Women’s football

Non-Cuth’s Students Joining Sports and Societies
This JCR notes that you have to be a member of Cuth’s JCR to join a sport or society. This JCR also notes that currently several non-Cuth’s students are members of Cuth’s sports & societies.
This JCR believes that Cuth’s JCR aims to benefit Cuth’s students, as stated in the charitable aims. This JCR believes that as our priority lies with Cuth’s students, if a sport or society is too short of members to function, seeking students in other colleges would then be of benefit to the other Cuth’s students in these sports/societies. This JCR believes that no non-Cuth’s students should be replacing Cuth’s students in sports or societies. Hence, this JCR believes that the standing orders should be changed to dictate when and where non-Cuth’s students can join sports or societies.
This JCR notes to only allow a non-cuth’s JCR member to join a sport or society with the joint permission of the JCR president, JCR Chair and JCR treasurer. This JCR notes that grounds must be shown that no Cuth’s student is being replaced by a non-Cuth’s student as well as that the non-Cuth’s student will benefit other Cuth’s students by joining the sport/society.
This JCR also notes that if non-Cuth’s members are granted permission to join, then they will be charged at a 125% the sport/society subs. This as because sports and socs are funded 50% by the JCR, of which this non-Cuth’s member will have not paid a levy for. This JCR notes that FiComm agreed a 150% levy rate to compensate for the levy they have not paid would be too expensive to charge.
This JCR notes that sports or societies may appeal the decision of the JCR president and Treasurer to the board of Trustees. The board of Trustees will have the final say.
This JCR notes to amend the following standing order ‘Sports & Societies’ to reflect this. An Additional clause, 1.9, shall be added. It will state the following.
1.9 Non-Cuth’s students may join sports or societies if the sport or society requires their presence in order to function fully. This will only be allowed on the grounds that Cuth’s students will benefit from their membership and that their membership will not replace any Cuth’s student. The non-Cuth’s student joining the Sport or Society will be charged at a 125% rate of that sport/society’s subs. The sport or society must have joint permission from the JCR President, JCR Chair and Treasurer. They may appeal this decision to the board of Trustees whose say is final.
Proposer: CM
Seconder: AK

CM: outlining the motion that puts in rules for non-cuths students in sports and societies
P?: Should sports and socs chair be involved in the decisions as well as they’re more involved?
Amendment to replace treasurer with sports and socs chair
P?: also does the approval have to go through a jcr meeting?
CM: no just through the three positions
Amendment passed on a general aye
– Amended motion passed on a general aye

Removal of Proposers and Seconders for Elections
This JCR notes that all candidates running for a JCR position must currently have a proposer and seconder.
This JCR believes that there is no real reason for this to occur. This JCR also believes that it may discourage people from running or allow people to vote based on who the candidate knows rather than the content of their candidacy. This JCR also notes that the Presidential election is different. As the JCR President is the only full time employed member of the JCR, the proposers’ speech can act as an important reference for their candidate.
This JCR resolves to remove the requirements for proposers and seconders for all elections apart from the Presidential election where only the seconder will be removed.
Proposer: CM
Seconder: RJ

CM: outlining the motion about making the elections more fair
SM: shouldn’t that mean you replace the campaigns team as well?
CM: main issue is the names of the proposer and seconder are on all the posters
ALJ: before we said the proposer and seconder were sounding boards for before you have the campaign teams chosen?
MM: how much do you think they actually affect things?
CM: enough to change it
Amendment: to have the candidate to choose two campaign team members prior that they can sound ideas to
Amendment passed on a general aye
ALJ: think this is taking things away from the process and now the issue with exec being impartial is done then it could be good to have people know who’s supporting who
CM: I just think this makes things fairer
Amendment to keep proposers and seconders but just remove them from the posters and manifestos
Amendment passed on a general aye
– Amended motion passed on a general aye

