JCR Meeting  2019/05/07

Present/ Speaking: AK (President), EMM (vice-president), AB (treasurer), EB (librarian), EP (outreach chair), JC (postgrad and mature students’ rep), SM (communications officer), EC (chair), JG (facilities manager), SWC (trustee), WN (keeper of the bell), DV (POC rep), SP (SRO), ES (male welfare officer), CW (Cuth’s day manager), MW (social comm), EE (JRO), BC (feast manager), JOW, CG (SU Committee), JP, CC (trustee), EAM (students with disabilities rep), KJ, RJ (head frep), DV (people of colour rep), DT (trustee), RM, SA, JZ (finance committee), SuS, KW (LGBT+ rep),  JF, MR (social comm), SaS, JH, ER, AL

Apologies: MP (Sports & Socs), AW (Music Rep), JO (Formals Manager), DV (POC rep), LM (Senior Welfare), MM (Social Chair), CA (Gym Manager), BS (Female Welfare), WB (Stool), JW (PG Comm), MG (International Welfare Rep)

Absent: JB (international rep)

Setting: The bar and I’m stressed as my diss is in in 40 hours


Exec Updates


Working Class Students Rep (AK)

Social Comm Method 3 (MW)

Formally Condemning the Durham University Restructure (CG)

Ripped Off Society (JP)

Minority Reps Drop Ins (ES)

Student Trustee Orders (SWC)

Year Out Liaison Officer (DT)



Method 1

International Welfare Rep

Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep Committee Chair



Method 2

Environment Rep

Gym Manager

Social Comm 1st Year rep

PG and M Vice President

PG and M Treasurer


Minutes from last meeting were passed on a general aye


Exec updates:

President- AK

I took time off over Easter, but around that, I helped organise parts of the Stress Less campaign, had check ins with all of the exec and worked on the finances with the audit company. I helped a couple of students with motions and wrote some myself. I discussed the tech proposal in more depth with the alumni association so hopefully they should approve that next meeting.

I’ve also had meetings about Summer ball and cuth’s day with college staff to see how that will work out with all the scaffolding around the building, and had other meetings with MM and CW for Summer Ball. I’ve also worked on formals with Jenny and we have the timetable for post exam formals set now.

On a uni-wide scale, Prescomm put together a report on the impact the ops review will have on common rooms and submitted this to council/ executive committee. We have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday to discuss plans for phase 2 of the review, which is to do with catering provisions within colleges.


Vice President – EM

Continued to minute meetings – other than the PGM one at the weekend which I got the wrong day got – sorry JC.
I’ve organised this term’s stash shop which ends tomorrow and includes graduation stash. There were a few issues with this that I managed to smooth out.
I’ve also been working on getting stash back to individuals who didn’t pick it up at the collection dates throughout the year.

Treasurer- AB

–        Continued keeping up to date with the books and repayments etc

–        Submitted forms to get EM and RJ set up as signatories on the bank account

–        Finished a second version of the financial procedures

–        Wrote a “how to” document for budget writing

These need to be on the 13th of June at midday- we will post on the sports and socs page.


Librarian – EB

– Extra opening hours – we’re now open most weekdays 9am – 11pm. It’s getting busy, so please don’t leave your stuff on a desk if you’re going to be gone for more than 45 minutes! Remember the Conference room, Computer room, Study room and Bar are all available to work in if the library is full.

– We’ve had almost 50 hours of dissertation binding. We have no more official hours as most deadlines have passed, but if anyone still needs binding done email me (librarian@cuths.com) and we can try and work out an extra slot.

– The book order has now been sent off – books should arrive in the next few weeks, and I’ll email when they arrive. Any requests you send now won’t be ordered until the next academic year.


Senior Welfare – LM

Helloooo, recently Welfare have been organising a plethora of things to keep your minds off exams and give you a breather including a little petting zoo and a trip to the botanical gardens. Please keep an eye out on our social media where we will be posting an event with tips, resources and things to look forward to throughout exam season. We are also currently running a cheer up a chum service where you can send a personalised encouragement card to a friend and we will deliver it for you (the details are on our social media page and the freshers pages too). Please take care of yourself and putting yourself first – exams are not thé be all and end all and you’re far more important.


International Rep – JB

  1. Discussing potential event ideas with International Committee and next year’s International Rep, planning to host handover event after exams.
  2. Arranging college storage for summer, sorting out details, i.e. liability forms, how best to organise drop-off and pick-up sessions, maximum items allowed. Will be coordinating with the next International Rep in order to ensure a smooth transition.


Outreach Chair – EP

The JET volunteering project is very nearly up and running with the women’s integration project! MASSIVE thanks to DV for his work on this!!! We are currently deciding on the summer ball charity, so watch out for the poll on that! We are also planning our big events for after exams, mainly the 24 hour musical and the pancake race. Also going to set up volunteering in the Church Yard by the science site for after exams.


