RGC (Women’s Football), JOW (welfare campaigns), JS (Welfare campaigns), RH (CRACAS), DV and SS (POC), MG (International welfare), JB (International rep), KU (SCSFS), JG (Facilities), IR (social comm) CA (gym manager), WB (stool), RH (choir)

BS (female welfare), AB (social comm)

Setting: It’s the first meeting in the newly decorated Brooks Bar. Nicely less orange.

Can we pass the minutes from the last meeting? Aye


Sports and Socs Facilities Motion (AK)

This JCR Notes:
· This year students had to opt in, rather than opt out of the JCR levy, for the first time.
· There was a slight drop in JCR membership due to this.
· Sports, societies and facilities are funded by the JCR levies and so the charity cannot continue to run if people use facilities without paying the levy.
· GDPR has also come into full force this year, which requires the charity to keep a record of all information kept, and to keep this information in one place. This includes sign ups and members of all sports and societies.
This JCR Believes:
· The students who opt-in to the JCR should receive the benefits of JCR membership, and the students who choose to opt-out should not receive the same luxuries.
· Benefits of the JCR include but are not limited to, the facilities, sports and societies within Cuth’s.
This JCR Resolves:
· Each sport and society should give a comprehensive list of attendees to the Sports and Socs chair after the first meeting/official practise.
· After each meeting/practise, if any new members join, these names should also be sent to the Sports and Socs chair.
· The sports and socs chair will alert each sports team/society if any member is opted-out of the JCR, and after this, the society/team will not allow this member to take part in any sports/societies.
· Any sport or society that does not comply with these guidelines will be banned from using JCR facilities. In addition, if it has a budget, it will have to forfeit 20% of their budget or one years JCR membership (currently £52.50), whichever is larger, up to a maximum of the full undergraduate JCR membership (currently £157.50).
· This will not apply to members of other colleges – such members already have to pay an increased fee for access to our sports and societies, and GDPR would restrict other colleges from telling us whether their students are opted in.
· Honourary members who have not opted in may still partake in all JCR activities, as they are still JCR members.
Proposed: AK
Seconder: SM

Questions and discussion:
AK clarifies that if someone who has opted out turns up but then you have told them to leave and they have, then you don’t have to pay the fine.
PJ: How do you police it because the sports and societies will lie?
AK: JCR Spies.
DT: How does this work for students of other colleges who can come to our sports and socs?
AK: We can’t really do anything about that.
EC: POI, if someone from another college joins one of our clubs there is a procedure for this? They pay extra subs anyway- for example Wildcats cheerleading.
CW: Does this look a bit off as you are fining people the price of their JCR membership and that assumes that all of their levy goes towards one sport or soc when, in reality, most people are in a few different clubs?
AK: The numbers are just what we have picked.
EM: It’s just a punishment. It’s not meant to be relative to the amount of a single person’s levy that would be going to that club in reality. We just need a deterrent hand have chosen to base that fee around that of the levy.
JC: The way we allocate funds means that some people will get more out of their levy anyway- for example, those in the boat club.
SPan: Is this per person?
AK: Yes.
KJ: How can we physically stop people from joining in?
EP: It’s up to the captains etc.
DT: What about karaoke?
AK: Get W (Porter).
KJ: If you’ve opted out can you now opt in?
AK: Yes, email AB. If you are here and you haven’t opted in, get out.

Motion passed on general aye.

SU Committee Member Motion (SM)
This JCR notes:
· The current members of SU Committee are: Communications Officer (who chairs the committee), Vice President, President and 3x Students’ Union Committee Members. It also has ex-officio members : Association Reps, International Rep, and Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep.
* There is a position in the JCR called Postgraduate SU Rep which does not sit on this committee.
This JCR Believes:
· The Postgraduate SU Rep should sit on this committee and replace the Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep.
This JCR Resolves:
· To replace the Postgraduate and Mature Rep as an ex-officio member with the Postgraduate SU Rep who will be a full member of the committee.
Proposed: SM

Questions and Discussion
EC: What happens if the SU rep position isn’t filled.
SM: Me and JC are just going to see what happens?
JC: I have bigger plans that I will address at a later meeting so that’s a potential problem for a month’s time.

