunting to some students just like it was for me when I first arrived, and feel I do a good job at signposting and guiding students to the help that they need. I am also worked as an EMT a sort of junior paramedic and during that time I became certified in mental health first aid. This job has allowed me to gain experience with people in all sort of complex situations and working with people one-on-one, and given me training for a number of possible situations that could arise.

As senior welfare officer, I would work to implement some of the aspect of those campaign I ran at my previous university to get more students engaged with the college and knowledgeable about their mental health. I would strive to work with the newly created communities’ officer to improve the lives to all students here in our community. I will also seek to continue some of the fantastic current work done by welfare, like Shag week and Bringing Out The Bias, to name just a few.

I am also an incredibly organized person except for my desk at home. Before arriving at here, I was working 40-60 hours a week with legal aid and 20 hours a week with the ambulance service and reading for a master in divinity and a bachelor’s in chemistry, and I never missed a deadline or an hour of work. I also have some JCR experience as a member of International committee and as webmaster working to create a new and improved website!

There is more information on my manifesto and you can always come to me with questions.

I love Cuth’s and I care about this community that has become a home for me abroad and I am dedicated to making all student feel welcome and at home here.


SWC: What is the most important quality in a senior welfare officer?

KS: Compassion. Being able to relate and respond to people in all situations.

EGS: Empathy is very important. Being able to understand as well. If you can’t be empathetic, then you can’t help people.

ES: Minority reps are no longer on welfare campaigns, but their voices are important. How would you ensure their voices are heard in your campaigns?

EGS: I think it’s important that now that we have two committees, we keep an open dialogue between the two, I’d still like input from the minority reps during campaigns and would invite them to certain meetings.

KS: Welfare and communities need to work hand in hand and discuss most issues, and who to go to for specific campaigns. Then discuss with the relevant people and how they could help each other.

AH: Running drop ins and dealing with emergencies in fresher’s week can be emotionally taxing. How would you look after yourself through this?

KS: I’ve spent a long time working with people who have been through terrible things for extended periods. I’ve spent a long time meditating on that. With immediate emergencies, I’m experienced at dealing with issues on the spot.

EGS: I frepped last year, so I understand how taxing it can be. I think it’s important to have that space where you take time for yourself and switch off. Compartmentalisation is also important to detach from personal issues.

SS: Cuth’s have some good welfare institutions, but they’re worthless unless people feel comfortable accessing them. How would you ensure that people are comfortable coming to welfare?

EGS: It’s important to have transparency from the beginning. Before freshers arrive, they should know who they can talk to. Advertising more about what drop in sessions entail. So people know what will happen.

KS: I think it’s important to be clear and transparent about privacy from the outset. That involves collaboration with the people who write the freshers’ handbook.

Outreach Chair





Request New Candidates



Currently project coordinator in outreach comm. I started from a young age helping with a charity my grandmother set up. At any opportunity I had I would do challenges for them. I then had two years out before coming to University, during which time I took an admin role with them. I realised that I prefer to see people engaged from an admin perspective and to structure and organise things so that everyone benefits. I was surprised at Cuth’s at how dedicated everyone was to charity because that’s rare at Universities, so I think it’s a great place to be involved.

In terms of skills, I’m quite OCD and will list everything out in detail. I plan my day hour, and I’m motivated and approachable. I love working with a team, and I love seeing people grow and become more confident in their skills, so I think I’d be good at managing the committee supportively.

I’d like the projects to be more relatable, and I’m aware that a lot of people want to help older communities. I’m very aware that they are ideas which will affect people’s lives, so I’m cautious but still open. I feel like there isn’t enough awareness of the great work we do do in the community, so I want to connect with other colleges and other charity opportunities and get this across to Cuth’s students. Social media is vital for that. In terms of information, I’m aware that we’re students and money can be tight, and £1 per day can add up. So I think it’s important to focus more on where the money goes, and set up charity profiles with follow ups on their impact. We can then promote that through our social media.


