JCR Meeting 2018/10/08

Bailey Bar, as it should be. Nice and busy actually.

Pool (trials), MG– International Welfare rep (volleyball trials), Basketball (trails), BodCon (one of the two captains is at class), Frisbee (working at the bar and at a Team Durham meeting), Cheerleading (both captains are at careers events)



President – AK
• Over Summer I’ve mainly been working on freshers’ week, helping MM and RJ plan and execute Freshers’ week. We introduced multiple changes, including the first non-silent disco Cuth’s night that was entirely in-college, and the presence of minority reps in the JCR each evening.
• I’ve also been looking at how to handle the levies issue this year, where for the first time our income has been reliant on students opting in, rather than opting out. Working with college and the exec, we’ve managed to achieve over a 90% opt in rate, with the exact figure tbc when Erasmus students have paid separately.
• I’ve created a committee for the other independent college JCRs so we can share best practise, and worked with the trustees on a regular basis to deal with other issues arising, as well as finishing the full charity audit that CM started.
• I’ve started the process of moving banks after Lloyds were so useless last year, and worked with college to try and get more input during and after formals.
• I’ve also sat on the Durham Award working group and am sitting on the 17th college working group to act as student representative.

Vice-President – EM
• Over summer I wrote this year’s Freshers’ Handbook which I tried to give a revamp, make more colourful and eye catching as well as informative. This took me on a quest for fun facts which I very much enjoyed.
• I organised all the stash for both Freps and Fresh during Freshers’ Week
• Getting stash to people who forgot to pick it up last year
• Trying to support AK and RJ throughout prep week and Freshers’ Week
• Reading and editing all the old minutes in order to make sure they are appropriate

Treasurer- AB
• Have been getting set up on the Lloyds bank account so I can use the card and chequebook etc,
• Have been getting prepped for trustee meetings,
• Have set up a fancy new excel cashbook to track all of our expenses and check expenditure for each sport and soc and budget sub-heading and have been using it to check what we spent in freshers week,
• Have been helping rugby and swimming to get new budgets set up, and
• Have been working with AK to get a new finance committee position set up

Senior Welfare – LM
Since my handover, I’ve been trying to expand welfare via our social media platforms by starting both a blog and a daily instagram (we’d love any submissions you have). During freshers’ week my lovely team and I ran multiple consent workshops for the 400 incoming freshers. We are in the midst of organising a C card event for you all in college, as well as a small ‘it gets better campaign’ in collab with art soc.

Society Librarian – EB
• Since taking up the role of Librarian, I have been getting myself and the library ready for the year.
• I’ve received training to be able to use the library system correctly and I’ve sent out applications for new Volunteers and Stock Managers.
• I’ve also scheduled the collection of the last of the culled books from last year, which should be gone by the time we open next Monday.
• In general, I’ve been preparing for the library opening, cataloguing and reviewing the Book Order, the deadline for which is this Sunday 14th October.

Senior Welfare Officer – LM
• Since my handover, I’ve been trying to expand welfare via our social media platforms by starting both a blog and a daily instagram (we’d love any submissions you have).
• During freshers’ week my lovely team and I ran multiple consent workshops for the 400 incoming freshers.
• We are in the midst of organising a C card event for you all in college, as well as a small ‘it gets better campaign’ in collab with art soc.

International Rep – JB
• Planned the international events during summer, and organised and carried out these activities and events during International Freshers’ week
• Arranging storage collections from the previous term with students
• Currently sorting out applications for the International Committee, including advertising our aims for this year and the positions available

Outreach Chair – EP
• Over the summer and since term has begun I have been in contact with the school at which FRAMDA takes place, and have confirmed the continuation of the project and set a start date for the scheme. I have also begun recruiting a team of volunteers for this.
• I have established links with the Northeast Homeless Shoebox Appeal, which works to give to those that are homeless, living in poverty, seeking refuge from domestic violence and other serious situations.
• I have also begun the application process of appointing a new Outreach Committee, which I am hoping to expand should the motion today be passed. Also, I have been in contact with SCA regarding getting a SCA rep for Cuth’s appointed by them.
• Finally, if the motion is passed, I have established the donation to charity with the sales of Cuth’s events tickets.

