Agenda for JCR Meeting, 3rd Dec 13, 7:30pm Bailey Bar

Any Other Business

Apologies – EH, LT

Present – SC, MF, BH, RR, HR, MT, GC, CO, HLE, CP, CA

Correspondence – None


DSU Rep report – It was a pretty busy week at the union in the first week of March as they had their sabbatical officer’s elections. Although the overall voting turnout was lower than previous years, it looks set to be another great year with these new officers. DS was re-elected as president again, LC as Community officer, HI as Development officer, JC as Activities officer and LS as Academic Affairs officers. In Cuth’s we had a voting turnout of 11% which is down from previous years. It was also voted yes in the referendum about the legal void which Student Unions sit by being a company and a registered charity but also having students automatically becoming part of the union. The yes vote changes the constitution to allow there to be a difference between company members and student members which helps to solve problems that arise due to company liability.

President’s Report – As well as the regular swathe of emails, meetings and maintenance that occupy my time I can report that that I have been involved in various other projects such as the Sporting Commitment, The Feast, Greg Langley-Kyle Music Fund, Loss of the Pool Table and Games Machines in the Bar, Expansion/Use of the Back Room in the Bar, FemSoc debate, Environment Committee events/initiatives, the Alcohol paper being proposed by DH, College Council Meeting, Cuth’s Day Planning, College 125 Talks, PG Comm Meeting and Open Day planning.
Two large scale projects that need reporting on are Team Durham and the University Accommodation and Commercial Services Review.
TEAM DURHAM- Issues with price increases should be resolved in the very near future. Each President has, to the best of their ability, found out exactly how much all the facilities cost this year and last to compare and go back to Team Durham to tell them their figures are incorrect. This should give us leverage on how much we do pay especially considering the information released to the President’s Committee. The fear though is that if we don’t move soon the senior management of the University will pressure Team Durham to increase prices further because there logic is that we are incredibly competitive price wise. Not the case when all the extra funding from the student body through Experience Durham is considered. I am pushing personally for more interaction and decision making to come from our Sports and Societies Officers with Team Durham and between the President and Team Durham. Ultimately we are all on the same side and this interaction and involvement in the decisions taken that affect college sport is crucial.
ACCOMODATION AND COMMERCIAL SERVICES REVIEW- Frustratingly little to report as the University is refusing to release information to the Student body. As a brief recap the review involved a large amount of focus group input and then began to proceed with “Phase 1” which began reviewing the positions of Bursars in colleges and seeing whether they can be centralised under Estates and Buildings. This is not what was clear in focus groups and the University has so far refused to release the full report from focus groups, the rationale of Phase 1, the business case that supports this as a money saving exercise and thus value for student money and refused to state any further on further phases. This obviously makes arguing the case against this extremely difficult from a student perspective as we do not know the nature of the beast officially. It appears however that it will damage student experience in various operational ways and make things difficult to organise in particular student facilities and social events. As a wider issue, students lose the accountability of the bursar to colleges and the principal profoundly changing the relationship with which feedback and change can be sort in relation to student problems. President’s Committee are petitioning the VC for clarity and the release of this information through the committee, through the Heads of College and the Union Sabbs. It is becoming increasingly clear there are some big politics involved on the back of the “Governance Review” which is to be debated this afternoon. This review proposes that all colleges and departments should have power and autonomy over their own budgets, the complete opposite to the Accommodation and Commercial Services Review. We are expecting big changes and I will continue to update all students when I have something to update with.
In other news, I have some big things I decided I wished to resolve by the end of the year that I have made no progress on in recent weeks namely Trustees, Treasury and Training Sports and Socs. I hope to be able to make progress with these in the very near future.

Sports and Societies Chair – I have distributed my Societies Document to the club captains detailing helpful advice that they may not have considered. I attended an Equality and Diversity training session organised by the DSU, and passed on contact details to SC to organise a similar event for Cuth’s club captains and society presidents. I have reopened the applications for the JCR Awards and will be holding interviews with the applicants before the end of term. Lastly I have found enough members to form a rounders team and cheese appreciation society which will hopefully be ratified by the next JCR meeting.