Please read our manifestos. Overall, there are three things I want to focus on. The first is to make outreach more diverse and representative of different people in Cuth’s. I think this will give us more ideas and creativity. My second point is that I want to take ideas from all areas of Cuth’s, and use the committee for everything, letting people run events. Hopefully we’ll get ideas for new projects and events. My third thing is that I’d like to shift the focus more towards volunteering. I’d want to do this by working more closely with DUSVO, and early in the year doing drop ins and being present during freshers’ week. Make it clear that people can ask me questions. I’d also try to post in every different group. I have a lot of experience in outreach, I’ve been on outreach comm for 2 years and this year I’m on the university outreach comm. This year I’ve been involved with Hild rugby and one to one tutoring. I’ve been an intern for a charity in bishop Auckland. I’ve been on the exec for lots of societies so I’m good at organisation, and I know what works and what doesn’t and how to make things happen. I’d love to do some cool things.


Outreach has always puzzled be because I often wonder what the end goal should be.

Getting the best result possible, or the journey of doing things the right way to get to a good result.

I wouldn’t be a philosophy student if I didn’t focus on the topic of ‘there are no unselfish good deeds’ here which means there might be no objectively correct way to do outreach, but my economics side says there is a rational way and my politics side says there is a compromise.

I believe the best way is to do it to the best of your ability, the self-service should be the

reward for doing it well.

Cuth’s has never been a college to rest on its laurels, we’ve always pushed for more. If a ball breaks 900 people, we aim for 1000, if fashion show raises £9k, we aim for 10, so if outreach has done a fantastic job this year, I want to push it to superlative next.

My belief in this role is can be put down to a simple belief that Cuth’s Cares. Whilst this is a powerful sentiment on its own, it falters, but together, Cuth’s, we can achieve anything.

In short, my key Cuth’s points are as followed:

CuthsAware- increasing awareness for the charities we are campaigning for.

CuthsAlive- This means increased outreach visibility, with monthly emails about volunteering opportunities such as FRAMDA/touch rugby to get involved with.

EcoCuths- a food waste reduction scheme, arranging for collections outside of college having Outreach reps based in and collecting from the Viaduct, Claypath, Elvet, even deep Gilesgate.

CuthsCollaborations- I would like Cuths to lead collaborations with other colleges for further outreach events. After the success of Take Me Out this term, why not go one step

further, Cuth’s does Pointless, The Chase ft the University Challenge Team as the Chasers, grow Varsity to be as big as in other Unis, Cuth’s Day stalls and competitions can be set up with bespoke prizes to be won whilst still raising money, and my ultimate dream which might be out of reach would be an all-college Sports Day at Maiden Castle. By working with an OutreachComm that I would like to establish, this intra-college focus can be expanded to an inter-college experiment.

CuthsContributes- this is one that is close to my heart. So many students do their own individual charity projects and I would love Outreach to donate to each personal endeavour- just make us aware and we can give something to say that Cuth’s is behind you.

IntoUniversity- this one is another than is close to my heart. During my time as a trustee, I helped a former Vice-Chair to write the long term strategy to shape the direction of Cuth’s and the part that I was most vocal about was to partner Cuth’s with the University Access Scheme ‘IntoUniversity’ who provide support in making Higher Education accessible to all, stretching from minorities to those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, especially pertinent in the North East. Wadham College, Oxford and Christ College, Cambridge are just some colleges already who have partnered and I believe that Cuth’s can be a leading light for Durham in that regard as University should be accessible to all indiscriminately and your background should not be a deterrent.

CuthsConversations- tandem language partners, if you have a native language or you want to practice a language, sign up to be paired up, a great way to include our international friends in outreach CuthsEndures- a week of 24 hour events, starting with musical, then football, cricket, and whichever other societies want to get involved. It is a lesser known fact that at the end of my second year, I had the approval of Robbie Williams’ PR team to advertise Karaoke Club’s attempt of 24 hour Angels karaoke on his social medias and I am still determined to do this, such an opportunity cannot go to waste!


ABLC: Facilities manager is a cursed job, anyone running, for you I sob.

Facilities Manager




Request New Candidates



Hi everyone! I’m MF. A first-year CompSci.

So why do I want to be your Facilities Manager?

As a Computer Science student, my life is very ‘technology-orientated.’ I’m comfortable setting up technology, managing hires and updating spreadsheets. I want to give back to Cuth’s; the facilities that the JCR offer directly impact student experience and I want every student to have the very best experience here.

Next year we will see big changes at Cuth’s with the new building at Parsons Field and the moving around of some of our current facilities. I would want to review all our spaces to optimise their use in order to best serve students.

