SJ: Don’t use the loos because they might break.

Exec Accounts are read out as in Agenda.


Election Rules:
AF: Lots of problems and lack of clarity in old election rules so have been updated.
SJ: Comments or questions?
AF: Two main changes are that there has been a change in wording from mandating candidates to speak to previous position holder to strongly suggesting doing so and that most required documents can now be submitted electronically.
SJ: No objections.
Motion passed on general aye.

Method 1 / 2 changes:

MC: Change in election rule to make the fact that you cannot hold more than one method 2 position like is the case for method 1’s. UNLESS it runs twice and is not filled.
SJ: No comments/objections.
Motion passed on general aye.


JC: Slight change in what was asked. Reduction in tennis racquet price and increase in subs.
LW: That is asteep rise in subs to £7? Also we can’t buy two racquets for £50, so maybe raise that to £60-70?
AP: What’s the level of tennis?
LW: College league runs through summer + Touch tennis and friendly matches. Practices every week throughout year.
AP: Surely lots of members have own racquets?
LW: 60% do, but lots of beginners don’t and we don’t want to stop newcomers playing.
MC: Changed prices of racquets because you can buy two for under £50, college also has 2 available already.
LW: Amendment to change subs to £5.
JC: Money must be matched by the subs, there shouldn’t be a higher proportion of funding for one club.
SJ: Objections. Vote held to amend budget to £5. Amendment fails on vote.
LW: Drop subs to £5, compensate by dropping balls budget by £30.
Motion passes on general aye.


JC: Similar reasons to tennis, raquets too expensive.
TG: Can we get more money for raquets?
MC: Again, we’ve checked prices and you can get 2 for £40.
Motion passes on general aye.


JC: Budget is for exhibitions, structured so that half money comes from subs. Small amendments to make all events half and half. Framing is of benefit to
KB-M: No objections.
Motion passed on general aye.


Method 1.

No takers for disabilities rep and DUCK rep.
MC: What’s a method 1 and what’s DUCK?
AF: Method 1 elections are for online votes. Small speeches are slightly longer. DUCK is Durham Uni Charities Kommittee and sits on outreach comm.

Assistant Male welfare:


RD: Hello, you probably can’t spell my name. 1st year Spanish student, been here 2 weeks, wants to be a part of the great things he has already seen being done. Wants to make welfare more accessible and liaise with welfare comm and help officers with meetings. Wants to give back to college that has already helped him so much. Passionate about the role, has been campaigning for mental health previously and wants to help with that at university. What could I bring? I have experience in welfare, working with children and in a food bank, as well as generally working with disadvantaged individuals. Please vote for me.
RJ: 1st year history fresher. Loves Cuth’s since he’s been here and loves how it has made him feel at home. Mental health committee at school, so has experience. Wants to reduce male mental health issue stigma. Can make a very good welfare poster. During freshers week, went to klute, came back and when he was asleep, someone knocked on his door and asked him for a condom. I obviously have the welfare image. He’s organised, committed, energetic, friendly. Wants to contribute.
MS: What’s your fave brand of condom?
RJ: Standard durex but has learnt that there’s loads, hot chocolate, orange.
RD: Not a lot of experience with condoms but if people stay safe, whatever brand you want.
JB: Time intensive role. How will you welfare yourself during campaigns, when it is busy?
RD: Went through counselling several years back so has been taught how to manage workloads and stress levels. Relaxes with music. Everyone has their own ways, so make sure everyone uses theirs.
RJ: Has made a sheet with all deadlines, plays a lot of sport, is very good at managing time day-to-day.
CM: Stereotype of men’s health. How would you combat this?
RJ: Not much you have to do, just stay engaging and change attitudes. Promote talking to counsellors.
RD: Comes down to a lot of social exchanges, there is a taboo, which is why he wants to work to change it. Suicide and mental health are huge issues, and subjects he would like to help campaign for.
AB: Wants to talk to you but you can’t tell anyone, what do you say?
RD: Would hear them out and keep it confidential, but would recommend talking to a higher up.
RJ: Wouldn’t want to give medical advice, but would be more than happy to listen and recommend to speak to appropriate person.
GS: Did you go to consent workshops/what was your opinion?
RJ: It was a good thing, having things reiterated can only be a good thing. People I know didn’t go, but he went.
RD: Made sure that whole flat went together. Vital to hold this sort of event as it is applicable to most. It’s about making people understand the issues than can happen, for example in the US. In my opinion they were great.

