Exec Updates
Within college I have focused some time on study space, ordering new desk chairs for the study space on the Bailey, rearranging the study room, redecorating the computer room and sorting out the conference room as well as organising for the bar to be open to study during the week. I’ve also researched alterative study spaces across the university to help everyone find somewhere that they can work.
On a wider scale I have also been speaking with the Secretary of the University, Chair of College Council and other staff to update our memorandum of agreement. It’s out of date especially with the new GDPR regulations coming into place. In light of GDPR I have also been working on a Privacy notice for the JCR and along with the trustees I have been working on a set of policies and procedures that will hopefully be in place by next academic year.
In terms of representing you all on a university level I have been working on a few things. I have organised a consultation session with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Colleges and Student Experience to discuss the new code of behaviour/disciplinary procedures that the university are working on to ensure that they are fair and appropriate for students. I have also been working with SMVOG and CH to have all colleges running consent workshops next year as surprisingly few run them at the moment. I am trying to organise adequate training so that they can be inclusive and student lead. I have written some naked calendar guidelines for colleges to use in the future making sure people are aware of laws and issues of sexual harassment. I have also been working on improving JCR consultation within the university for things like Open Days and have organised a joint Prescomm and Vice Principles Committee to address various consultation issues that have occurred. Along with the Aidan’s JCR President I drafted a letter to Alumni Associations to make them aware of how students are feeling about accommodation fees particularly as a part of the University Strategy requires Alumni funding. I also wrote an open letter to the Vice Chancellor addressing the 17th college naming process which JCR/MCR Prescomm and the Students’ Union Committee were not happy with (as well as over 4,000 students who signed the SU petition). Finally, I have written a procedure, effectively a standing order, for Prescomm to help the committee function better from the start next year.
Finally, within the JCR I have been supporting the Exec especially during exams. I have organised the take a break campaign and have successfully handed out over 400 Cuth’s Day residency notices. Mostly I have been trying to ensure that the exec are not overloaded with responsibilities during this stressful period!

Been attending meetings, writing minutes and helping out where possible – and now the final stash order of the year is out, which includes graduation stash! Also there’s still some stash leftover from the order last term so do let me know if that’s you and want to collect it! Not too much else to update on though.

Over the Easter break I updated the standing orders and sent them to our webmaster so that the new versions are posted on the newly re-vamped cuths.com website. I had a Governance Committee dinner party where we talked about motions and standing orders. We’ve been advertising elections and JCR Meetings to the best of ability in line with the new rules, and generally answering emails and organising meetings.

The classic job of reclaims, as well as trying to sort out issues with last year’s audit

Social Chair
I’ve been a very busy bee organising Summer Ball and Cuth’s Day. All 800 Summer Ball tickets sold out which was amazing and it is shaping up to be a really great night! The Cuth’s Day event will go live this week, with ticket sales being released very soon. I want to thank social comm for all the hard work they’ve put in so far getting everything booked and stuff during an already busy time of the year.

Senior Welfare Officer
We’ve created and distributed a load of revision timetables with tips, and made lots of motivational posters. We’ve done destress meditation events and have plans for more cool stuff..
Female welfare officers, Holly, may well have solved the unsolvable problems of getting Cuth’s students to be able to destress with DOGS!
We’ve also got exciting plans for an inclusivity event, after exams, which will be one not to miss!

Facilities Manager
Bit of a slow time with it being exam period, however, have decided to implement a 3-5 year plan (depending on which is more realistic) for the improvement of our facilities. Looking at re-shuffling the budget for this period to allow more to be done as a small budget every year only allows for minor changes to be made.
We would also like to look into being able to expand our capacity to rent out equipment, primarily the green machine kit in order to recoup some income and feel the go to techy college could be a good reputation to have in terms of both creating income and making the facilities budget somewhat more self-sustaining.
May soon be getting card scanners on the doors to the gyms (with the potential for future expansion to music room). Will help keep track of who has been in and when and just bring a little bit more control which should be good.
Some new kit in the gyms from last term, including a new bench put up in the bailey gym. The other will be put up on Wednesday after my exam.