Postgrad and Mature Student’s Rep – JC

Social Events: We have a few Brooks bar nights planned for later in the term, as well as a meal out. We’ll also be trialling a new coffee shop social drop in during exam time

Academic Events: We’re hoping for another student-led research forum near the end of term, and a less formal session on the science and history of alcohol

Governance: We’ve been discussing the possibility of a PG welfare officer and how it will work

Wider Representation: I was a panelist at a discussion about postgraduate funding, and I’m part of a working group to discuss delivering workshops about sexual violence and misconduct to postgraduate freshers


Sports and Societies- MP

Not too much has actually happened in real terms for me so far but a lot has been organised.

Team photos are next Saturday, all smooth, will actually be in the bar if the weather is awful (not predicted)

Hild Bede varsity day is quite well fleshed out, just have to book refs. Full precise schedule will be published soon, sure it will be a blast.

S&S awards should be solid no concerns on that front.

Leadership talks have been scheduled, not much to say on that front.

Festival of Sport signups are currently out for captains, but attendance may be low this year from us, because it’s the same day as summer ball (through no fault of mine or MM’s)


Social Chair- MM

Summer Ball – Planning is going very well, most things have been decided on. Overall, we’re just very excited because we’ve sold 900 tickets! More than we ever have for any

Cuths day – Planning has started for it, theme will be released soon. Currently figuring how we will make the event safe with all the scaffolding that has been put up


Communications Officer – SM

Over the Easter Holiday, I have been working on producing a Year Abroad Guide for those of you who will be going on your year abroads this coming year. It includes information about what to do before you go, how to handle things including culture shock and homesickness and advice from people who have been or who are currently on year abroads. Hopefully this will be sent out shortly so you can read it.

Also exciting development in the newsletter, its now on the Instagram story on Thursdays, as well as on the Facebook groups.

JCR Chair – EC

I haven’t got as much done over Easter as I would have liked to buuut, I’ve continued to fiddle with the orders, want them passed at the next meetings. And I’ve organised this meeting, and sorted through lots of motions both alone and with GovComm at our meeting yesterday.


Facilities Manager – JG

We now have a working form for both tech and music room bookings. We have also purchased 200 new silent disco headphones so we can continue to hire out to other colleges and use them at internal events moving forward.


Trustees – SWC

Accounts are with Ribchester’s, 16/17 and 18/19 should be done by end of May

Three new trustees onboarded

Referendum standing orders being written

Looking to do a drive on policies and governance this term once the financial stuff is sorted

In the process of writing a long-term strategy

Looking at writing another governing document to define the roles of the trustees and the JCR executive in relation to each other more clearly


Bell Keeper – WN

I smashed the old bell. I tried to wake up the freshlings and I rang to hard. I had a referendum to find a new bell but by the time results game in the bell had sold so I got another green bell.



Working Class Students Rep

This JCR Notes:

This JCR Believes:

This JCR Orders:

7 Welfare Campaigns Committee

7.1.2 It shall consist of:

9) Working Class Students’ Rep (WCS Rep).

7.6 Working Class Student’ Rep                 Method II, Meeting 1.1

7.6.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Represent the views of JCR members who are working class.

2) Help​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​access​ ​to​ ​welfare​ ​and​ ​support​ ​to​ ​those​ ​students​ ​who​ ​may require​ ​it

3) Raise​ ​issues​ ​relating​ ​to​ ​students​ ​from a working class background​ ​during​ ​Welfare​ ​Committee meetings​ ​and​ ​consider​ ​ways​ ​to​ ​accommodate​ ​to​ ​the​ ​needs​ ​of​ ​those​ ​students at​ ​college-run​ ​events

4) Raise​ ​awareness​ ​for​ ​issues​ ​that​ ​may​ ​affect​ ​working class students, especially in JCR meetings, as well as promoting initiatives to make Cuth’s more financially accessible.

5) Liaise​ ​with​ ​the​ ​Durham Working Class Students Association ​when​ ​necessary

6) Help​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​safe​ ​spaces​ ​for​ ​JCR​ ​members​ ​who​ ​identify​ ​as​ ​working class

Proposer: AK

Seconder: NO


AK speaks on behalf of the motion:

The Union has a Working Class students’ association. Their president is in Cuth’s. It’s helpful for people to have someone to relate to and vent to and talk through issues with. We need someone who will advertise the things like recent motion about half price summer ball tickets so that it doesn’t pass people by.
WC students are a minority in Durham.



