Passed on a general aye

Motion 1
This JCR resolves:
To adopt this constitution (see event page)
Proposer: JP
Seconder: CH
JP: it will have no impact on the running of the JCR but makes it easier for the trustees as it was more complicated and not as representative of the way it currently works
Motion passed on a general aye

Motion 2
The JCR notes:
That the Board of Trustees is currently expanding the number of external trustees to provide greater expertise and support. In light of this expansion:
The JCR resolves:
To change the number of Student Trustees to 3.’
Proposer: JP
Seconder: CM

JP: aiming for a size of 8 for the board, 4 of each, and external ones bring in a lot of different expertise – so going to change it to be 5 and 3, and normally we struggle to fill all four positions anyway
SP: last week you mentioned sub-committees, how will this affect that? How will it affect student interest and getting feedback to them?
JP: it won’t have any impact for the committees. Also there’ll be other students on the board (president and treasurer, and occasionally the chair)
JB: point of information: there needs to be a 75% majority to pass things so a student will always be a part of that
Passed on a general aye

Motion 3
This JCR notes:
There is a Summer Ball each year.
Summer Ball is a highly popular event with many students attending.
This JCR believes:
More can be done within college to support local charity.
Adding £1 for charity to each ticket is an effective way to for people to be able to support charity and raise a sizeable sum of money.
This JCR resolves:
Increase the price of Summer Ball tickets by £1 in order for £1 from each ticket goes to charity.
There is a vote within the JCR as to which charity to support.
Proposer: EM
Seconder: CS

EM: currently going round a lot of colleges, and they’re doing the £1 extra for charity – not a fixed charity, but one we’d decide together
JB: currently they’re done on FIXR, which uses a booking fee, will this go up for the extra pound?
CM: it’ll be about a few pennies
JB: so FIXR will be benefitting of our charitable aims?
EM: with the full pound going to charity I believe it’s worth it, and it’d make more than
DG: summer ball or all events?

CM: I’d propose an amendment for it to be optional
EM: could cause issues with FIXR?
HJ: with two tickets and not knowing how many will sell each that could be an issue
DG: I support it but want to check if it’s possible to do a check box or something rather than a separate ticket
CM: amending the amendment to say that I’d like this if it is possible

Amendment to the amendment passed on a general aye
Amended motion passed

Motion 4
This JCR notes:
– Our first summer ball was held in June last year
– There is no Summer Ball Manager as an elected position
This jcr believes:
– It would be useful to have a summer ball manager to assist the social chair in the organisation of our now annual summer ball
This jcr resolves:
– To establish summer ball manager as a method 2 position, to be elected in the last meeting of second term
Proposer: DG
Seconder: ABu
DG: had first summer ball last year, so manager wasn’t an electable position and we want one
Passed on a general aye


Method 1
JCR Chair

Would love to increase my involvement and build on my experience. Currently JCR Stool and helped the chair throughout the year and find how to improve it. I’ve been an open day leader and been involved in lots of other college things as well. Want to make jcr meetings more relevant aside from elections and motions – want to make exec more accountable and available for suggestions e.g. having a Q&A after their updates – and have an anonymous question forum through the chair to be passed onto the exec. Work with SU reps to make sure that we know about uni wide issues that could affect cuths. Want to make sure all the jargon and things around jcr meetings be more well explained. Want to improve ability for freshers to be involved as it can be scary – e.g. ask freshers in particular if they have questions to encourage them.

Ran for JRO in freshers week. I’ve made mistakes during my role but I’ve been learning and improving. I believe I can make a difference. I want to make the jcr more accessible and accountable – want to have more referendums – publicise motions and the meetings and that sort of thing more. I’ve worked on the governance committee and had my voice heard, and I want that for my fellow students. Want to make meetings more fun. Want to serve the JCR and represent your views.

