Conference Room

1. Apologies & Absences
Apologies: MF, LF
Absences: MT

2. Meeting with college
Will look in to accommodation allocations next term
University already offers english lessons – will send around all the details
Would like to run one in college as well – find a bit of budget
Formals – open to the idea of formal themes and international priority
– chinese new year formal?
– party afterwards at the bailey
– will discuss with social chair alternative events
Language speed dating – with language and international students

3. Handbook
College weren’t very happy about it – created an ‘us and them’
– perhaps make the international handbook as a supplement rather than an alternative handbook
– pen drive? can request one

4. Christmas formal
International priority
International bailey bar takeover afterwards – Christmas party
Paper chains, michael buble, candy canes, fairy lights, mince pies
Acoustic music?
Themed cocktails – alcoholic and non alcoholic – peppermint ones
Meet up beforehand and make paper chains beforehand
– the sunday before at 2ish


5. Alternative Christmas Events
– haven’t heard back yet from J Soc – might have to shelve Hanukkah for this year
– open it up to university wide, not just cuth’s
– get the african drumming society in
– day time perhaps
– have it early next term, part of Refreshers

6. Any Other Business
Lots of erasmus students who might be interested in language speed dating
Language mentors
– contact outreach officer about this one
International food market/picnic
– lots of different foods and teas and things
Bulgarian Martenitsa spring festival
Holi – spring time
– give out white t shirts
Starts in April until around June
After exams probably