JC: Why method II in first term?
AK: I looked at old things. I propose an amendment to make it method I like other minority reps
SP: We made it 3rd term so it wasn’t intimidating for first term. Change that amendment to make it 3.1?
ES: We changed it so that minority reps had the chance to rep etc [please see minutes from last meeting about this]

AK: Keep it as 1.1 but amend to method I.

No Questions of amendment

ES: The idea was it was run at the end of this year and run with SwD so that they can frep

EC: amendment is to make it method I and 3.1

JC: So this year it will be run next meeting

Amendment passed on general aye

CW: there will be students who are WC who will have more disposable income than people who aren’t working class. So why ringfence it to working class students, but who don’t have lots of disposable income

AK: It’s not ringfencing. Anyone can still talk to them. it’s also cultural.

SM: The Students’ Union decided there were enough student with these issues to justify having it.

Motion passed on general aye



Social Comm to Method 3 (MW)

This JCR Notes

This JCR Believes


This JCR Repeals 3 x 1st Year Reps 3 x 2nd Year Reps 3 x 3rd Year Reps
10.2 The Year Representatives

This JCR orders 9 x General Social Committee Members

10.2 General Social Committee Member Method III

10.2.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Attend meetings of Social Committee and offer ideas and suggestions relating to upcoming social events
2) Represent the views of the members of the JCR at meetings
3) Suggest events for the JCR members
4) Assist with the preparation and organisation for social events as requested
by the social chair
5) Attend event venues before and/or after events to assist with set-up and/or clear-up of events
10.2.2 Their overseer shall be the social chair

Proposer: MW

Seconder: MM


MW speaks on behalf of the motion: Atm, all positions on social comm other than the exec ones are method II. I want to make year reps method III and get rid of the term ‘year reps’ because it’s not inclusive and it means nothing. Ball managers will still be method II so we can vote on themes etc.
I think there are potentially great people who are intimidated by husting etc



AB: Who would be on the interview panel?

MW: President, Vice-President, Social chair

EE: How do you think it will be communicated/ advertised?

MW: I’ll put it in the freshers handbook. Exec reports
SP: When you use welfare and outreach as examples, they are method III because of the qualities you need for the role. This is making it less democratic. PG rep has gone to method III. Social comm is always heavily contested. They need to show up and work hard so it fits they are method II.

EC: Clarifies the question

MW: Social committee needs a wide range of skills and we could pick a wide range of candidates. It needs people who have ideas and need to be confident. If you are going to run for a position in a meeting, you get your friends to come vote for you, so method III is actually more democratic.

BC: People get their friends down to method II. If social comm was application, why isn’t every committee different? We could end up with no method II

MW: I don’t think all committees should move. Lots of people I know would have gone for the role had it been applications.

BC: You could apply that to every position though

AB: On a practical point. I’ve not conducted interviews or organised an event, but I don’t know about time lines and how it would work with ball

EMM: It’s doable I think

JC: Elections aren’t the best way to select people – I never feel informed about how well social comm members will do after their little husts. In terms of people not coming to meetings, it might make meetings more appealing as it will make them shorter and better, particularly the first of the year which is always very long

JOW: Interviews weed out the people who aren’t really committed and things

WN: People don’t help out at events atm which shows it’s not working

SP: Same argument for other committees though- JROs should do all these things. I think interviews are more intimidating than some friendly faces with a vote

AK: I agree with lots, but merits of method II is people who didn’t intend to get involved do end up stepping up last minute at the meeting. That’s how lots of people get involved with the committee

MW: I wrote this motion because it’s a bit personal to me. I find meetings more scary

CW: Is there not a way to postpone this about accommodating for people who are too shy to hust rather than setting it in stone now?

EC: We have the option to send in a hust?

There is opposition to the motion – goes to vote

Motion is passed

Motion to Formally Condemn Durham University for Restructuring

This JCR Notes


This JCR Believes


This JCR Resolves


Proposed: CG

Seconded: JP


CG speaks on behalf of the motion: St Cuthbert’s society, founded in 1888, was established so that members of the local community could attend Durham university, despite not being in a college. Since that day it has changed a fair St, but it still remains that St Cuthbert’s Society was founded for the benefit of the local community. This is why, we as today’s students at Cuth’s must support this motion, and it is our duty to condemn Durham university for this.

I will explain exactly why.

You may not have heard as much about this as the issue deserves, this is because Durham University chose the Easter holidays and the exams period to propose these plans, so that students like us would not discuss this issue, and so that Durham University can continue to hike up the prices students are forced to pay for a service that will have less money put into it, which in turn will make the service more crap. Essentially Freshers next year are going to be paying more for less, excluding more and more students from coming to Durham also. It is our duty to condemn them for this.