Want to leave the position in a better position than it started. Been involved in the football team, the bubble and afro-carribean society. (candidate asked for speech for the minutes but not been provided yet)

This role is two-fold, the making sure the meetings are run well and advertised etc and also making sure they’re as diverse as possible and get as many people involved as possible as that is what makes it legitimate. Perception is one of the biggest issues – e.g. the Durfess post, and it doesn’t matter if it’s true but the fact that people think is it the main thing. Want to do a poll and survey to gather opinions about the JCR etc. Will advertise meetings 10 days in advance – will make meetings and election dates publicised at beginning of year. Want to eradicate bailey-parsons divide as well – want to alternate my drop-ins between the two – and the livestreams to continue. Not been involved in the JCR but that could be good to bring fresh perspectives.

CM: part of role is running JCR meetings – what’s your favourite?
SWC: the last one was very well attended and had a great atmosphere with the positions. The lack of contesting was a shame but it’s great to see it in this one!
DT: I’ve not been able to previous JCR meetings due to religious reasons and I took this chance to turn up to this one
SP: the first one as that’s when I got my first position and first got involved
EC: the one in third term in first year as it was the first one I spoke in!
CW: how would you increase attendance?
DT: want to introduce a jury duty type thing to make a random choice for people to have to come to the meeting, and they could be entered into some sort of raffle. Also make the first meeting compulsory for freshers
SP: need to make the first meeting the best meeting. Make the elections more publicised
EC: want to increase publicity hugely, and take some of this responsibility from the SRO as they have a lot to do and give it to chair and stool – revamp the social media pages – make a calendar for them. There’s a standing order that every elected member is mandated to come and that’s not enforced. Also want to send out the agenda more often:
SWC: agree, I read that standing order and was surprised, as it’s not done. Want to introduce a calendar so people can plan for it. Advertise them all 10 days in advance. Really push the jcr as well in freshers – the variety of roles and that you don’t need experience to get involved.
EM: how would you make sure you’re impartial at all times?
SP: as jro I’ve learnt this – I did some things wrong at first but it’s made me learn how to do it properly
EC: so many ways to do it that we’re not aware of – I’ve learnt this as stool – e.g. facial expressions and body language and social media presence and the way you speak to friends and the advice you give
SWC: important to give the same advice to everyone. Alternating dropins with the sites would make it more fair and give people equal access. Need to know the distance you have to give.
DT: we shouldn’t want to be impartial cos we love cuths but cos it’s the right thing to do. Like emma said we need to do all those things and we need to stay away from dangerous areas
JB: good that we’ve got four candidates running, but most positions have been uncontested, how would you encourage more people to run?
EC: want to engage with different groups – can’t underestimate social media e.g. for this one there’ve been small things like the banners on profile pictures and it’s made a difference. For drop-ins they could be in cafes in town to aid in livers out and postgrads getting involved. Ability to question exec as well will hopefully break down the barrier as well
SWC: social media is huge as shown by this meeting – covered a lot in my hust – the online calendar allows people to know how to get involved and when
DT: great to see it happening more here, but it’s crucial that people don’t feel left out of the loop and give the option of shadowing a particular period so you can see how it works without being elected and see if they can be further involved in it
SP: have exec have talks about running for it and the difficulties and the benfits during freshers. Have exec talking about their experiences will help with this.
CC: how would you ensure freedom of speech without causing offence
SWC: comes down to confidentiality. Don’t want to have factions, want to increase communications and not squash any views.
DT: disagreements arise – want to have an independent board to investigate these issues different to the JCR.
SP: the chair’s position is the centre of the London eye, holding together the exec, understanding what they all need and listening to them and doing everything with integrity. Disagreements are natural – need to accept it and move on from it
EC: if there’s a disagreement, the chair has to be impartial as that’s a big part of their role – need to draw a line at when it’s productive and when it’s repetitive
AF: there’s a lot of behind the scenes roles with lots of documents – what’s the difference between the standing orders and the constitution
DT: standing orders are the rules of the JCR, how meetings are run and how things get done etc. The constitution is done by the trustees which sits above the JCR, who says what needs to be done and have the final say and manage the JCR.
SP: standing orders are the rules and regulations for the JCR and how things have to be done, but the constitution is how the charity is run and our charitable aims and how as a charity we operate. The standing orders can be changed through motions
EC: constitution is overarching governing document above the JCR as a charity and outlines our charitable aims – and the standing orders have to align with this.
SWC: standing orders is more digestible and are the day to day rules of the JCR – constitution is more legal and complicated and about the charity and less relevant to cuths students and the Chair as well

