2019-02-10 JCR Meeting (Presidential Meeting)
Apologies: EuM (SWD rep), Ultimate Frisbee, MP (S&S) for start, GZ
Setting: Dining Hall. Snacks are being inhaled.

Exec Reports
Postgraduate Committee election Motion
Election Calendar Motion
Chair Motion
Terms of Officer Order Motion
Welfare Motion
Method II:
– 2nd Year Social Rep x1
– 3rd Year Social Rep x2
Method I:
– Senior Welfare Officer
– Vice President
Method I (Presidential):
– President of the Society

EC: please don’t hog snacks.
Pass minutes from two last meetings on general aye. Both pass.
Exec Reports
President- AK
Since the end of last term, I took a huge number of my annual leave days over Christmas to recuperate! However, around these and since these, I put together all the info for the FCO debate, worked with EC to try and plan the meeting, and had catch-up meetings with all of my exec. These meetings focussed on what we could improve from last term and planning this term.
JOW and I started putting even more work into formals and events after them, with the last formal having proper decorations and a film screening afterwards. Social comm helped MM and I put together Refreshers Week, and I even survived the Newcastle night to shepherd everyone back onto coaches at the end of the night. After that we moved onto planning for the Feast on 22nd Feb, and RJ and I have started (although we should have finished by this meeting!) interviews for open day reps.
I’m also working with the trustees on putting together a full task list for the FCO and working towards the position being fully established ASAP. I was also part of a focus group in the SU to try and get adequate mental health first aid training for presidents and welfare officers, an issue I’ve brought up multiple times with the President’s Committee.
Vice-President – EM
I’ve been continuing to attend all the meetings going on in college, writing the minutes and making sure those are on the website within around 24 hours of the meeting. I’ve also had a say of training on how to write these minutes so they are pretty snazzy. I’ve also tried to make sure that everyone got their stash from last term- even if they didn’t pick it up at the times I advertised (so please look out for those when the next stash load comes in). I’ve been supporting AK working through the FCO debate and other bits and bobs, and then also getting involved with bits and bobs for different committees.
Treasurer- AB
– Have written a first draft of JCR financial procedures and cash handling procedures
– Designed a sales sheet, invoice template, and reserves expenditure form to be implemented with new financial procedures
– Have been doing reclaims, keeping the books, etc etc as always
Librarian – EB
– I reorganised the Reading Room over Christmas – got rid of old furniture and did some cataloguing
– We have a couple of new volunteers who I will be inducting this week
– We had a mug painting session with Art Soc to jazz up the mugs
– I sent off the book order and books are currently arriving – if you requested books, look out for an email about picking them up over the next week

Senior Welfare – LM
So far this term we have ran a ‘Friend to yourself and others’ campaign underlining the importance of looking out for yourself and those around you and how best to do that. Thank you so much to all those involved, in particular our campaign managers JOW and JS. Next week we will be at the Halfway formal and will be providing Notes to Friends with all of the proceeds going to Papyrus. For more information, please do check out our social media or the Freshers pages. This coming week we will be collaborating with Artsoc in the name of PALentine’s day and we have a week dedicated to our minority reps and what they can do for you coming very soon too.
International Rep – JB
1. Looking into Summer storage options before third term
2. Might discuss whether Easter storage is needed for International Students living in college whose rooms are being used for Open Days?
3. Looking into potential event ideas for this term, discussing this with the International Committee

Outreach Chair – EP
Over the last term Outreach have raised about £1549, being split between various charities. We ran the 12 days of Outreach and are planning the next events for this term – watch this space for the Pancake Race! FRAMDA is still going strong each week and we are in the early stages of setting up volunteering opportunities with JETNorthEast, as well as some manual volunteering in the Churchyard of St. Oswalds Church
PG and Mature students Rep – JC
Governance: Reviewed election methods for PGM comm positions.
Social Events: We’ve had a very successful meal out, and we have a Brooks bar social and a bar crawl with John’s planned. Planning for our inter-MCR formal is also underway.
Academic Events: There are two research fora planned for this term, one of which will have only students speaking. Our research open mic night will also be returning next week.
Mature Students: We are organising a free family-friendly brunch in college for mature students, and our new mature students rep is planning regular casual events aimed at mature students.
Sports and Societies Chair – MP
Naked calendar – sick sales, I look absolutely shredded, general big success
HB Varsity – have met with KS (their S&S), I want loads of sports and socs to take part – working date 11th June
Refresher’s Fair – after saying that it was completely impractical in my hust AK strong-armed me into running it. It was a load of work but I think enough fresh came and signed up that it was worth it. GDPR on that has been a pain to sort, but I’ll be checking up with captains that they’ve used the system I set up inbetween me writing this and the JCR meeting
I rewrote the S&S Standing order over Xmas, it was shit, there’s a motion to replace it and I’m sure it will pass without JC being pedantic hehe xd
Team Photos are in early stages of being organised.
Not too much else to add. Hope everyone has a great evening.
Social Chair – MM
Refreshers – refreshers week was held the first week back and attracted a lot of students across the years. This year we decided to add one more night (karaoke night) which turned out to be very popular. The pub quiz was especially well attended and we managed to raise £100 for charity. Digi night was also very popular and was sold out.
The Feast – planning for the Feast started during the Christmas break. Since it’s the 50th anniversary this year, MW (the Feast manager), AKand I have tried to make sure this year stands out.
Summer Ball – planning for summer ball has started, with currently the rides being decided. Soon we will visit the venue to choose menus as well. A ‘save the date’ event will soon be released

Communications Officer – SM
I have continued to work on completing the newsletter on a weekly basis, liaising with the SU and other SU Reps and have attended two SU Assemblies. We got the results from the voter registration drive, which Cuth’s came 3rd. Currently I am preparing for advertising the SU elections which are coming up for the Officers, Trustees and a referendum.
JCR Chair – EC
– Organised the Extraordinary meeting and referendum that went quite smoothly and resulted in the creation of the new FCO position.
– Organised this meeting, have met with GovComm to check over all the elections bits and pieces and motions.
– Held my open hours.
– Got a good amount of the Standing Orders sorted over Christmas. Only one order is being run in this meeting because there’s already quite a few motions to go over and I didn’t want to make the meeting even longer. But hopefully by next meeting at least 4 out of 8 orders will be sorted.
Facilities Manager – JG
I have worked with the webmaster to sort out the forms for both the music room and the green machine. We’ve also sorted out many silent disco headphone hires. We’re also looking at purchasing some lockable cupboards to house the silent disco headphones moving forward
Trustee Report
-Updated welfare standing orders (will be run in this meeting) and finalised policy. Ongoing search for further trainings- waiting on SU for updates.
-Preparations for new FCO role.
-Getting 2016/17 report and accounts finalised and sent to the Charity Commission.
-Working on writing guidelines for minutes so we can get trustee minutes online, improving JCR transparency.
-Search for new trustee with legal expertise.
-Creation and advertisement of new JCR Legal Officer role- selection happening soon.

Postgraduate Committee election motion
This JCR Notes
• That all positions on PGM committee are currently method II
This JCR Believes
• That greater engagement would be achieved if some of the positions were method III
This JCR Orders
The Positions in the JCR Order:
• 8.11 Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Social Secretary Method III
o 8.11.8 Their overseer shall be the Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair
• 8.12 Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Academic Representative Method III
o 8.12.6 Their overseer shall be the Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair
• 8.15 Postgraduate and Mature Students’ International Representative Method III
o 8.15.4 Their overseer shall be the Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair
JC: changing PG Comm positions method 2 to method 3 (application and interview).
SP: asks JC how many applications were received for a position now being run as method 3?
JC: 1, but before it had been 0. Says that candidates would be more comfortable applying as method 3 right off the bat rather than starting as 2.
SP: How to ensure no cliqueyness in application selection?
JC: Selection is approved by President and VP so they can watch out for favouritism.
Passed on a general aye.