Postgrad and Mature Student’s Rep – We will be hosting Cuth’s Inter-MCR Formal on Wednesday evening, with entertainment from Cuth’s Big Band. I would like to thank Anna Green, the PG Social Rep for all the work she has done in organising the night. This week we will also be hosting a slightly different Research Forum, with three speakers this week: two SCR members, working in the Centre for Medical Humanities and the ‘Hearing the Voice’ project, as well as a Cuth’s PhD student from Education. In conjunction with the Librarian, I will be circulating a survey around the postgraduates to ascertain how many use the college library and what services/resources could be acquired in order to encourage PGs to use the provided facilities. We are also putting together a few events for the Easter break, and I will be compiling an Information Pack for those PGs who will staying over the break, detailing what timings of events, and other information about what other colleges will be doing. Finally, the Postgraduate Committee has also started to put together potential plans for an Induction Week for the 2014-2015.

Librarian’s ReportThe Library is healthy and happy, with a large book order set to arrive before the end of term. I’ve had college approval to have the Library open during the Easter holidays and am currently in discussion with the Treasurer and Postgrad rep to decide the most financially viable way to go about this while making it as useful as possible for Cuth’s students who are staying in Durham. At the moment it is looking like 5 hour shifts on two or three days of the week, and these will be worked by existing staff remaining in Durham as well as the Prez. As the Library wasn’t open for the first half of Michaelmas term, these extra hours shouldn’t affect the extended opening during exam time. A physics book (PHY) was recently found in the psychology section (PSY) – I am looking in to the possibility of acquiring some educational alphabet posters

Vice President’s Report – Been fairly quiet since the last meeting. Most of the stash has now been given out, the next order will be Graduation stash in the summer. Also, been trying to make the newsletter reach more people by spamming Facebook and doing a mini version to be put on tables in the Bailey. The Facebook thing seems to be irritating people, which at least means they’re seeing it.

Treasurer’s Report – Day-to-day operation continues as normal, with no problems to report apart from a cash flow error in the Part I account that lead to it being temporarily overdrawn, but this was quickly rectified. The Feast of St Cuthbert went ahead and made a surplus despite last-minute changes. The first donation for the Greg Kyle-Langley Fund has been received, with the formal process of creating the fund occurring in this meeting. College Council have requested the JCR accounts for the next meeting in May. The Sports and Societies Awards interview panel will decide on the remaining JCR funded awards for applicants on Wednesday. Finance Committee met shortly before this meeting to examine the motions for the JCR meeting. Finance Committee will meet and process the VAT books at the close of this quarter at the end of March.

Outreach Officer – None submitted

Social Comm Chair – None submitted

International Students’ Rep– None submitted

Welfare Officers– None submitted


Accommodation and commercial services review
This JCR Notes:

That the University has undertaken a review of Accommodation and Commercial Services, specifically, within the colleges.
There have been meetings between the Vice-Chancellor and the Heads of Colleges on the matter.
The effort made by JCR Presidents Committee to ensure the student opinion is being put across effectively.

This JCR Believes:

The results of the review are unclear to students.
This review has the potential to threaten the unique collegiate student experience at Durham University
That the University should be clearer to students on what is happening and the rationale behind any proposals.

This JCR Resolves:

To oppose any proposals put forward by the review that has the potential to affect the unique collegiate experience.

This JCR Mandantes:

The president to ensure this objection is raised through the appropriate channels e.g. Principal, JCR Presidents and the Students’ Union to enable them to gain appropriate assurances.