Social Chair

Been involved in social comm this year and I’ve learnt a lot about how it all works, and Dannika has taught me a lot about leading. Also am social sec for politics society so have already organised a ball so I know the pressures of putting on a big event. Was a frep team leader so I learnt about the JCR and also about leading students. Am also on rowing exec as well and it’s taught me a lot about time management skills. Want to introduce an informal event e.g. a fancy dress formal with no high table, and nice relaxed one. Want to have photographers at formals and freshers and refreshers. Would like to look into possibility of working a Newcastle night into freshers. Want to work with other committees e.g. outreach and do charity events etc.

X: what was your favourite thing about Michaelmas ball?
MM: the setting it up on the day was really fun
CM: had some big names for Cuth’s Day before, who would you ideally have?
MM: return of the beyonce tribute act!
SC: there have been some issues with having the most people as possible at cuths day, what would you do?
MM: the idea we tried to implement with the late tickets and early tickets was a good one but could be implemented better. Will be sure to liaise with the college to do as much as possible, but can’t do anything other than that.

Outreach Chair

CA – couldn’t be present:
I’m CA – sorry I’m not here! I am swimming at BUCS Nationals in Sheffield right now. I am a first year studying International Relations, Chinese, English and Philosophy. I chose to study international relations and a foreign language, so that I can help others through charity work after my degree. I have fundraised for charities such as Great Ormond Street and St Mungo’s, and worked with an NGO called Geneva International Centre for Justice, which helps victims of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. I have also fundraised to be able to go to Morocco and help refurbish a primary school. This summer, I am going to Athens to help refugees living in squats. In the U.K., I have through teaching children how to swim, charity fundraising and running a campaign for food bank donations in Croydon.

I currently contribute to college life as a Cuth’s Sports and Societies Reporter, by working with others to set up display boards and run the Team Cuth’s page. I am also Environmental Event Manager, on the Durham University Think Tank exec. Think Tanks look at policy-making, so I look at policies affecting the environment and create Think Tank events. This has enhanced my management, leadership and organisation skills, and I want to use these skills to give back to Cuth’s outreach.

As Outreach Chair, I will support University-wide volunteering, sustain and grow Cuth’s volunteering, and encourage students to volunteer after Durham life.

To promote university volunteering, I will create an online monthly bulletin and physical display board advertising DUCK and SCA projects. I will promote Durham societies such as ‘Days for Girls’, who sew reusable sanitary pads for women in underdeveloped countries. I will also make sure that nation-wide volunteering opportunities are advertised such as the Youth Sports Trust Leadership programme – a two year commitment which helps disadvantaged children through sport. I’ll offer support to anyone wanting to apply to these volunteering programmes.

Within Cuth’s volunteering, I will continue our current project: FRAMDA. I also want to create a process by which students can set up their own projects similar to FRAMDA, with college support. If students choose to set up these projects, they will be managed as independent clubs by students, who can come to the Outreach committee for support. As Outreach Chair, I will work with Team Cuth’s Sports and Societies, to create fundraising for charities in the North East. Working with college sport teams and Societies will engage a wider audience in charity awareness.

I want to give students the ability to volunteer without college or university support. This will encourage students to continue volunteering after Durham life – meaning Cuth’s makes a long-term contribution to the wider community. First, I will do this by advertising opportunities to volunteer individually within the local community. Volunteering outside of college and uni opportunities, will increase the likelihood of people volunteering after their degree. Secondly, I will create an online handbook on volunteering. This will include how to volunteer as an individual, at home and abroad, how to approach NGOs and charities directly, and how to avoid the negative effects of volunteering tourism. In my experience of planning and organising volunteering trips, the information you need is hard to find. Organising this information in one place, will make it easy for students to volunteer independently. Thirdly, I will create an alumni network of cuth’s men and women, who have links with charities and NGOs. This will provide support for students in multiple ways. They will be able to find contacts who can support their current projects, or help them with setting up future ones. They will also be able to work with these NGOs and charities.