Darts Club Merging Motion
This JCR notes:
There are currently two separate darts clubs.
The new women’s club was voted in during the last JCR meeting.
The two clubs had a meeting and both were completely in agreement the two clubs should merge.
This JCR believes:
The newest club should become part of SCSDC as a new non-competitive team.
It would be beneficial to merge the two clubs as they have the same budget and this will allow for integration from the new team into SCSDC if they wish.
Merging will make both clubs more inclusive.
This JCR resolves:
To merge the two clubs.
An exec. position for the captain(s) of the new team will be created within SCSDC.
Proposer: KH
Seconder: LG

KH: speaking on behalf of the motion
Amendment to say the non-competitive team be women’s only
Amendment passed on a general aye
CW: is there any point in having it say non-competitive when then it would be easier if they do want to become competitive
KH: think this is probably easier in my opinion
DG: could they move to a competitive team if they want?
KH: yep
ALJ: a reason for the team was because the darts team was intimidating, would this change?
KH: they’ll act independently and have their own facebook groups etc. and we’ll be doing our best to be inclusive as well
EC: I think having two different clubs where when the women’s only becomes bigger and then can merge that’ll be better
DG: will they have a separate stall and things for the freshers fair?
KH: yeah I’d be happy for that
EC: what’s the actual issue with a different club?
KH: one that it’s easier with budgets and admin – and also easier for them to move over into the competitive teams – and also I’ve tried to integrate women personally and this’ll be great with furthering that
Girls darts team rep: we agree with the motion and think it would benefit the girls team with equipment and with doing both non- and competitive
SM: with boat club we have mens and womens and do different socials and things and it works fine under the one club
AK: the boat club has a big established womens team and mean its far less intimidating for women to join
Amendment to have it in the motion that the womens team gets a stall at freshers fair
Amendment passed on a general aye
Motion put to a vote
– Amended motion has been passed

Method 1
President of Cuth’s Charity Fashion Show – KU, CB and RON
Neither present
KU: I have excellent leadership qualities – bossy yet approachable – pr and advertising role on exec beforehand so have knowledge – promoted the show – went beyond my role though and did more than necessary – my previous experience with charitable fundraisers – from local area and have worked with local charities – would reform – new location for bigger audience – want to ensure the benefits of the charity is more – do more fundraisers and have full segment about it in the show
CB: second year bio – the two fashion shows I’ve been involved in were fantastic – would bring previous experience – contacts with fashion brands – commitment, creativity etc. – was a part of a charity at school and did a charity fashion show for it – was a fashion coordinator this year and contacted different brands, directed walks etc – well equipped to face challenges – think have the skills necessary for it to raise even more money for a great charity

Senior Returning Officer – SP and RON
Not present
SP: got involved in the jcr from my first jcr meeting – jcr is a society of opportunity and success rests on being governed by the best – want to get the best talent for roles – will host an interview series with committees on facebook – will publish a yearly calendar for when elections are – will have visitation hours on both bailey and parsons for any questions – elections are critical for the JCR – have been the jro for this year and dutifully done my job and policed elections with integrity – will strive to have all elections as free and fair

Student Trustees x 3 – SWC, DT, JP and RON
JP: been a trustee this year – done more for it than my degree – recruited three new external trustees this year – have loved it – please vote
DT: first year – open day rep – do stuff for the bubble – Christian union – work with the other trustees to have jcr reach charitable goals – publicising what trustees do – if elected I’ll put in different opinions – want to start a new relationship with the jcr
SWC: first year – really interested in this unique opportunity – have worked for charities before so know some more of the legal aspects – ran for chair so have done research into the standing orders and constitution – it’s about accountability for the exec and making sure the students voices are heard and that we adhere to our charitable aims – would definitely challenge things that I feel aren’t the best for students and think I’m good at doing that tactfully and respectfully – want to put the minutes from the meetings online as well – would love this