Communications Officer
I have been writing the newsletter and attended an SU Rep Committee Meeting, where we discussed the #RippedOff Campaign (if you want to get involved get in touch with MC), organising a campaign on club safety, and making sure NUS Delegates report on how they voted at National Conference. Also hoping to form an SU Committee (motion today!) so more people can get involved if they want to!
Also Eurovision is happening Saturday 12th of May (next week) and will be a fun evening to celebrate our love of Europe, Cheesy pop and Cuth’s Bailey Bar! Look out for the Facebook event and come along for a nice revision break where there will be competitions and general camaraderie!!! (It’s going to be big on the projector and it’s going to be LIT)

Sports and Societies Chair
This term I have organised the college photos and advertised nominations for Cuth’s awards (which close at midnight!). In summary: useful procrastination from revision.

Outreach Chair
Pretty sure the Framda Showcase happened? Don’t remember when I last did one of these.
Art soc and I have been working on a sneaky little collab
Working out the logistics of mismatch over summer

Postgraduate Rep
Last term the postgraduate committee hosted our annual inter mcr formal with a murder mystery theme and silent disco. We have continued to post a newsletter called the “postgrad roundup”. This term we hope to hold more research fora as well as a PG conference and a trip after exams.

International Rep
The most recent international committee event was the Chinese New Year board games and food night at Brooks. Currently collecting information for summer storage options for international students who want to leave their belongings in Durham over summer.

This term my priority has been ensuring that the library is open and staffed during its extended opening hours. We have tried to let as many people know via word of mouth that other areas such as the House 8 study room are available. This has also been advertised on social media and in the newsletter. Finally, I have spent a LOT of money on biscuits and drinks to keep people in the library happy, caffeinated, and sugared-up.
In addition, I attended an Inter-Collegiate Library Committee meeting this week. This Committee is comprised of all of the college librarians alongside various representatives from the University Library. This is an opportunity for college librarians to pass their views onto the University Library and get any longstanding issues sorted. For Cuth’s, I got the details of a removal company who will pay us to take away the books we have taken off the shelves after the the book cull. I need to ascertain from college whether it is the they or the JCR who will receive these funds. Moreover, I have asked the University Library to send us their ‘Gifts Policy’ and ‘Gifts Form’ which donors will need to sign before donating their books to the Library. This will give the Cuth’s librarians the discretion to dispose of donated books that we do not or no longer need. We are expecting a large donation from the estate of deceased friend of the Society and hopefully this will ameliorate the problems we have had in the past regarding donated books of which we cannot dispose and which take up valuable shelf space.

Film Soc Motion
Motion for Cuth’s Film Soc
This JCR Notes:
There is no currently no Cuth’s society for watching/discussing films.
Watching films is a popular and interesting pastime for many students.
This JCR Believes:
A film society should be founded for students to watch and discuss films both old and new.
This would be popular with students throughout the year.
This JCR resolves:
To allow private showings of films in a suitable room (possibly House 8 conference room) on a fairly regular basis.
To allocate £20 of JCR funding to buy some DVDs.
Will want to show films in SCR/dining room and show classic films, wide range of films
VC: ticketed?
Free (no license issues)
OB: Hild Bede does a really good one, how would you compete?
They act more like a cinema showing new releases, but ours would be based on what people want to see – classic films, old films etc
– Passed on a general aye