Motion passed on a general aye

Newfoundland Fisheries Motions (JC)
This JCR Notes
· That in 1909 J. I. Hiscork, JCR President, gave his inaugural discourse on the “Newfoundland Fisheries Dispute” which was well received by members of the JCR
· That in the 109 years since, JCR members have received no further information about Newfoundland fisheries
· That the current president did not give an inaugural discourse
This JCR Believes
· That JCR members would benefit from knowing the current situation regarding Newfoundland fisheries
This JCR Mandates
· The JCR president to give a discourse on “modern day Newfoundland Fisheries and how they have changed over the past 109 years,” during the correspondence section of the next quorate JCR meeting
Proposed by: JC
Seconded by: EM

Questions and Discussion
AK: Why?
JC: I want to know more about Newfoundland fisheries.
MM: I don’t.
AK: Why me?
JC: Because you are president and you didn’t give an inaugural speech at the start of your term.
DT: Wants to propose an amendment to make sure there is a quick update on the last speech (from back in 1909), so we are all up to speed with what’s going on/ has been going on in the Newfoundland Fisheries.
AK: AK tries to get JC to do it.
Amendment is passed by general aye

AK: Amendment that JC does it
Everyone: no AK. Don’t be silly.
Amendment not passed

Voting. Amended motion has been passed

AK does not seem to be happy about this. She keeps saying “FISH!?” and “I HAVE A JOB TO DO!”.

Backgammon Society Motion (OS)
This JCR Notes:
· A Backgammon Society does not currently exist within Cuth’s JCR.
This JCR Believes:
· A Backgammon Society should be ratified for the students of Cuth’s JCR to exercise their mathematical and reasoning skills.
· There should be continued interest throughout this year and years to come due to the addictive nature of the game.
This JCR Resolves:
· To ratify a Backgammon Society in Cuth’s JCR.
· To allow the use of a room for gameplay on a regular basis, perhaps the House 8 Conference Room
Seconded by:

Questions and Discussion
DT: Will there be a Women’s Backgammon Society?
OS: It will be mixed.
[I think this was meant to be a joke about Darts but it fell flat]
WW: Will it be social or competitive
OW: Social to start and then maybe it will all get serious.
No amendments or opposition
Passed on general aye


AR: Individuals pay for half the prize of the swim and the JCR pays the other half. It’s 15 people normally, twice a week. We also do an outdoor swim in Easter.
AB: I can’t remember the numbers but it’s very similar to what Climbing Club use at the moment and we have enough dolla for this to be fine.
No questions or oppositions.
Budget passed on a general aye

WW: We have had a lot more members this year. Last year we had shirts but they were thick and lose and got ripped so need more for new kits. Will has upped the subs from £15 to £28. He also wants water bottles because they need to be hydrated because the run a lot and also because one guy runs on at half time and then gives out the water. He’s found them cheaply.
AB: They are proposing amendments to last year. It was going to be £25 subs but he upped it. The kit and water bottles would be owned by the JCR.
RJ: 15 to 28 is quite a big jump for a year.
WW: Explained why this was fine and everyone was happy with it.
Budget passed on a general aye

JM: We are asking for less money than last year – £15. Have had a lot of interest this year. Have 7 teams.
AB: Yeah, yeah they didn’t have a budget passed at the end of last year.
The top 4 teams have higher subs as they get more money to train more frequently. It would be good for them to have a budget. We can afford it.
Budget passed on a general aye

AB: They came to us to ask for funding and weren’t going to ask for subs and said their income comes from using the pool table regularly on Fridays which we didn’t like so at the moment we have said they should pay subs of £2 for 30 people.
Questions and Discussion:
DT: wants to reject this amendment because he just wants to bring the gospel to Cuth’s. CU doesn’t ever charge membership. [DT goes on a really long list of good things the CU do around Cuth’s like putting candy canes of people’s doors and things but he talks way to fast to get it all down]. Says they use the bar a lot.
AK: POI the bar doesn’t give us money unless they make a profit.
EC: So, what are you now proposing?
JC: There are specific rules for on how we carry on with this.
AB: Basically, it was passed that no sport and soc can change their budget in a meeting by more than 50% of what the fi comm and treasurer agree is reasonable. So right now, we can vote on whether you want to reduce your subs by 50% i.e. to £1 per member, or you can withdraw your budget.

JC: PROCEDURAL MOTION to see if we think using the pool table is a way of generating income for the JCR just for the CU.
WW: Does the pool table turn a profit?
AK: No.
EP: Surely any society can just play pool regularly and say it contributes to part of their subs.
DT: But we do it every week.
EP: But that’s not the point. Any society could hear about this and just arrange to go to pool before training each week in order to pay less.
RJ: Does anyone know how much money we get from the pool table?
Everyone: Don’t know.
JC: If we make more money than is required to redo the table then that goes to the JCR.
AB: My opposition is that it’s unreasonable to have this as your plans aren’t concrete. What if no one fancies pool one week?
MM: Are you going to force everyone to play pool?
DT: If no one else wants to play pool then I will play on my own.

We vote on whether the money the CU put into the pool table count as subs?
The procedural motion was not passed.