Proposed by: SC
Seconded by: MF
SC – [begins by explaining how motions work] The University management have been looking at the provision of student services (so porters, cleaners, kitchen staff). The feedback from students suggests that they want a standardised provision, but not a centralised system. As part of ‘Phase 1’ of their plan, the University have offered the bursars redundancies to reallocate. This would mean that the bursar is no longer accountable to the college Principals, but are instead accountable to Estates and Buildings. Anyone who has had to deal with Estates and Buildings knows that they are useless. [General agreement with this last statement, including various suggestions that SC has been rather flattering in his description of them]. All of the college Presidents would like more information, as we have not been shown any justification for the decision or any sort of business plan.
JH – Will this be affected by the Vice-Chancellor’s retirement?
SC – I don’t think it will, as he is still in charge until September. All of the college Principals and Presidents also want a pause for further review.
RR – Our current bursar, CF, also works at Hild Bede, how is this different from the proposed new system?
SC – Currently CF is still accountable to College Council, to whom he has to report, but under the new proposals he would not be accountable to anyone in the college.
AMF – Do we have any power to stop this?
SC – Not a lot. This motion would merely be a demonstration of the unpopularity of the proposals and a way to apply more pressure, but it does not mean anything would change.
CD – Isn’t the accountability still with the bursar?
SC – The bursar would no longer be accountable to the Principal.
GO – What are the proposed benefits?
SC – We’ve been told it would be cheaper and that student services would be standardised. However, we haven’t had any assurances that this would be the case (like a detailed business plan or costing). Also, the money saved would go to Estates and Buildings, not to the colleges. The college would also no longer have control over their budget.
No amendments to the motion. No opposition to the motion. The motion is passed on a general aye.

Greg Kyle-Langley Music Fund 
This JCR Notes:

The offer of a monthly donation from Greg Kyle-Langley “to support and encourage the making and performance of music by members of the Society”
That the JCR is a recognised charity and is free to accept donations under the remit of its constitutional aims
The framework suggested by the donor Greg Kyle-Langley to administer the fund (Appendix 1)
The suggestion of the donor Greg Kyle-Langley to purchase a reasonable quality portable keyboard with the fund over the next two years with a minimum value of £1200

This JCR Believes:

That supporting and encouraging the making and performance of music by members of the Society is within the remits of our constitutional aims
That the framework provided by the donor provides clear guidance on the administration of the fund
That the purchase of a reasonable quality portable keyboard with a minimum value of £1200 is a priority for the JCR

This JCR Resolves:

To accept the donation under the framework outlined in Appendix 1 and use the framework to create a standing order for “The Greg Kyle-Langley Music Fund” which can be signed and agreed between the donor and the JCR President.
That the Music Room Manager, JCR President and JCR Treasurer administer the fund in such a way to ensure enough funds are available for the purchase of a reasonable quality portable keyboard with a minimum value of £1200 after March 2016 provided donations of at least £85 a month are maintained until this point.
That any future changes to the framework be agreed by the Donor and JCR President and then ratified at a Standing Committee Meeting.

Proposed by: SC
Seconded by: DJ and BH
SC – Greg Kyle-Langley is an alumnus who read the minutes about the motion to re-tune the pianos and wants to donate £85 per month to the music room. We have to formalise this agreement. Currently this only applies to the music room, not music in general.
JG – Why would we not accept?
SC – With donations we have to be careful about ethical implications, though that does not appear to be an issue in this case. There are also conditions attached to the donation that people may disagree with.
NR – How often is the music room used?
CR – A lot.
NR – Is there any possibility of extending the use of the donation?
SC – That is being discussed. Currently the donor feels the best use of the money will be in the music room itself, but the President has to report to him about how the money is benefitting students, so it may be felt in future that it could be better used elsewhere.
JH – Could the keyboard be used at acoustic night or is it only for the music room?
SC – It could be used by any JCR member, so in theory could be used at acoustic night. Probably the best way to do that would be to organise hiring it with the music room manager.
SC – Can I use this as a chance to encourage people to submit motions, as even if you don’t get what you want, alumni may read the minutes and help out.
JW – As music students we do need a good piano.
JH – Is there any way to bring forward buying the keyboard?
CP – Do you mean through the donation or with the JCR paying for it?
JH – What was the agreement with the donor?
SC – He stipulated only after two years, not upfront. However, it could be requested in the budget.
No amendments to the motion. No opposition to the motion. The motion was passed on a general aye.

The Greg Kyle-Langley Music Room Motion
This JCR Notes:

The generous donation offered by Greg Kyle-Langley to the students of St Cuthbert’s Society in support and encouragement of musical performance.
The existence of the as of yet unnamed Music Room in Fonteyn Accommodation Block

This JCR Believes:

That we should demonstrate our gratitude to Greg Kyle-Langley.

