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Cuth’s Running Club Motion


Often, people would like to run to get in shape or to keep fit however this proves difficult on one’s own. Therefore, I propose we create Cuth’s Running Club (CRC) where people from Cuth’s can come together and run, motivating each other. It is far easier to exercise with an established group than on one’s own (see the success of Bodcon). I believe a society such as this would fill a gap in the Cuth’s sports and socs market.

Ethos & Aims




This JCR notes:

This JCR believes:

This JCR resolves:


Proposed by: RJ

Seconded by: JK, ZH, HJ, CS, JR, SS, FM, NJ, MC (President), AP, KD, CG, MH, ABD, RK, JP, ER


RJ: want to do a running club because it doesn’t exist and it should. It’s a good idea but a lot of people don’t because they don’t have anyone to go with. Motivation is key so would be good. No subs because no cost but we’d see that later.

Motion passed on a general aye.


2016 Budget Motion

This is not a legal document

[Accounts originally provided]



Library staff were only paid for academic year 2015-16, which led to a sharp drop in library expenditure.

This covers 2016, which does not match with a budgeting year.

Due to our change of our charitable status, we operated as two separate charities during 2016. For the convenience of JCR members, these accounts show income and expenditure of both charities combined, which effectively acted as one body.

There were some changes in category labels over the course of the year so some categories may be inaccurate in early 2016.

The new charity is not VAT registered so income from and payments to HMRC have now virtually stopped.

The surplus of £26,837 for 2016, combined with the surplus for 2015 means we now have sufficient funds to operate for one year without levies, plus a small reserve.

The primary reason for the surplus was that the service charge was not budgeted for. There were also some unspent budgets.

It looks like Cuth’s day had a smaller subsidy than it actually did because VAT on the tickets was included in the budget but then offset against reclaimed VAT from elsewhere.

The debt for presidential salary is because it is paid by the university and we are then invoiced. It is normal for it not to be paid until the following month.

This covers 2016, which does not match with a budgeting year


Proposer: JC (Treasurer)

Seconder: MC (President)


JC: Accounts for 2016. Numbers are in there. Main confusing is that in 2016 we changed our charitable status. Total for both charities is lumped together, read comments and ask me any questions please.

Motion passed on general aye.




Election Rules: Facebook Group Motion

This JCR notes:
• There is a large amount of posting from various people during election times on the Freshers’ Groups.

This JCR believes:
• Multiple posts are irritating and can mean that people miss important information posted on the freshers’ groups.

This JCR resolves:
• To add the following clause to the election rules:
Posting in the “Official St Cuthbert Society Freshers’” groups is allowed but may be done by only one person in the campaign team only (i.e. the candidate can post or select another person to post on their behalf. One person can post in each group, it does not have to be the same person posting in every group).


Proposer: MC (President)

Seconder: CH

MC: One person per freshers group would be good to reduce spam.

AW: Sports and socs?
MC: Hard to do as a JCR.

ALJ: People aren’t in all freshers groups.

MC: That’s written in the motion, can nominate people who are.

JE: Someone might not know people in older years. Can we not just tell people not to and get the vchair to post all posters?
Amendment to make the Cuth’s elections account post everyone’s posters in each group and not let people post themselves.

JC: People have campaigns teams who endorse you. It limits the viewership of these endorsements.

CH: Will the original post include all of the posters/manifestos?

SJ: It would be at the discretion of GovComm.

JE: Some candidates may get more visibility though.

JC: If people aren’t allowed to post on freshers groups they lose control about timing of posting.

Amendment fails.

Amendment to also include sports and socs in the rules.

AW: People won’t have people on all sports and socs.
MC: Campaigns team endorses you though?
AW: I would just make it be a voting link. No personal posts in groups.

RH: That would render the campaigns team pointless. You can’t get captains to do things.

Amendment fails.

JB: If we’re putting things in to reduce spam, we should have a restriction on the number of times the single person could spam. Maybe once per 24 hours.

CM: Think that would work against them.

If you’re just reducing people who can post and not the number you don’t reduce spam.

Amendment to say that there is a twice a day limit on number of posts in a 24 hour period.

JC: Presumably you mean twice per group? On freshers pages?

JB: Yes. It would reduce spam as there is a limit on posts.

AB: It won’t reduce spam. There are 16 people running in this. That is 90 posts a day.

Amendment fails.

Motion passes.




Social Chair




DG: I’m DG and would love to be Social Chair. I work at bar, open day and freshers rep. Netball captain. I have been on social comm for 2 years, publicity officer and Michaelmas ball manager. I developed a good understanding from the role and got a lot of satifcation. I will carry on HJ’s work to get bigger events. Also want to have some feedback forms at the beginning of next year about this year’s events to get a wide range of opinions. Social comm was undersubscribed because they get no recognition or reward, not even a guaranteed events tickets. Want to do smaller events with other committees to improve inclusivity. Also want a better ticketing system.

HJ: What is the most challenging thing about social chair.

DG: Lots of little details which don’t seem important until you have to deal with them.