Election Calendar Motion
This JCR notes
• That the new FCO position is elected via method I despite being sabbatical
• That the current distribution of live-in exec is different to the rooms allocated to the exec by college
• That Grey JCR elects their two sabbatical officers at different meetings
This JCR believes
• That Grey is shit so we shouldn’t copy them
• That it would be beneficial to have FCO and president elected at the same meeting so that people run for the position because they want it and not to work with a specific person
• That a further benefit would be provided by this in that people would be forced to choose between the two sabbatical positions
• That FCO should be elected via Method I (presidential) as it is a sabbatical role
• That it is especially important for the vice president to have regular contact with the president now that there is an additional sabbatical officer
• That having president, FCO, vice-president, senior welfare officer, librarian and outreach chair elected at the same meeting would be too time consuming
This JCR Orders
The positions in the JCR order:
3.3 The Vice-President Method I, Meeting 2.1, LI-B
3.4 The Finances and Compliance Officer (FCO), Meeting 2.1, LI-P, Method 1 (presidential)
3.5 The Society Librarian Method I, Meeting 2.2, LI-B
3.6 The Senior Welfare Officer Method I, Meeting 2.2
3.8 The Outreach Committee Chair Method I, Meeting 2.3
6.2 Male Welfare Officer Method I, Meeting 2.3
6.3 Female Welfare Officer Method I, Meeting 2.3
This JCR resolves
• That these changes will not affect the election calendar for the 2018-19 academic year
Proposed: JC
Seconded: EM
JC: from now on FCO is a ‘Method I (Presidential)’ position and most exec positions will be moved out of this meeting in the future to avoid super long meetings.
EC asks for questions or opposition, there is none.
Motion passed on a general aye.

Chair Motion
This JCR Notes
• That currently there is no JCR position which is responsible for maintaining the standing orders
• That the chair is not allowed to pass motions
This JCR Believes
• That the chair should be officially and directly responsible for maintaining the standing orders
• That the chair should have some limited power to pass motions to facilitate this task
This JCR Repeals
Positions in the JCR order 3.13.2 (“The JCR Chair may not propose or second any motions.”)
This JCR Orders
Positions in the JCR Order (in chair duties) To keep the standing orders updated and well maintained and to ensure that the most recent version is easily available to all JCR members
3.13.2 The JCR Chair may not propose or second any motions except in the following circumstances:
1. To update the standing orders to reflect motions that were previously passed but not included in a working version. In this situation they may not propose any new ideas.
2. To make a change to the standing orders following a request from the executive committee. Such a motion must fully represent the discussion by the exec which led to the request and should contain nothing that wasn’t requested.
Proposed: JC
Seconded: EM
JC: no one in the JCR is officially responsible for standing orders, let’s designate it officially to the chair and create 2 specific situations where chair can propose motions.
EC: clarifies the two situations in which chair could propose a motion as written in the motion.
RJ: Asks what standing orders are.
EC: Documents for day to day governance.
No opposition.
Motion passed on a general aye.

Terms of Officer Order Motion
This JCR Notes:
– That currently there is no standing order to document the term length of an Officer of the JCR.
– The JCR does not have a standing order that lays out the regulations and procedures regarding a ‘Vote of No-Confidence’.
This JCR Believes:
– It is critical to the functioning of the JCR to codify lengths of Office.
– The following order will provide a constitutional basis for elections to be conducted by the SRO.
This JCR Orders:

1. The terms of Office for Officers shall be as follows:

1. The President of the Society:
1. Term of Office shall be from 30th June until 31st July of the following year.
2. During the month of July at the end of their term there will be a handover period where detailed knowledge required for the position will be passed on to their successor.

2. The Finance and Compliance Officer:
Term of Office shall be from 30th June until July of the following year.
During the month of July at the end of their term there will be a handover period where detailed knowledge required for the position will be passed on to their successor.

3. The following Officers elected by Election Method (I):
1. Those that sit on the Executive Committee (excluding President of the Society and Treasurer),
2. Senior Freshers’ Week Rep,
3. Male and Female Welfare Officers, and
4. Senior Returning Officer (SRO).
1. Terms of Office shall be from 1st July until June 30th of the next year.

4. The following Officers elected by Election Method (I):
1. DUCK Rep,
2. Assistant Librarian,
3. Student Trustee x3,
4. Assistant Brooks Bar Steward,
5. Fashion Show President
6. Fashion Show Vice-President
1. Terms of Office shall be from the conclusion of their election until 30th June in the academic year that they are elected. After this, such Officers except Student Trustees will be invited to remain in Office until their successor is elected.
5. The following Officers elected by Election Method (I):
1. PoC Rep
2. LGBT+ Rep
3. Students’ with Disabilities Rep
1. Terms of Office shall be from the conclusion of their election until the conclusion of the first General Meeting of Easter term (in which a successor should run). If a successor is not elected, they shall be invited to remain in Office until a successor is elected.

6. All Officers elected by Election Method (II):
Terms of Office shall be from the conclusion of the Meeting at which they are elected until 30th June in the academic year that they are elected. After this, they will be invited to remain in Office until their successor is elected.
The successor of all Method (II) positions will be elected in the same General Meeting each academic year as outlined in Positions of the JCR Order. In the case of a resignation, or a Vote of No Confidence being successful, the SRO will run the position in the next General Meeting following the event if possible.

7. All Officers elected by Election Method (III):
Terms of Office shall be from when a person’s application is declared successful until 30th June in the academic year that they are elected. After this, they will be invited to remain in Office until their successor’s application is declared successful.
The successor of all Method (III) positions will be elected at the same point in the next academic year. In the case of a resignation, or a Vote of No Confidence being successful, applications for the position will be reopened.

8. The following Officers:
1. SCA Rep
2. DUCK Liaison Officer
1. Terms of Office shall be from when a person’s application is declared successful until 30th June in the academic year that they are elected.

9. All non-sabbatical Officers shall remain in Office until:
1. Their term of Office ends,
2. They tender their resignation, or
3. They are removed from Office by the passing of a Vote of No Confidence.

2. Unoccupied Method (I) Positions
In the event that any post elected by Method (I) (except the President of the Society or Student Trustee which shall be dealt with as per the Constitution) is or becomes unoccupied there shall be an election for that post within four weeks of term time unless clause 2.2 below applies.
Until an election takes place the Executive Committee shall either:
1. Assume the duties of that post communally, or
2. Appoint a volunteer to fulfill the duties of the post.
2. A person who has already been elected to succeed the holder of any post come the expiry of the Term of Office may volunteer to assume the duties of the current post-holder upon their resignation or early removal from Office.

3. Vote of No Confidence

1. Any Officer may be removed from Office prior to the conclusion of their term by a Vote of No Confidence. The procedure to be followed in the case of a Vote of No Confidence shall be as follows:
1. A Motion of No Confidence in an Officer must be proposed by a Full or Honorary Member and seconded by 49 Full or Honorary Members.
2. The motion must be submitted to the JCR Chair and shall be dealt with as a normal motion, with the exception that if no General Meeting is pending within one week an Extraordinary Meeting shall be called at which the motion shall be heard.
a. A Motion of No Confidence of the JCR Chair shall be dealt with as above, with the exception that it will be submitted to the SRO.
In the JCR Meeting that follows, the JCR Chair will call upon the Proposer to speak on behalf of the Motion of No Confidence. The Officer against whom the Vote is being run will be given an opportunity to present their defence.
Once a Motion of No Confidence has met the proposing and seconding requirements, a Vote of No Confidence shall be called. This shall follow the rules for voting in election Method (I) vote except that it shall also require a two thirds majority of votes cast in order to be considered valid.
a. The vote shall be overseen by the SRO, except in cases where they are the Officer in question in which case their duty shall pass to the President of the Society pro tem.
1. In cases where the Vote is passed, the Officer is immediately considered removed from Office and suffers a loss of all rights and privileges received ex officio.
2. Any Officer removed from Office by Vote of No Confidence shall not be eligible for election to the same position at any time.

