2019-06-23 (Fun Meeting)

Setting: it’s the day after Cuth’s day. In the House 12 garden. The weather isn’t quite as good as it was yesterday and I’m regretting wearing shorts.
Present: EC (chair), EM (vice president), RJ (head frep), SW, CeG, ES (male welfare), FD, CG, ABD, JC (PGM rep), PE, JK, SP(SRO), MMo, EB (librarian), SM (communications), CL, BC (Michaelmas ball manager), MW, AK (president), AB (treasurer), JS, LM (senior welfare), SA, MP, RP,
Apologies: JG (facilities)




Finance Comm motion

Stargazing motion

Spanish Etymology Motion

Garlic Bread Motion

Guy Fawkes Motion

CRAS de-ratification motion

Gravy at Formals motion

Duck with Cochran motion


Method III

The Wincrete Memorial Trophy

Method IV

Leader of the Song

The Orbiting Professor of Martian Anthropology

The Golden Bedspring for fornication

The red herring for persistent and unadulterated lying

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Award

The soft cushion for academic blagging

The wooden spoon for stirring disharmony

The anonymous Magistrate’s Paper Bag for technicolour yawning

The keeper of the couplets




Exec report:

EC: same thing as the rest of the year. [everyone claps]


Minutes from the last meeting passed on a general aye.


Finance Comm Motion

This JCR Notes:

– Finance Comm currently operates inefficiently.

– There are nine elected members of finance comm (alongside FCO, President and vice-president)

–  Finance Comm has not met regularly throughout the year and the role of committee members is not always clear.

This JCR Believes:

– Having a smaller, focused committee would better facilitate the allocation of tasks and distribution of roles

– There should be 4 Finance Committee Members elected via Method II in the first meeting of the year

– These members would also feel more valued and have specific responsibilities with the new structure

–  Finance Comm would operate more efficiently in this capacity

This JCR Repeals:

–          Positions in the JCR:

o   5.1.2 It shall consist of:

5.2.3 Due to the large number of positions available, the elections for Finance Committee Member shall be run over several meetings

This JCR Orders:

–          Positions in the JCR:

o   5.1.2 It shall consist of:

4) 4 x Finance Committee Member

Proposed by AB

Seconded by RJ

RJ: we just want to reduce members to 4 form 9 to make the committee more efficient. People will feel more valued and do work.

AB: there isn’t loads of workload we can give 9 people at the moment. Especially with FCO being a thing.


Stargazing Motion

This JCR notes

This JCR believes

This JCR resolves

Proposed by AC

Seconded by MP, CW, AJ, NG, PL, SR, BB, EJ, ME, CA, JOW, CeG, JT

MP: there are a lot of stars. We all know that. We can look at them. I don’t vibe with the uni society.

BC: what are you going to do?

MP: the plan, I’ve heard, is to plan trips to see the stars. Up hills. Probably observatory hill

SW: name your 5 fave stars

MP: I’ll do 6. Something about Liverpool football. I don’t know stars.

AK: the sun.

AB: any plans for space exploration?

MP: we are looking for short term stuff atm. It’s a logical conclusion though, so we will eventually?

AK: increase subs to build a high reserve? I propose an amendment to make subs 1k per term, per member

RJ: I oppose this because it’s not very inclusive

The amendment has passed

AK: oh shit is this a genuine motion?

EC: yeah…

CG: we could have two different types of membership. Normal one and then space exploration membership which costs

amended motion passed on a general aye


Spanish Etymology Motion

Este Sala de Estudiantes anota que:

Este Sala de Estudiantes cree que:

Este Sala de Estudiantes ordena que:

Proponente: JC

Segundero: RSD

This JCR Notes

This JCR Believes

This JCR Mandates

Proposer: JC

Seconder: RSD

JC: EM has not given an inaugural discourse. AK did one on Newfoundland Fisheries. There are lots of connections with Cuth’s and the Spanish language (lists them). this would be a good place to start. We want it at the second meeting of next term.

EC: is RSD Spanish or does he just speak it?

SP: he’s welsh. He has a holiday home.

SA: if you’re a bit Spanish and you do a Spanish degree you shouldn’t be proud of yourself

AC: people who do English are often English

AK: can it be livestreamed?


AB: is it going to be in Spanish?

EM: I don’t know how to say no in Spanish

EC: I’m Scottish

SP: why not Hindi?  She went on a gap year to India.