But in order to best serve students, we need to know what they want. I would listen to opinions from regular feedback forms posted on freshers’ Facebook pages and hope to represent these views.

I think it’s crucial to offer people equipment that they want. I would also want to speak with and push the college to improve our JCRs and study spaces and the equipment and furniture they offer.

From my time working as part of AJ’s fantastic team of stock managers in Cuth’s library, I know that teamwork and collaboration is vital when providing a service to students. I want to carry on the fantastic work our facilities committee is doing; I will continue inter-college hires of equipment to generate additional income for the JCR, as well as providing a fast response to e-mails and ensuring our facilities are regularly checked and kept tidy.

I would like to make information more accessible by better advertising the roles available on the committee and what it does on a regular basis. I also think creating infographics of how to access our facilities, and what we offer, would be very beneficial to freshers.

Also, in SWC’s presidential hust, she mentioned how she would like to introduce an online system where you can see how many people is in the gyms and check yourself in. I think this is a great idea and would love to oversee how it is implemented and managed.

Being part of the exec will allow me to best be of service to the JCR and cuth’s; I will be in a good position to manage how we operate, continue the smooth running of the JCR and offer my help in any way I can.

In conclusion, I’m an enthusiastic and organised individual who is always willing to help out

wherever I am needed. I’m a quick learner and will take on-board any feedback and ensure changes are made to reflect this. I love Cuth’s. I want all members to have an amazing experience here and believe I can best make this happen as your Facilities Manager. I hope you consider me for the position. Thank you.


Hi I’m AM,

I think facilities is a really important part of the JCR. Especially for people who don’t come to these meetings or don’t participate in sports and socs, the gyms and music room are key places they see their jcr levy go towards.

Facilities manager also has other key roles of helping set up tech at events and representing the environment rep on the on the exec.

I think facilities definitely has great elements at the minute, the hires scheme runs really well and the new gym equipment and new building present great opportunities.

But I think there are still things that can be improved.

So little things like making sure there’s a suggestions form so people can easily communicate what they want changed or maintained. Air fresheners in the gyms just to make a nicer atmosphere. Posters on the walls to show where everything goes so encourage people to put everything away properly. And making sure the different locations are well publicised as well as the codes to get into each buildings.

Also I think it’s really important for everyone to feel they can make the most out of the facilities. So I would introduce a “buddy system” so a form to help people find partners for the music room or gyms. So a guitar player could find a singer to practice with or people with similar fitness levels and goals could train together making it more productive for them.

I’d have a 1 hour a week earmarked for beginners so that people who could fee intimated normally feel more comfortable. As well I’d have simple workout plans printed in the gyms so people who are and unsure or uninspired have something to do.

So why me?

I’m currently green machine and hires manager so I have experience setting up and taking down tech, and at the events where I was I helping I stayed for hours longer than I was expected to which I think show the commitment necessary for this role.

At the end of the day I enjoy and I think I’d do a good job.


MT: You both mentioned feedback forms. Typically student engagement is quite low, so how would you ensure that people fill in these forms?

AM: I’d make sure that there was an online one and a paper one. I’d also put up a form saying “If you’re going to complain about this, please complain here”.

MF: I agree. I’d also make sure that these are posted on freshers’ facebook pages and groups.

JR: I’ve found that most of my time has been spent emailing people and managing hires. Communications is very important. How does your experience match a communications background.

MF: I’ve had a lot of roles where I’ve dealt with communications, including one where I was in the police in a public role speaking to people. I’m equipped to communicate physically and electronically.

AM: My mum always drilled etiquette into me, and I’m always formal with professors. My communications skills are fine, but it’s good to be more professional than needed,

AW: having been music room manager, one of the biggest problems here is finding people who care. Lots of people use the facilities but don’t care about giving feedback. We’re hoping to get campus card scanners in the music room. Lots of the roles are unfilled. What’s you plan to get these roles filled? And how will you deal with unfilled roles?

AM: It took a long time for someone to run for my role, but eventually I did. I didn’t know what it was. So maybe we should change the name of green machine to something more sensible. But also they could be better publicised. Most people won’t know the responsibilities or time commitment. Also telling freshers that this is a good way to get involved. I have friends who are dissatisfied, and talking to them would help.

MF: I want to create infographics to make things more transparent. I also want infographics for upcoming positions so that people apply for them.