Sports and Societies – EMo
• updated the team Durham portal with all the new sports captains for this year
• allocated the crumbs pitch for football
• starting to organise a varsity day with Hild Bede (more details to follow)
• organised freshers fair

Social Chair – MM
• FRESHERS’: I organised Freshers’ Week over summer together with the President and Head Frep. We aimed to have two events on each night, one being more chill (e.g ice-breakers, movie night, acoustic night). Unlike in previous years, the first night was a night in college, rather than night to a club. So bands and a DJ were booked to play in college. Overall all events were very successful with both the events each night being well attended. Each night we also had at least 225 people going out to the clubs.
• MICHAELMAS BALL: the venue has been booked and the first meeting with social comm will hopefully be very shortly after the JCR meeting to start organising everything.

Communications Officer – SM
• Over the summer, I’ve been working mostly on putting together the new Livers Out Handbook, which includes information about how to keep in contact with Cuths when living out, how to handle issues such as rent, budgeting, dealing with landlords and housemates as well as some recipes to make sure people don’t just eat pot noodles all the time.
• I’ve also been looking into the possibility of creating a college family tree on the website. More updates with that will follow soon.
• Finally during Freshers week I’ve written the first newsletter of term and organised the college families and parents’ evening.

JCR Chair – EC
• This summer I’ve been cracking on with updating the standing orders. There’s a lot that hasn’t been done over the last few years so I’ve been going through old minutes and making sure everything is included.
• I have also been helping out with ensuring as many freshers as possible opt in to JCR membership as this system has now changed due to new data protection laws.
• As well as that I’ve been organising this JCR meeting and offering advice to those who wanted it, holding office ours for a couple of hours on Monday as I intend to continue to do before each meeting throughout the year.

Facilities Manager – JG
• Over the summer, I’ve been working away to make sure that both the music room and gyms are in a usable state for the start of the new year. I’ve also spent most of Freshers week running around, plugging stuff in to add a bit of colour to your freshers week. I’ve also planned gym inductions, the first of which was this evening with all information posted on the Freshers page.

Extras from POCs – SS and DV
• SS has been to Oxford to attend a race facilitator workshop – important issue and is trying to expand that out into the rest of cuths. Also last year we had some training for all sports and socs chairs and captains
DV has been frepping and being a minority rep in the evening
They are planning events coming up soon.


Formals Manager Motion

This JCR Notes:
• There is no position within Cuth’s JCR that has the responsibility of specifically overseeing the organisation of formals.
• College would like the JCR to become more involved in formals.
This JCR Believes:
• Increased JCR involvement in formals would increase the amount of work expected of Social Committee including coming up with themes, creating decorations, and liaising with college.
• The creation of Formals Manager would relieve some of the pressure upon the Social Chair.
• Formals Manager would be expected to help out with other events like any other member of Social Committee given the discount to events members of Social Committee receive.
This JCR Resolves:
• To create a Formals Manager within Cuth’s JCR.
• Formals Manager will be a Method II position to be elected in Michaelmas Term.
• The Formals Manager will sit on Social Committee.
• Their duties shall be:
 Assist the Social Chair in the organising and setting up of Formals.
 Attend meetings of Social Committee and offer ideas and suggestions relating to upcoming social events.
 Assist with the preparation, and organisation for social events as requested by the social chair.
 Attend event venues before and/or after events to assist with set-up and/or clear-up of events.

AK: Don’t really know why you would be against this because we all want good formals
No questions
No amendments

Motion is passed on a general aye

£1 Events Tickets Charitable Donation Motion

This JCR Notes:
• The JCR holds four main events each year. These are Michaelmas Ball Manager, The Feast of St Cuthbert, Summer Ball, and Cuth’s Day.
• They are highly popular events with many students attending.
• £1 was added onto the price of each Summer Ball ticket last year as a donation to charity.
This JCR believes
• Adding £1 for charity to each ticket is an effective way for people to be able to support charity and raise a sizeable sum of money.
• The addition of £1 to each ticket was very successful at the most recent summer ball.
This JCR Repeals:
• The previous motion adding £1 to the cost of each summer ball ticket in order for £1 from each ticket to go to charity.
This Resolves:
• To increase the price of tickets to Michaelmas Ball, The Feast of St Cuthbert, Summer Ball, and Cuth’s Day by £1 in order for £1 from each ticket to go to charity.
• There will be a vote within the JCR as to which charity the money will be donated to.