Women’s Darts
This JCR notes:
That there is no only-girls darts team
This JCR believes:
That having an only-women team would encourage more girls to learn to play darts in a less pressured and less competitive environment
This JCR resolves:
To establish a women’s only darts team
Current one doesn’t have many female members and is quite competitive environment and we want a new one to have a less pressured one and one that girls can join and learn
SW: if no matches why a formal society?
Want to have more training and eventually we could join a league
JB: what would be an advantage of new society rather than making a new team in the actual society
To encourage more people to join – current one is more intimidating – encourage girls to come along if they’ve never played before etc.
CS: if it got successful would you consider merging with the current society?
Yes definitely
X: currently C team captain that is a girl that’s trying to bring in more girls
SW: suggest talking to the current female team about joining and helping there rather than make a new society
CM: get the point but it could have a team that isn’t competitive or intimidating and encourage more then might join later then why not
JM: if we got a new board then we’d be more open to it
They can always practise at a different time – won’t be doing matches at first anyway
Amendment not passed
– Passed on a general aye

Golf Club
The JCR Notes:
There is currently no society for Golf in Cuth’s. There are a number of players in the college who would like to be able to easily play golf whilst at university.
The JCR Believes:
‘St Cuthbert’s Society Golf Club’ will make it easier for golfers, of all abilities, to arrange practice and games with fellow Cuth’s students, at a more affordable rate.
The JCR Resolves:
To approve the establishment of St. Cuthbert’s Society Golf Club and the requested funding for travel, practice and playing fees.
Supporting Members of the JCR
1. SW
2. WJ
3. RT
4. LF
5. GW
6. JM
7. EF
8. JH
9. CS
10. CB
11. CJ
12. FC
13. RS
14. GB
15. AB
16. CD
17. CW
18. RM
19. JB
20. RD
21. CH
22. SJ
23. HG

Budget Breakdown for 20 members
• Proposed Membership Fee 2018 – £10 (£200 total raised from subs)
• Requested Weekly/Annual Funds from JCR- £50 p.w. / £400 p.a. (8 weeks in Summer Term)
• Breakdown:
o £2 per player to practice at the driving range
o £2.40 per car for the return journey to Ramside GC (approx. 8 miles total)
o One off JCR payment: SCSGC trophy for inaugural tournament = £30
• TOTAL REQUESTED FROM JCR = £430 — (£200 subs + £230 JCR funds)
Good way to get people involved and start trying golf
SP: will clubs be provided? Or people have to bring their own?
Budget is covering clubs, but currently everyone happy to share
Recommend to include for next year
– Passed on a general aye