CL: what would the exec need to be held accountable for?
SWC: for their decisions on important matters for the students
DT: every decision they make really
JP: asking questions is the big thing for what trustees do
AF: what is the most important quality for a student trustee
DT: to be trustworthy so that they don’t abuse their powers
JP: take a longer term view for the charity
SWC: integrity
CW: who on the exec do you think is the most trustworthy?
SWC: AFas she’s impartial
AF: what do you think cuths charitable aims are and how would you make us fulfil them
SWC: to make life for students the best as possible – look at the decisions made by the exec and see how they affect students
DT: ensuring the charity helps student attainment – feedback from students to trustees and vice versa and knowing people’s views
JP: to make student experience in cuths as good as possible – key to improving what we’re doing by improving ourselves by looking at other JCRs

Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep
No candidates

See appendix

Art soc budget – want more money as we’ve used up our reserves a decent amount this year
– Asked for £400 and we amended to £350 as we think that should be fine
Passed on a general aye
Badminton – asking for less money than last year as going to have less training as we expect lower attendance next year
– Amended to increase subs as it was digging into the reserves a lot and that’ll be used up quickly
Passed on a general aye
Basketball – similar to last year really
– Amended to raise subs by £2 to stick with 50/50 rule
Opposition: attendance has gone down so raising subs might make even fewer people want to join
Amendment to not have the subs rise
CM: this rule is for every club and society so that the levy doesn’t favour certain societies
Amendment put to vote
Amendment not passed
Passed on a general aye
Big band – same as last year
– Allowed for a net deficit to use their reserves for things that will last
Passed on a general aye
Boat club – asking for less than last year – building up reserves to save for new boat
– Not amended
Passed on a general aye
Bodcon – no one present to represent them (then represented by ALJ)
– Moved to dining hall from the Shakespeare hall – reduced the subs and then can be reduced again when their deficit is reduced
Passed on a general aye
Choir – sent apologies
Climbing – raised subs
Passed on a general aye
CRACAS – asking for just a little more
– Not amended but we don’t give money as we don’t pay for alcohol
Passed on a general aye
Cricket – confusion about pitch fees but got a general budget
– Amended subs to be £7
Passed on a general aye
– Asked for a crest money but other clubs have paid for their own
– Increased subs as well to £5
KH: we’d rather have lower subs and buy fewer things
Budget will be resubmitted
Film soc – no one here
Women’s football – sent apologies – Masha will represent
– Increased subs by £2
Passed on a general aye
Frisbee – not expecting to spend too much next year
– Not amended
– Small deficit but fine for income/expenditure
Passed on a general aye
Gardening – don’t ask for subs as only really works for part of the year and have low attendance
– Not amended
Passed on a general aye
Golf – new society
– Subs increased by £2 as they’ll spend more this year and get close to breaking even mark
Passed on a general aye
Hockey – changed as pitches cost more
– Not amended
Passed on a general aye
Lacrosse – not got much reserves – keeping subs the same
– Got a deficit but don’t need to wipe it out now as that’ll be unfair on next year’s team
Passed on a general aye
Netball – want to start a new team so want more money for things
– Reduced the subs
Passed on a general aye
Pool – got a lot of reserves – don’t request any money from JCR – don’t do subs people just pay as they go
– Not amended but once they get £500 in reserves the extra money will go back into the JCR for other sports and socs
KH: might want to build a bigger reserve as may need to buy a new one?
An issue for later
Passed on a general aye
Rounders – just money for a first aid kit
– No amendments
Amendment to add £50 to get rounders kit e.g. poles
Fine with treasurer
Amendment passed on a general aye
Amended motion passed on a general aye
Men’s Rugby – normal
– Amended to not pay for water bottles
– They’re essentially stash
Amendment to add the water bottles back
Put to a vote
Amendment not passed
Motion passed on a general aye
Rugby Women’s – asking for a bit more money for a tackle pad and t-shirts for general stock
– Increased subs to £13 to match 50/50 rule
Passed on a general aye
Running – asking for more money as want to do another run and torches for safety
– Amended to reduce the amount they have to pay themselves
Passed on a general aye
Volleyball – sent apologies – no amendments though so passed on a general aye
Overall Budget for the Year
Includes all sports and societies and everything
Passed on a general aye


(SP vs RON for SRO was also in the previous meetings minutes, unsure why)