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Membership of the JCR Order Motion
Awards Order Motion
Ramen Appreciation Society Motion
Housing database Motion
Minority Rep Motion
Amended Welfare Standing Orders Motion

Method I
Male Welfare Officer
Female Welfare Officer
JCR Chair
Outreach Chair
Facilities Manager
Communications Officer
Postgraduate and Mature Students Committee Chair
Social Committee Chair
Method II
Postgraduate Rep


Minutes from the last meeting passed on a general aye.

Correspondence: I’d like to thank all those who voted for RON in the recent vice-president election, as they allowed me to secure a JCR record for having the highest number of RON votes cast against me (as far back as DeVote records it), and I’m truly privileged to have another Cuth’s record to hang on to. For those who were campaigning on behalf of RON I ask, why didn’t you do a better job? Your lack of zeal has left me at a measly 5th place in the leader-board for highest percentage of votes being cast for RON.  – JC


Membership of the JCR order motion

This JCR Notes:

This JCR Believes:

This JCR Repeals:

This JCR Orders:

St Cuthbert’s Society JCR

Article 1   JCR Membership Order

  1. Types of JCR Membership



  1. Terms of Membership


Proposer: EM

Seconder: RJ


EC: the main change here is that we’ve added a new type of membership for sabbatical officers hence Elena and Rishi proposing it?
No comments or opposition.
Motion passed on a general aye.

Awards Order Motion

This JCR Notes:

This JCR Believes:

This JCR Repeals:

This JCR Orders:

St Cuthbert’s Society JCR

Article 1   Awards Order

  1. Information


  1. Awards


  1. Other Awards


Proposer: EC
Seconder: AK


EC: same deal- it’s just me formatting things.
No comments or opposition.
Motion passed on general aye.

Sports and Societies Order Motion

This JCR repeals:

This JCR orders:

St Cuthbert’s Society JCR

Article 1 Sports and Societies Standing Order


  1. Creation of Sports Clubs and Societies



  1. The following clubs and societies are duly ratified by the JCR:



  1. Terms of Existing Sports Clubs and Societies
    • 1.1. The Sports and Societies Chair shall, in cooperation with the Club Captains and Presidents monitor the membership of all clubs and societies. They shall, in cooperation with the Executive Committee, take appropriate action if any of the following terms are breached by a club or society.


  1. Membership of Sports and Societies

                      4.1.            At least 50% of the membership of any club or society must be Contributing Members

4.1.1.            Students who have opted-out of JCR membership are not eligible to join any club or society.


  1. JCR Sports and Societies Awards
    • 1. There shall be four annual JCR Sports and Societies Awards.
      • 1.1. Only Full JCR Members may apply for an award, and must be a member of the sports club or society that shall they are applying on the behalf of.
      • 1.2. Each club and society is limited to one award per academic year.
      • 1.3. The application process shall consist of a form and an interview. The form must be signed by the Club captain and another member (or two other members where the club captain is the applicant) of the club or society to acknowledge that the applicant wishes to give something back to the society or club.
      • 1.4. Each applicant must be a Full Member of the JCR.
      • 1.5. Each applicant may apply for up to £200 or 60% of the training or course provided, whichever is smaller. The remaining will be provided personally by the applicant.
      • 1.6. The applicant will argue both the personal benefit, and that of the respective Sport or Society.
      • 1.7. The applicant will agree that if the conditions are not met, the subsidy will be withdrawn and the money is expected to be refunded.
      • 1.8. The interview panel shall consist of:
    • The JCR President,
    • The Vice-President,
    • The Sports and Societies Chair,
    • The JCR Chair, and
    • The FCO
      • 1.8.1. No member of the interview panel may apply for this award.
    • 1.9. Applications will open at the end of Michaelmas Term, to be due at the first meeting of Easter term.
    • 1.10. The interviews will be held after exams in Easter Term.
    • 1.11. Successful applicants will write a brief summary of their course, experience or qualification for the JCR website and noticeboard to be displayed to future applicants and JCR Members.

Proposer: MP
Seconder: AK

EC and MP explain motion

JC: I think the subs of 125% for non-Cuth’s students is too low as the JCR generally matches subs or gives more. We should consider making it 150% or 200%

MP: I only put this because it’s just what it was before. So I’m not opposed to that change

EC: something got brought up last year is that sometimes we need people from other colleges to come in and help so we don’t want to put them off

AK: also some members moved to our sports and socs because they didn’t feel welcome in their own college

MP: we aren’t letting just anyone in – there is a vetting process they have to go through

JC: I wont propose an amendment

No opposition

Motion passed on general aye


This JCR notes;

This JCR believes;

This JCR resolves;

Proposed by;

FID and CG

Seconded by;

  1. SP
  2. SS
  3. JZ
  4. JH
  5. JR
  6. HG
  7. EE
  8. EO
  9. CC
  10. AP
  11. RSD
  12. AK
  13. EM
  14. SP
  15. BF
  16. RJ
  17. MW
  18. JC
  19. MR
  20. MP


FID: There are 2 truths in the world. 1, we die. 2. Rama is sexy and has revolutionised the student cooking experience. Gives an extensive list of times you can have ramen, including breakfast, dinner time and after going too hard at pres. Promises social, trips and a welcoming environment. It’s a versatile food.