EC: So, based on the rules about changing the motion we aren’t able to half the budget…?
DT: Can we reduce our budget and have smaller subs? Is that our only option now?
EC: Can someone who knows about money talk to me!
JC: This might actually be okay.
TP: Can you just not ask for money?
CW: Considering they are religious and do nice things, can we just leave this for another meeting and run another motion about whether religious groups need to have the 50/50 rule.
DT: I’m not charging subs so I will withdraw this motion until the next meeting.

JP: Since the last meeting we had an AGM so we want to raise subs by £10 but other than that small changes that come with that it’s basically the same motion as last year.
AB: We’ve allocated them the right about of extra money in accordance with our roles
CW: What’s up with the increase?
JP: Our subs haven’t gone up in the last 5 years so it hasn’t gone up relative to inflation and the things are getting more expensive. They also need to replenish their fleet.
No opposition. Passed on a general aye.


[SP makes a speech and is in a suit but he didn’t really need to so it’s a tad weird but he is pulling it off.]

Positions available in this election:

Method I:

Assistant Librarian
Two candidates: AJ and request new candidate

AJ’s Speech (in summary)
Explains what an assistant librarian is and does. Wants to bring back Cuth’s book club for the JCR and SCR WOOO it should be fun and inspire people to read more. Wants to run more events for people who work in the library so they get to know each other and make friends and have chill nights and themed socials.
She has worked at the library all of the last year. Runs events for the Uni Scout people. Helped run the student council back at school. Is good at making people show up. Is a stock manager this year so has lots of knowledge.
Is dedicated to the library and college.

EB: What will the first book for the book club be?
AJ: One of the Narnia books?
EB: Theme for the first social that isn’t dress up as a book character because that’s literally the only theme the library ever does.
AJ: Dress up as books.
AC: Who is your favourite exec member?
AJ: Likes everyone in the JCR regardless of whether they are exec or not.
Everyone: Awwhh.

Vote online!

Method II:

Finance Committee Members x3
Three candidates: SM and LH and request new candidate

SM’s speech (in summary)
Second year economics and politics student. Gutted not many applied so hopes to get it. Co treasurer for the university football team. Was too hungover last year to get involved in the JCR last year but is a changed man now.

LH’s Speech (in summary)
Second year. Exciting to get involved with the JCR. Was treasurer at her school debating society so knows how to work with a budget.

AB: What is your favourite currency
SM: Taiwanese dollar
LH: I like the Pound
AC: Which pound?
LH: English
AC: So, sterling? [imagine an eye roll]
CW: What’s your thoughts on the major cause of the 2008 financial crash and the mitigating preparations that could have been put in place at the time?
LH: It was a bad time for us.
SM: Subprime mortgages. Need better control over them.
JC: What is your view on the consumption of White Ace at Fi Comm socials?
LH: Seemed negative.
SM: Also seemed negative.

JC: There were three candidates?
SP: Go back to your fisheries.

Three Candidates: EJ, OMC and request new candidate

EJ’s speech (in summary)
Last year he was on fi comm and was only there for a term so that’s silly. Motion. Ready to be Samrat’s bitch.

Is a first year. Wants to be involved. President of community service at school. Is adaptable and can learn new things pretty quickly. Promises to do a good job.

AB: What is a method 3 election?
OMC: Umm.
EJ: Wasn’t counting on Olivia not having an answer.
AB: POI It’s one that is done by general acclamation but then the SRO can just pick whoever they want to win at the moment.
SP: It’s just clapping louder.
CW: You are watching Great British Bakkeoff with at 2am and relieve a message from SP saying “u up?”. How do you respond?
EJ: Eggplant emoji.
OMC: Turn off my phone and pretend I was sick
SP: What’s the difference between college and a JCR?
OMC: Junior Common room which is the governmental body in the college.
EJ: It’s all been said already. No more comments.
SP: POI College is the body and the JCR is the soul.

Both EJ and OMC have been elected!
And they have to help now because EE wants to get a drink.

Green Machine Manager
Two candidates: SPan and request new candidate

SPan’s Speech (in summary)
Cupboard that needs organisation. It’s a small cupboard and she is a small gal. Has already helped JG a lot.

AB: Who is your favourite faculties manager?
SPan: CW.
DT: Over the last year, it seems to have become tradition that those who work with facilities get a massive green portrait in the dining hall. If you had a green portrait in the hall, what would your pose be?
SPan: [looks pensive with a head tilt to the left]

SPan is elected.

Green Machine Technician
Candidates: TP and request new candidates.

TP’s Speech (in summary)
Second year economist. It’s not a position that there has been before so not really sure what it is but Gosh Jordon said they will make up what it is together. Does tech for karaoke club and that normally goes well.

MM: Hypothetical situation. It’s Freshers week and its Karaoke night and you have to set up. How?
TP: Same as we did when that actually happened.
Everyone who frepped: Wrong.
CW: Are you going to kick up a fuss like JG did last year?
TP: Knows that JG will kick up a fuss and kick up a fuss.

