Chinese New Year
February 16th – Friday
Can either that day or the weekend
Aidan’s – doing Chinese new year formal –too late for now, but could pitch for next year
Last year was a bar crawl
Could do a food event? Dining hall/brooks
Possibly contact the dining staff and see if they can do any Chinese food that week (if they don’t already) – email relevant person
Could do a board game type night – Mahjong? – either buy a set or borrow one from Mahjong society – maybe ask one of them to come in and help?
– Chinese chess?
And can bring some snacks too – red packets with chocolate coins in?
Use the international flags? And try and find the decorations from last year
Could decorate the dining hall too
VC will contact Bar steward
MW will bring decorations and some snacks
A will email M
G will contact Mahjong society
VC will buy red packets and gold coins
Friday night – Brooks Bar – set up at 7, start at 7.30
Should also collate all the Chinese new year events and advertise them on the international freshers page – E

Would be great to get feedback on making freshers week better for them
Try and get an incentive for them to do it – prizes? Vouchers?
Current freshers on international committee opinions:
– Mostly no problems, been fairly smooth to be honest
Survey not just on integration, but also any experiences of racism
May want to send it out sooner the better as people will remember more about freshers week
Will create a google form for us to contribute questions

Will have another meeting in about two weeks, just before Chinese New Year
Hopefully will have another around the world in 80 dishes event – maybe end of term, or second week back
Some people have got money back from previous reclaims, so VC will chase up
Also people are expected to stay at events until the end, and at least say when they leave – or come to help clear up