SP *claps*

MP: what will it actually do?

FID: so we want to have a meeting where we try different ramen and have a spicy ramen challenge. Social where you dress as ramen flavours. Cooking master classes.

JC: I’m aware that there is a fb group chat where people have already decided positions so I want you to have an AGM where people can run for these so that it’s fair.

FID: that will be the case

No opposition

Motion passed on a general aye

Housing Database Motion

The JCR notes:

The JCR believes:

The JCR Repeals:

Within Positions of the JCR Order:

Proposer: SM
Seconder: KW


SM: there used to be a housing database but no one was filling it out and there were legal issues with landlords so we got rid of it, and now I just want to remove it from the job description

SP: are you getting rid of the housing talks?

SM: no, Comms will still do that

No opposition

Passed on general aye

Minority Rep Motion

This JCR Notes:

This JCR Believes:

This JCR Repeals: (N.B – these are the old Standing Orders from before the Welfare Standing Orders Motion. However, this structure in terms of positions available to the Reps is the same and so in this way this older version here is reflective of the new structure)

This JCR Orders:

In Electable positions of the JCR Order:

This JCR Mandates: –

Proposer: DV
Seconder: SS


DV: I just want to increase the number of minority reps to 2 for all the rep positions. Having worked with Sachin it’s been great to have two people.

EuM: I want to propose an amendment. We recently passed something about voting by caucus and it meant that all reps went to method I- so I want to amend that the first time it’s run it’s method 1, then if both are unfilled then those spaces go to method II

DV: I think that is a really good idea. Also POI we are going to have a discussion about minority reps being a method 1 or if we will keep it. But we know something needs to be done about it.

JC: the governanacy issue is going to be about holding multiple positions at once as 1 and 2 have different rules. So if you got an rep election as a method 2 would you want it to be considered as a method 1.

EuM: no, because you are basically just filling in a method

AB: that’s unfair if two people hold it and one got it as a method 1 and the other as  a 2 and the second one can hold another role but the first cant

EuM: it might be the best way to go about it now as it’s probably going to change soon anyway. Lets keep it as a method 1 even if you run as a 2

KW: would it be worth having a primary role and an assistant for each rep?

EuM: that’s possibly a better idea

DV: I think that works as the minority reps now have the opportunity to frep but this is a good way to make sure too may people don’t take up frep places. The primary rep could frep automatically but not the assistant

EC: to clarity the amendment is to create an assistant role for all the rep roles

ES: so if 2 ran for the primary one, would the one who lost have to run again for assistant?

SP: yes

Amendment passed on general aye

DV: can these positions be run together?

EC: They can be run at the same meeting

EC: would the roles essentially be the same

DV: yes

WB: how  come there are two of you at the moment?


WB: so we are just making SS official?

DV: that’s where it started but  I do think we would benefit from it. Especially as you could have one student representing physical disabilities and maybe one representing mental ones etc

TP: would these positions be run in different meetings or the same one? Just to give people a chance to run for assistant if they don’t get it?

SP: when they run for the primary as it’s method 1 so there is a 3 day campaign so it would have to be the next meeting for assistant

DV: the only difference is having one that freps

ES: do we know what meeting reps are run at the moment?

EC: the second meeting in Easter??

ES: can I amend that the assistants are elected in the new academic year so freshers have the chance to run?

TP: is that assuming immediate start?

EC: yes

DV: currently, the rep who would frep, would they be interviewed?

AK: no because we want the representation?

MgM: could the assistant interview?

EC: yes

DV: would they just be a normal frep if they got it?

EC: yes

DV: could the assistant then take over their role if the primary didn’t want it?

SM: if they are elected at the start of the year frepping is done so it’s irrelevant lol

EC: can we just pass that assistant is in the first meeting of the year

No opposition

Amendment passed on a general aye

EC: the amended motion is now to have both primary and assistant minority reps for all roles. The former can frep, is Method I and is voted on in Easter term and the latter is voted for in the first meeting of the year and is Method II

No opposition

Motion passed on a general aye

Welfare Standing Orders (Senior, Male and Female) Motion

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR Repeals:

Standing orders 3.6.1, clause 5 and 6.2.1, clause 5 in ‘Electable Positions Within the JCR’, Article 1

This JCR Orders:

3.6 The Senior Welfare Officer

3.6.1 Their duties shall be to:

5) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training and the Durham Student’s Union provided Mental Health First Aid training.