Voting. [SP makes some comment about how AB accidently voted several times while everyone still has their eyes closed. Therefore, everyone knew who AB had tried to vote for.]
TP is elected.

JC: PROCEDURAL MOTION that we censure SP because while voting.
SP: Seconded.
SP: Makes a plea that everyone likes his banter and makes inappropriate comment about AB’s hindquarters.
DT: Who replaces him if we vote for this?
JC: It’s not about replacing him, we just express that we are displeased.
[EC becomes increasingly frustrated]

Voting. SP has been censured.

SU Committee Members x3
No Candidates
SM: [explaining the role] This is just a meeting of certain positions within Cuth’s to talk about things being discussed at assembly. SMwill bring snacks.

Candidates: MWa and request new candidate.

MWa’s speech (in summary)
Was on a year abroad last year. Just wants to be more involved in her final year and thinks it’s a good opportunity. Knows lots of people so can get your views and represent you.

SM: How would you deal with a controversial topic at committee?
MWa: Make sure everyone has a space to speak and open it up to wider Cuth’s to make sure we are representative.
JC: Would you tweet fun memes about what is going on in assembly?
MWa: Sure.
CWt: You mentioned in your speech that you know a lot of people. How many people do you know. On a scale of 1-10.
MWa: 7

MWa is elected

Sports and Socs Reporters x 3
No candidates
EM: [explains role] Helps EM out. Hypes up Cuth’s. Helps with the Team Cuth’s page.
Still no candidates

Formals Manager
Two candidates: JO and request new candidate

JO’s Speech (in summary)
Really likes planning events. Summer Ball manager last year. Has the communication and organisational skills. Was venue manager for the fashion show. Formals are fab. Need to improve advertising by using Facebook events. More formals with different themes.

AK: What do you think main challenges will be?
JO: I will be good so there will be no challenges.
EC: What theme?
JO: A really fun one. Like superheroes.
DT: Who is your favourite superhero?
JO: Really don’t know.
JC: If you wanted to organise a formal with a theme but Elizabeth didn’t like it, how would you proceed?
JO: I’d try and convince her but sometimes there is no arguing with her.

JOis elected.

Social Comm First Year Reps x2
Candidates: MR, GZ, request new candidate

MR’s Speech (in Summary)
Is organised and reliable with friends and commitments. Good opportunity to get to know people better.

GZ’s Speech (in Summary)
Basically, just has a lot of experience. Stage manager with MIT. Likes booking rooms and talking to artists. And is super keen. Done fancy big events on the South Bank.

CW: If you were home, it’s 5pm, you are eating your shepherds pie, or cottage pie. What do you have on your tv, Pointless or the Chase?
MR: the Chase
GZ: the Chase
CW: well that’s two RONs then!

MR and GZ have both been elected.

PG Academic Rep

Candidates: JW and request new candidates

EC reads as much of the below speech as she could in one minute- which was definitely not all of it:
“Hi everyone, my name’s JW and I’m a first year PhD student in Classics here and also did my Master’s in Cuth’s. I’m very sorry I can’t be here this evening, as unfortunately, I’m teaching a GCSE student about Macbeth in Middlesbrough. As a Master’s student, one of my favourite events put on in College are the Research Fora, which take place in the SCR; I attended every forum last year and gave a memorable paper about the tombstones of Roman dogs in the middle of a snowstorm. However, due to a range of circumstances, there were only four fora last year and I’m keen to up the numbers and up the attendance. Historically, research fora have been targeted at post grads, but many undergrads, especially those considering further academia, would find these events useful and enjoyable. I therefore propose to ensure that there are at least two fora each term, open (and clearly advertised) to all, which will appeal to all tastes and levels. I’m keen to increase integration not only between the undergrads and post grads, but also to involve members of the SCR more in College academic events, to increase a sense of unity. This year, Cuth’s is hosting Professor DS, a visiting fellow from the Institute of Advanced Study who specialises in food, so I am proposing an informal and relaxed research event/conference/dinner with brief 5-20 minute papers about any aspect of food or eating together, from sciences or humanities, with a keynote speech from Professor Sutton. In conclusion, vote for me for more research fora throughout the year, which are advertised and attractive to post grads and undergrads alike as well as less formal academic events.”

JW is elected.

JC: Explains what all the postgrad roles are. I.e. sit on his committee and do the things that their names would suggest they did. Doesn’t have to be that intensive but can be if you fancy it.
[none wants to go for any of these roles ☹]

SP makes speech to end the meeting.
Sports and societies sign in with EM in the corner.

[Literally everyone leaves except JC and SP who wanted to go out but have no one to go with. So SP puts music on his phone and they both dance terribly. They then sing Thank God Van Mildert Didn’t Want Me on their own so that the meeting officially closed.]