Communities Officer



Request New Candidates



Sorry for not being able to come and say this speech myself but I’m MR and I would love to be your Communities Officer next year!

I’m a 2 nd year studying Philosophy and Psychology and I am your current ethnic minorities rep. I like to think I am an approachable guy that’ll do a really good job for this new and exciting role.

Why Me?

Have organised and ran various events across the year for my own minority group (Cuths Chinese New Year) as well as help run other events for welfare (Cuths Welfare Pub Quiz).

These were received very well, and the students were able to enjoy themselves.

I am a good listener so can put forward the concerns and questions of the minorities on their behalf effectively.

I have and will continue to make the effort to try and get to know as many people who identify as being within a minority group by attending events to increase visibility and

approachability if any student has any issues or ideas they would like addressed to put forward.

My Ideas!

I will Chair at least 3 meetings per term with the Communities Committee to help organise various activities and events as well as to check up on how the minority representatives are doing and feeling.

Have a time during international fresher’s week to chat to the international students to relieve any stresses they may have about making friends with the home students and hopefully give tips alongside the international representative. As well as being a friendly face so the students can feel able to complain and ask questions about anything.

Also, During Freshers week, alongside the consent workshops, plan an activity which can educate students on microaggressions.


Female Welfare Officer






Request New Candidates



This position, to me, means listening to those in need and providing support and resources, as well as actively campaigning with the welfare team for greater awareness for topics we all deem to be incredibly important. Both of these things are things I believe I would be good at, as I genuinely care about people, and endeavour to support them no matter what it is they are going through. I think Cuth’s Welfare is such a wonderful resource, and to contribute to the inclusivity and promote the support it harbours would be fantastic.

I think I would bring new opportunities for the people of Cuth’s by being on the team, for example, I am keen to create a space for international students so they feel more included in the college. Also, I have been practising meditation for years and have found it incredibly beneficial. This is something I would like to bring to welfare, perhaps in the capacity of making a space for communal mindfulness on a weekly basis, open to all. Or alternatively providing good meditations found online so people can practise in their own spaces.

I am also interested in creating links with organisations that specialise in mental and sexual health, with the aim of gaining further resources and information that can be shared to all in college.

I am not oblivious to the struggles of university and life, and I believe everyone should be listened to, and gently directed to help – which we are all so lucky to have available to us.

My previous experience on the campaigns team for Welfare means I understand its running and the importance of the team. Fundamentally however, I would be good for this role as I care for people, and deeply believe they should be listened to and supported without judgement, and treated with kindness.


Hello everyone, my name is JMG and I am a first year Geography student

Currently, I am one of your welfare campaigns managers and I am now running to be your next female welfare officer

When I think of a female welfare officer I think of someone who is kind, understanding, mature and calm. Someone who can be relied upon and someone who has the desire to genuinely help others. I know I am that person. I have always been the friend that people turn to for help, advice or just someone they know will listen and care. I want to be that person for people in college, for people who need that stability or just a chat, someone to look out for their needs. I believe that I have the attributes and the personality to fulfil this role but of course I am always willing to learn to improve my skills so as to better help those around me. Therefore, I am incredibly open to engaging with the training given by the SU so as to become the best female welfare officer I can be. I believe I am able to handle welfare situations well in a mature and logical way, always thinking of the needs of others and their safety. In drops ins I will create a safe, comfortable environment for you to explore whatever may be on your mind because we’re all human and nobody should ever have to deal with struggles on their own. After being involved in welfare this year and being welfare campaigns manager I know not only how important everything that welfare does is but also I have learnt a great deal about many issues and have become more aware of how important raising awareness and helping support others is. With my experience, I know that I will be able to also help the next campaigns managers run effective, fresh campaigns. I wish to engage more with those on a year abroad and placement year through setting up an in-line drops ins session that they can utilize or by encouraging them to email welfare at any time to set up an in-line call. I would also like to look into having sanitary products available in the men’s bathrooms. As well as this, I wish to work more with societies such as outreach to create larger events and therefore expand awareness

But most importantly I know that drop ins are an integral part of this role and I will give my time and effort to make sure they are an available safe space for students to have a chat whenever they need to

I am so passionate about being in welfare and everything we do, it is amongst my highest priorities and something that I put a great deal of effort towards because I know how important it is.