6.2 Welfare Officer x 2 (one Male, one Female)

6.2.1 Their duties shall be:

5) Attend relevant training events, including Nightline training and the Durham Student’s Union provided Mental Health First Aid Training.

This JCR Mandates:

* That Welfare Officers (Senior, Male and Female) must attend the DSU provided Mental Health First Aid Training as soon as is possible following their election.

Proposer: SWC
Seconder: LM


SWC: this is the same as last time but the DSU have just developed Durham specific training so we are adding in that all the welfare officers have to attend this new training asap

DV: do you want to add an amendment so the minority reps have this?

SWC: the SU isn’t offering it to them.

LM: it’s just for people who have drop ins

No opposition

Passed on general aye

Music Committee Motion

This JCR Notes:

This JCR Believes:

This JCR Orders:
Positions in the JCR Order:
6) Represent the interests of the Facilities Committee to the Music Committee.
11) Music Committee
11.1.1 There shall exist a Music Committee who shall have responsibility for overseeing the music societies within the Society, organisation and promotion of musical events within the Society, and ensuring access to music facilities for members of the Society.
1) It shall be called by the Music Representative
2) It shall be chaired by the Music Representative. It shall not be minuted.
3) It shall meet at least once a term.
11.1.2 It shall consist of:
1) Music Representative
2) Assistant Music Representative
3) Sports and Societies Committee Chair
4) Music Room Manager
5) Social Committee Chair
6) The President(s)/Captain(s) of JCR Music Societies
11.2 The Music Representative (Method I, Meeting 2.3)
11.2.1 Their duties shall be to:
1) Assist and supervise JCR music societies, overseeing the creation of new societies to fit demand from members of the Society;
2) Promote JCR music societies at the Fresher’s Fair and throughout the year at any suitable opportunity;
3) Organise and promote events to showcase JCR music societies and all musicians within the Society;
4) Liase with the Social Committee Chair to ensure representation of JCR music societies and all musicians within the Society at JCR social events;
5) Oversee the internet presence of Cuth’s Music.
11.3 The Assistant Music Representative (Method II, Meeting 1.2)
11.3.1 Their duties shall be to:
Assist the Music Representative with all of their duties;
Attend music events and socials to report and write articles that may be featured in Cuth’s newsletter, the Palatinate, or on JCR social media accounts.
Terms of Office Order:
1.3.5) Music Representative
(Term being 1st July until June 30th of the next year)

This JCR resolves:

Proposer: AW
Seconder: AK

AW: I hope I showed last meeting that I care about music. Every other college has this. All the music societies at the moment are represented by MP who doesn’t have the hours in the day to look after this. Every other college has more societies dedicated to music. I’m a musician and I study music. We want something for all the people who can’t get into other groups but still want to play music. My college mum is on the exec for music Durham and thought there was a music rep and has been emailing them all year but who knows where those email have gone. I want to be better than Trevs

MP: Does S&S oversee all of this for things like team photos. I think it’s easier for the sports and socs chair

AW: It’s not changing S&S chair’s responsibilities, just adding someone new to oversee music.

AB: so is it a JCR rep?

AW: there is a method 1 music rep, then a method 2 assistant, social chair and then other presidents of music groups. We want to do things like Van Mildert music day

DT: will karaoke be part of this?

AW: If you want

DT: I don’t.

MM: why is social chair there?

AW: because I feel like there is potential to hold more events that are music centred. At Trevs, Their acoustic nights are massive things, they have showcased. Social chair would be able to use their skills to run these events

MM: is that in the motion? Yes. Can I amend it to have an events manager instead?

AK: I think social chair should be on it. You do want to know what’s in Cuth’s for events

AW: in the music rep job description it says to talk to the social cahir about representing Cuth’s at Cuth’s events. Like all the informal Cuth’s bands too.

SM: I have people on my committee who are invited to attend but don’t have to

EC: MM, rather than being mandated, would you prefer to be invited to be there?

EP: do you want a rep that sits on both social comm and music comm?

MM: I just think them having someone who is dedicated would be better

EM: I think social chair should be on it because, even f they aren’t specifically dedicated to music doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get involved with other things

AW: this already creates 2 positions and so many positions go unfilled

MM: social comm is really competitive anyway. But I retract me amendment

EE: if the social chair thinks someone else will do a better job then they can delegate someone from their committee to go represent them on music comm

MM: I just worry about adding lots of nights and events onto an already busy social chair’s plate

RJ: the social chair shouldn’t do everything- the social chair just sits on the committee to help

AK: Also, apologies are a thing. You can always send them if you are too busy

DT: will green machine people be on this committee?

EC: not in this motion

AW: they could be invited- but it’s not just about having events – it might also be about setting up a band

SPan: yeah I don’t need to be there

JC: musical chairs?

AW: I leave it up to the first music rep

EuM: how many members would have a key to the music room?

AW: atm one, but ideally 3

EE: what would be hierarchy of the committee? Would the music rep be below S&S?