RP: in Hyderabad they speak Telugu not Hindi.

JC: EM likes India. She doesn’t like Spanish

The motion has passed


Garlic Bread Motion

This JCR Notes

This JCR Believes

This JCR Orders

Positions in the JCR order

4.2.3 (in SRO) Following their election to the role, an incoming SRO must prepare garlic bread for the student trustees If fewer than 50% of the student trustees are satisfied with the quality of the garlic bread, the SRO must wear Hatfield stash to all JCR meetings during the following term

This JCR resolves

Proposer: JC

Seconder: RP

JC: once SP dropped garlic bread and said “I don’t know how to use this”. It’s worrying that this bloke is in charge of elections. The trustees need bread.

RJ: is this during the meeting?

JC: after

SP: I can’t use an oven. That’s the issue.

RP: How many garlic breads?

JC: up to the SRO

SP: amendment. In a situation where the SRO is incapable of cooking, then the VP should teach them how to make it before presenting the loaf to the trustees

MP: does this not foster a culture of dependence??

SP: the JCR is built on supporting each other. JC is at my house often at odd hours to watch movies. He could support me.

SW: presuming you can read, should you not read the instructions on the bread?

SP: yeah, as I said the issue is the oven

CG: will there be a vegan option?

JC: if there is a vegan trustee and the garlic bread isn’t vegan they will be unhappy

The amendment didn’t pass

DT: can we have a 3 course meal if the oven is the issue here?

MP: I propose this as an amendment?

CL: is garlic bread a mandated course?

JC: who is going to pay for this?

EC: the SRO

RJ: you could easily cook a 3 course meal without an oven

CG: if the SRO can’t cook with the oven, then he probably can’t cook with other things

PIO: WB can’t cook garlic bread either

[MP opposes his own amendment and we all chuckle]

The amendment hasn’t passed

The motion has passed


Guy Fawkes Motion

This JCR Notes

This JCR Believes

This JCR Orders

Positions in the JCR (in Stool) Check the laundry room for explosives before any JCR meeting held in the Bailey Bar

Meetings of the JCR

1.1.5 If explosives are found in the vicinity of the meeting during or prior to a general meeting, the meeting shall immediately be called off and rescheduled to within 7 (seven) days by the chair

This JCR Mandates

Proposer: JC

Seconder: MC

[JC explains Guy Fawkes]. At parliament, someone checks the basement for explosives. We should check the laundry room for safety because it could get dodge. The stool will do the looking and call the police if they find any. Also, if a meeting will be called off

RP: the stool will look for explosives, but are they going to be trained?
AC: what if the stool put them there????

Everyone: ooooooooo

EC: stools are disposable

MP: the Guy Fawkes thing is very anti Catholic

JC: I just think we can learn from Parliament

SW: my flatmates were good at laundry and didn’t do it often. This could be a biohazard.

JC: yes

Motion passed on a general aye


De-ratification of Cuths Ramen Appreciation Society (CRAS) motion

This JCR notes:

‘JC: I’m aware that there is a fb group chat where people have already decided positions, so I want you to have an AGM where people can run for these so that it’s fair.

FID: that will be the case’

(JCR meeting minutes, 28/2/19, approved on a general aye 12/3/19)

This JCR believes:

This JCR resolves:


Proposer- EuM

Seconder- JC

JC: EuM isn’t here. But we have concerns that it’s not democratic. The smell of the room in the AGM might have put people off. Their minutes are bad.

SP: CG is a bad minuter

JC: EuM has a video of CG saying anyone can have any position

SP: POI; the room didn’t reek it just smelt of India

CG: amendment that they just have to redo their AGM

[CG then explains all the exec of CRAS]

SP: I was present, the elections were advertised in advance. We delayed for late people. It was all legit. It was fair. RON was a candidate but it wasn’t minuted. We will redo the minutes

RP: how many people were present?

EC: where are the minutes?

SP: on the fb page which has over 100 people

CG: amendment to not deratify us, but we will rerun out AGM at the start of Michaelmas

CeG: is you have an issue with minutes can someone train you?

AK: there is a good 7 hour training session

EM: *Scowles*

JC: they opened an online survey to collect data, which doesn’t consider GDPR

CG: JC filled out the form with poor jokes

The amendment hasn’t passed

CG: *kicks off*

CG: WHY!!!!