I really want Cuth’s to continue helping in the wider community, on a local and a larger scale. Please vote for me as Outreach Chair, and I will work hard to make sure everyone in Cuth’s feels supported in being able to volunteer!

Second year music student. Should use preexising resources to do more events e.g. sports and socs so for example showcases, sports matches etc. Collab with other colleges would be fab as well – we’ve done it before and ca ndo it again, and working with other people brings new ideas and resources. Am currently on the outreach committee and volunteer with our project FRAMDA – I know how the committee works, how our projects have worked and how they could be improved. New events: bailey pancake race – fancy dress running up the bailey passing on pancakes. World earth day – turning lights of for an hour, would be great to work with environment committee on that. Want to strengthen bonds with central charities via DUCK as they can support us if we need. I’m also your senior DUCK rep and regularly meet with other outreach leaders. Volunteer with DUCK a lot.

Communications Officer

Involved in the JCR as a JRO and through art society working with social comm. Worked with social media through being on two exec and running two websites. Livers out handbook to include all the websites and social media we use. DSU want to advertise the interactions more on Instagram and live tweeting. Need to grow housing database and with advice on it as well and help students going on years abroad. Want to put a unified calendar on the website. Want to improve navigation as well, e.g. history of cuths links to a blank page. Advertise all the info on it more as well. Include dates of events in the newsletter as well.

CM: with the events column you mentioned in the newsletter, the main issue is getting people to read it.
SM: think putting main points on the Instagram story could be a good idea and on other media.
AF: would you mind livestreaming this jcr meeting from now since LJ isn’t here
SM: yeah sure!

Facilities Officer

JG – couldn’t be present
Had an inside view as green machine manager, so have knowledge about it and how it can be improved. Keen to fix and improve both gyms and music room, got a long term plan to make the green machine self funded through renting out the equipment. Worked with students on acoustic nights and worked with renting out equipment to other colleges. Will work closely with the facilities team to make the role as effective as possible. Will make a hiring out procedure and fixed pricings for equipment and make an online booking system.

Male Welfare Officer

Been on the welfare campaigns team this year and learnt a lot about how it all works – I wanted this last year but as a fresher I didn’t have the confidence, but I believe I have the confidence now. I’m on outreach now, and am a tutor for students with disabilities. Want to introduce a welfare goodie bag to make it easier. Want to hold talks on budgeting and meal planning as well for students in freshers week. Welfare team campaigns on self care done during exam periods mostly but want to expand it. Want to work more with the representation reps as well (LGBT+A, POCA, SWDA). Want to inspire others and show that welfare is for guys too. Also it would be good to have an anonymous Q&A online.

RD: if someone came to you that involved something illegal, would you ensure confidentiality?
ES: you can’t for serious issues like that but I’ll make sure people are aware of that
JB: how would you help students on years abroad?
ES: online Q&A, and also sending out emails as well
JB: as you mentioned there’s a stereotype that welfare is for women and not men, how would you combat that
ES: being that person who’s enthusiastic about it, and like it was the welfare team this year that inspired me to join in and run for this and I want to be that person

Female Welfare Officer

Second year bio student. The welfare team is amazing and I want to continue that. Am currently an assistant welfare officer. Was also a freshers rep and saw the support provided by the team. Have nightline training and . Current VP of cuths femsoc – and treasurer for students for drug awareness (?) team. Want a motion to increase number of assistant welfare officers. Want to make consent workshops compulsory unless they find the information sensitive – and want to upload the material online too. Want a standalone campaign on mental health, which is something cuths students feel very passionate about. Want supplies to be available in all bathrooms in cuths. And have a give what you can take what you need box in JCRs too. I’m approachable and friendly and I care about the wellbeing of every student.