EC: there isn’t a hierarchy- but the music chair would call the meetings

No opposition

Motion passed on general aye

Music Room Key Motion

This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR repeals:

This JCR orders:

Sports and Societies Standing Order:
1.10 The Presidents of Big Band and Choir shall be provided with a key to the music room facilities.
Electable Positions within the JCR:
9.4.1 Their duties shall be:
Maintain the music room facility and ensure its proper usage by JCR members.
Monitor usage of the music room and the timetable, ensuring any JCR member that has booked to use the music room can access it.
Ensure all equipment in the facility is in good working order and is accounted for.
Report to the Facilities manager faulty or missing equipment and any suggested improvements for the music room facilities.

Proposer: AW
Seconder: DG


AW: I’ve thought about this a lot. The state of the music room is appalling. There are only 4 keys at the moment but that system doesn’t work. And we need more keys. We are looking into security.  I know that it would be helpful for choir and bigband. The fact of the matter is that the music room manager at the moment is just a big band position unofficially. Make it official.

EC: POI the music room manager key isn’t the bigband key that’s not your only job

AW: but it always is and probably will be next year. Stop being weird

EB: if you create more bands and things- would they get keys too?

AW: I guess but it’s not like it’s going to spiral out of control. At the moment there is no security so it will help

AK: So at the moment we are trying to install CCTV by the end of this year so accountability

SPan: there are other students who would benefit from the key. While I can appreciate it’s annoying, it’s mad to only give it to some because they are big band

AW: I partly ran for this was because I need the room for my degree which is something that needs to be addressed. Other people on my course want to use it and the reception isn’t open that much

SPan: I’m saying that some people aren’t more important than others.

EP: can I point out that music students have loads of music space on the bailey and palace green.

AW: but it would be good if they could use the music room

MP: I don’t think this motion would make it worse for anyone so it’s not that controversial

WB: can we turn it into a key pad?

AK: those cost a lot of money

WB: so do lots of keys

EC: it’s been in the pipe line forever but we don’t have the money

OW: I made a booking form on the website for the music room and no one has used it yet but if you hand keys out and anyone can access it, it does make that redundant but it makes organisation and admin harder

AW: I couldn’t work out the system so I will talk to you about that. Also I don’t know if reception know about it yet. The motion amends the role of music manager to keep track of that schedule and so they would have authority so that would solve that. if we have CCTV that will also help monitor that.

OW: the form sends info to facilities and president so we can change that to make it send to the right people

AK: your argument is flawed because you said the role is a big band role so how do you know if they are going to be fair to people in big band

AW: we aren’t going to kick anyone out and we stick within a certain time slot pretty much all the time. We use it for 2 hours a week

AK: so we should work on a better system

KJ: So can’t we have a porter open it throughout the day like the computer room and things? If we have CCTV

AK: part of the issue is hires. People could take stuff to their rooms etc because it’s unmanned. We can look back on the CCTV but it doesn’t help us there and then but it’s a good point

MP: it’s hard to have two music rehearsals to go on at once etc

TP: if bigband practice at the same time all the time, how hard is it to actually coordinate that with the porter?

AW: why not just give them a key though?

DT: then you can give karaoke a key as well?

JC: my issue with arranging with porters is that they aren’t reliable. We can’t base a system on relying on porters

TP: what if you do it 2 hours before or something?

AW: if I wasn’t music room manager… we don’t have all the time in the day to let people into the room. It’s lucky at the moment that I live in brooks. People shouldn’t have to be trekking around. You can’t bank on other people being reliable. Just give them a key

EB: can we keep the key in the library? As it’s manned and open lots of the time and people could sign it out and we could track who had it

AW: I think it would work but the bailey is a walk away from brooks. For example, someone might have to walk form gilesgate to the bailey to foteyn so people will end up coming in and taking the key really early when it’s convenient for them

EC: I was under the impression that there is a key behind brooks?

AB: it’s moved to the reception

OW: I’ve put a feature in the new system that there is a “when I’m going to pick up the key time” so the facility manager could plan ahead

AB: on the walking around point about; same as if the person who doesn’t have the key can’t make the rehearsal

TP: if there are lots of members in big band surely one can walk

AW: is it too much to ask to give them a key

AK: if this motion doesn’t pass we are going to go with EB’s suggestion

EC: any opposition?