Students’ Union Committee
This JCR notes
That currently the Communications Officer (who sits on the Executive Committee) acts as a Students’ Union Rep for Cuth’s with the two Junior SU reps supporting them also.
This JCR believes
That the structure of these roles are not adequate and a committee would be better suited. This would help ensure that the JCR is not just being represented by the view of the Communications Officer, but by the view of an entire Committee which has the power to invite specific JCR representatives when deemed appropriate by the Committee.
This JCR resolves
To replace the two Junior SU reps with three Students’ Union Committee Members. This JCR also resolves to create a Students’ Union Committee that consists of 6 members: the Communications Officer, 3 SU Committee Members, the Vice President and a number of Ex-Officio Members.
This will be done by adding the following to the Standing Orders, Article 1, Electable positions within the JCR under an additional section 10 after the Social Committee.
10.1 Students’ Union Committee
10.1.1 There shall exist a Students’ Union Committee (SUComm) who shall have responsibility for representing the views of JCR members to the Students’ Union. They shall also
1) It shall be called by the Communications Officer.
2) It shall be chaired by the Communications Officer and minuted by the Vice President.
3) It shall meet before each SU Assembly as a minimum requirement. The purpose of this meeting shall be to discuss the Agenda for the following SU Assembly.
10.1.2 It shall consist of:
1) Communications Officer
2) President of the Society (Ex-Officio)
3) Vice-President
4) 3 x Students’ Union Committee Members
5) Association Reps (Ex-Officio)
6) Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep (Ex-Officio)
7) International Rep (Ex-Officio)
10.1.3 The Students’ Union Committee shall have the power to determine how the Communications Officer votes in SU Assembly unless this is overridden by a JCR motion.
10.1.4 The Students’ Union Committee shall meet prior to every SU Assembly and any JCR Meeting in which a motion that is asking for the JCR to support a wider issue as a whole.
10.1.5 If a JCR motion advising the support of the entire JCR on a wider issue is presented, the Students’ Union Committee’s opinion, which shall be announced by the Communications Officer at the JCR Meeting, is to be regarded as advisory.
10.1.6 The Students’ Union Committee will help advise the Communications Officer on how they are to vote on any items in SU Assembly.
10.1.7 If the Communications Officer is unable to attend SU Assembly or an SU Rep Committee meeting, a member of Students’ Union Committee can take their place.
10.1.8 If a matter arises that may require the expertise of an Ex-Officio member, the Students’ Union Committee may invite them to attend a meeting.
10.2. Students’ Union Committee Members
10.2.1 Their duties shall be:
1) Attend meetings of Students’ Union Committee
2) Assist the Communications Officer with decisions relating to SU Assembly
3) Assist the Communications Officer in the conducting activities relating to the Student’s Union. For instance, this could include encouraging people to vote in SU elections, promoting SU campaigns, writing motions for NUS Delegates to take to NUS National Conference and advertising events and offers from the SU.
10.2.2 Students’ Union Committee Members shall have no pre-assigned roles, but may be allocated roles as the Communications Officer sees fit.
10.2.3 Students’ Union Committee Members shall be elected in Michaelmas Term, and if possible before the first SU Assembly.
The following Standing Order: Article 1, JCR Positions, 3.12.1 point 9) will be replaced with ‘Organise and Supervise Students’ Union Committee’.
Currently only communications goes to assembly to vote on complex issues – not best for one person to decide on – having a committee to discuss the issues will make the decision process easier and a lot more fair and representative
JB: will these be open meetings?
Not currently, just those listed
JB: I’d like to have an amendment to make it open
CM: worry that if there a lot of people going then it makes the committee not work as effectively, especially as the reps would be voted to represent the student voices
ALJ: can have it that it’s open but that the people that vote on the decision are the committee members
Amendment accepted with this
Passed on a general aye

Campaign Team Members Motion
This JCR notes:
That currently the Welfare Campaign Team consists of 20 Campaign Team Members
Campaign Team Members are selected by Interview by the Senior Welfare Officer, Male Welfare Officer and Female Welfare Officer
Senior Welfare Officer, Male Welfare Officer, Female Welfare Officer, Campiagn Team Members and the Association Reps all help run welfare campaigns
This JCR believes:
That currently the Campaign Team consists of too many members and is not as effective as could be
Having fewer Campaign Team members would improve the efficiency of the Campaign Team as well as the commitment of members.
This JCR resolves:
To reduce the number of Campaign Team Members by changing Standing Order ‘Article 1 Electable positions within the JCR ‘ point 6.1.5, second clause to ‘6 x Campaign Team Members’.
Sometimes with the current number of positions you don’t get the same amount of dedication as should be expected – so reduce it but also invite people should they want
ALJ: position elected or interviewed?
SC: 20 jump down to 6 is quite large?
Compared to other committees 6 is still quite a good number, and 20 is too many
CS: also it will include the minority reps and the welfare officers
– Passed on a general aye

Assistant Welfare Officers Motion
This JCR notes:
That currently we have two assistant welfare positions in the JCR
That the assistant welfare officers are in charge of running welfare campaigns throughout college and supporting the welfare offciers
That the assistant welfare officers have no role in dealing with disclosures or any welfare incidents
This JCR believes:
That their current title does not reflect their position as accuractely as could be
That the title “Welfare Campaigns Officer” would be more appropopriate and would remove any confusion
This JCR resolves:
To rename the Assistant Welfare Officers “Welfare Campaigns Officers”
– Passed on a general aye