RJ: Define all Cuths events?
EP: Balls and Cuth’s Day etc
EM: How will you pick the charity you are going to support?
EP: Similar to last year, we will have a short list and then put it to a vote in college

Motion passed on a general aye

Outreach Committee Members Motion

This JCR Notes:
• Outreach Committee currently consists of: Outreach Chair, Vice-President, SCA rep, DUCK rep, DUCK Liaison Officer, Publicity officer, Events manager, and Project Coordinator.
• The SCA rep and DUCK Liaison Officer are elected via an application process led by their relevant organisations, not by Cuth’s Outreach.
• The DUCK rep is elected via a Method I election within Cuth’s JCR.
• Publicity officer, events manager and project coordinator are all admitted to the committee via an application process led by Outreach Chair.
• Therefore, there are only four positions on Outreach Committee that are appointed by the JCR at the beginning of each year, only three of which are appointed by the Outreach Chair.
This JCR Believes:
• The potential addition of more members to Outreach Committee would be beneficial to its functioning.
• The addition of more positions would give more people the opportunity to become involved in Cuth’s Outreach.
The JCR Resolves:
• To add 4 Outreach Committee Members to Outreach Committee
• To amend clause 6.1.2 in the Positions in the JCR Standing Orders to include 4 Outreach Committee Members.
• To add to the Positions in the JCR Standing Orders clause 6.8 stating the following:
• 6.8 Outreach Committee Member
• 6.8.1 Their duties shall be:
o To attend meetings of Outreach Committee and offer ideas and suggestions relating to projects, events, and publicity.
o To aid the Outreach Chair in any reasonable duties benefitting Outreach Committee.
o To assist with the preparation, organisation, and clear-up of outreach events as requested by the Outreach Chair.
• 6.8.2 The Outreach Committee Members shall be selected by the Outreach Chair via an application form and an informal interview. It is at the discretion of the Outreach Chair as to whether all 4 of these positions shall be filled.


SC: Define how many more
EP: 4, we’ve written out what it’s going to be like
Motion passed on a general aye

Welfare Reps vs Officers Names

This JCR notes:
• That the role of an officer is often the role of somebody who is trained and usually somebody with office hours. Neither those in charge of campaigns or those involved in the international aspect of welfare have said training or drop in hours either. The role of ‘international welfare officer’ is very similar to the role of ‘LGBT+ rep’ and ‘POC rep’, just instead with a focus on international students
This JCR believes:
• That the titles of ‘campaigns officer’ and ‘international welfare officer’ may be misleading and isn’t an entirely accurate description of their role

This JCR resolves:
• To change the title of ‘welfare campaigns officer’ to ‘welfare campaigns manager’ and ‘international welfare officer’ to ‘international welfare rep’
AK: would this be effective immediately?
LM: Yes
JC: Don’t we need MG’s consent considering it’s her role?
LM: MGhas been consulted but we can talk to her more
Motion passed on a general aye

Fem Soc Guest Speaker Motion
This JCR notes:
• That the guest speaker will present on the 18th October in Elvet Riverside and will charge £75 to deliver a talk and workshop on gender and Black History Month. St Cuth’s Feminist Society, being relatively small, is not subscription-based, and therefore does not have a budget.

This JCR believes:
• That the guest speaker is pertinent to current events and the annual recognition of Black History Month, and has spoken before at the university and on national radio. The event will demonstrate St Cuthbert’s Society’s dedication to a sincere celebration of Black History Month, aiding the college in its commitment to promoting diversity.

• The event is being co-hosted by St Cuthbert’s Society and Josephine Butler, in an attempt to minimise the cost as far as possible. In the interest of the inclusivity that the event is striving to promote, the society feels making the event unticketed will make it the most accessible.