There is opposition so voting takes place

The motion has not passed

Squash Budget

Budget for 2018-19
What are your expected expenses?
Item Category Item price Quantity Total Cost Amended
Michaelmas Term Racket bag £ 40.00 1 £ 40.00
Rackets £ 30.00 4 £ 120.00
Squash balls (12 pack) £ 30.00 1 £ 30.00
First aid kit £ 15.00 2 £ 30.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Epiphany Term £ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Easter Term League entry £ 20.00 4 £ 80.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Total expected expenditure of club: £ 300.00 £ –
Subs and other Income
Estimated number of members in 2018-19 0
Recommended self income:
Note: Recommended self income is based on the principle by which finance comm vets budgets, and you do not have to stick with it. Significant deviations will, however, be pointed out during the budget meeting.
Subs and other Self Income
Type of Membership/Payment Cost of Membership Estimated Number of Members/Payments Total Income Amended Cost
Standard £ 3.00 30 £ 90.00 £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
Overall Total £ 90.00 £ –
Difference from Recommended: £ 90.00 £ –
Are you expecting any other sources of income in 2018 – 2019 and if so please indicate? (Sponsorship, Ticket Sales etc.)
Type of Income Value of Income Estimated Number of Payments Total Income
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Overall Total £ –
Total Income £ 90.00
Funding Application
Total Expected Expenditure £ 300.00
Total Expected Income £ 90.00
Funding requested £ 90.00
Net for year 2018-2019 -£ 120.00
Under normal cicrumstances, surplasses are stored in a club’s reserves and deficits are taken from reserves. If you would like a different arrangement, please explain here.
arrangement, please explain here.
Further Comments (E.g. Reasons for greater predicted expenditure, what subs are spent on, club structure)
Any further comments here: We have £100 in sponsorship which we do not wish to spend yet


AK: I chaired this discussion

AB: It’s for kit so people who don’t have kit can play

No opposition

Budget passed on a a general aye

Cheerleading Budget

Budget for 2018-19
What are your expected expenses?
Item Category Item price Quantity Total Cost Amended
Michaelmas Term Last years room hire £ – £ 77.50
Gym sessions (estimate) £ – £ 100.00
Cheer shoes (approx.) £ 70.00 3 £ 210.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Epiphany Term Gym sessions (estimate) £ – £ 100.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Easter Term This years room hire (estimate) £ £ 80.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Total expected expenditure of club: £ 567.50 £ –
Subs and other Income
Estimated number of members in 2018-19 24
Recommended self income:
Note: Recommended self income is based on the principle by which finance comm vets budgets, and you do not have to stick with it. Significant deviations will, however, be pointed out during the budget meeting.
Subs and other Self Income
Type of Membership/Payment Cost of Membership Estimated Number of Members/Payments Total Income Amended Cost
Standard £ 7.00 24 £ 168.00 £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
£ – £ – £ –
Overall Total £ 168.00 £ –
Difference from Recommended: £ 168.00 £ –
Are you expecting any other sources of income in 2018 – 2019 and if so please indicate? (Sponsorship, Ticket Sales etc.)
Type of Income Value of Income Estimated Number of Payments Total Income
Cuths JCR contribution £ 7.00 12 £ 84.00
Hatfield JCR contribution £ 7.00 12 £ 84.00
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
£ – £ –
Overall Total £ 168.00
Total Income £ 336.00
Funding Application
Total Expected Expenditure £ 567.50
Total Expected Income £ 336.00
Net for year 2018-2019 -£ 231.50
Under normal cicrumstances, surplasses are stored in a club’s reserves and deficits are taken from reserves. If you would like a different arrangement, please explain here.
arrangement, please explain here.
Further Comments (E.g. Reasons for greater predicted expenditure, what subs are spent on, club structure)
Any further comments here: We have around £500 in reserves held by Cuths JCR, exact figure to be confirmed by Cuths treasurer
Reserves held by Hatfield JCR: £157.66
Reserves after successful application: £325.66 (Hatfield), approx. £668 (Cuths), total: £993.66
Estimated final reserves: approx. £425 (i.e. after all expenditure)


AB: this was discussed last term. It’s for gym and training hall hire. They split subs with Hatfield. Fi comm say it’s fine

No opposition.

Passed on general aye.


Lots of elections and something extra special at the end

Male Welfare Officer

There are three candidates for this position: JS, OW, Request New candidate

JS’shust in summary:

2nd year criminology, in the panto. In welfare fam. Has been on welfare for 2 years. Is one of the campaign managers. Worked with everyone in the group. Ran good campaigns. Knows the range of issues Cuth’s students face. Works with vulnerable children. Has done lots of safeguarding and active listening training. Nightline trained. Wants sexual health packages in freshers week. Advertise consent and minority rep workshops better. Liaise with head frep so they know how to signpost issues. Wants to maintain presence for trigger support and advertise this beforehand. Build on feedback from this year. Make a new welfare officer guide for smoother handovers. Experienced. Lots of ideas. It would be a privilege. Backjack

OW’s hust in summary:

Welfare is very personal to him. Grateful for welfare in Durham. Welfare really helped him transition into university life and also became my best friends. They taught me it was okay and that they understood. They didn’t bombard me with questions, they just made me feel understood. Telling this now, because this the extent of the impact they’ve had on me. What I went through was only a small part of what people experience. I want to make sure people are okay and be there for them if they aren’t. I want to give the role my all. I want to have a talk in freshers about invisible week. Animations for how to access support. Drops ins in equal measure for livers in and out.