Second year anthro. Things I intend to do are more important than thigns I’ve done. Freedam – want to work with them and help them achieve their goals of distributing supplies. Information on breast cancer checks as well. Make an Instagram page for sharing healthy recipes. Want to make more mixing events for students after freshers week. Want to try and get people who have been through the same experiences to talk to each other and support each other. Exam period I’d put on destressing activities such as getting a puppy in to college, art making college, an outdoor activity e.g. yoga and I’d also make condoms more available in the JCR as whilst the form is great you don’t always know what you need. Also want to introduce text a toastie but for condoms. And want to increase publicity as well.

First year geog student. Everyone considers me the mum in my friend group – they know that I’m the person to come to for help etc. Want to introduce a calendar with all the important dates for freshers e.g. events and also want to have info on small fitness ideas and want to run yoga sessions for de-stressing. Maybe have other things like a petting zoo. Continue condom card and the SHAG week and introduce a SHAG week formal if possible, and can increase awareness of STIs by giving every 4th person for example a hat and that would represent chlamydia for example and we talk about it. Also want to increase not-going out ideas and availability of the welfare team.

CW: welfare can in some cases suffer a lack of reach with people not knowing about what’s available. What would be your long term goal to improve that:
FT: use social media to make sure people are aware of events that are going on, but it’s difficult the culture of it.
BS: social media presence is a good thing, especially Instagram. Want to make it more visible in freshers week, maybe add an introductory talk. And use an anonymous online tool.
MG: using social media as well, making sure I’m visible during freshers week and that they know I’m here to talk during term as well.
SC: how would you work with the welfare team in general?
BS: having frequent meetings is important. Campaigns team would be good to expand, but we also need to reorganise it too – add a volunteer list that allows people to be contacted and join in when they want
MG: make sure everyone knows what they need to do is the most important thing
FT: mostly the same – for events rather than having each individual doing their own thing it should be more coherent
JB: it can be emotionally draining, how will you manage this?
MG: I’m used to being able to deal with other people’s problems set apart from my own, and I think I can manage it
FT: I’ve heard a lot of issues from different people and I think that I can separate it
BS: need to separate yourself, and need to know that when things are tough that there are other people I can also turn to e.g. the senior welfare officer. My nightline training also helps with this.
HH: what do you think the main purpose of drop in hours is
FT: being able to signpost people to help address their problems rather than direct advice itself
BS: not the most demanded service, but having people know that it’s there is very important and can be a comforting thing.
MG: knowing that there’s always someone you can talk to and rant to and have someone to listen to you
CS: in your role you’ll work with people across the uni, what do you think you could bring and what would you like to do with them.
BS: make a joint effort to talk about more taboo subjects e.g. sensible drug use and mental health and I believe I can help that
MG: I think that working with them to get international students from different colleges to be brought together
FT: would focus on working with them to have joint events to bring people from other colleges together as some people’s welfare issues are that their college group isn’t right for them and they don’t fit in.

Method 2
Postgrad Committee General Rep

Glad to hear that postgrads were mentioned in a lot of husts today – I want to increase postgrad involvement from what we’re doing at the minute
AP: something that gets overlooked is that we don’t have enough people to run what we do – want to liaise with the JCR to help recruitment and how we can change things for that

Finance Committee
One position available

EJ: Fresher, represent Cuth’s accurately, Ran a company in sixth form and was in charge of finance. He will use his experience as a member of Cuth’s.
TR: Management degree. Experience managing and advertising. Tanzania teaching school, now involved in funding. PA coordinator for fashion show. Thrilled to learn more about the finance team.
SS: Set up businesses. 12 years old – catering business – at 14 organising finances. Reorganise finances so there is more for Facilities manager.

AK: important quality for finance comm?
SS: need to know how to handle finances and how to allocate
TR: how to be fair with money and allocating it
EJ: communication and how to speak to people who want funds etc.
Ewan Jones is elected.

AF: if you want to speak to an exec member we are all here and please do chat with us! Also sports and socs sign in please.