The lovely staff in the dining hall, our porters who are there for us when we need them, receptionists who deal with our post and sort out so much for us, to name but a few are the worst affected. See, what the uni are doing is making them all reapply for their jobs, meaning that many valued individuals that are Just as much a part of our community as us all sat here today will be taking pay cuts or even redundancies, which is just not on. How can we as human beings with moral conscious stand by and let this slip? We must, as a JCR, stand up and tell the university publicly ‘we condemn you’, and we must stand in solidarity and friendship with those staff members who without, our college community would not be nearly as beautiful.

The university are trying to tell us that their reviews will provide a better more efficient service to students, this is them masking the fact that their restructuring will mostly negatively affect us. It threatens our balls, formals, puts more pressure on the JCR. They do not need to cut these costs. They are trying to massively expand at the moment. Rather than cut, costs, they should be investing in services for students. SC should not have another penny more put in his pocket on top of his £300,000 salary, but in reality this is part of their reasoning. Clearly this is fair on nobody and we must condemn the university for this.

Colleges are only the start. they’re moving into the library, our departments and pretty much every element of the university. This will mean less quality for students, more money in the pockets of the university, but most importantly more and more redundancies, which will be of detriment to the local area of Durham, further worsen, the relationship between locals and students. Why would we not condemn this?

Please, members of this Society, who takes the namesake of the patron saint of the North East, and which was established for the benefit of this incredible community, stand with us and condemn the university.

Please vote in favour of this motion – thank you for your time.

Speech is received with a round of applause


CC: This is great. To elaborate on your hard work, what support have you had for this across colleges?

CG: I’ve got friends to add to this in other colleges

EAM: Are we condemning everything? Past and present? And future? What do we do if they change their mind?

EC: Your motion doesn’t cover stages that haven’t happened yet- i.e. stage one and two

JP: Trade union officials say this is going across the whole university. We need to act now to stop it spreading

AK: I agree with the sentiment. The first stage is terrible. If the second stage is going to increase flexibility and doesn’t impact staff too much, then I don’t think that’s too terrible. I don’t think we should condemn that part because it could be positive.

CG: Then only condemn stage I

JP: I read the proposal, some colleges already have the flexibility. You wouldn’t need to cut staff and get rid of hot lunches

EC: Your motion says we can’t condemn things that haven’t happened yet

AK: Phase 1 is all the operational side of things- cutting mid level jobs like bursars, facilities staff etc

WN: So would it make things more efficient?

AK: No, it would mean fewer hours to colleges

JC: The motion says we are condemning the university AND restructuring

JP: I think the motion is clear that we are condemning the uni for their actions.

KJ: What will this look like?

CG: A statement

EC: We can put the Cuth’s name on condemnation

Passed on general aye


Ripped Off Society Establishment Motion 

This JCR Notes:


This JCR Believes:


This JCR Resolves:

Proposed By:



  1. CG
  2. AK
  3. CM
  4. JF
  5. JH
  6. EE
  7. SP
  8. GZ
  9. JR
  10. SP
  11. RM
  12. OL
  13. LC
  14. SH


JP speaks on behalf of the motion: Why does there need to be one? Fees have been rising. People are unhappy about it. Its above the rate of inflation. Does this include student support? – uni said it will be “reduced to an acceptable level”- Shocking.
Previous action has been positive, but we’ve not had success yet. Aidan’s were very affective. Grass roots approach would be better.
if you were worried about how our actions might look – this is your chance to have a say



SWC: Is there some kind of centralised body? My only issue is that it’s explicit… what could be the legal repercussions?

AK: We talked about this in an exec meeting. I spoke to the SU. I suggested that there be an SU rep who is dedicated to being a port of contact and this would be like what DUCK does so SU would give legal advice because they have more experience.

SWC: So someone would be a SU rep?

AK: So like DUCK reps there would be one in each college and one in the SU who would link things together

SWC: That’s not a society

AK: The president would be the rep and then they would have a society

JP: It would be people from Cuth’s who worked together. We could be at freshers week. Closer network. Decide democratically about what we do

SWC: Big fan of working with other colleges, but I still don’t understand the structure

Structure is clarified

JC: As someone who was cynical about this on legal grounds, the motion is clear and precise about what’s in the society’s remit, and it doesn’t include illegal actions. It seems like the legal issues are under control and this motion is fine

CW: What’s a society

RJ: This is a stupid question

JP: Explains what a society is

Motion passed on general aye

Minority Rep Drop-Ins Motion

This JCR notes:


This JCR believes:


This JCR orders:

6 Welfare Committee

6.1.2 It shall consist of:

4) Students with Disabilities rep

5) LGBT+ rep

6) People of Colour rep


7 Welfare Campaigns Committee

7.1.2 It shall consist of:

6) 2x Student with Disabilities reps (inc Assistant),

7) 2x LGBT+ reps (inc Assistant),

8) 2x People of Colour reps (inc Assistant),


6.4 Students with Disabilities rep (Method I, Meeting 3.2)

6.4.1 Their duties shall be:

5) Liaise with the Durham University Disability Support as well as the SWDA (Students with Disabilities Association) with the SU when necessary and attend any relevant training by the SWDA.