The JCR resolves:
• That £75 will be offered to the St Cuth’s Feminist Society to fund the guest speaker.
• Discussion
JC: is this a long term thing? It’s not efficient to have a motion per speaker you bring in
AI: Femsoc are relatively small so have never asked for subs or money, but if this were to become more common then we should have another system.


[SP makes emotive speech thanking AB and complementing his shoe size. And also explains his role and the difference between Method I and Method II.]

Method I

Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep
• JC
• CW
• Request New candidate

CW’s Speech (in summary)
Underneath the BDE and monotone voice he is passionate, he’s been involved in panto, cuth’s day, silent disco, likes to help out, gyms (getting huge)
Wants to create a second PG rep role so alleviate pressure- one masters one and one PhD one
More and better socials
Things like PG football teams and things
Wants to give postgrads a home here
Quotes Michael Jackson

JC’s Speech (in summary)
Did his undergrad here, honorary life membership. Was Sports and socs rep, and also SU rep so represented Cuth’s to SU assembly
Knows lots about wider university on the whole
Was Treasurer so knows ins and outs of college
Also recently ran PG freshers week this year
New events
Working with exec members to make sure that events planned are inclusive
Represent PG – potentially aggressively if needed
Regular bar crawls and meals so people meet and it’s nice
Introduce treasurer and VP to PG Comm
Maintain all the regular events that PG Comm runs – murder mystery social and those kind of things.


MM: It’s hard to include postgrads, what are your plans to get people to run because they often don’t?
CW: Change how postgrad comm is elected- have it done by applications so we could get the ball rolling quickly so we get things done faster
JC: Speaking to people in person because it’s easy to get people to go for positions. Friends with lots of people

AK: How are you going to get Mature students more involved
JC: Have a Mature rep and make sure people feel welcome at all events,
CW: Says he addresses this in the manifesto but, You have to tailor events to people because they might not always want to do the same things as the UGs

AB: What’s been the biggest obstruction to UG and PG integration
CW: lack of communication and events and things where they are mixed. UGs need to know that postgrads aren’t that different or old
JC: Undergrads don’t know about PG events and don’t know that they are welcome, also lots of the PG events are academic so we want to have more chill events

SC: As Cuth’s doesn’t have an MCR, and we most of the people who vote are UGs in the JCR
JC: interesting situation. No one has ever really had a problem with this. But a role like this is more about people who care about manifestos than fb popularity like it sometimes is with other elections
CW: It’s better for democracy to have things voted for by a wider group of people

Welfare Campaigns Officers x2
• KP
• JS
• Request New candidate

JS Speech (in summary)
Been involved in Welfare since he arrived and helped run a variety of campaigns and learned a lot about these issues and how vital campaigns are.
Head boy and on student council in school and helped run things and outreach campaigns.
Committed to helping others.
Wants to work with reps so that issues close to the groups they represent are tackled.
Wants to give people a voice about what they want to see from the welfare campaigns team.
Introduce new campaign events and old classics like text a toastie.
Wants to give back to the college.

JOW’s Speech (in summary)
Has seen welfare in action and wants to put her all into the campaigns.
Wore tiger costume in Freshers week and got sweaty.
Good listener, friendly and approachable.
Passionate about welfare issues especially for minority groups.
Dropped out of Oxford and had a rocky patch but it made her super aware of welfare issues.
Devoted to making sure people don’t feel like she did in Oxford.
Wants to introduce anonymous suggestion boxes in Parsons and Bailey about what campaigns people want to see.

KP’s Speech (in Summary)
Welfare are wholesome and wants to make more students aware and value the events that they run. Over-hall of the social media.
More events that are inclusive to both extraverts and introverts.
Canadian so trained in the art of wholesomeness.
Has started a non profit and is good at marketing and running’s things and making a platform. Has dealt with loads of crises but her events have never fallen through.
Self-care and mental health are issues close to her heart. She won’t let you down.