Outreach Chair




AB: I am not sure that people know what Outreach does. Finding out what it was really engaged me. I have planned running for this one, I’ve sat on social comm this year and I want to get more involved in the JCR. There’s a photo of me on my poster playing rugby so I thought you’d enjoy that. I’ve been fundraising for a while, got 600 pounds for medical supplies. I am involved in Cuth’s but I would make Outreach more visible and get the committee out there more than they currently are. Need a strong committee so need to chair it well and get the best out of the people you have. Want to continue local charity links and get more involved in sports teams. Please vote for me.


EM: Hi my name is EM. 1st year and the current Outreach publicity officer. 3 SCA projects as well: Food officer so I’m in charge of a bin. Already aware of what the role entails, I know about the ongoing initiatives in order to create more opportunities for students. I’ve been the first person to volunteer to sell candy canes outside formals, help out with the retro stash sale and make blindfold for the dining in the dark formal. We need to make people more aware of what we’re doing, and gain recognition for the current SCA projects with personal poster profiles of people already volunteering. I also propose at least 1 event every term, and have more freshers on the committee so want an event at the start of the year.

EM: There are so many committees we could talk to in order to get them involved around events we’re running, such as themed events. Need more input from better people with me which is definitely something we have at Cuth’s.

AB: Taking consideration and asking advice from people. We have a committee for a reason, and if we had something that may be controversial then I would have to ask, even the JCR president. It’s not just you making the decision.

CM: If you could start one new volunteering project what would it be?
AB: As a college we have lots of sports and socs, so I would love to go out and get the sports teams to volunteer with local schools and get sport into the wider community.

EM: We have been doing work with that and starting new initiatives this year. There are lots of SCA projects already, so we need to know what’s needed and wanted instead of what we want to give. It’s important to continue with the already-run initiatives to start from that basis.



Communications Officer





PE: I hope not only to manage all the positions that will still be

Am a 1st year social comm rep, so have helped a lot with those. I am taking on more responsibilities, such as running Acoustic nights. I am also 2nd team captain of Frisbee and a member of the mighty D team pool team. We need 2 housing talks, one before the craze (there is one and we need to recognise that, it will get worse as more people come into Durham from Queens) so that freshers do not get swept up in it. It happens so early and I would change that. It’s more important living in a crap house with awesome people.

ALJ: I am treasurer of cuth’s drama soc, done all the freps. I will rally to make the SU meetings more relevant to current Durham students. I want to spend time with the current exec to maintain the website and get in touch with the SU and make sure the livers out handbook is relevant. I also want a specific livers out page on the website. The housing database has so much potential but we need people to dedicated section on the website to promote sports teams.

*ALJ then badmouths my newsletters so I cry to myself*

MM: I really want to be communications officer. I want to give back and use my previous experience. I am in international committee and have lots of experience from my last schools, making sure my voice is heard to represent a big chunk of students. I want to make Cuth’s students to hear that what the SU has to say, as well as improve communication between the exec and the JCR. I want livers out to be as engaged as possible, helping out freshers with their issues. I want to be the reference point for freshers. The talk was lacking in SU representation. I want to make the newsletter have a student write-In section and have it on Sundays.


JB: What is SU benefit?

MM: It is for students. There is a group representing students, but we can give people the opportunity to have available info.

ALJ: The main thing for this role is to be a recognisable face in Cuth’s to get your issues to Assembly *laughs maniacally*. So many questions that the Union needs to address that they don’t.

PE: The SU are listened to. The sexual misconduct talk showed that one club did not have working cameras and that more things happened there. The union has more persuasive power over the council.

MLJ: How will you make students come and talk to you?

ALJ: I think we’re having a couple of SU officers underneath you so would use them. The livers out feedback form would be useful. I would also maybe have drop in hours.

PE: I would use the newsletter to promote issues and get them to talk to me. Having different committees represent themselves in the newsletter.

MM: Drop in sessions would be important, especially in the first few months. I’m quite approachable but you have to be visible everywhere.


Facilities Manager




CW: I can do a slightly better job than RON. I’ve been a frep and a treasurer for the rounders team. I have also been gym manager as you can’t tell. That role gives me the experience I need to be the Facilities Manager. I want to raise awareness of the facilities we have and make sure that they stay updated and free.

SJ: What is the biggest the improvement you’ve made to the gym this year?
CW: The power rack in the bailey gym. The old one was broken so I fixed that. The gyms have improved this year and I’m a key part of that.


JCR Chair




AF: I’ve spent two years on Govcomm, wrote the new voting system, shows that I have unique knowledge on how the role is done. Three problems: The standing orders, the motions, and the attendance. I want to fix the standing orders, they’re unreadable and inaccessible. Want them online and on the freshers pages. I want to create a simple document on how to write a motion to increase engagement. I also want a drop in session to teach people how to write motions. I want to try and obtain sponsorhship from a local takeaway to increase attendance and we can also reap the benefits.

HL: I am on social comm. I am confident and I think that is what is needed to be JCR Chair. As a freshers, I know what the JCR is as an outsider. There is so much we could say to freshers to get them more involved. I want to increase JCR meeting attendance to make them more fun. More pizzas, but could also give a stash giveaway. Each person interested in going, they would enter a hat and maybe get free stash. Could also get a live stream going, on facebook and in Brooks bar.