Exec Impartiality
This JCR notes…
That currently members of the Executive Committee are able to join campaign teams, propose or second a candidate running in a Method I or Method II election.
This JCR believes…
That it is important for the JCR to strive to have elections that are as fair as possible, avoiding things such as nepotism or an election being based on who is supporting candidates as opposed to the platform the candidates are running on.
This JCR also believes that the Executive Committee can be a powerful influence in an election and if seen endorsing specific candidates, may persuade the electorate to vote for a candidate based on this reason.
This JCR resolves…
To have an impartial Executive Committee in all Method 1 and Method II elections hence the Exec may not propose, second or endorse any candidate.
Try and make elections more fair and not have people vote just because a well known name is proposing and seconding
JB: making it more open is always a good thing, but don’t think this motion will have this desired effect. Didn’t get involved in jcr stuff in first year, and only because I met jcr people who encouraged me and propose and second people to go for things that I may not have gone for before. Also doesn’t stop other influential voices as well or stop proposers and seconders
CM: some fair points – point that a lot of colleges have exec impartiality so not a new thing – personally don’t see any harm in it
ALJ: for opposition – exec are normally the people that are keen on cuths and might know more about cuths and who might be best or the right person for the job – and whilst they could just do it for their friends but from what I’ve seen I don’t think that’s going to happen much at all – also people can choose to be impartial if they want to be
CM: opinion though that just because they’re exec they might not know who should be chosen – wouldn’t want the Prime minister to choose the next one – and currently note that incumbents must be impartial for their own position
JB: in a way the exec are the most passionate and keen on the jcr and not allowing them to give their opinion or back someone for the jcr would be unfair
VC: by saying the passionate people in the jcr who knows their role, they might not know who would be good for a different position – and also depends on people knowing the exec for them to get proposed and would unfair
– Motion passed

Trustee Impartiality
This JCR notes…
That currently student trustees are able to join campaign teams, propose or second a candidate running in a Method I or Method II election. This JCR also notes that a trustee is legally and morally bound to manage the charity in a responsible and productive manner, and is under an obligation to act solely for the benefit of the charity.
This JCR believes…
That it is important for the JCR to strive to have a trustee board that supports the charity and the entirety of its members. This JCR believes that the trustees should not favour members by endorsing or supporting them in elections. The trustee board has the power to remove anybody from their position if necessary, hence an impartial trustee board is crucial.
This JCR resolves…
To have an impartial trustee board in all Method 1 and Method II elections hence the student trustees may not propose, second or endorse any candidate.
Trustees support the whole charity and sit above the JCR similar to governors for a school – silly that they’d be able to support a specific person for a specific role
– Passed on a general aye

Straw Poll
The JCR is asked for their opinion on the following topic:
Can an individual run to hold an elected JCR position for the year in which they will be on their year abroad? If so, under what circumstances?
SP: for people to note that technically based on the standing orders it is allowed (or not disallowed)
AF: however elected positions are also mandated to come to JCR meetings, which someone on their year abroad may not be able to
CM: point that I think that for a person on the year abroad it would help keep them connected, then also someone positions require being here more than others
CS: with more than one position for it then it could be alright since you have someone here and someone with experiences on a year abroad:
JP: think it shouldn’t be for trustees, as five of them currently aren’t a part of the uni or necessarily geographically close or need to be at meetings – can conference in. For not being in the loop since you’re not here, but we have weekly calls to keep in the loop and a lot of the work we’ve done here so far hasn’t necessarily needed much the views of students
CM: student trustees are meant to represent the views from the students it’s their role
CS: don’t like the idea that all of the student trustees could theoretically be on a year abroad
AF: also note that if we barred year abroad students then technically we could have no one running also
DG: fact that this hasn’t happened before shows that the person running for it then really cares about the role
SWC: would like there to be a limit for number of trustees to be on the year abroad
DG: should definitely only apply to roles that there’s more than one position for
Two polls: whether for any position this would be allowed, and for trustee specifically
Results will be published online later