BS: we struggled with preparing ourselves and the consent workshops in freshers this year. How would you balance yourselves this year considering getting no sleep might happen unexpectedly

OW: I would draw upon my experiences with dealing with paramedics. Also, before consent workshops I would try to get as much sleep as I could before and then smash the workshop then have a nap. Freshers is when you set a bar so it’s important to be on it. Consent workshops are important so I wouldn’t want to let it affect them

JS: it’s an important topic to remove yourself emotionally from the workshop because repercussions are huge if you don’t do it well enough. If it was a particularly rough time and I couldn’t do it justice I would utilise the minority reps and have them get some training if it was needed

ES: scenario; you have to do your drop in hour. You are stressed. Someone isn’t comfortable with leaving but you have a lecture coming up

JS: it’s important to understand dedication to role. Academic commitments are important but someone is dealing with a serious issue then I would stay with them. When that’s a point that’s conflicting with your degree then you need to work as a team to see if another person can swap themselves in so they you aren’t compromising yourself

OW: their welfare is your priority- it’s the role. I’d assess how serious it was. I would stay however big it was because you don’t want to isolate them more if they’ve just opened up to you. The lecture comes secondary but  if it gets late you need to get the rest of the team in. You need to make sure they have welfare regardless of who is giving it. Direct them to college welfare? Or another welfare officer. Lots of options. The worst thing to do would be to go to your lecture.

EuM: you both mentioned SwD- what would you do with other reps?

OW: work hand-in-hand because it’s vital. We need to be as open as possible. Create events that bring them awareness. It’s vital that the team can reach out to people in minority groups because, even if they don’t like the JCR, they might need welfare

JS: I am a member of the LGBT community so I understand the reps importance but I do think they are still under represented and people don’t see them as much of a resource as other members of welfare. It’s important to know what issues they want you to be aware of. When you don’t feel you can speak on the reps behalf then signpost people to them so the conversation can continue. With regards to wider working with them- we need to advertise them better. Even though we aren’t attending minority events necessarily, we should still be encouraging people to go for them. We also need to be there for people who are triggered and signpost if needed

DV: who is your fave minority rep?


WB: what steps would you put in place to make people feel it’s easier to go to welfare for the first time?

JS: different people respond to different things. This year we introduced livers out drop ins on north road etcc. We just need to make things as accessible as possible. We need to utilise the platforms as best possible and advertise them. Also asking for feedback to make things better.

OW: likewise, I’d make sure walk-in sessions are geographically spread around. I’d also give off the impression that I can understand people. Every welfare issue is different but I found that someone understanding me made me feel like I could open up. So I’d try me best to post on fb and other platforms to show that welfare is understanding and that would be a fundamental note to put in my advertising. Got to make sure everything welfare related is on a basis of understanding

Female Welfare Officer

There are no candidates for this position

JCR Chair

There are two candidates for this position: SWC, Request New candidate

SWC’s hust in summary:

Wants to see a proactive community. One that reacts to student opinion. Governance is at the heart of that. I want to update the standing orders – it’s in progress at the moment, so want to finish what hasn’t been done. Make sure everything is up to date within 2 weeks of things being passed. Redefine the election rules because there are ambiguity which means that people feel a bit disillusioned. Create an elections FAQ. The SO don’t answer everything so this would be helpful. We need written referendum rules because we don’t have those. Work on increasing engagement through sending out a survey. Encourage motions from outside the exec like the music motion day. I’d like to post an example motion in the group. Why me? Vice chair of board of trustees atm. Rewrote welfare stuff, and amended the constitution. Passionate about Cuth’s. Open day rep, frep TL. Please vote.


AB: JCR chair is quite key and important. Please do best impression of a chair

SWC: *is a chair*

EC: what would you do to make meetings more fun?

SWC: Depends on the mood in the room. Sometimes small things make a big difference. Maybe food but not all the time as we don’t want to bribe people.

DT: You mentioned the standing orders and the constitution, what’s the difference?

SWC: the constitution is the legal founding document of the JCR but the SOs are the functions of governance. The latter aren’t a legal mandate.

Outreach Chair

There are three candidates for this position: SA, MR, Request New candidate

SA’s hust in summary:

3rd year chemist. Wants you to consider her. Has been events manager on outreach this year. Had idea for 12 days of outreach which was successful. I would love to be chair. Want’s outreach to go beyond fundraising- information is important too- leaflets for the places we are raising money for at events. Links with wider community. Collabs with welfare like pub quizzes and sanitary drives. Sports and socs collabs – sports day after exams. Focus on volunteering in Cuth’s. Helpful for students too – get us out the Durham bubble and education is more than the degree. Want outreach to go beyond the committee with suggestions box or google box system.