I want to be a friendly, comforting face in drop ins, around university and college events. I may be small, but I have a whole lot to give. Please have a read of my manifesto and contact me anytime with any questions. Thank you very much for listening!


Hi, I’m EBM. I am a Languages student currently on my Year Abroad, and I would love to contribute to one of the most important aspects of college life by being your Female Welfare officer next year.

I have had first-hand experience with Welfare, because while my time so far at Durham has given me some of the best moments of my life, I have had many less than ideal situations thrown my way: from navigating the university’s financial hardship provision, to living with a toxic host family, to seeing a South American airline go into liquidation just hours before my flight was due to leave. But I am tough, I’m resilient and I think that not just surviving but THRIVING after these incidents has made me more determined than ever to help others do the same, and to ensure that no other student feels as isolated as I have in the past, be it while they are in Durham or abroad.

I am suited to this role as on my first year abroad placement I was responsible for the wellbeing of children, many of whom had learning disabilities or came from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. I’ve dealt with both the university and college support systems, which I know can be difficult, so I would be in a good position to help others who need to do so. I’ve also Frepped, which involved making quick decisions about Freshers’ Welfare, and this year have been on the Year Abroad Committee, so I would work to help extend the accessibility of Welfare to people on their years abroad. My current job at the OECD relies on me being organised, interacting with a huge range of people and requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These are definitely my personal strengths and are, I believe, qualities that are essential to this role.

Cuth’s Welfare is already fantastically run, but I do have some plans that would be easy to implement and have a guaranteed positive impact on our community. I would advocate for the JCR to get a subscription to OMGYES, a site many of you have probably heard of or seen advertised, that educates its users about female sexual pleasure. Having a college account that all of our students could access would make the site more accessible and fight the toxic and outdated stigmas and taboos that still surround this topic. If elected, I would run a Snack Drop, a service whereby in summative and exam season, the Welfare team would drop off free snacks in college study spaces. Other colleges already do this, and I’ve seen how much it can boost morale and motivate people, while simultaneously encouraging students to take a healthy number of breaks during long library sessions. I would also build on the work of this year’s amazing welfare team by creating a section in the welfare handbook to discuss issues specific to 2nd and 3rd years, and advertise these on social media at the beginning of Michaelmas term, as while solutions to problems that Freshers might encounter are extremely well advertised, I think we could do more for people who are further on in their degree.

Having held a position on the JCR exec in my second year from which I resigned due to Welfare related issues, I know all too well the demands and responsibilities of such an important collegiate role and I have not taken the decision to run for this position lightly. I feel that the challenges I have faced both in Durham and on my year abroad have shaped a genuine university experience with its highs and lows, and have made me more able and motivated to empathize and offer honest and practical advice, and I’d very much appreciate the opportunity to do so as Female Welfare Officer. Thank you.


Hello everyone! I’m EO and I would love to represent you as your Female Welfare Officer. I am currently a Second Year student studying Law, I am very openly and proudly bisexual and working class and – for your bingo sheets – I absolutely love Cuth’s. I am SCSBC coxing and theatre obsessed, so I know the value of my own voice, teamwork and confidence – traits which I think are essential for Welfare.

I have a wealth of experience to bring into this position, firstly through Frepping Freshers week this year, something I believe is absolutely vital to fulfilling the needs of Female Welfare Officer. During preparation week, I received training on Active Listening and being an Active Bystander. This has taught me irreplaceable awareness skills, level-headedness in a crisis and maturity which I will be able to translate directly to my Welfare role. I am naturally an incredibly empathetic person, and I am someone who people approach for advice and a vent, which I take very seriously even if I’m speaking to a friend, with the utmost respect and confidentiality. This level of discretion and understanding will serve me well as your Female Welfare Officer. But I’ve been in a fair few positions myself where I’ve needed support and welfaring, so I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to approach someone and ask for help. I aim to make this process as easy as possible by being kind, approachable and friendly, in a relaxed, zero pressure environment. I have worked with Student Services to battle through a rollercoaster of emotions, so I have a fantastic support network around me to look after my own mental wellbeing so I am able to work in this role without having to just put

on a brave face.