6) Be available for a maximum of 2 drop-in hours per week in appropriate locations, or via email, to all JCR members who identify as having a mental or physical disability to act as a listening and signposting service.

7) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training, Active Bystander training, and Confidentiality and Disclosure training.

6.4.2 This is not a counselling position.


6.5 LGBT+ rep (Method I, Meeting 3.1)

6.5.1 Their duties shall be:

4) Liaise with the Durham University LGBT+ association when necessary and attend any relevant training by the DSU LGBT+ association.

5) Be available for a maximum of 2 drop-in hours per week in appropriate locations, or via email, to all JCR members who identify as being LGBT+ to act as a listening and signposting service.

6) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training, Active Bystander training, and Confidentiality and Disclosure training.

6.5.2 This is not a counselling position.


6.6 People of Colour rep (Method I, Meeting 3.1)

6.6.1 Their duties shall be:

4) Liaise with the Durham People of Colour association when necessary and attend any relevant training by the DSU PoC association.

6) Be available for a maximum of 2 drop-in hours per week in appropriate locations, or via email, to all JCR members who identify as being a person of colour to act as a listening and signposting service.

7) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training, Active Bystander training, and Confidentiality and Disclosure training.

6.6.2 This is not a counselling position.


7.3 Assistant Students with Disabilities rep (Method II, Meeting 1.1)

7.3.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Act as a representative for JCR members with a mental or physical disability.

2) Help to provide access to welfare and support to those students who may require it.

3) Raise issues relating to students with disabilities during Welfare Committee meetings, JCR meetings and with the Executive Committee as necessary and consider ways to accommodate to the needs of those students at college-run events.

4) Campaign and raise awareness for issues that may affect students with disabilities.

5) Liaise with the Durham University Disability Support as well as the SWDA (Students with Disabilities Association) with the SU when necessary and attend any relevant training by the SWDA.

6) Provide a handover to the incoming Assistant Students with Disabilities Rep.


7.4 Assistant LGBT+ rep (Method II, Meeting 1.1)

7.4.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Represent the views of JCR members who identify as LGBT+.

2) Help provide safe spaces for JCR members who identify as LGBT+.

3) Campaign and raise awareness of issues that may affect JCR members who identify as LGBT+, and raise said issues in JCR meetings or with the Executive Committee as necessary.

4) Liaise with the Durham University LGBT+ association when necessary and attend any relevant training by the DSU LGBT+ association.

5) Provide a handover to the incoming Assistant LGBT+ rep.


7.5 Assistant People of Colour rep (Method II, Meeting 1.1)

7.5.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Represent the views of JCR members who are people of colour.

2) Help provide safe spaces for JCR members who are people of colour.

3) Campaign and raise awareness of issues that may affect JCR members who are people of colour, and raise said issues in JCR meetings or with the Executive Committee as necessary.

4) Liaise with the Durham People of Colour association when necessary and attend any relevant training by the DSU PoC association.

5) Provide a handover to the incoming Assistant People of Colour Rep.

This JCR Resolves:


Proposer: ES

Seconder: DV


ES speaks on behalf of the motion: we think it’s a good idea for minority reps. Max 2 hours a week. Not mandated. They would be trained. Part of changing the role helps welfare in freshers’ week. The method I role would do drop ins and the method II would just be assistants and would not hold drop ins.



EAM: In Grey they have a system where minority reps have certain days to have a drop in and it alternates between reps. Basically, currently SwD is method I in meeting 3.2 and isn’t it sad that we are different to other minroty reps? Can I propose an amendment to move it to 3.1 like the others?

No questions on the amendment

Passed on general aye

No questions

Motion passed on general aye

Student Trustee Standing Orders Motion

This JCR Notes:


This JCR Believes:



This JCR Repeals:


Article 1, “Electable Positions in the JCR”


12.1 Student Trustee


This JCR Orders:



12.1 Student Trustee      Method I, Meeting 3.2


12.1.1 Student trustees shall sit on the trustee board for St. Cuthbert’s Society.


12.1.2 Their duties shall be:

Ensure that the Society is fulfilling the aims and obligations that its charitable status requires

Offer suggestions and ideas at meetings to improve or help with these aims

Contribute to the governance and overall strategic direction of the JCR

Represent the student voice and ensure the board of trustees remains in touch with and reactive to student opinion

Provide oversight on the actions and functioning of the Executive Committee and bridge the gap between the Executive Committee, in particular the President and Finance and Compliance Officer, and the Board of Trustees

To be an ambassador for St Cuthbert’s Society Junior Common Room in safeguarding its reputation and values

To protect and manage the property of St Cuthbert’s Society Junior Common Room and to ensure the proper investment of St Cuthbert’s Society Junior Common Room funds alongside the President, Finance and Compliance Officer, and any other JCR or College officers as may be required

To act with integrity and avoid or declare any conflict of interest

To attend quarterly meetings of the board of trustees.


