Acoustic Night
– We’ll be doing most of it rather than PE.
– We’ll put up the event soon using the JCR account
– Could also have spoken word poetry allowed as well
– International food to bring in numbers?
Prawn crackers and things like that
Everyone could bring in a different snack
– Flag bunting
– Make sure to advertise it mostly as acoustic night with an international twist rather than international night
– Have a big map up with dot stickers that people can put on it for where they’re from

Pub Quiz
– Postponed until next term

Other Ideas
Film Night

– Foreign films
– Christmas films?
– Hot chocolate – get the boiling urn from welfare –
– Brooks JCR

Chinese New Year
– Like candy cane selling thing but red packets with chocolate coins in

Mardi Gras
– Crepes

International Food Event
– People bring lots of international food that gets shared