Female Welfare


ECS: Second year English student. I love the welfare system, went to a school that had a terrible one so the change was huge. I am warm and friendly, helped out on open days, loved talking to people about cuths but also keeping them safe. Extroverted person but I am a good listener, which is what introverted people need if something is bothering them. English means I am able to talk about sex with old men, and am open to a lot of the issues that could happen to a student. I am non-judgemental, if someone does something that doesn’t affect themselves or others, why judge? Very involved in cuths, part of femsoc, works in library. I would work on improving the accessibility and profile of services offered through posters/social media: Phil, condom deliveries, etc. Would love to do a campaign on acceptance and involve PoC society and the LGBTA soc. Wants to support the current system.
LM: 2nd year language student. Been on outreach comm, is on the charity Heads Up. Wants to create an open and friendly non-judgemental atmosphere in cuths. Is a friendly and caring individual and is keen to raise the welfare profile through extensive publicity and the running of campaigns with a lasting impact, such as sexual violence and acceptance, that encapsulates livers in and out. Wants to create a safe space for welfare to provide their services. Would be happy to go through any training so that she is as informed as possible about what the role will entail.
CW: 2nd year studying biomedical science. Everyone has a period where they are upset or uncomfortable, knowing that there is someone there to confide in makes you feel better. I would be that approachable person, no matter what the problem is. If not able to help, I would introduce people to those who could. I ran year mentoring sessions that created comfortable environments for someone to talk to others. Was a big part of outreach comm last year and wants to be a part of something slightly different. Wants to make sure that people know and how to contact welfare, wants to run amazing campaigns with the welfare team.
CM: Difference between sympathy or empathy, which would you use?
CW: Sympathy is comforting, but empathy is really feeling what someone says to you.
LM: Empathy is getting more involved in the situation and how someone feels.
ECS: Better to distance yourself from issues and really listen, rather than projecting personal issues.
JB: Time keeping?
LM: As soon as the campaign is announced, would sort out her work involving the team.
ECS: If you want something doing, ask a busy person. Reading is relaxing, my downtime is reading, which is my degree.
CW: I have a really cool calendar which means that I stay on top of things.
EK: What if you know the person who comes to talk to you? Would you ever breach confidentiality and why?
ECS: Can’t promise confidentiality, if there is a major issue I would report to someone more senior. If someone was really close to me and I was uncomfortable, I could pass it on. I would be able to deal with it in the way I was trained to.
CW: If a friend comes to you, you have to establish whether you are talking as a friend or welfare. If you don’t feel comfortable, talk to higher ups.
MS: How would you handle sexual assault?
ECS: Witnessed an incident last week, offered to walk with the victim and put her to bed before going back home.
LM: Has gone through frep active bystander training so is able to use the methods taught to good use. Judge depending on the situation, take them away, pretend you know the person, etc?
CW: Active bystander training was extremely useful, but you can report to higher ups.

Assistant librarian:


AN: 4th year French/Spanish, has worked at the library for 3 years. Was assistant librarian in her 2nd year so knows exactly how it works, from book ordering to cataloguing. Was an English language assistant in spain, so used to managing groups of people that are more difficult than library staff. Gained great time management skills, as well as communication and organisational skills. Also president of DU Belly dancing soc, so is aware of how administrative issues are run. Delegation is important, and has learnt that through her experience. Wants to run socials for library staff and optimise use of library spaces.
ALJ: What’s your fave book?
AN: Madame Bovary due to feminist themes.
AS: What would you do if conference room is left in a state?
AN: First port of call is to talk to AS, then report to higher ups. Make sure people know what cuths library is for.