12.1.3 Student Trustees must be eligible to be a charity trustee in line with the Charities Act of 2011.


12.1.4 It should be recognised that student trustees are uniquely positioned within the JCR structure, working independently of but alongside the internal JCR structure as managed by the Executive Committee.


12.1.5 Out of three student trustees only one may be a student on a year abroad or in placement at any one time. If two or more candidates wish to run who will be out of Durham for their terms, only the candidate with the highest number of votes will be selected.


Proposer: SWC

Seconder: CC


SWC speaks on behalf of the motion: the only controversial bit is that only 1/3 of the trustees can be on a year Out at any time. This should make the role more appealing as people know what it entails.


Questions: no

Passed on a general aye

Year Out Liaison Officer

This JCR Notes:


This JCR Believes:



The JCR Orders:


  1. Year Out Committee

12.1.1 There shall be a Year Abroad Committee who shall have the responsibility for managing the communications between students on a year out and JCR whilst providing support and guidance for all students on a year out as well as representing their interests to the rest of the JCR.

12.1.2 They shall meet at least once every term by video call as well as ad hoc when meetings are called by the Year Out Liaison Officer (YOLO).

12.1.3 All meetings shall be chaired by the YOLO, it will not be minuted.

12.1.2 It shall consist of:

1) Year Out Liaison Officer

2) Year Abroad Rep

3) Year in Industry Rep

4) Returner Rep

5) Vice President (Ex-Officio)


12.2 Year Out Liaison Officer     Method II    Meeting 3.2

12.2.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Be in charge of establishing and maintaining the primary means of communication for all YO students such as a Facebook Group or any appropriate platform.

2) Advocate for the provision of pre-released/guaranteed tickets for Year Abroad students

3) Organise events/meet ups for Year Out students if appropriate to allow them to keep in contact throughout the year

4) Chairing all meetings of Year Out committee as well as organising and calling meetings when they deem it necessary

5) Advocate for the provision of welfare services for students that are on a Year Out

12.2.2 In the first running of the position, only students that will be on a year out for the next academic term are eligible to run. If the role is not filled, this position will be opened up to the general JCR body to contest.


12.3 Year Abroad Rep                                                                    Method III

12.3.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Represent the views of students on a year abroad to the Year Out committee.

2) Assist the YOLO rep in all tasks such as organising events amongst year abroad students and advocate for securing tickets to events.

3) Be a point of contact for all students on a year abroad to keep in contact with the JCR

12.3.2 In the first running of the position, only students that will be on a year out for the next academic term are eligible to run. If the role is not filled, this position will be opened up to the general JCR body to contest.

12.3.3 Their overseer shall be the Year Out Liaison Officer.


12.4 Year in Industry Rep                                                                                              Method III

12.4.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Represent the views of students on a year in industry to the Year Out committee.

2) Assist the Year Out Liaison Officer in all tasks such as organising events amongst year in industry students and advocating the procurement of tickets to events.

3) Be a point of contact for all students on a year in industry to keep in contact with the JCR

12.4.2 In the first running of the position, only students that will be on a year in industry for the next academic term are eligible to run. If the role is not filled, this position will be opened up to the general JCR body to contest.

12.4.3 Their overseer shall be the Year Out Liaison Officer.




12.5 Returner Rep                                                                                                           Method III

12.5.1 Their duties shall be:

1) Provide guidance to the committee on key matters and logistics from the point of view of the JCR in Durham

2) Be the representative of the Year Out Committee to attend JCR meetings

3) Assist reps in organising events and advocate for securing tickets for students on a year out

4) Assist Year Out Liaison Officer in providing welfare provisions to Year Out students

5) Organise events amongst returners from a year out.

6) Be a point of contact on the ground for first and second years to provide guidance on taking a year out.

12.5.1 Their overseer shall be the Year Out Liaison Officer.


Proposer: DT

Seconder: MP


DT speaks on behalf of the motion: I want to create a new role. Overseeing overseas. Head of committee. To smooth out transition.



