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EL: First event went really well. Don’t have any negatives to mention but if you guys have comments or ways to improve for next time, please tell me. I think that members of the committee that could turn up to more things.

VC: There are a couple of people who want to join?
EL: It’s not elected, so they can join whenever you want. For next year, it would be good to plan some events. Chinese new year is on January 28th? Last year the event was more “Come and taste some food” so it can be similar or something more upbeat, depends on what you feel would be best. The problem with cultural events is the poor attendance.

VC: What did you do last year?
EL: It was just cultural or food events, there were no real other events. One east asia and one NW and South Asia. Both were here at Brooks bar. The first was around Chinese new year.
Should it be another drinking event?

MW: Could go to Klute after a cultural event. Not a bar crawl but a thing with a dress code?

EL: Not sure if we can bring food into the bar when it is open. Will ask J as this was an issue on Wednesday. If anyone wants to be project leader for the Chinese new year event then please tell me, if not I will post on the group.

MW: Probably not do it on the same evening as most Chinese will be celebrating.

MM: Ask Victoria if she wants to be project leader as well as she will know a lot??

EL: Mardi Gras could also be a big event?

MM: St. Patricks day could also be big. It’s a well known holiday so would be well attended.

EL: There is usually a formal around St. Patricks/St. Cuthbert’s day so we can plan around it. If you have ideas other than celebrating events that happen, please raise them.

MM: Can we also raise the profile about internationals welfare issues?

TJ: Maybe let people know that Internationals can use welfare too?
EL: Definitely.

MW: Maybe hold an event around easter about the experiences we have had in Durham? Most internationals I know aren’t leaving for easter.  Find a speaker?

MM: Maybe a postgrad international? Someone who can lead the discussion?
EL: Another issue is because it is not “people going out”, I don’t think people will want to go.

MM: Depends how you advertise.

EL: We could discuss something with college?  I will contact C/J.

CP: Will think over Christmas.

MW: Next time we do an event put in some photos to promote our page?

MM: I forgot about that.


Meeting adjourned.