CC: All talked about LGBT, what could you do to raise awareness for our trans communities?
KP: Making sure the people who want to remain anonymous but also letting them know about the routes they can take if they want to. Also support them through mental health issues. Need to make people aware so maybe social media could be more informative and directive.
JOW: Really agree with KP, maybe some sort of anonymous group? So people know they have someone to go through the experience with. Let people know it’s an inclusive community
JS: Really important to utilise the reps we already have in college so wants to talk to KW about that. It’s also about open conversation so people need to be informed regardless of whether they are in minority groups or not.

DT: No one touched on POC reps. How are you going to address POC issues when most of welfare aren’t people of colour?
JS: I can’t speak from my own experience but we can use the fab POC reps we have and use them to make sure everyone’s experiences are being observed.
JOW: Want to work closely with the POC reps. Is really excited about their upcoming events and wants to do more with them.
KP: Wants to take role and project the voices of other people. Want to make sure the reps views are key in understanding how these events happen in Cuth’s.

Assistant Librarian
• Request New candidate

• TR
• Request New candidate
TR’s speech (in summary)
Second year studying economics, did charity fashion show and did advertising. Involved with 18 degrees consultancy. President of the German society. Been to Tanzania as a teacher then given talks about it.
Wants to collaborate with DUCK and the outreach team, as DUCK has the financial resources and Outreach has the reach.
Knows the charity fashion show has potential to raise awareness as well as money
Keep close with the other college DUCK reps


[All method I elections are voted for online]

Method II
JROs x3
Candidates: EE Request new candidate

From Colombia, and he learnt there that corruption is bad and transparency is important. Wants to propose integration in Parsons and bailey and aware many people in Parsons didn’t know elections were on.


CW: Do you think you will ever have as much respect for SP as SP has for AB
EE: no, impossible.

SP: What is the JCR
EE: Family.
Everyone: Awwwww.

E is elected!

Candidates: WB

WB’s speech (in summary)
Job as stool is to assist chair and I know EC well and I want to know more about the JCR
Know about college because of open days and frepping and has also liked meetings
Loves college. He’s personal and he’s on it. And he can take the chat that is thrown at the stool.


RJ: Are you running for stool so you can be under Emma Croll?
WB: Yes

AB: Very important serious role. Please do best impression of a stool
*Will refuses to be a stool* *everyone boos*

WB is elected

Michaelmas Ball Manager
Candidates: BC, CG, Request New Candidate

BC’s Speech (in summary)
Netball, Michaelmas ball manager, winter ball themed

CG’s Speech (in summary)
Committed member of social comm, enjoyed playing a roll in every event last year, many years experience social comm, enjoy being involved in JCR, open day team leader, lacrosse captain, organising events others will enjoy, juggling responsibilities and degree, Michaelmas ball was my favourite ball, show freshers want Cuth’s events are like


MM: How are you going to remap the outside ents at events?
CG: Big fan of the swings that go around, and getting bevved
BC: Wants an ice-skating rink

MT How good are you at managing balls?
BC: fine.
CG: I get the job done.

EP: Pick a theme
BC: Narnia with wardrobe entrance
CG: Stary Night with lots of glow in the dark or snowy wonderland

DT: Previous balls have been heavy on fairly lights and glitter, what are you going to change?
CG: More entertainment in dinner- like the people at summer ball where they made songs about people on tables
BC: It’s still got to look like, but more interest in dinner. Snow queens on stilts walking around.

VC: what has been the biggest role you’ve been part of in organising something like this?
CG: been on social comm before and had to deal with certain parts and had to talk to police last ball
BC: a Sixthform ball

BCis elected Michaelmas Ball manager

Finance Committee x 5
Candidates: PA, RM, LM, SOO, JZ

PA’s speech (in summary)
She understands why money is important because of what it does for the college and make it the most fulfilling experience possible. Wants things to be better funded, and wants more events at Parsons and wants to help with money to use money to help fund this. Helped run campaigns for a political party.

RM’s speech (in summary)
Doesn’t know loads about the JCR, but knows about adding and excel. Used to be contact advisor for a charity and is good at dealing with sensitive information. Has loved the events that have gone on so far.