4. Suspension

1. Any Member of a Committee that is not a member ex-officio (i.e. whose role description is detailed in the rules of a different committee or the Constitution) may be suspended by a two-thirds majority vote of that committee, proposed by any committee member. The SRO will hold a secret ballot for the suspension.
1. While suspended, the Officer in question shall cease to have any responsibility for their Office.
2. The period of suspension shall be no more than 14 days.
3. During the period of suspension, the Proposer of the suspension shall collect signatures of seconders for a Motion of No Confidence which they shall propose, this shall be submitted within 7 days of the start of the suspension to the JCR Chair.
4. The suspension shall be lifted if a Motion of No Confidence is not submitted within 7 days of the start of the suspension or if the Motion is rejected.
5. An Officer cannot be suspended twice for the same grievance.
6. The Vote of No Confidence and the suspension shall be supervised by the SRO.

5. An Automatic Motion of No Confidence is defined as a regular Vote of No Confidence, except that it requires no seconders.

1. An Automatic Motion of No Confidence shall be run in the General Meeting after the second consecutive General Meeting, or third General Meetings in total, that someone in an elected position fails to attend without sending apologies.
1. The Vice President will send an official warning to the elected member again whom the Motion can be brought if they miss another meeting.
2. An Automatic Motion of No Confidence shall be run in the General Meeting after the second consecutive relevant Committee Meeting, or third Committee Meeting in total that someone in an elected position fails to attend without sending apologies.

SP: terms of office motion describes exactly how long a term of a JCR position is. Also vote of no confidence procedure and automatic vote procedure included. Summarizes motion.
RJ: terms of office for President and FCO start on first of July? Will this conflict with graduation things happening on first week?
EC: says that it is based on current president contract. The trustees control the contract.
RJ: (clarifying) do they need to work during the week of graduation?
EC: there is leniency, the hours are flexible, so shouldn’t be a problem to do graduation-y things during that week and use the rest of the handover period as normal.
JC: the first week is a quarter of the handover, so to be busy doing graduation things is a problem. Let’s ask the trustees to change the contract.
RJ: didn’t suggest changing it.
AK and EC don’t know how much control we have over it.
AK: had only about a week and a half of handover, doesn’t think it will be an issue for graduation to cut out a week.
JC: no amendment proposed.
RJ: Head Frep starts on July 1st, is that correct? (Yes.) Found as Head Frep that most work is done in June so it would be worth having head Frep role begin earlier. Propose that head Frep start at the beginning of Easter term and terminate on the first day of Easter term next year
Amendment: Change Head Frep term of office from the first day of Easter term, to the following first day of Easter term.
Comments/questions on the amendment?
MP: what about wanting to hold two method one roles at once? Not allowed currently, but would need to be if hypothetical person hypothetically wanted to be, let’s say, Sports and Socs and Head Frep at once.
EC will put in stipulation that holding two method 1 positions is okay in this situation.
EC asks for questions or opposition to amendment
Amendment passed on general aye- dates changed for Head Frep.
AK: was in discussion of changing dates of positions from august 1 to august 1 which would deal with graduation issue.
Questions for amended motion- there are none.
Amended motion passed on general aye.

Welfare Standing Orders Motion
This JCR notes:
• That the current standing orders regarding welfare committee mandate welfare to be wholly under one committee, including both the campaigns side and the welfare drop-ins side.
• That the current welfare standing orders have no provision for the supervision and support of the welfare officers by College Student Support.
• That the current standing orders regarding welfare are out-of-date.

This JCR believes:
• Welfare would function more efficiently split into two separate committees.
• The roles of most welfare reps but in particular the welfare officers could benefit from greater clarity.
• The welfare officers would benefit from mandated supervision with Student Support.
• The minority reps should have the opportunity to represent the JCR and college as Fresher’s Reps should they choose to.
• The Welfare Campaigns Committee should have up to 20 members.
• It should be noted that the proposed changes are designed to operate in conjunction with a Welfare Policy (attached) which will require passing by the Board of Trustees.

This JCR Repeals:

All standing orders under 6 in ‘Electable Positions Within the JCR’, Article 1 and the standing order 3.6 in ‘Electable Positions Within the JCR’, Article 1.

This JCR Mandates:

3.6 The Senior Welfare Officer Method I, Meeting 2.2
3.6.1 Their duties shall be to:
1) Be available during drop-in hours (minimum 4hrs per week in two out of three weeks) in appropriate locations, or via email, to all JCR members to act as a listening and signposting service.
2) Supervise the activities of the Male Welfare Officer, Female Welfare Officer, Campaign Team Managers and Minority Reps (i.e. People of Colour, LGBT+, SWDA).
3) Publicise S.U. welfare campaigns.
4) Supply sexual health and sanitary supplies to JCR members.
5) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training.
5) Chair Welfare Committee and, if they choose, the Welfare Campaigns Committee.
6) Organise a rota for between them, the two Welfare Officers, Welfare Freps and Welfare Campaigns Managers, to provide appropriate support and signposting during Induction Week, represent the Society as a Fresher’s Rep during Induction Week in a welfare capacity.
7) Attend supervision with Society Support Officer on a fortnightly basis in the academic year. This should take place twice weekly during the week before induction week, daily during induction week and twice the week following induction week.
3.6.2 This is not a counselling position.

6 Welfare Committee
6.1.1 There shall exist a Welfare Committee whose duties shall be to ensure the smooth running of the JCR welfare support structure.
1) It shall be called by the Senior Welfare Officer.
2) It shall be chaired by the Senior Welfare Officer and minuted by the Vice President
3) It shall meet a minimum of every three weeks, or more regularly if the Senior Welfare Officer deems that an event has or could affect the welfare of a significant number of JCR members.

6.1.2 It shall consist of:
1) Senior Welfare Officer,
2) Female Welfare Officer,
3) Male Welfare Officer,
3) President of the Society,
4) Vice-President,
8) Any other JCR officer as deemed necessary in relation to the event.
6.1.3 Minutes of the Welfare Committee shall be considered Reserve Business and not published due to the personal nature of the business discussed.
6.1.4 The Senior Welfare Officer may invite a representative of Student Support from the Society at their discretion.

6.2 Welfare Officer x 2 (one male, one female)
6.2.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Be available during drop-in hours (minimum 4hrs per week in two out of three weeks each) in appropriate locations, or via email, to all JCR members to act as a listening and signposting service.
2) Publicise S.U. welfare campaigns.
3) Supply sexual health and sanitary supplies to JCR members.
4) Attend Welfare Committee and the Welfare Campaigns Committee.
5) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training.
6) Be available during induction week to provide support during events and to signpost appropriately and represent the Society as a Fresher’s Rep in a welfare capacity.
7) Oversee campaign content and the running of these campaigns.
8) Attend supervision with Society Support Officer on a fortnightly basis in the academic year. This should take place twice weekly during the week before induction week, daily. during induction week and twice the week following induction week.
6.2.2 This is not a counselling position.

7 Welfare Campaigns Committee
7.1.1 There shall exist a Welfare Campaigns Committee whose duties shall be to ensure the the dissemination of general information regarding campaigns and welfare-related issues.
1) It shall be called by the Senior Welfare Officer or the Campaign Team Managers.
2) It shall be chaired by the Campaign Managers unless stipulated otherwise by the Senior Welfare Officer and minuted by the Vice-President.
3) It shall meet at least termly to plan, organise and set about campaigns.

7.1.2 It shall consist of:
1) Senior Welfare Officer,
2) Female Welfare Officer,
3) Male Welfare Officer,
4) President of the Society,
5) Vice-President,
6) Student with Disabilities rep (SWD rep),
7) LGBT+ rep,
8) People of Colour rep (POC rep),
9) 2x Welfare Campaign Managers,
10) International Welfare rep,
7.1.3 Postgrad and Mature Students rep and International rep are invited to attend.
7.1.4 Up to 20 Campaign Team Members will also be invited to attend.
7.1.5 The minorities reps (LGBT+ rep, SWD rep, POC rep) shall ensure campaigns are inclusive.

7.2 Campaign Team Manager Method I 3.1
Their duties shall be:
1) Chair meetings of the Welfare Campaigns Team, unless Senior Welfare wishes to Chair.
2) Contribute ideas towards and manage campaigns.
3) Produce welfare campaign materials.
4) Attend and run campaign events.
5) Provide a handover to the incoming Campaign Team Managers.