FM: Done it before, would like to do it again, vote for me.

Method 2.



JL: English, has the time, Done it already, main job carrying the pizza to the bar, support S?. Has been carrying S? since 1st year.
JL has been elected.



TB: 3rd year geographer. Wants to give back before she leaves. Frepped twice. #BleedsGreen
AB: Spent the past 2 terms being JRO. Loved being part of Governance committee. Ran for SRO last year. Been involved in setting up and using the voting system, and how to run elections.
CH: Was a frep, his photo says Christ Hetherington. Loves being part of cuths, wants to be JRO because elections are important and allow people to get a lot out of their time at cuths. Committed to the JCR, has studied elections as part of his politics degree, knows what it entails and seems fun. Vote Christ.
KL: Second year history and politics. Been to every single JCR meeting since she got here. Perfect opportunity to get involved. Wants to know more about the democratic process, and make sure that people know which elections are running. Been a frep, and has been on the netball team. Wants to work with Abbi and give back to the college with her enthusiasm for the role.
RP: 1st year modern history. Loves politics, was chair of school council.

AB, KL and CH elected.

Sports and socs reporter. No candidates.
RH: Would be helping RH run two accounts.
ALJ: How much do you need to know about sport.
RH: Not a lot.
A wild candidate appears.
SS: I have never played team sport, have 0 strength but want to give back to college. This is the time to try new stuff so started playing mixed lacrosse and joined climbing. Is in 12 socs, so would love to do it.
SS elected.

Finance Comm.


EC: Good at spreadsheets. Studies history so has no contact hours, and is good at time management due to extracurriculars.
XK: 1st year Studying law, doesn’t have much experience in finance but has set up conferences and competitions so has had to get sponsorship, so would love to bring that to the role.
Both elected.
Ball Manager:


DG: Was on social comm last year so would like to extend her role as publicity officer.
MC: What experience do you have managing balls?
DG: In terms of arranging events, those who were on the frep social know that I ran a good after party.
DG elected.

Formals manager.


ALJ: Was going to run for 2nd year rep but now wants this. Has run annual garden parties since she was 12 one of which involved painting a duck with UV paint. Wants to contribute to the JCR.
ALJ elected.

Social Comm. 1st Year Rep.


LC: I am not sporty. My club would be being your social rep, formal and organised events should be as fun and memorable as possible. Was assistant director of social comm at school, wants all first years to be involved so want to maximise participation. Was assistant to the head of marketing at a south African vinyard, so has run various events/drinks receptions.
PE: Loves to party, wants to listen to people’s desires for what they want out of their events. Is already on good terms with a lot of the exec. Loves balls. Always wants suggestions so he can pass them on.
LM: Committed and focussed so wants to fully involve herself in college. Organised a local event for a charity and for a cancer trust. Role requires confidence, and have been in numerous public speaking competitions. Is good at communication and has bundles of positivity.
HL: Great at communication and takes a lot of feedback on board. Loves what cuths has done for him so wants to give back. Vote for me and I will still be on fire.
JS: Facilitate events to make time at durham unique and memorable. As a friendly and confident member of cuths, would be aptly placed to make sure this happens.
AP: Better at managing fun than money. Good experience with organising parties and socials. Is always out, door is always open and happy to provide entertainment, liquid or otherwise.

LC, PE & HL elected

2nd year rep.


AB: Moved from parsons to the bailey so bridged non-existant gap. Good at party organisation. Organised a snow ball at school, ran nobfest which involved going around her entire family finding out wishes in terms of food/music, etc.

AB elected

3rd year rep.

No candidates