SP: Would this not fall under the remit of communications? Can you add them to your plan? Proposed amendment that communications officer with sit on the committee ex-officio

Passed on general aye

RM: Why do you think it’s important to do all these things?
DT: To give YO students opportunity to keep links with the JCR
SM: YO guide is within my remit and it makes sense for people who have come back to run this

AK: The name delegitimises it. Change to YO rep? amendment

Opposition from SA- it sounds more disconnected. Propose amendment to change it to year abroad and placement year?

General discussion about possible names in which people are disrespectful to the chair, vice-president and general cordiality of a JCR meeting

RM: what about suspended students?

AK: They should be considered in a separate motion.

No questions. Amendment passed to change the name to Year Abroad and Placement rep.

EP: Everyone’s year is very different, how can they really help? Does that need to be clarified? I know it doesn’t apply to minority reps, surely you’re not qualified if you’ve not been on a year abroad yet? Can we say who should be it?

EC: Motion says it’s incoming year out people ie. About to go on year abroad or placement year

DT: There is the overseer and then lots of reps who do different things. We aren’t here to give advice to people who want years abroad

AK: Is this is going to be about representing views, how is this going to work representing people in other countries. I don’t understand logistics. I’d like to know why it can’t be one rep

DT: The rep would create meetings overs skype

AK: It’s a small proportion of students?

DT: It helps with our charitable aims, we want to offer more student participation opportunities?

AK: it seems like it’s just for names and positions for the sake of it

EM: You shouldn’t have a committee. Have a facebook group instead

JC: People are keen to be involved with the JCR and can be through this. You’ve sad the YOLO would need to campaign for guaranteed tickets for events for year out people, I think that’s too specific for the standing orders, although it’s a great idea and I’d love to see the first person in the rule look into it. We should change it to advocate to make events inclusive for year out students – this was made an amendment

Amendment passed on general aye

AK: Proposed to make it one rep?

EC: That would be a different motion

Voting on: the same thing but change of name and different definition of one small part of the role

Motion passed



Method 1

International Welfare Rep

There are two candidates: JZ and request new candidate

JZ’s speech in summary: Second year liberal arts. Passionate about welfare. Night line trained. Good with difficult issues. Good listeners. Qualified CBT. Bar tending. Good listening skills. International so knows the problems internationals face. Welcome stuff in welcome packs. Recipes. Where temples are. Helpful to send links to international societies. Assist international officer during international freshers week.


ES: With welfare campaigns. It’s hard to get people to get involved- how would you?

JZ: Make use of international freshers’ page even before they arrive. Help people link up with people from their own countries like a families system

SP: Vote online


Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep Committee Chair

There are two candidates: SM and request new candidate

SM’s speech in summary: seen her on fb a lot. 3rd year English and history. Doing masters in history. Been comms. Art president. JRO last year. Frep and open day ambassador. Wants to make good handbook. Work with head frep to improve engagement. Wants PG college families. Through year, regular social events, continue research forums. Representation. A report of all the things PGM has to sit on every 3-4 weeks. Increase website and online presence. Has overseen webmasters this year. Improve relationships. Utilise PGs for UG help.


JC: PG community in Cuth’s is hard because there are lots of Masters on 1 year courses. How would you ensure continuity?

SM: For me it will be easier as I’m being elected easier and make sure we have proper handovers etc

EM: Best event that has happened this year?

SM: Would have loved to go to a research forum but didn’t have time

SP: Vote online



There are three candidates: RM, SuS and request new candidate

RM’s speech in summary: 1st year. On fi comm. Open day rep. political campaigner across campus. Has been helped lots by Cuth’s welfare. Worked at cancer research UK. As a frep wants to have liberation workshops and LGBT sexual health. Safe constructive environment. Show Cuth’s is welcoming. Help stop misguided comments in freshers’ week. Have motion to ratify LGBT society in the works. Bigger better events, especially in first term. Osbourne’s and drink free events. Pride formal. Recognise intersectionality. Has experience. Been a women’s officer. Wants to make Cuth’s as inclusive possible – use of language in documents, review formals dress code. Helping hand.

SuS’s speech in summary: Many of you may know me as the drunk fresher from freshers’ week but I can be serious too. The last rep has been successful. Wants to add visibility. Plans to improve social media representation. LGBT karaoke. Increase awareness in LBGT awareness month. Collaborations with other minority reps to include everyone. Work with outreach for events LGBT charities. Create a durfess style page so people can submit issues like that if they are closeted/ feel unwelcome.


KW: Both talked about LGBT events also for allies. What’s you def of safe space

SuS: More focused on LBGT themes, but can also be for people who are curious- like pub quiz- so people might become informed

RM: Allies are important. You shouldn’t have to be out to go to LGBT events. But they exist for reasons. Panel discussions. I’m happy to talk to people about the community, but I would say allies should think about why they want to come to LBGT spaces

JF: How would you confront homophobic behaviours

RM: Liaise with welfare and college. I can’t make decisions immediately. I will say I shouldn’t do that if I can, depends on context

SuS: This is why I suggested a durfess style page where people can voice their issues. Then if I’m qualified then that would be great. Main purpose is to be a face/ point of contact

JSt: Lots of internalised transphobia- how can people be comfortable with who they are?