This JCR Resolves:

To rename the Music Room for Greg Kyle-Langley to become “The Greg Kyle-Langley Music Room” and that the standing orders should be updated to this effect
To allocate funds of up to £60 in the future budget (14/15) to recognise this renaming with an appropriate plaque to be displayed around or in the Music Room and to be organised by the JCR President.

Proposed by: SC
Seconded by: DJ and BH
SC – This has to be done separately as donations cannot be linked to personal benefit. Although we have only received the first instalment, this would be a sign of our gratitude and may encourage further donations. Also the music room doesn’t currently have a name.
HW – Should we not name it after a current student to encourage people to strive to better themselves?
SC – That would be a possibility, but this way we can show our gratitude for the donation.
AMF – Would this have a restraining effect if voted down?
SC – I don’t think so.
JG – Can we shorten the name?
CH – Is he happy to have the room named after him?
SC – Yes, as long as it doesn’t look like he is benefitting from his donation.
CD – When does this come in?
SC – 2014/15.
AMF – Could we not put a plaque on the keyboard?
SV – We’d have to replace the plaque every time we got a new keyboard.
MT – Can we shorten it to the ‘Kyle-Langley Music Room’?
JG seconds.
No opposition to the amendment. No further amendments.
No opposition to the amended motion. The amended motion is passed on a general aye.

Application for Table Tennis Budget

Name of Club / Society:

Table Tennis

Names of Captain / President, Secretary & Treasurer or 3 Responsible Members of your Executive

Name 1. ST

Position: President



Name 2. JH

Position: Secretary



Name 3. JD

Position: Treasurer




Number of Members in your Club/Society? 20

Does your Club/Society charge subs? Yes

If so, how much per member and do all members pay? £5 for members on the team and £2 for the rest

What are these subs used for? Will be used towards purchasing 2 table tennis racquets


What was your total approved budget for last year? N/A

What was your total expenditure for last year? N/A



Item Price


Total Cost


Epiphany Term










Easter Term

Table Tennis Racquets – £15





Packets of balls – £4




Michaelmas Term










Total Budget Requested





As no members of the Table Tennis Club were present, this motion rolls over to the next meeting.

Motion to support the implementation of the Living Wage at Durham University
This JCR notes:

That Durham University has not committed to paying all of its full-time and sub-contracted workers the Living Wage (as calculated by the Centre for Social Policy at Loughborough University in conjunction with the Living Wage Foundation).
That the University sets rates of pay for university employees.
That the University has the capability to set a minimum rate of pay as a pre-requisite to any contracted organisation providing services at the university.
That the current Living Wage rate is set at £7.65 per hour (as of November 2013).
That 597 Durham University staff members are paid less than the Living Wage

This JCR believes:

That as a leading academic institution, Durham University must strive to be a responsible employer in the County Durham region.
That the current discrepancy in wage between the highest and lowest paid University staff members is unjustifiably high.
That every employee of the university should be treated with dignity and respect, and should be paid accordingly.
That a Living Wage of £7.65 per hour, as a minimum paid to Durham University staff, will reduce poverty, household debt, stress and illness and improve family life.

This JCR resolves:

To fully support the implementation of the Living Wage for all full-time and sub-contracted staff at Durham University.

Proposed by: HW
Seconded by: SC
HW – This is part of the UK Living Wage Campaign, the minimum wage is not enough for people to survive on. In our region the Living Wage has been calculated as £7.65 per hour. 13% of the University staff are paid less than that, and they are often the staff who keep the University running. The Vice-Chancellor claims that the increase in pay would be unsustainable, so this is a way of increasing pressure on him and showing our support.
AMF – Financially, what is the difference between the minimum wage and the living wage?
HW – It would be an increase of about £1.30 per hour.
CH – Would this affect bar staff?
HW – No, because students receive additional financial support.
SM – You are casual workers.
SC – Where would the extra money come from?
HW – That is not up to us, but the University has plenty of money.
M? – Would any action be taken?
HW – That’s not up to us, this is just to show support.
AMF – Are there any figures to show that it is unsustainable?
HW – We would have to open communication channels with the Vice-Chancellor by writing a group letter.
SC – The money would probably come from the accommodation charges, which are currently used to pay cleaning staff, and which is also currently used to pay off the debt for building Queen’s Campus.
JG – If the accommodation charges increased, would bursaries increase too?
SC – No, bursaries are currently being reduced.
HW – It doesn’t have to come from accommodation charges.
CP – This motion is merely to show support, not to suggest practical action.
No amendments to the motion. No opposition to the motion. The motion is passed on a general aye.