7.3 Students with Disabilities rep
7.3.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Act as a representative for JCR members with a mental or physical disability.
2) Help to provide access to welfare and support to those students who may require it.
3) Raise issues relating to students with disabilities during Welfare Committee meetings, JCR meetings and with the Executive Committee as necessary and consider ways to accommodate to the needs of those students at college-run events.
4) Campaign and raise awareness for issues that may affect students with disabilities.
5) Liaise with the Durham University Disability Support as well as the SWDA (Students with Disabilities Association) with the SU when necessary.
6) Provide support to the Welfare team as requested.
7) Undertake Nightline training ahead of Induction Week. They should have the opportunity to represent the college either as a Welfare Freshers’ Rep or a Freshers’ Rep should they choose to. They must be available to help the welfare team on required evenings during fresher’s week even should they not choose to be a Freshers’ Rep.
8) Provide a handover to the incoming Students with Disabilities Rep.

7.4 LGBT+ rep
7.4.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Represent the views of JCR members who identify as LGBT+.
2) Help provide safe spaces for JCR members who identify as LGBT+.
3) Campaign and raise awareness of issues that may affect JCR members who identify as LGBT+, and raise said issues in JCR meetings or with the Executive Committee as necessary.
4) Liaise with the Durham University LGBT+ association when necessary.
5) Attend relevant training by the DSU LGBT+ association.
6) Provide support to the Welfare team as requested.
7) Undertake Nightline training ahead of Induction Week. They should have the opportunity to represent the college either as a Welfare Freshers’ Rep or a Freshers’ Rep should they choose to. They must be available to help the welfare team on required evenings during fresher’s week even should they not choose to be a Freshers’ Rep.
8) Provide a handover to the incoming LGBT+ rep.

7.5 People of Colour rep
7.5.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Represent the views of JCR members who are people of colour.
2) Help provide safe spaces for JCR members who are people of colour.
3) Campaign and raise awareness of issues that may affect JCR members who are people of colour, and raise said issues in JCR meetings or with the Executive Committee as necessary.
4) Liaise with the Durham People of Colour association when necessary
5) Attend relevant training by the Durham PoC association
6) Provide support to the Welfare team as requested
7) Undertake Nightline training ahead of Induction Week. They should have the opportunity to represent the college either as a Welfare Freshers’ Rep or a Freshers’ Rep should they choose to. They must be available to help the welfare team on required evenings during fresher’s week even should they not choose to be a Freshers’ Rep.
8) Provide a handover to the incoming People of Colour Rep.

7.6 Campaign Team Member Method III
7.6.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Attend meetings of the Welfare Campaigns Team.
2) Contribute ideas towards campaigns.
3) Produce welfare campaign materials.
4) Attend campaign events.
7.8.2 They shall be selected by the Senior Welfare Office, Male Welfare Officer and Female Welfare Officer via interview.

The Welfare budget shall now be allocated fully to Welfare Campaigns Committee, of which all members of Welfare are a part.

Proposer: SWC
Seconder: LM
SWC: Welfare would become two committees, has consulted with welfare about this. Link between student support and welfare. Summarizes motion. Reasoning- Welfare is not a full time job, so it shouldn’t be treated as such. This takes some of the pressure off of welfare officer by working with student support
EC asks for questions.
JC: campaign team manager is elected first meeting of this term, what are terms of office?
SWC: reason it is there is because they want more time to plan campaigns etc. for next year.
JS: at the start of the year immediately after there was campaign season, no time to get committee sorted and make campaigns as effective as they should be. Need more time for organization
JC: so you want terms of office as they are now, just elected earlier? (Yes.)
Propose amendment: include term for welfare campaigns manager 1st July to 30th June.
Questions/opposition for the amendment? None.
Passed amendment on general aye- clarifying terms of office.
Questions/comments for the amended motion?
NG: What does split committee mean for people coming to campaigns meetings? Thinks current system is effective for discussion.
SWC: Any sensitive stuff about people on welfare committee…
DV: How would minority reps etc. request funding? Would it be internal or would there be a form or something? There’s not always a huge amount of discussion in meetings, minority reps tend to work individually. Would requesting budget work differently to current system?
SWC: Probably go through senior welfare. Doesn’t know about internal welfare budget, nothing should really change.
Questions/opposition for the amended motion. None.
Amended motion passed on a general aye.

Method II

Second Year Social Rep
Candidates: FID, MT, Request New Candidate.
FID’s hust in summary:
– I’m FID, people know me as being the person that stole the Christmas tree or being a drunk mess. That’s what would make me good. I know what makes a good night.
– CCTV footage of stealing the Christmas tree was good entertainment.
– Cheshire gal. Over the top parties, coming up with new ideas.
– Always been popular so invited to a lot of parties.
– Would be good at helping MM and Social Comm as I have a lot of experience, I know what makes a night magic or tragic.
MT’s hust in summary:
– Second year business and management student.
– Social rep last year so experienced and know commitment and skills needed.
– This year part of Consultancy Durham, organising fundraising event right now, that’s been helpful and I can transfer skills.
– Other experience: National kiss MT on the forehead day. Part of the reason I’m wearing a hat.
CG: If you had an unlimited budget for a social what would you spend it on?
– MT: get loads of rides. That worked well last term. Get quality food. Entertainment get musicians etc.
– FID: Make it like Fyre festival if it went well and not shit. Island in Bahamas. And lots of ramen because it’s good. Bring in models, singers, actors.
MM: Part of being on Social Comm is staying up late and helping out. How are you at carrying heavy stuff when drunk and tired?
FID: when I’m drunk I’ll do basically anything so that’s not a problem.
MT: I’ve been drunk a lot of times. Don’t go to the gym so not the strongest but I’ll try my best.
NG: What experience do you have that proves you’re dependable and responsible?
– MT: Was a social rep. Know what skills are involved. Time management, a lot of activities are time sensitive. Research stuff. In meetings, contribute ideas even if silly ideas, they’re all welcome.
– FID: dependable and responsible are probably not two words people think of when they think of me but I really am. At school I was on the charities Committee, and Sponsorship Committee in the Union. Went out in the snow for charity.
MT is elected.

Third Year Social Rep x2
Candidates: FID, ZG, AnK, SS, RON.
FID’s hust in summary:
– Said speech before, nothing else to add except vote for me for a night that is memorable.
ZG’s hust in summary:
– Second year politics student.
– Favourite thing about Cuth’s is big events like balls and Cuth’s day. Half way formal coming up has got me thinking about getting involved.
– School charity committee. School discos, convincing year 7s to dance with each other.
– Mixed lax social sec so organised events that have gone well.
– Creative. Around Christmas I had my own carol service themed pre’s. Really extra. Put that much flare into own personal events so would be good in other social events.
AnK’s hust in summary: (Husting in absentia, the following speech was read by a member of GovComm)
Hi everyone, my name is AnK and I’m a second year studying psychology and philosophy.
I was on social comm last year and from that, I feel I have some insight into what the role of a member entails and how to help and be involved with organising events like the balls, cuths day and refreshers.
Also, I loved being a frep and helping with events during the two weeks of frepping which involved a lot of organisation and team work.
I want to be on social comm because it’s exciting and engaging to be such a big part of college’s biggest events through the year. It is also one of the best ways to contribute to college. I’m sure everyone here loves balls and events as much as I do and being able to help come up with these events and make them as fun amazing as they always are is something I’d love to be a part of.
I hope I can help again this year.
So please please choose me
SS’s hust in summary:
– What has made my time at Cuth’s enjoyable is socials. Want to get involved and give back.
– Good at time management, organised, deadlines- I leave myself enough time to make things as good as they can be.
– Past experience. In school ran our first ever MUN. Had to coordinate with venues and catering.
– Be responsive to what students what.
– Enthusiasm and creativity.
– Will throw myself into any social.
No questions as there was a candidate running in absentia.
ZG and SS elected.
Postgraduate Rep
Candidates: No nominations.