MR’s hust in summary:

I think that I’m the best person for the job. Philosophy and psychology and he’s genuine, reliable and motivated. Being genuine is good because quite transparent. He does what he says hes’ going to do 100%. In college he set up an outreach success that is still going on now. Raised 1k for the bike project which helps asylum seekers and gives them bikes as travel is expensive in Durham and we had to motivate people to sponsor us. I would like to increase social media presence. Wants to make video montage of large events. Wants Cuth’s sports day. Bailey vs parsons football match. Wants to collab with social comm in freshers week to have a charity zoo night where money raised would go to an animal charity. Revolution would do charity nights with Cuth’s outreach.

POI: AB; parsons v bailey already exists


EP: how do you see yourself maintaining framda

MR: maintain a good report with them and support them

SA: I wouldn’t want it to take away from my time. I’d want to have a Project leader for it so that it wasn’t neglected

AB: if you could set up a new project what would it be?

SA: one with old people because I love them. Either we go to them or them to us because we can stop isolation

MR: I would like to be involved with schools around Durham and do work shops so give subject tasters to make it fun and interactive

EM: delivering stuff question

MR: worst comes to worst I’d do it. MMis really on it with us so I would be like that

SA: the job has to be done. I’d rope in anyone I could find but it’d make it clear that people on the committee have made a commitment

WB: how would you increase student involvement in outreach events?

SA: fb events and then collaborations with other committees will give them wider reach. More advertising earlier and maybe a time table earlier in the year.

MR: freshers week is key so we can collaborate with social comm so people know it’s a thing. Work with what we’ve got. Video montage will inspire people to go to events

JS: both mentioned collaborations- what welfare campaign would you like to get involved in and how?

MR: anyone would be a good one and we should collab if we don’t have anything else on so we can get more money for charity

SA: I think Movember pub quiz would be a good one to collab on as you’re raising money and awareness at the same time.

DV: outreach is through application. How would you advertise the committee and maintain a high standard of applicants?

SA: let freshers know as soon as possible and making it really clear. Posting on fb groups as soon as possible so people can plan an application

MR: I didn’t hear about them that much this year so id’ make a bigger deal about it because lots of people don’t know what it is

Facilities Manager

There are two candidates for this position: JaR, Request New candidate

JR’ hust in summary:

Fresher CompSci, since joining Cuth’s has been involved in lots of socs and events including almost crashing into a boat, falling off climbing walls etc. wants to be fm to give something back, best suits personality compared to other roles, degree and hobbies comfortable setting up tech, likes responding to emails, learnt specific skills helping out at feast which included testing fixing ad setting up silent disco and staging. Helped fix broken running machines, figuring out what was wrong with it and ordering the right arts. Good fit because fast learner, organised and easy to get along with including other colleges and the exec, and taking feedback. Things to do: fortnightly checks on equipment, feedback forms, encourage emails about concerns, people think they’re not getting value for levy, improving facilities might give that value. Substitute room to use as dark room as that was shut down this year. Hope you consider me.


AK: a lot of work is behind scenes, how would you put across the work you’re doing

JR: keeping track of what I’ve done, keeping everyone updating including in JCR meeting exec report.

MP: favourite and least fave facility

JR: fave is parson’s gym. Least is bailey gym, smells a bit.

AW: not just about answering messages, about knowing what facilities we have. Difference between a bongo and conga

JR: not sure, but we will have a music rep next year which will be great and I’ll do my best to familiarise myself with it

JP: how will you make sure freshers will get most out of facilities?

JR: facebook pages advertising my role and letting them know what exists and that they can get in touch with me.

DT: How much does it cost to rent out a vocal microphone?

JR: no idea, something I can learn on the job or ask someone that does know.

JC: Another college rented our equipment but don’t return it for a Cuth’s event because they say they don’t have enough people to carry it?

JR: would suck but I’d go get it, try get other people to help, and maybe not rent out to them again.

Communications Officer

There are two candidates for this position: CG, Request New candidate

CG’s speech in summary:

First year anthropologist. Might have seen her at fem soc or rowing or the union. Has been on SU committee. Knows what the role entails. RE SU I’m sad so I like following student politics and want to send out a summary after every assembly so people know what’s gone on. Make sure everyone knows they can go to her. Friendly. RE comms – there is a lot of dependency on fb at the moment. We can branch out. Not everyone is on FB. We need to use insta, twiter and snapchat more. Insta stories. Wants to use this to shed light on other smaller sports and socs RE newsletter – print it and put it at brunch
Have more housing talks and have them earlier in the year. Aims to make a forum to help people find each other and have drop in hours in the first term to help people with housing. Wants to make everyone feel included. Will put heart and soul into it


OW: I work lots with the Comms officer on the website. How would you advertise the website better? And you mentioned spreading the newsletter – would you have a section on the website for that too

CG: using things like other social media to promote the website. And I would put the newsletter on the website along with having it elsewhere around college

SM: this role is very busy in first term with housing and university challenge. How will you navigate this

CG: big fan of colour coding and planning and keen

MP: would you tailor your posts to the social medias you put them on

CG: defo tailored. Insta I would make for more general where as twitter would be more updates in terms of su and snapchat more at events and things like that

EuM: How would you feel about SU comm meetings at Brunch

CG: pro

JC: mentioned a lot about social media but to be constructive on twitter you need to post lots. What would you have posted about today?