Election Methods Update Motion
This JCR Notes:

The results of the straw poll in the last JCR meeting indicating the belief that election candidates should be required to make formal contact with the incumbent about the role

This JCR Believes:

That candidates might run for a position without an accurate idea of the responsibilities of the role

This JCR Resolves:

That the election standing orders should be changed to include the relevant signed form in the required paperwork pre-election

This JCR Mandates:

Everyone in an elected position (method one or two) to fill out a form detailing their role to be sent out to potential successors
The chair to update the standing orders accordingly

Proposed by: LM
Seconded by: GH
LM – This came from the straw poll at the last meeting and means that anyone running has to make formal contact with the incumbent, therefore meaning that they have more information about the role.
RR – Would this be a separate standing order?
CP – It could just be added to the list of things candidates need to hand in before the election.
SC – It formalises consideration, so we get better officers running the JCR.
No amendments to the motion. No opposition to the motion. The motion is passed on a general aye.

The Social Committee Budget Motion
The JCR notes:

That the social committee organises a large number of events which are attended by large numbers of the society.
These events are all run to either break even or to a surplus.
That so far this year the social committee has raised nearly £30,000.
That the social committee has no budget, in stark contrast with other arms of the JCR.

This JCR believes:

That the events run by the social committee are a key benefit for our members and allow the JCR to better engage with its membership.
That the social committee should be allocated a modest budget to allow it to maintain its infrastructure.
That the social committee should be allocated all funds it raises.

This JCR resolves:

To allocate the social committee an annual budget of £500.
To allocate all funds raised by the social committee to the social committee for the purpose of furthering its aims.

Proposed by: GC
Seconded by: RR
GC – Currently social comm. doesn’t have any money to put on small events, or to expand the Green Machine. I think that £500 per year is enough to have some free events, especially if we re-invest any surplus.
SC – Can you clarify what you mean by ‘raised nearly £30,000’?
GC – That is the money from events such as the Ball and the Feast. It is not the profit, though most of the events do run to a slight surplus.
JS – What is the surplus?
GC – We can only spend ticket money during an event and are not allowed to keep any as reserves. The exact amount varies from event to event, but is not hugely significant for each event as we try to spend as much as possible on each event. The budgeting is based on guessing how many people will turn up.
M? – Will this money come from someone’s budget?
GC – No.
SC – Technically yes.
BH – Social Comm have already received £600 from their surpluses this year.
JS – Could the budget not come from the surplus?
GC – We’re not guaranteed to make a surplus.
DJ – Equipment is a big expense, but buying our own would save more in the long term.
GC – Especially as we currently rent from the Hill colleges.
CP – Should it be made clear whether this is annual?
BH – Future budget motions will overrule existing motions, so it would have to be reapplied for each year, can’t be done annually.
CP – That also means that this motion is only provisional, it would also have to be discussed at the budget meeting.
SC – I think the money should be spent on the Green Machine, not on Social Comm, and they should not receive all of the surplus as that disadvantages the rest of the JCR. If they need it they can apply as they currently do.
CH – The tech stuff definitely needs the money. Under the proposed change, how could you be sure of getting your money’s worth at the event you attend?
GC – The reason our events currently run to a surplus is so that we don’t have to pay VAT as we are technically fund-raising. It wouldn’t be a question of cross-subsidising.
JS – Could we say that Social Comm pay the JCR back from the surplus, then the JCR doesn’t lose out?
CP – You mean that Social Comm would be given £500 at the start of the year, then if they make £500 surplus, that money goes back to the JCR. Social Comm would get to keep any further surplus?
CR seconds the amendment.
DJ – Doesn’t that encourage making a surplus?
A vote is held. 42 people are in favour of the amendment, 28 are against, 3 abstain. The amendment is passed.
SC opposes the motion
SC – We should discuss this at the budget meeting. It is wrong that the surplus stays with social comm.
GC – This is the fairest mix of budget and charging.
A vote is held. 49 people are in favour of the amended motion, 30 people oppose it and 2 abstain. The amended motion is passed.