I have been in situations that I wouldn’t wish on other people. I have been a young carer looking after my grandma struggling with vascular dementia, I have been a woman walking home alone and feeling threatened, I have been caught short on my period and suddenly not been able to afford a “luxury item” because a natural and normal process is still taxed by the government. These are people I will fight for whether I am elected into this role or not, because, like I’ve said previously, I know the power of my own voice, and what speaking up for those that can’t, can do. I have a deeply rooted passion for feminist issues and a positive online presence through my social media activism, which I use to raise awareness of social and health issues, for example breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation and debunking the false info regarding endometriosis. I also post A LOT of positivity and encourage people to open up the mental health conversation, something I have no qualms kickstarting.

So in light of that, what ideas do I have to bring to the table for you all?

Making Welfare Officers more visible using different, brightly coloured Frep tops during Freshers week and any other events where Welfare are required so we can be identified and found quickly.

Working alongside the new Communities Officer to provide the best points of communication and support for minority groups in Durham. Price up biodegradable and reusable period products, for example reusable pads and menstrual cups, for an eco-friendly alterative to disposable pads and tampons.

Designated email checking hours (unless the email is labelled urgent) to make sure there are

periods where officers’ “welfare heads” can be switched off – welfare for welfare is incredibly important to me!

All this considered, I hope you will vote for me, and I pledge to do Welfare and Cuth’s justice as your

Female Welfare Officer. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Male Welfare Officer



Request New Candidates



There are three main areas that I want to address. First is the consent workshops, second is the drop ins that happen weekly, and third is the campaigns that happen college wide and aim to address important issues.

I feel like I’d be good at delivering consent workshops because I’ve been on the SU peer facilitators board for active bystander training, so I’ve helped deliver this training to freps, bar staff and sports teams.

I often find I’m a bit of a magnet to potential problems and situations that requite a calm head and a listening ear. This was especially the case when working for NCS over summer, where I was responsible for the welfare of 12-60 young people, to listen to them and ensure they were feeling safe and secure.

In terms of campaigns, I know that I’m calm ad organised. I also realise that I haven’t experienced some things that other officers or minority reps have, so I’d aim to facilitate and support where possible.

The most important thing is for the welfare team to continue the fluid link with college student support, to provide the greatest possible welfare service.


JS: What do you think are the 3 most important traits for a welfare officer?

JRG: First is to be calm. A lot of situations require a lack of panic. That doesn’t have to be verbal. It puts people at ease. Next is empathy. Being able to empathise and understand where someone is coming from, even if you haven’t experienced that situation. Third is being a good listener. Allowing the person to lead the conversation, and knowing when your input is required.

ES: Men’s mental health is a big issue. A lot of issues fall on collegiate officers. What would you do to ensure more male people engage with welfare?

JRG: I think it’s important to break down the barrier. I struggle to enter someone else’s domain and start talking. I’d be keen to run some drop ins in neutral locations like coffee shops. Or maybe by the river. That way people could arrive in advance to know the area, and feel comfortable before opening up.

Music Representative



Request New Candidates



Cuth’s has become a part of my identity. Music is central to my experience. Playing in big band allows me to be involved. I’d love to be music rep to offer the same opportunities to other people. Some people want to engage with college music but didn’t have the right opportunities. I’d like to avoid that. I’m involved with Jazz socc and perform in a band, so I know what it’s like to be a musician in Durham. I’d like to increase engagement by making sure people know about what opportunities are available to them. There should be more collaborations with other colleges, inter-collegiate battles of the bands and socials. We should also engage with University music societies because they’re important for networking. I think last year I missed out on some of these opportunities, so I’d love to give new students advice on the Durham music scene. There’s a lot of talent at Cuth’s that isn’t explored, so I’d love to cultivate a musical community. Some people are left out because of what instrument they play.


RJ: Can you do your best bass face?

IC: It can’t be conjured in the moment.

*IC does a bass face*

AW: You made networking a core point. What would be your ideal social for musicians to network?

IC: There would have to be a musical element. Everyone could bring their instruments regardless of what or how good they are, then we could make music together. I’d love to introduce everyone to each other. Jazz jam is really goof for this because you get to meet and play with other musicians.

EAM: What is the difference between a conga and a bongo?

IC: The conga is much bigger than a bongo, and the bongo is smaller which goes on the lap, and has a bigger and a smaller head.


No Candidates


Sung with aplomb by JC, CG and EAM. Accompanied by a weird tik tok dance by CG.

Meeting Adjourned