Method I
Senior Welfare Officer
Candidates: JG, LN, ES, and Request New Candidate.
JG’s hust in summary:
– Facilities manager for last 12 months. So see working of JCR.
– Feel lot of room to make a difference to the student community.
– I would like to say I’m under no illusions that I’m different to past welfare officers. Diversification of current system would be good. Some people might want to see a different character, think I’d bring that to the role.
– I haven’t suffered. I don’t personally think this is a massive issue. Have supported friends, family, and peers.
– Within my family, have had to remove myself emotionally from situations. Medical emergency on family holiday, had to calmly remove myself to reassure other family members. That skill can be used here. I know a lot of people in the Cuth’s community and would have to remove myself to offer best support.
– Everything else is in manifesto.
– Fresher’s week:
o Most intense week of the calendar.
o First time for many students losing support network. Welfare should try to provide that.
o Links with President and Head Frep.
o Drop in hours throughout week.
o Welfare for the Freps. This year that was neglected because of everything that went on with Freshers’ week.
– Re-establish links with college. Use student support for world of good.
LN’s hust in summary: (Husting in absentia, the following speech was read by a member of GovComm)
A big hello to the people of Cuth’s. I know a lot of you don’t know me but if it helps then try and imagine an awkward, Titanic-obsessed Northerner who calls everyone “hun”. It breaks my heart that I’m not in Durham this year because of my stupid year abroad for my stupid degree; it breaks my heart that I can’t be there tonight because stupid Ryanair was charging £250 for flights; but mostly it breaks my heart that I only have 3 minutes to talk about how much I love welfare. I’ve drafted this speech a million times in my head, because I’ve been dreaming of doing this role since I first came to uni. I’ve been dreaming of running welfare corner and having drop-ins, because I’ve been on the other side of them both. I know how vulnerable you can feel showing up to a drop-in, and I know how peng it feels leaving one knowing you’ve hit the nail on the head. I know when to be quiet and when to be chatty. I also know that you can’t choose when someone is going to be in crisis, and how important it is to be the kind of person who will drop anything to help. I really don’t want to make WB stand up here and read out a sob story about how unhappy I was when I first came to uni, because there’s nothing I love more than a bit of PMA, but I can truly say that Cuth’s Welfare changed my life. How cliché lol. I got through those dark days of crying at KFC adverts and hiding in my room because I had an iconic, committed welfare officer by my side, and simultaneously found my place at uni by contributing to welfare as much as possible. By Cuth’s Day 2018, I was crying because I didn’t want to leave. I was a committed member of the welfare campaigns team in first year and I spent last year as Assistant welfare officer, working hard to get the best deal for an inflatable penis on ebay. I’ve also done full Nightline training, but they rejected me as a volunteer because my voice is too chirpy. And even though I’m not in Duz anymore, I’ve not stopped caring. I’ll still talk through your worries with you for as long as it takes you to get to the bottom of them. No problem is too big or too small for LN to care about. I ran to be female welfare officer in first year, and while my heart was in exactly the right place, I’m now so glad I didn’t get it because I don’t think had the emotional capability at that time for a role like that. However, the year abroad may have torn me away from my beloved Cuth’s for twelve months too long, but it has also shown me what I am capable of dealing with, so I’m now running for Senior Welfare Officer because I feel ready to provide support for others. I want to normalise welfare as much as possible by running an Intro to Welfare talk in Freshers week, I’d improve our visibility to international freshers, I’d run a Humans of Cuth’s initiative as a platform to share experiences and tips, I’d run a campaign highlighting the toxicity of social media, and I’d improve accessibility by encouraging each minority rep to lead their own campaign. Please please please check out my manifesto for my smaller ideas. In all honesty, I know that running from abroad is a risky one, but I couldn’t forgive myself for not doing this. Welfare is something that I care about infinitely and I’m so proud to be a part of this community, even from a thousand miles away. It would mean the world to me to be able to come back to Cuth’s next year and carry on doing what I love there. Thank you.
ES’s hust in summary:
– Current male welfare officer. Welfare Comm for 3 years. Know welfare functioning inside out. More goes on than just the campaigns that are seen.
– This year, not the smoothest handover transition.
– Prior planning. More people trained for consent workshops to free up time for welfare officers to run drop ins. Make consent workshops more engaging and improve attendance.
– Leader in SCA 121 Tutoring. Time management and organisation necessary and can manage other people.
– Increase representation. Work close with minority reps so they are empowered. Try to get them to run drop-ins.
– Improve culture at Cuth’s. An anonymous welfare blog. Submit mental/sexual health experiences. Create dialogue within college to tackle stigma.
– Transparent. Surveys for feedback. Welfare FAQ and anonymous Q and As.
– Accessibility. Publish college verified signposting services.
– Create informative leaflets with info about how to access services like Uni counselling and GUM clinic.
– Network with other college welfare officers. Inter-collegiate campaigns for greater reach. Welfare provision at social events. Welfare officer swaps with other colleges- they come to our events we go theirs.
– Check my manifesto!
No questions because a candidate is running in absentia.

Vice President
Candidates: JC and Request New Candidate.
JC’ hust in summary:
– I’m a fresher. But I’m actually doing my second degree as I’m doing a PHD.
– 4th year on exec. Seen JCR from all sorts of angles.
– Wrote current job description for VP so really understand it.
– Treasurer needed good time management and to respond to emails quickly. Bring those skills forward.
– Love governance. See how VP interacts with FCO moving forward.
– I have the experience and drive to ensure VP remains an important role in light of the new FCO position.
– VP gets to go to every meeting and I love meetings. As VP I’d be mandated to go to things I’d want to go to anyway. I love carrying staging around
– Fresher’s handbook. Lots of Cuth’s culture, light hearted. Include student facing staff e.g. receptionists and Wayne so Freshers less scared when they meet them.
– Stash: more novel items to match fluffy socks coming like ties bandanas and open to suggestions.
– Update and formalise rules about how to submit motions. Commit to publishing agenda 24 hours in advance.
EM: An important part of VP is being there for the President. Obviously you’re a PHD student, how are you going to be able to balance that?
– JC: When needed I can choose the hours I work for my degree to make it work around VP. I also don’t mind pushing back my PHD submission deadlines.
AK: If you could pass on one bit of the VPs role to the FCO, and take one role from another Exec position, what would they be?
– JC: I would pass on minuting every meeting providing the VP would still attend them all. I don’t think there’s anything that should be taken from other exec positions, though there’s lots I want to change and get involved with.


SP: The room is a bit tense so I’m going to tell a joke. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Everyone: Why SP?
SP: because he was outstanding in his field!
Cheer from the room. Everything is less tense now well done SP.

Finance and Compliance Officer
Candidates: RJ and Request New Candidate.
RJ’s hust in summary:
– A position is what you make of it.
– Experience. Working on audits during work experience.
– Need to be diligent with close eye for details. Being Sports and Socs Chair and Head Frep I’ve done this.
– Improve Sports and Socs treasurer training. Would have time to chase up those unable to attend.
– Make sure everyone (including club presidents) understands the reclaim process.
– Repurpose Ficomm by making roles more specific. Work to the strengths of my group.
– Aim to do reclaims twice a week so get money back in 4 days.
– Form for sports captains to use to get reclaims
– Work closely with trustees to finalise a long term plan to make charity compliant.
– Update constitutions and standing orders because not up to date.
– An Exec position is expected to spend 8 hours a week on their position, I’ll be spending nearly 8 hours a day.
– Need to work out how best the FCO can serve the JCR so refine their responsibilities.
– Support the Exec and Pres in any way possible. Actively ask for things to do, especially helping with students who have got a big work load on.
CW: This is a new role. How would you cement this as a real position?
– RJ:
o Visible from beginning because living at Brooks. As Exec member would be present in Freshers week so Fresh see me.
o Time to get involved in sports and socs.
o I read the minutes of a recent meeting, Amy is working on list of tasks for FCO to do. That’s something to start with. Hard to say exactly what FCO will be doing. This amount of time into the JCR is unprecedented. Want to specify more what the role of FCO will be, don’t want to say now what they will be because we’ll find out as we go.
o Should definitely be there to support Exec in their roles
AK: Part of role is determining the long term plan for the JCR, what should it look like?
– RJ: Abstract concept. We voted to be independent, we are yet to meet that status. Our first aim should be to meet charitable status. Then more long term to work out how best the students of Cuth’s are served, this would include surveys. We’re not a DSO so we have more flexibility. Basically it’s hard to say for sure but consult students and work towards compliance at this stage.
AB: In terms of Treasurer training, it’s hard to coordinate 30-40 different sports and socs treasurers. How would you go about that to up attendance to ensure all individual treasurers have received training?
– RJ:: I’m aware, from being Sports and Socs Chair students can’t always commit to meetings in the evenings. Firstly, organise one big meeting but would be surprised for more than 60% attendance. Send one big email. However students don’t always use email so also use Facebook. Then use a Doodle poll, they can choose the slot they want. Finally, if a treasurer hasn’t received training I could go along to training for example and catch up with their treasurer.