Straw Poll
Should the date of Cuth’s Day be changed?
CP explains how straw polls work.
SC – The current date is June 21st. This has been agreed with college. It is at the end of Arts Week. Everyone still has to be in Durham until the end of term. It avoids clashing with the regatta. The alumni have booked their travel around this date. It avoids the cost of re-turfing the lawn. Social Comm have voted for this date. The other suggestion is June 14th because last year it was on the 15th, and people have planned around that. It means people spend less time in Durham. It saves people travelling back. Fewer people miss out on it as no-one will be on holiday.
GC – This date is not arbitrary, it has been discussed both in Exec and at Social Comm, and both have agreed on June 21st. If we move it to the start of Arts Week we have to spend £700 protecting the grass. The 14th also clashes with Durham Regatta and doesn’t guarantee a greater turnout. If the date is moved forward then the organisation has to take place during exams, which means more stress for the organisers and less time to plan.
NR – If fewer people attend, we sell fewer tickets so have less money to spend. All other colleges manage to organise it in less time. More people can make the 14th.
CP – Can we avoid generalisations please.
TS – It is always the same time after exams.
AM – We have to be in Durham in the last week of term anyway.
S? – The date has already been advertised.
AL – Arts Week has already been organised with Cuth’s Day as the finale.
JG – The date has been set.
CR – Approximately 100 people will be unable to attend if it clashes with the Regatta.
LB – About 50 of the third years have organised their holidays thinking it would be on June 14th.
MM – Most of the sports teams will have organised their balls based around Cuth’s Day being on June 21st.
MT – No-one should be on holiday as you have to be in Durham until June 28th.
HW – Having organised Cuth’s Day last year, please take GC’s exams and the fact that he is a finalist into account.
AG – The alumni will have already organised travel.
DMG – There is more to organise with this event than any other, so it is difficult to combine it with your degree.
TS – Who here can’t make June 21st [approximately 5 – 10 people]
CH – You need everyone to be there or it is not as good.
GC – We want as many people as possible to be there. People have assumed what the date would be, but have been given three months notice.
S? – It is not going to be possible to have everyone there.
JH – When do internships start?
MY – Mine starts on June 16th and is over the weekends as well.
JH – Most will only be Monday to Friday.
RR – Holidays should not have been booked. The alumni can all make Saturdays so people on internships should be able to as well. Otherwise you will have to choose between work and Cuth’s Day, which is the position I have been in for two years, and both times I’ve chosen work.
IG – You would have plenty of time to book tickets.
CR – Durham Regatta is a major social event.
NR – A straw poll favours anyone who turns up to JCR meetings.
CP – You could suggest a solution to that as one of the options.
AG – People have come to this meeting because this is being discussed.
GC – Durham Regatta is a huge event, which will make it harder to organise Cuth’s Day as many caters and entertainment companies will already be booked. June 21st avoids competition.
CD – Has this been an issue previously?
HW – Not really, normally the Social Chair agrees the date with college.
SC – This year Easter is very late, which has caused problems with graduation as well, but this is the traditional date.
RR – People have come to the meeting to discuss this issue.
MW – It’s easier for the Boat Club to organise a group of people to come along than it is to organise a social group to come.
AW – Everyone has known when this meeting would be and that this would be discussed.
AMF – Can we have the poll before we invalidate it?
N? – Can we formalise the date in future?
GC – Other than people not being in Durham on June 21st, are there any other reasons, like logistical problems, why we should move it?
CH – It looks like we are just running with a mistake, we should have had greater discussion before.
GC – Social Comm has representatives from each year group to raise these issues.
CP – This shows that if you care, you should get involved because you can have an impact in these decisions.
Poll Options
Option 1 – Hold Cuth’s Day on June 21st (74 people are in favour of this)
Option 2 – Have an online poll to see if the date should be changed (42 people are in favour of this)
Option 3 – Ratify future dates in a JCR meeting (20 people are in favour of this)
Option 4 – Formalise future dates as being the weekend before term ends (69 people are in favour of this)
The online poll is chosen. It is to be set up to run with the elections by the SRO, and results will be announced on Thursday evening.