CG: one informative update about remembering to come to the meeting and another one like “the weather is bad but is’t the bailiey nice”

AK: having housing talk encourages the fear that freshers to think about signing a house, how would you balance having things earlier and not wanting to scare people

CG: just need to be honest and saying that we are doing it early because there is a rush but don’t be too stressed because there will still be houses and you can live in if you want. Either way they are going to stress

EuM: I’ve heard that you have some dietary requirements?

CG: I’m vegan

SP: whose social media page are you inspired by?

CG: welfare.

Postgraduate and Mature Students Committee Chair

There are no candidates for this position

Social Committee Chair

There are two candidates for this position: MW, Request New candidate

MW’s hust in summary

Was feast manager and loved it. Wants to do it all over again. Committed. Helped lots with Michaelmas and refreshers. Is aware of the hard work. Sure she can deliver. Organised. Is exec of multiple sports and socs. Is pragmatic and is good at being level headed and dealt with feast problems. Confident. Is bar supervisor. Knows how to deal with ents companies
Want formal for welfare and outreach. And collabs with other committees. More events after formals. Wants to continue with £1 for big balls etc and advertise charities more. Better vegan and veg options at balls. Better advertising of social committee. Wants social comm to be method III. Thinks this will encourage freshers. I want more free food at events. Wants to give something back.


MP: pro or anti having my band?

MW: I’m open to auditions from any band

JC: if you were to end up with a social comm who were weak and couldn’t move staging?

MW: exec also helps with things. Peter Jarvis also talking about making a manual labourer role at feast…??


There are three candidates for this position: ABD, AJ, Request New candidate

ABD’s speech in summary (read by WB)

The first time it occurred to me that being the librarian of St Cuthbert’s Society would be completely LIT was the 6th March 1968, and since then my love for the institution has only matured and fermented. But who am I? Where am I?! I’m ABD, a third year languages student on my year abroad in Rome, and I would absolutely love to be your librarian next year. I believe I can bring the know-how and the pizzazz to the role that the library desperately deserves and I’m pretty sure CRAVES. I have been heavily involved in our library’s daily workings over the last 2 years, acting as a faithful and diligent volunteer as a fresher, but flowering into a passionate and often ruthless (2018 book cull I’m looking at you) stock manager in second year. With our esteemed and mildly bearded former librarian, I helped bring about possibly the most monumental, ground-breaking and inspired rearrangement of one whole shelf that House 8 has ever seen; my greatest regret on my year abroad is not being in Durham to witness the revolution I know this must have caused.




I should be librarian because I know our library’s numerous and often complex needs. Long gone will be the days of volunteers only being told how to check books in and out, a new dawn is coming. I believe the library will be much better if new volunteers are made more aware of everyday issues in the library, such as how to deal with the frequent indecisiveness of that menacing and ever present being with whom we share the space, the printer. I will launch a vicious campaign against the tea stains in the communal mugs, blinding all those who enter with the sheen of crispy white ceramic. As librarian, stocks of biscuits, tea, coffee and milk will never run dry – my vision is full fat, semi-skimmed and chock-full of Oreos and it will be glorious.


Most importantly, I will ensure that Cuths library gets all the attention and recognition it deserves; far too often we forget that there are more options than the Billy B, and it is so important that every now and then we have a change in environment when studying, which is often a time of heightened stress. I will therefore strive to make it impossible for any Cuths student to be unaware of the existence of Cuths library by giving it a louder voice on social media. Throughout my time as a member of Cuths I have been thankful that our library can provide a study experience so far removed from that of Billy B, therefore as librarian I would try my hardest to ensure that previous high standards are maintained so that our little biblioteca can continue to hit in the big leagues.


A vote for ABD is a vote for an efficient library. It is a vote for a library that continues to provide a welcoming and loveable study space in times of need. It is a vote for a library that stands proudly in the shadow of that cold and impassive lump that is the Billy B, offering a vital alternate study space when exams come around. It is a vote for freedom. Thank you.

AJ’s speech in summary

Super dedicated. Loves the library. Spends too much time there. Current assistant librarian. Organises the book club which is fun come along. Also stock manager so knows about how it codes it’s books etc. some of the plans she wants to put in place are; stock managers more involved with supplies, spread their shifts out more so it’s less likely to run out. Keep everyone happy. Extending opening hours later- see if that’s possible and would help during the pressure in the day. Rearrange some of the sections and make sure there is more room etc. wants more inspirational quotes in the library. Why is librarian last? I think it’s more important than that so that it’s not forgotten! </3


Method II

Postgraduate Rep

There are no candidates- shocker 🙁