SuS: Making it so cuth’s is a place where people apply because they know it’s safe is the aim. They just ned someone to talk to and that’s what I could do. Welfare, outreach, etc- I could redirect them.

RM: I think it’s good to have drop ins so people can talk. Anyone who is questioning is welcome. If someone is harmful to others around them we would work out how to deal with them.

JS: LGBT reps have been involved lots with welfare. If you were to work with welfare and you had some money, what would you do?

RM: Panel discussions, socials, something else

SuS: You have to engage in events that aren’t intimidating to freshers. I didn’t know anything about LGBT access points as a fresher. Inform people through social media

SP: Vote online


There are two candidates: MR and request new candidate

MR’s speech in summary: It’s me again! why me? I’m good because I know the ins and outs of college. Will be able to motivate the POC freshers to get involved. Promote open dialog in college so people can contact me with concerns specific and non specific. Focus on different uni campaigns to enlighten people about POC. Inclusive parties and events.


DV: Great thing about splitting role into 2 to have assistant is that it gives more time for the rep. this sometimes means that you have to deal with instances of racism. How would you do that in freshers’? How would you deal with complains during freshers’ week?

MR: Make time to listen to how they feel. Contact welfare about how best to handle it. But they can just chat to me.

SaS: What’s the most important thing to convey about POC to S&S

MR: POCs have to be involved in S&S

SaS: How do you convey that for people of colour

MR: They need to see other POC joining things as well. Encouraging people. It’s hard because there aren’t many POCs

ES: One of the reasons we train reps is so they can help with consent workshops. What would you add to them to make sure they were inclusive to POC

MR: Making it natural. You don’t want to feel like separated

DV: What’s the biggest issue for POCs in Durham Uni

MR: Representation mainly. So I need to motivate freshers’ to take big roles like fashion show

SP: Vote online


Method 2

Environment Rep

JH and KJ

JH’s hust: 1st year English. Wants to be involved in JC. Likes Walruses. I think those are a big issue. 1) get more recycling bins around college. 2) lights need timers. 3) heating doesn’t need to be on. 4) biodegradable Tupperware at ents

KJ’s hust: Doe geography. Does gardening. On welfare. Compost bin. Recyclable materials at events. More social media presence. People can share ideas and get involved


CG: What’s the biggest thing you’ve done in your life to help the environment

KJ: Walking everywhere

JH: When everyone goes to bed I turn all the lights off. I always recycle to reduce waste

KW: 100 companies are responsible for most of the world’s pollution, how will you make sure the work you do is scaled up and not limited to small things?

KW: Big companies at fault, but one small step can lead to big changes if combined with other people

JH: We all need to do a little bit

KJ: I think we need to work together by getting other socs involved in the hope it snowballs

JC: Fixing the environment is big. There are currently two big issues 1) solid pollution like rubbish  and plastic and2) air pollution leading to climate change- which is more important

KJ: We can’t solve air pollution but we can reduce waste food like John’s, so it’s not thrown away

JH: I think we need to focus on plastic waste. There is plastic in the river. Good to focus on in the scale of this city

EC overrules SP’s silly attempt at a question


JH has been elected


Gym Manager

No nominations


Social Comm 1st Year rep


WN hust: I missed a chance earlier this year. Hear there have been problems this year with lots of people not helping out when they should, and I already do this. Committed hence the bell trash. Has worked in catering. Has hosted a few parties

ER: 1st year history. Was on prom committee. Loves organising things. Would really commit to this. Would do her best. Loves working in a team.


AL: How could you make an impact on social comm?

ER: I’m from Luxemburg. Been involved in a lot. Knows what is and what isn’t appropriate and working with different groups of people. Creative

WN: I can clear up- can give people who don’t help a hard time. I know people in jazz soc and I know lots about Trevs

SaS: How would you make more inclusive events?

WN: I’d contact minority reps and ask what they think and make sure they happen

ER: Price of events? But that issue has been sorted but we can still try and make that a priority

WN has been elected


PG and M Vice President

2 candidates: JW and Request New Candidates

JW’s hust: been on the comm this year. Organised events and research fora. Wrote murder mystery. Important to support PGM chair. Regular events over summer like coffee drop ins

JW has been elected


PG and M Treasurer

No nominations


Beautiful rendition of Thank god van Mildert didn’t want me by EuM, CG and JC, with WN joining in for the chorus.