Method 1 Elections

Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Rep
Two candidates – HLE and RON
DJ (on behalf of HLE) – HLEis the incumbent and is building up the postgraduate community, as well as trying to incorporate postgraduates into the JCR. The number of postgraduates is increasing. HLE is building up the research fora, forging links with the SCR, having more socials and giving them a greater voice. He would like to improve postgraduate induction week, develop the fora, hold termly Bailey Research fora, have more socials, including trips out of Durham, have better signposting for international postgraduates and make them feel more involved, more events for mature students like lunches and weekend activities. He wants postgraduates to have a strong community but sustainable links with the JCR.

Assistant Bailey Bar Steward
Two candidates – ACS and RON
RR (on behalf of ACS) – I have had a great presence in the bar, would be on hand to help, have been a member of Bar Comm, Social Comm and Welfare Comm so have plenty of experience. I would be a friendly face and would support the Steward. I want to engage via social media and have a bar Spotify account, bring in tea/coffee, newspapers, better board games, more chocolate, better wine for formals and help to support social events

Assistant Brooks Bar Steward
Two candidates – CD and RON
CD – I’m in the bar a lot, it is a second home. I have lots of experience in the army, as a plumber and as a manager. I would bring food in by storing it in a freezer and having a self-service section, though I need to check the health and safety issues. I want more events at Brooks, like BBQs and a bottle bar in the JCR, have a change machine for the pool table (they are quite cheap) and to improve the decor.
MF – Can you explain how to clean the lines?
CD – Not yet
MM – Would you bring Guinness back in on tap?
CD – I would look into it, it depends on the shelf life.
CR – What colour should the walls be?
CD – I would decide it by a vote.
GC – In 20 seconds list what you can buy from the bar.
CD – Beer, spirits, chocolate, crisps, nuts.
JH – Would you keep the atmosphere the same?
CD – It needs to be different to the Bailey. I would have better coffee and food, and only occasional events, like the acoustic nights.
HW – What would you do if someone was doing the horseshoe and got too drunk?
CD – I would copy the example of this year’s Assistant Bar Steward.

Sports and Societies Chair
Two candidates – JC and RON
JC – I am a member of Frisbee, Climbing, Break Dancing, Volleyball and CRACAS, so have good time management and am organised. I would share new societies on social media, increase charity work in the sports and societies by getting them involved with local youth. I would encourage greater participation through the Give It A Go scheme and get the clubs to help revamp the website with more details.
GC – How would you combat the lack of involvement by Sports and Societies on the website?
JC – I would contact the captains and tell them exactly what we needed.
MT – What do you think your extra exec duties would be?
JC – Discussing the concerns of the JCR.
CP – How would you encourage greater involvement in meetings by the sports and societies?
JC – It is up to members wanting to get involved.
CO – Can we see a dance off between you and the incumbent?
JC break dances, RR ballroom dances. Both acquit themselves well.
Method 2 Election
Two candidates – MC and RON
HR (on behalf of MC) – I have always been curious about computers, have lots of previous experience fixing them, which has included a small amount of hacking, as a result of which I am paranoid about passwords. I was the Head IT prefect at school, and would like to revamp/perfect the website and sort out the calendar.
MC is elected by an overwhelming majority.

(Here and elsewhere Greg Kyle-Langley’s name has not been initialised as it is the name of a room and would be confusing)

(One file had this meeting as taking place on 3rd Dec 2013, but given the elections that took place I think this date is likely correct)