President of the Society
Candidates: EM, LM and Request New Candidate.
EM’s proposer, RJ’s, speech in summary:
– Start with how I met EM, my best friend. She grinded on me in Loft and I can say this is the last time she didn’t fully commit to something.
– She co-founded FRAMDA, later winning an award along with her committee.
– Pool team social sec dedication.
– Will commit herself 100%
– Cares deeply about Cuth’s and students’ experiences. As VP she orders and delivers stash, seen her take time out of her day to hand deliver items. Even personally sent stash to London.
– As Head Frep, I relied her as right hand woman, piling on responsibilities on top of her Exec role. Never complained once but sought to help me and make my life easier. Proactive and gets things done.
– EM is a strong minded individual. Organised mismatch. Convinced rugby boys to play netball against girls. I told her she wouldn’t be able to do it but she proved her ability to deliver on ideas. Will make changes she wants to see.
– Cuth’s is changing, we need someone SOMETHING HERE, we need someone unafraid to speak out, need someone who has been to nearly every committee meeting, we need someone who understands the decision process in the creation of FCO, someone that understands Cuth’s inside out. We need EM.
EM’s hust:
Hi, I’m EM, an Anthropology finalist and your current Vice-President. I have a fair amount of time to fill so I’ll start by telling you a bit about me and my time at Cuth’s and then go on to what I would like to focus on if I had the privilege of being your JCR President.
A little about me
When I first game to Durham I didn’t really want to be here. I’d just had the most amazing gap year living and working in India and I had this idea that Uni was just 3 years I needed to get through in order to get on with the rest of my life. As you can probably tell, I’ve changed my mind a little on that one.
Between being that grumpy gap yah fresher and standing before you today I’ve done more than I ever imagined I would and have ever so slightly fallen in love with Cuth’s.
I’ve been an Open Day rep and Frep for the last two years – loving every moment- snuggling in rain outside clubs, sober silent discos and I would even get FOMO on my nights off.
In my second year I was on the exec as Outreach Chair. And in that year, I believe I was able to start to rebrand this committee as something that achieved more than just the odd bake sale. I was able to work with the then President to set up FRAMDA; Cuth’s first volunteering project which is still going well today. I was able to represent Cuth’s on the SCA College Consortium, as well as run smaller events in college such as MisMatch – a charity match where the rugby boys took on the netball team at netball.
All of this took an awful lot of hard work, coordination, planning and resilience when people told me my ideas weren’t going to work. But I’m glad I persevered as I ended last year with being awarded the SU award for Contribution to the Local Community along with my committee- an achievement I am massively proud of considering the calibre of projects we were up against.
This year, I have been your Vice President. Outwardly, this means I’ve been sorting all the stash orders, writing a new and improved handbook for the freshers and sorting out the agendas for meetings like this. Behind the scenes, I’ve been attending every meeting of every JCR committee in Cuth’s – be that the exec or the JCR meetings, gov comm, outreach, social comm, postgrad comm, finance comm or even the board of trustee meetings. This has given me fantastic insight into how all of the different committees function and come together to make Cuth’s happen, but also how I think they could be improved.
Further, I love to get my teeth stuck into Cuth’s and the Uni life in general. On a larger scale I am deputy Coordinator of CATSS Secondary, a SCA project providing local kids with respite,
On a smaller scale perhaps, you will find me at ripped off protests marching through the Palatine Centre. I’ve been the student rep in college disciplinary meetings for darts and rugby, trying to make sure clubs are fairly represented and their voice heard. I’ve been social sec for Cuths Climbing, and the fantastic Cuth’s pool E team, and I always Spartacus and no-hands my desert…
I strongly believe that my drive and my achievements in the last two years, as well as my love for all things Cuths- as silly as they are- make me a perfect presidential candidate.
So, would I want to do?

Greater efficiency in the JCR
For the president, this means being really on the ball with communication and supporting the exec as well as being on top of your own work load. I am a fair and hard working leader, and efficient when it comes to my roles in the JCR (nearly all the minutes I’ve written have been posted on the website within a day of the meetings) and believe that I can achieve this [improved communication and efficiency]. A more smooth running JCR would mean reclaims were processed faster, events publicised well in advance and communication with YOU would be priorities – all benefiting your experience at Cuth’s.
I also want to work with the outgoing and incoming chairs to make sure the Standing Orders are up to date. While this may not being of direct interest to you, if would mean swifter JCR meetings and fewer bureaucratic hiccups that make things take longer than they should.
I am also passionate that the exec and other student leaders should be have crucial training. Recently I had a day’s worth of training on how to write minutes which was completely unnecessary, HOWEVER I’ve had unconscious bias training that still benefits me, and also think incoming exec members and other leaders would benefit from training regarding how to chair a meeting – though it sounds simple, it’s often not. Also, there have been efforts this year to ensure that welfare have vital training on how to deal with the highly sensitive situations they encounter. I intend to ensure this is implemented.
Lastly, as you all know, we have a new Sabbatical role; FCO. With this introduction, some sort of exec restructure is inevitable, I believe. I will work closely with the FCO, as well as the rest of the exec, to work out the optimal distribution of tasks is found so that the JCR is getting its money’s worth from this role and it’s as efficient as possible by next freshers week.

Representing Cuth’s in the wider university
This is a short and sweet point. The president’s job is to represent YOU and to make sure the voice of Cuth’s is heard by the bodies bigger than us. The university’s expansion, accommodation fees, a lack of study spaces and avoidance of student consultation concerns me greatly. And I am ready to make sure that your views on these issues, and whatever else matters to you, are heard at a university level.

Increased involvement in the JCR
This is a tricky one, that every president seems to promise to achieve. Having been on the exec for two years now, I know this isn’t going to happen overnight. But there are some things that I think we could be doing better;
We need to build our online presence; we are working on improving the website, but we also need to utilise things we already have; like the JCR Instagram, in order to make sure everyone is as informed as possible.
Further, I strongly believe that the freshers weeks for Erasmus students, livers-outs, international students and postgrad and mature students need to be improved. At Cuth’s we are great at catching the attention of those easily in reach, but I feel we often forget those on the peripheries and once that connection is lost its hard to get back. In order to combat this, I want freps to have a presence beyond just the two sites. I want to coordinate with freps so they can meet those living outside college half way before events to show we do care about everyone’s involvement.
I also want Cuth’s to be viewed as useful for more than just lush balls, your sports and socs and enthralling meetings…. the college “Careers Angels” system has been around for years, yet many people have never heard of it. This could be a fantastic asset were by YOU can be matched with someone from out alumni network who works in your field of interest. Especially as we all slowly start to worry about the real world, I believe this could be invaluable if revamped.
But beyond this, I want to know what YOU want from your JCR. There have often been some tensions between the JCR and some student groups; perhaps Fashion Show, Rugby or darts, and I’m committed to working with these groups to ensure these relationships are improved and every student group is valued equally.
Transparency is key, and I want to maintain a presence across both Bailey and Parsons in order to hear your thoughts on what we can improve. If we feel like our voices are valuable, we are far more likely to speak up and get involved.