EC: why isn’t a question

Everyone: yes it is.

SP: there are people who really care about this society. I think we can deal with these issues in a less severe manner. We don’t want to take away from fresh appreciated Raman

CG: this is ableism because I have dyslexia

JK: can they just restart it next term

JC: there are notes on this in the motion

JK: can I suggest they have a compliance officer?

SP: that is my job as SRO

RJ: I’m going to vote against this. We’ve made our point.

FID & CG: *try to read a poem but they get shut down*

[voting is a pain because CG keeps opening her eyes because she is an insomniac and EC loses count]

The motion has not passed


Gravy at Formals motion

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR resolves:

Proposer- EuM

Seconder- JC

JC: EuM doesn’t like the current gravy system

RP: this seems unnecessary

PE: have the catering staff been asked if they are okay with this?


MW: this is inefficient

CG: what if the VP also has to do it?

RP: what will the financial implications be of getting gravy reserves?

RJ: this is silly. It’s a waste of time

CG: proposes an amendment that the VP also does it.

Amendment hasn’t passed

the motion hasn’t passed



The duck with JC Motion

The JCR notes

The JCR believes

The JCR mandates

  1. Every President-elect and Vice President-elect perform either of
  1. The Vice President-elect carry the President elect in a piggyback from house 12 to house 8 via the Presidential walk.
  2. The Vice President-elect and the President-elect are tied together by a bungee and leave on an all college bar crawl and face a series of challenges to be set by the Chair and Trustees. With the crawl culminating in observatory hill where they plant a flag with the Cuths crest. The SRO hall ensure that these challenges are met.

1.2 A Failure to meet these would mean that as a sanction the Vice President and President elect have to wear Hatfield stash in all JCR meetings of the following term.

Proposed by SP

Seconded by RSD


SP: this is in response to the garlic motion. The President and VP need chemistry. [EC get distracted by muffins]. Explains the motion.

JC: can we do both?

SP: with consent?

AB: this seems quite petty

SM: what if they want to do different ones?

RJ: it would be funnier if we reject this because then it just messes with SP

AB: propose a motion that every time it says P or VP change it to SRO

EC: so he has to do it on his own and give himself a piggy back and go on a ACBC on his own etc?

Everyone: yeah.

Amendment passed

SP: ☹

Passed on a general aye

SP: I will go on the crawl because I can’t piggy back myself



Budget – Cheerleading

AB: they are only asking for 80 for us. They need new gym shoes out of their reserves. Hatfield also give them money.

Passed on a general aye



SP: hi everyone

Everyone: laughs because of the bar crawl thing

SP: I want to thank my JROs who aren’t here. [round of applause]. I’d like to thank Gov Comm. [more claps].


Leader of the Song

RJ: can you hold as many method IV as you want?


RJ: I nominate SP

JC: I nominate EuM because he genuinely wants the position

EuM is elected


Orbiting Professor of Martian Anthropology

SP: shortest person in the room?

JC: I nominate RJ and RP

AB: I nominate EM because she does Anth

AK: I nominate SM

SM has been elected


The red herring for persistent and unadulterated lying


AB: Cuth’s Raman exec


SP: I’m the epitome of honesty


CRAS have been elected



Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Award

JC: SP and SP

CeG: WN and the bell

CL: WN and CW

JC: FD and CG

?: JK and ABD

?: AK and WN

WN and his bell have been elected


The soft cushion for academic blagging




JC was elected even though AC clearly got a louder wooo


The wooden spoon for stirring disharmony





JC has been elected


The anonymous Magistrate’s Paper Bag for technicolour yawning

RJ: AK for chunning in her bed

EC: BC because she threw up pink sick

FD: “shitty will”/ posh will for shitting and chunning in the shower and then didn’t wash his sheets for a week and didn’t

AK: MW because he didn’t want to chun on the Michaelmas coaches so he swallowed it

SM: CL for feast

AB: EM for faceplanting her own vom at Michaelmas


Posh Will has been elected


The keeper of the couplets

FD: CG because she writes poems



ABD has been elected


The Wincrete Memorial Trophy

SP: this is hard because the bar isn’t open but CG has brought. Nominations?

CG and everyone: SP



AB: no thank you.

?: RJ

?: MP

[RJ messed up and just threw it over his head]

MrM has been elected