Male Welfare Officer




JB: I took a long time to decide whether or not to run for this one. I love being the current male welfare officer. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of it and want to do more of the same this year. Look at what I’ve done this year: Movember campaign, tied it in with a  formal and raised loads of , did an event tied in with LGBT history month, was so happy how well it went. Got so many people engaged who don’t usually get involved. I want to want to get more involved in the SU, the uni counselling service is a shambles, so we need to work towards it together. The welfare and liberations officer should also be two roles to make sure people put more effort into each of these important roles.


HH: I have a lot of experience with the role. I was senior prefect of my house group, so was meeting new students and making sure they integrated well. I have been involved in lots of societies, I am running and set up Cuth’s Arabic soc. I want to run a “lesser understood mental health issues” campaign, and a “Let’s Talk” campaign to make people more willing to come and see you. I want to create handouts to address consent issues.


JB: Most common thing would be sexual health supplies. Have to be discreet and have to be sure that they get what they need. Other issues could include things that are struggling, which would be solved using active listening.

HH: Workload issues are huge here.

CM: How could you acknowledge your privilege and make sure welfare is inclusive.

HH: Have to be as non-presumptious as possible. Use non gendered pronouns and be open and non-judgemental for anything.

JB: We talk a lot about empathy but there are so many times where you cannot put yourself in their shoes but you have to be open with it. There are so many things you can do from your position of privilege to make sure minorities are heard, such as my text a toastie LGBT event. You can recognise your privilege but that does not have to be an advantage.

MC: You sit on WEDCOMM, what is the most important thing they could do or would do.

JB: They need to be a unifying voice and pass things almost instantly in the case of a emergency. They also run lots of campaigns which are very important and make sure these are inclusive.

HH: WEDCOMM is a connection between welfare and the students union, so it is how we extend these positions that is key. Main issues like sexual violence can be homogenised throughout the university.


Female Welfare Officer




GB: I spent 8 years at a community very similar to university (boarding school), where I was prefect. You need to be really aware of what everyone is feeling. I love the personal touch of what the role has, I care so much and I want to help work people through the issues they have. It would be a privilege to have this role, I would stress the issues of sexual and mental health. When you come to university, so many things crop up that may be totally new but these things may be detrimental and you need to have a person there who can help. You can’t let people feel left behind or helpless.

LN: I didn’t like uni at first, the only reason I am here is because of welfare. I know how important it is because I have experienced it first hand. My freshers week was rubbish and I was always crying, welfare was my turning point. I want to be in a position to help freshers week LN. Mental health has become so important to me this year, I want to run a campaign for “friends of mental health” and introduce/annoy freshers in freshers week. I am willing to give so much for the role. I donated my kitchen and George foreman grill to the LGBT toastie event, and I also was a big part of the self love campaign.

HS: I want to increase involvement with welfare and make it more fun. I would assign a welfare rep in each sport and society and get them to talk to a friend before the proper welfare structure. I want to introduce a Cuth’s Café  as a welfare event. It wouldn’t be intimidating because we wouldn’t expect you to say anything. We also need to increase accessibility, make a welfare website to promote want to make a c card promotion and de-stress events around exams.

SS: I think welfare is great, handing out tea and toast and making sure people feel great in freshers week is what inspired me to run. We need someone who can be there for them. I have a lot of volunteering experience, for the Olympics, etc. I am politically active, I go to protests, etc. My manifesto is our manifesto. I have already asked people what they want. I want to change the condom supplier and give sanitary products to the bar. I also want to change the consent issues around Durham University. We need to talk about the intricacies of it. I have genuine ideas about Cuth’s and what welfare can do.


JBa: Give one piece of evidence of what makes you approachable.

SS: Anyone who knows me knows that I love having people over and drinking tea. If anyone wants a friend I will be your friend.

HS: I am a chatterbox, I will talk at people. I won’t judge people, it comes naturally.

LN: I am not afraid to make an idiot of myself to get people to laugh.

GB: I love to describe myself as easygoing and laid back. I don’t force myself on people but when they do talk to me I am smiley and chatty.


JB: How would you reach out to people who wouldn’t usually come to welfare?
GB: In the first month, it is so crucial to reach out to everyone. Personally or via social media. Provide contact details or literally anything to make welfare known.

LN: I want to introduce myself in fresher’s week. Welfare will be there for you regardless of what happens.

HS: 3nd and 3rd years are hard to target. Posters and facebook pages are useful to have.

SS: If we’re talking about underreprestend demographics, we need to get those groups engaged through their reps and the people that are involved in welfare. Also sports and socs, you need to talk to the people within those systems.

MM: How would you deal with a friend asking for personal advice?

SS: I would differentiate or signpost to other services.

HS: I would agree, I would show them the details of any other welfare support structure.

LN: If more people come to welfare, they need to know that they can’t offer personal advice, so there are 2 other officers next year and they can go to them.

GB: You have to be professional but offer a friendly service. It’s hard to strike a balance but it is doable.