Cuth’s in the community
As you can tell from earlier in my hust, community is something I’m very passionate about. I would love to establish one off volunteering days – just one day of commitment-, perhaps collaborating with different societies, to do something beneficial in the community and build better student-local relationships. Be this a coffee morning for the elderly, or a subjects fair at a local sixthform, I think it’s doable.
Also, lastly, I loved my MisMatch last year, even if the rugby boys beat the netball girls, and I’d love to recreate it but bigger and better after exams because there isn’t much better way to spend your summer days, sat in a field with a pint, watching your mates play a sport they’ve never played before and raising for money for charity at the same time. Or at least that’s what I think.
Anyway, that’s me done. To summarise, I have the passion, I have the understanding of the JCR, I value every branch of Cuth’s and I have realistic ideas that (I think) can improve your Cuth’s experience. And I would love it if you considered me for your vote.

LM’s proposer, BS’s speech in summary:
– I didn’t know LM before this year but she’s demonstrated to me her dedication and determination.
– This year she is our Senior Welfare Officer. No surprise that our welfare service this year has been most visible and accessible in our memories.
– She has transformed a vital part of the JCR, and I have no doubt of the impact she’ll have on the whole JCR.
– She isn’t just in this for the title. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to change the student experience.
– A President needs to be reliable and someone to turn to for guidance.
– Freshers’ week this year was so challenging. For a team that had little to no training. She never took easy road out of a situation.
– Don’t underestimate her. This year I have learnt how capable hard working and efficient she is.
– She’s sensitive to the feelings of others, including people not massively engaged in the JCR like those that attend meetings.
– Capable of speaking for the JCR.
– She is suitable. She’s not all fluffy emojis. For the Senior Welfare Officer position it is crucial to thinking ahead. She has done that for example through working with a Student trustee to restructure welfare. Most recent referendum resulting in the creation of FCO demonstrates how important it is to know what the future might hold.
– Please really strongly consider her in your vote.
LM’s hust in summary:
Hello, hello

My name is LM lol and I’m speaking in front of a fat crowd of people to hopefully convince you that I’m the president for you.

After having ran for Senior Welfare Officer from Paris I’m so unimaginably happy to be standing in front of you today and being able to express my passion and drive for this role to all the faces I know and love.

Cuth’s you’ve had me sold since day one and I’ve wanted nothing more than to find ways of how to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. Since stepping foot in Penthouse Refounders I knew that this was the place I’d always call home. I am indebted to every single one of you for the best four years of my life and you are all responsible for who I am and how I strive to be.

So you might be asking yourself why her? I may not be the loudest voice in the crowd nor the most noticeable but what I am is so much more. What I am is somebody who fights wholeheartedly for what she believes in and what I believe in is all of you and the potential our college has to become even greater than it already is. I’m not here to mess around, or to half-arse things, that’s just not me nor will it ever be and I’m ready to give you my all Cuth’s – blood, sweat and tears all included (you’re welcome). I’m here to show up for you and for myself.

I have persuaded myself out of this decision multiple times as I know just how worthy other candidates are and how deserving they are. I realised, however that I’d be doing both myself and you all a disservice by not at all least giving it all my all and leaving the decision in your capable hands.

I’m here to show you that leadership doesn’t have to be about how far your voice travels or how much you can speak but how you use your words to benefit those around you. Cuth’s I’m so ready to be held accountable and to be an exceptionally transparent, proactive and supportive leader – very much as I’ve demonstrated with Welfare this year. I’m here for all of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m in the wrong and am very quick to rectify makes I’ve made. I’m a really approachable individual with such a huge grin that I know would only be enlarged if I were so lucky to represent and support you. I just care soooo much.

Maybe now I should tell you a little bit about what I’ve done. Throughout my time at Durham I’ve been very much involved in Cuth’s life and I’m not ready to stop now. My experience is specific to working with people and understanding how teams and complex systems work. I may not have the most JCR roles to list but to me JCR presidency is about knowing how to support, encourage and lead a diverse group of people to do incredible things. A lot of what I do is behind the scenes and I’ll never be able to tell you about it but I don’t need to, all you need you to know is that I work tirelessly and thanklessly at times to look after and support you. If that doesn’t say something about my character I don’t know what does. I’ve had to be stronger than I’ve ever been before, not only for myself but for others too and this has taught me an immense amount and is one of my proudest achievements to date. With Welfare this year, I’ve managed to help revamp and work towards a complete restructuring of our system. Through proactivity and determination we are fortunate enough to be at able to say we have a real prominent voice and place here in the Cuth’s community. If it can be done with one committee there’s nothing to say it can’t be done with the rest too.

Now for what I would do for you? Everything and more. Seriously. Please know my future plans for Cuth’s are by no means exhaustive nor are they cemented either. These are just a few
of my ideas but being a good leader means listening to you and acknowledging which ideas work and don’t work and passing them by you and those who know better than I do. One thing I don’t want to be is a domineering force nor a micromanager, I know just how important it is to give the freedom and power to you to do what you want with your roles and shape them how you see fit with my support and enthusiasm behind it all. I need you to challenge my ideas and I’m so so open-minded about how we proceed. When I ran for senior welfare I had no clue at all what needed changing and what could really do with some work and the job itself rendered a lot of my past manifesto null and void but what I can tell you is that I will be a proactive leader and I won’t changes I see necessary or beneficial to you, pass me by. Right now I don’t know everything there is to know, nor do I expect to, but quite frankly who does?

Now for my actual ideas. Sorry.

Fresher’s week is an area of particular interest to me. I would like to make Welfare drop-in hours available during the two weeks of Freshers’ so as to provide a non-judgemental listening space for those struggling during the week. I know just how beneficial this would be. I would also love to conduct a survey in both the International and Postgrad’ Freshers’ pages long before their arrival to see what they would like to see in their weeks and to make sure we are maximising their experience to suit their preferences and to give them the best welcome to Cuth’s conceivable. Given that Freshers’ week is very much an opportune time to plug the JCR I’d love to incorporate a round in the highly sought after/ infamous pub quiz concerning Cuth’s history and the JCR itself in the hope that this would be a way to mass appeal to the Freshers’ and inform those less likely to be involved in JCR activities in order to maximise participation. Similarly, I’d like to create a document comprising of all of the roles and the meetings in which they will be ran alongside case studies of those who’ve previously held the role to allow for concrete time to consider rules and maximum and diverse involvement. Cuth’s is a community full of passionate individuals so I’d particularly like to do collobrations with Cuth’s
societies in a ‘give it a go’ style to showcase what we offer and secure more JCR opt-ins.

Accessibility is very much a field at the heart of my manifesto. First and foremost I want to make the JCR more financially accessible. Currently you are in charge of a budget that you spent and then reclaim back, but this means you must have access to said money in order to purchase things for your committee. To combat this, I would to create a system whereby the president and/or FCO can carry out large or necessary reclaims on behalf of the individual. This may seem unrealistic but the practicalities of this can be determined later on. There would be restrictions but they wouldn’t be defined as of yet as I’d like to pass that by you all. In order to involve those less involved in JCR I’d push for opinion polls and JCR meeting summaries in Freshers’ pages. I would also like to advertise ,ore general guidance from the JCR on the financial support available through the uni like the tiered bursaries coming into place next year. I vow to ensure the availability of black and white posters/materials to include all those with visual needs and I wish to compile an array of ‘How to’ documents – e.g. set up a society/make a reclaim to time-save and improve JCR efficiency.

In terms of outreach I’d like to introduce a concept called Seconds for seconds which allowing second years to take Tupperware for the leftover food at the end of meal times ensuring minimal wastage and happy second year tummies. I’d also love to have a Cuth’s got talent fundraiser to showcase the many talents of Cuth’s and fundraise for worthy causes. Given that we have the infamous panto in our first term it would be nice to continue this showcasing of talents in other terms too.

Representing Cuth’s is something I’m very passionate about. I vouch to hold higher university powers to account via freedom of information requests/open letters/research and whatever other means of persuasion it may take. I will also volunteer to sit on committees to represent what’s important to you – i.e. Sexual Misconduct & Violence Operations Group. There’s no doubt I will make sure your voice is heard and I will supporte appropriate SU protests i.e. Ripped Off.