Method 1
Senior Returning Officer
Two candidates: SP and RNC
SP: firstly I began joining the jcr since my first jcr meeting and it’s had its ups and downs – in the jcr’s history it’s been run well because of the people elected and as SRO I’ll help make that happen. Publish yearly calendar for all position elections – regular visitation hours on bailey and parsons – elections are critical for this jcr to get the best people. I’ll ensure the standing orders are upheld – have been a JRO and helped on the gov committee – had an insight into the elections that have come so far. Will make sure everything it democratic and will serve the jcr
CM: favourite clause of the constitution or standing orders?
SP: the role of jro, where I can look to see if im doing enough to uphold what it lays out
AB: how is a method 3 position is run?
SP: I’ll let you know if I’m elected for the next meeting
Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep
No candidates

Student Trustee x 3 – will now be run at next meeting

Method 2
International Welfare Officer
MG and RNC
MG: think it’s a really important position – as an int. student I felt very homesick during my freshers week and didn’t know who to talk to – hope to make sure I’m present during international freshers week – will talk to the new students to help find other international students too
SP: considering this position is made to help international students’ problems, what issue do you think this could address
MG: I didn’t know the male and female welfare officers were there nad when I first arrived there weren’t many of us and I’d like to make sure I’m available to people
VC: how will you make yourself available?
MG: using the facebook group, walking around with the position on my shirt etc
– MGis elected

AS: am part of the LBGT community – would love to help students feel welcome and loved doing open days – everyone at uni finds it hard but harder for LGBT students – want a visible support network – setup a facebook page – make events not intimidating to get involved in e.g. text a toastie – will undergo all training for active listening – advertise that I’m not just there for big problems but also for a chat
JS: freshers perspective – uni is intimidating for someone coming to uni as someone who’s LGBT – would be great to have a larger presence during freshers week and that there aer several people that they can come to – am on campaigns team for cuths welfare – SHAG week I’d like to have more issues specific to LGBT people in there too
KW: presence in freshers week is necessary – have experience I work with stonewall – have work with the LGBT+A as well – implement hand me down knowledge from them – make sure we work with the association as well – would make sure that we as a college have an online presence e.g. cuths bleeds rainbow Instagram or something
CS: lots of great ideas – wheni t comes to events, how would you ensure you get a lot of people and a variety of people to go
KW: make sure they’re not gay male oriented and vary it up a bit – not just the G – post on social media etc
JS: use social media and facebook pages for sure as a lot of people get info from there – having the rep there in freshers week would make sure people are aware – and like said talking about the + and spreading awareness
AS: make sure the events are accessible – organising non-alcoholic events e.g. a meet and greet brunch – also make sure it’s very clear that whilst I have a big presence and that everyone can come to talk to me
SWC: so you’ve talked about social media and there’s an issue of outing people especially when people may have to join a group or like a page
JS: best way would be to advertise open invitations on general cuths pages so they don’t have to interact on it – and also have a discreet drop in session for LGBT people as well
AS: would have it so that posts are put on the general freshers pages as well – and also having an active role in other welfare campaigns is also important – and could have some drop in sessions as well
KW: discretion is key – you can have closed groups as well which people can join if they want to and no one else can see – and have a no-photo policy too – and have a completely discreet drop-in
CM: how would you make sure you represent the entire LGBT+ community and also with intersectionality with other groups e.g. PoCA
AS: work with other minority reps in cuths – create a support network of other students as well – with permission to introduce people to each other so that they can discuss problems that we may not know
KW: there was backlash with pride last year – make sure we have events are accessible for SWD people etc – more the merrier for events could be great to do ones that work with other minority reps
JS: want to promote discussion within the community – open discussion forums that people can come and discuss – and scope to collab with other societies and minority groups and gaining perspectives from people that I can’t have myself
RL: tackling homophobia – campaigns etc
KW: for outreach – I work with stonewall – could have collabs with lgbt charities – make sure there’s a zero tolerance policy for homophobia – have campaigns for people to speak out – homophobia in sports is something to work on as well
JS: main issue for homophobia is lack of education – would love to introduce LGBT element to SHAG week – make sure there isn’t a them and us ideology –
AS: have campaigns and workshops about homophobia that people don’t mean to do – spreading on social media – being an active member of the community
– KW is elected