LM’sSpeech (in summary)
Like’s being part of the community. Has worked in start ups. Understands the importance of budgeting and saved school 11 thousand pounds. Hard working and reliable. Has been in change of deciding how money is being spent.

SOO’s speech (in summary)
Didn’t have much to say and was very quiet so I didn’t catch it really but people giggled and seemed to like him.

JZ’s speech (in summary)
Is SP’s college wife. Was on finance comm last year and worked on things to do with the gym and is proud of everything she achieved and wants her old job back.


DT: What’s your favourite number
JZ: 6 because I’m Chinese and quite good at maths and that’s a luck number
RM: 42 because of Hitchhikers guide
SOO: 10 because of Leo Messi
LM: Something to do with her birthday 9
PA: Something to do with factorisation 1729

JC: What would you do if you had £2k to spend on something JCR related?
PA: Events at Bailey and Parsons so people could go to either side
LM: An event everyone could attend
RM: Maybe support a welfare event
SOO: Something about the bar and a massive party
JZ: Can’t really make that decision alone, have to talk to finance committee and talk to the rest of the exec but would want to help with something welfare and charity related

CW: what’s your thoughts on the major cause of the 2008 financial crash and the mitigating preparations that could have been put in place at the time?
RM: Banks
LM: Watch the Big Short
PA: Thinks it was under spending by the government as they didn’t make others spend
JZ: Don’t really know how to answer that
SO: Thatcher’s fault.
PA, LM, JZ, SOO and RM are elected for finance comm elected

Social Committee First Year Rep x3
Candidates: ABr (absent)

ABr’s speech (in summary)
Lots of experience with events and bog-standard parties. Wants to dedicate time. Events for drinkers and non-drinking. Will take the role very seriously.

ABr is elected

Social Committee Second Year Rep x3
Candidates: OW, IR, MW, TG, SA, MT, AnK

TR’s speech (in summary)
Best memories were Cuths events. Lots of Cuth’s spirit. Basketball captain, various other sports roles, open day repped, helped organise prom and looked for funding and location and it was a big task.

MW’s speech (in summary)
Really great way to support JCR, loves events in the past year, loves helping out, can draw a good tiger, arty, has made stash for running club this year, mixed lacrosse captain so good at organisation, social sec for rounders and swimming,

SA’s speech (in summary)
Was on social comm last year, was also Cuth’s Day manager, everything went wrong but he helped pull it together and no one noticed so he knows how to deal with things doing tits up

MT’s speech (in summary)
Was on social comm last year, helped organising things for the fashion show. Approachable and will put people’s ideas forward.

IR’s speech (in summary)
Member of social comm and managed feast last year. Connections with companies already. Wants to make ents tickets more worth it – like a black jack table with campaign for the prize etc.

OW’s speech (in summary)
Loves working behind the scenes in Cuth’s. Was a frep. Loves prep and wants to do that all year around. Head of house in Old school. This summer he launched own App Company.

AnK speech (absent) (in summary)
Was on social comm last year and found it engaging and exciting and helped with everything last year. Loved the balls and being part of Cuth’s. wants to be part of the most fun committee there is

TR, SA, and IR are elected

Social Committee Third Year Rep x3
Candidates: PJ, MW, LF

LF ‘s speech (in summary)
Was involved in wine and cheese events. Has experience talking to suppliers and talking to locations places. Want’s to give back to college events.

MW’s speech (in summary)
Loves social comm so much that she’s going for a year she isn’t in. Repeat things said in her first year speech.

PJ’s speech (in summary)
Wants all the booze cheaper and wants to get shit done.


SW: How is third year going?
PJ: pretty good
LF: easing into it
MW: I’m not in third year

PJ, MW and LF are elected

Students with Disability Rep
Candidates: CC, EuM, Request New Candidate

EuM’s speech (in summary)
Has sight impairment. Really passionate about access to education for those with impairments. He’s seen the best and the worst of this so knows how to do it well.

CC’s Speech (absent) (in summary)
Working at a student newspaper this evening. Well placed for role as knows what it’s like to have an additional need.

EuM is elected <3

All manifestos are online and you should vote online.