Socially, I would like to strive for upped alumni integration on both a small and large scale. I would love to have monthly newsletters for alumni to ensure that they are kept well-informed and are always in the look and hopefully work towards having a Returners’ weekend like Aidan’s and Collingwood have, something similar to the Boatclub reunion. Cuth’s is seeping with tradition and I’d like to make this established tradition potentially consisting of events like a formal and a bbq in house 12 gardens to make sure sure we keep ties with our alumni as we all know the importance of a life-long connection to college. I’d be very much keen to have regular trips outside our normal social calendar and make the most of our beautiful North Eastern surroundings i.e. theme parks/activity days and would push for events for students here over the holidays to keep loneliness and isolation at bay.

Looking towards the future, there’s no denying that Cuth’s is changing enormously. Given the result of our recent referendum I’d like to assure you that I’d work in unison with our FCO to define the role transparently and ensure the JCR is getting their money’s worth. I vow to push for more JCR involvement by motivating those less conventionally interested in running and allowing for a more diverse/representative and less cliquey JCR. There is one hundred percent things that can do done to make the election rules less cliquey – for example, this isn’t to attack the fact one candidate is proposing another just to highlight that it doesn’t sit quite right with me.
Please vote LM for a president who will support you wholeheartedly, strive to optimise your cuth’s experience and challenge JCR cliquiness.

Point of Information from AB: If it is necessary, the JCR can at present pay for things directly so that students don’t have to wait for reclaims.

EE : What would candidates do to increase the number of people that understand the rules in the Standing Orders and what would you do to make these rules less boring and more accessible?
– LM: Maybe nice to put them in the Freshers’ handbook maybe like an idiot’s guide to the standing orders. To make them less boring spice up their design, split into different sections.
– EM: to make more accessible, a lot of the time the issues people are trying to write motions or elections and coming to meetings. Have someone efficient to ensure rules are right and up to date. On the Election Facebook page, have posters that are simple that show ‘this is what you have to do’ in elections or motions with all the info, make those looks sexy, have those posted on every single meeting. In terms of spicing up the standing orders, making them less boring, at the end of the year there’s fun and stupid old positions that we run in the last meeting of the year, if we publicise these fun and stupid things that are happening in Cuth’s, that would make things more exciting as we can’t really make the important rules more fun.
MP: Both of you are very Cuth’sy. How would you deal with supporting parts of the JCR you haven’t been directly involved in?
– EM: network yourself. I have a lot of friends and people I interact with that are both Cuth’sy and not Cuth’sy but that still give me information about different branches and clubs and societies and tell me what they want from the JCR. Be approachable, interested, around all the time, and listening. I’ve been there for different groups like rugby and darts, still trying to keep open connections with help them to make sure they’re treated fairly and equally.
– LM: seek guidance from relevant people. I have a diverse variety of friends. I’m not afraid to say I don’t know. I’d invest myself in the handover- I’m quick and keen to learn. I know there’s lots of parts of Cuth’s that I don’t know about.
CW: This question centres on inclusion and involvement. Certain groups in particular are less cohesive with the JCR in general e.g. darts, how would you change that? And how would you improve the number of people attending JCR meetings?
– LM: In terms of increasing people attending meetings, Freshers are most impressionable. Make clear to them that the JCR is for everyone, not only those that have roles. I know JCR can feel like you’re getting left out/cliquey sometimes. Encourage those less conventionally suitable for involvement. Be accessible, approachable, and relatable. In terms of the content of meetings make things a bit more SP style, and get chips in not pizza.
– EM: issues with meetings they are considered long and boring. Things aren’t running smoothly enough, agenda not going up early enough. If you’re on it, President should oversee that everything is in on time, so there are less bureaucratic hiccups. Make sure people know what is going on early on, so people know how to write motions. In terms of making meetings more fun. A lot of people don’t realise what they’re there for. If you want fun, you can run stupid motions. Making the meetings spicier is up to the JCR, as President you can facilitate and encourage people to do that.
DT: What is your opponent’s greatest quality that you wish you had?
– EM: Less serious one, a longer fringe, cut mine too short. Especially in Freshers’ week, LM had a lot of resilience and patience to care for herself and those around her. That is really lovely, to be nice to people all the time.
– LM: confidence and competence. Admirably confident. And competence, nobody can fault your experience.
BS: Obviously people that come to meetings are already engaged, the majority are not engaged, and the JCR is found alienating by some people. How are you going to reach those people?
– LM: post opinion polls and JCR meeting summaries in Freshers pages. Listen to what people want.
– EM: touched on in hust. We’re great at catching people close to us. Improve Freshers’ week, reaching livers out like Erasmus students or PGs. Those people don’t always know when to come into college and what they should get to visit during Freshers’ week. Need to make sure Freps will walk home Erasmus students to Gilesgate. As Pres you sit on every committee, in this instance PG and Mature students Comm so important, e.g. go to the meals and events they organise. Keeping involved in things like go to acoustic night. And when you do don’t always sit with the same people, introduce yourself to a variety of people. Maybe that will spread a different feel. But change won’t happen over night.
KW: As President how will you make sure minorities are feeling represented and included?
– EM: I am not a minority so talk to people in those roles, they’ll know far better than I ever would. For me make sure to go to the Welfare and SU meetings in which those minority issues are discussed.
– LM: continue on work been done this year. Paying attention to what minorities want and see value. Make sure relationships remain close, keep in regular contact. Go to relevant meetings e.g. SU or go to protests. Minority next week will be very helpful.
RM: To what extent would you be willing to use your capabilities for action on accommodation fees?
– LM: try to represent views as best as possibly could. Make sure we have a relationship where we keep in contact with students and I’m representing your views, on your behalf, giving power back to you. Doing best to make sure students feel heard and valued.
– EM: think that regardless of where you sit on political spectrum, accommodation fees are hideous, it effects the local community and it’s stopping people from coming to Durham. I come from a comfortable middle class family so had support but some people have a real struggle, I’m quite angry about it, would be happy to pick fights, in a nicely worded way. Would march into palatine centre with my banners and shoes off. Get to sit on different committees Uni wide, if there were committees that I could sit on to help improve the problem and make sure your voice is heard I would.
JK: One thing you would most want a Fresher to see or experience in Cuth’s in Freshers’ week?
– EM: have a nice long conversation with a fantastic Frep who knows a lot about college. One conversation with a person that might inspire them, or ensure them they’ll love it here. One Frep that has the enthusiasm and love for Cuth’s as most do.
– LM: EM hit the nail on the head. Those conversations set precedent for rest of your experience, a conversation can go a long way. Something I’d want them to see would be a silent disco. Such a representative event of Cuth’s- shows Cuth’s spirit, angels is a unifying moment no matter where you’re from.
CA: There are students that never live in uni accomodation or within Durham city, who aren’t able to come to evening events, how would you make them feel included?
– LM: more livers out events. Maybe during day like a brunch if they’re not able to come to evening events. Social outings like Alnwick or Lindisfarne or a theme park. Make sure they know there’s events specific for them.
– EM: Tricky question. Everyone’s going to have a very different experience and can’t completely replicate that for people in that situation. Make sure there are events on week days/bank holidays. Mature students with kids and families, so have family friendly events. There are some issues about bringing kids into college I’ve asked before. Make sure we can engage livers out with emails. Make sure they can put their dates in diaries and plan in advance. Talk to others like mature students rep for example.
JK: What’s the worst thing about Cuth’s and how would you amend it?
– EM: This was an open day rep interview question. I think I panicked and said about how narrow the corridors in PFC are. Couldn’t do anything about that. Sorry I love Cuth’s too much I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.
– LM: Like I’ve said I’m not a fan of pizza at meetings so a larger variety of food e.g. for vegans.

SP: Voting at apps.dur.ac.uk/vote/cuths. Results will be announced from the House 8 balcony at 5.30pm on Wednesday. Thanks GovComm for their hard work in these elections.
Meeting ends.