PoC Rep
SS: think this role is really important – was a bit shocking there being so few PoC people at durham – would be good to have racial awareness workshops in freshers week as well – some workshops – have experience doing welfare as a student ambassador as well so will be good for drop ins
DV: durham was different to what I thought but loved it – but didn’t expect the isolation of the few PoC people in durham – I know I really rely on safe spaces and support networks and this is a role that I’d love to have this role – have spoken to the incumbent – need a presence in freshers week – have learnt a lot from the PoC association too
CM: university has a massive campaign for sexual harassment but nothing about not being racist, sexist etc – how would you encourage and educate people to discuss these issues wider than harassment
DV: can be incredibly effective to have these campaigns – need people to be aware as they may not be doing things intentionally – uni and a new environment is a great place to introduce this – having workshops, PoC from cuths to speak about it etc – not to make people uncomfortable but can do it without confrontation
SS: workshops in freshers would be great – work with the PoC association as they currently do them – some things can be simple – e.g. a list of what white privilege means and even that surprised people and made people more aware of themselves
CM: how would you approach freshers about not having tghem scared off by the isolation
SS: the main durham group is great to get involved and spread awareness of – having a frep that can discuss these issues would be great as well – need to make people feel more welcome
DV: people don’t realise their PoC-ness until coming to these situations and realising that people perceive you differently – want people to be aware of the way they express meeting new people and PoC and how it can be harmful – friendly workshops and introducing new concepts
LB: PoCA is currently quite clique-y – would you encourage people to get involved with that or help change that?
DV: I agree that I found it quite intimidating and that people in them can often have strong views and political opinions – so I think jcr stuff brings it down to everyone’s level and be less intimidating and political – that they’re someone easy to talk to and can mediate and bring it to the PoCA
SS: I think the role is quite welfare-y as well as representation, and so I think the college part of the role as opposed to uni-wide level is very important and could even stimulate more people joining in a uni-wide level due to that
– DV is elected

No candidates
Environment Rep
AF, J?, L? and RNC
AF: Geography fresher mostly cos Im passionate about the plant and environment and would love to get involved fwith this for cuhts – should introduce compost bins for parson – clear guides for what can be recycled – encourage people to go meat free for a few meals a week and show how it helps reduce their footprint
L?: geography cos I’m passionate about the enviro and would love to get involved with college – have expreinec from college as had role as environmental awareness – want to improve sanitation – in global enviro week it would be great to have a bleed green week – themed quizzes and things and collab with gardening society too
J?: already a part of environment society – want people to live sustainably – want to focus on: talking about recycling and encouraging it – guide for uni students to find organic produce, buying in bulk etc – want to move towards a plastic free college as well especially for dining hall
CM: are you vegan?
AF: not personally but support it and encourage people to eat meat free more often
L?: I’m veggie but have considered vegan but difficult in college
J?: I am vegan yes
ALJ: what about livers out?
J?: the how to buy guide will help – and targeting freshers will allow them to continue throughout their time here
J?: using the Instagram and social media would be a great way to get the livers out involved
AF: social media is definitely the best way
EM: what committee would you collab with?
L?: welfare as environmental awareness is linked with self awareness
AF: either welfare or outreach as they do a lot of charity work
J?: working with gardening more so would be great
– J?is elected

Gym Manager
CA and RNC
CA: a first year – lots of time to dedicate to jcr – I love sport and fitness and getting people involved – also qualified level two fitness instructor so know a bit about the role too – want to put up some fitness plans in the gym that people can follow for beginners – getting equipment for flexibility – have fortnightly meetings with the facilities manager to make sure anything that goes wrong is fixed quickly
: how would you get people involved?
CA: found hard to identify a certain person for the gym in freshers week – will poss put up posters if I can
– CA is elected