1. Introduction to what the committee is in charge of
2. Review of what was done last year
3. International students FAQ page
4. Roles to be filled:
a. Events advertising manager (social media and physical)
b. Secretary (taking minutes of the meetings)
c. FAQ page manager
d. Event directors (for individual events)
5. Contacts for event organisation
a. BY – Bar steward
6. Claiming money back from the JCR
a. AK – online system.
7. Event ideas pitch
a. Pitch VN’s (in her absence)
8. Setting a date for the first event
9. Setting out the goals for the year

1. We put on lots of events for international students and do support for them

What we did last year
1. V – talking about other things to do for the committee – last year we did international food events – did a lot of bar crawls – do lots of events for international celebrations
2. Two people in charge of each event – normally different people in charge for each

FAQ Page
1. Spoke to Vice-Principal – want more support for students throughout the year
2. Freshers’ ideas for support:
a. Make a freshers page for next year – there is one but somehow promote it better – some people might not have facebook either
b. Maybe make an international handbook? – MM is planning on making one for the whole uni currently
i. MM also mentions that there’ll be a international student association meeting next week but there’ll be a social afterwards – will post event in the group

Roles to be filled
1. Secretary – HJ already minutes
2. Events advertising manager – E volunteers
a. Event ideas?
i. Things coming up – thanksgiving – Christmas
ii. International acoustic night – collab with alt soc – have to sing international songs
iii. Really big map – everyone write their name and pin to map to see where everyone is from
iv. Movie night in December – pillows, blankets, hot chocolate etc – international film – MM mentions maybe collab with international society (?)
v. Last year just did bar crawl in first term
vi. G mentions maybe have the film night be a recurring thing
vii. Collab with Vietnamese society? (G is a part of it) – they often do house party
1. G will chat to them to collab
2. Possibly have Vietnamese film and Vietnamese food
viii. MM suggests put a poll on the international freshers group
1. Movie night
2. Acoustic night
3. Pub quiz
4. Food fair
5. Bar crawl
ix. Could try doing some stuff of introducing internationals to traditionally British culture
1. E.g. Wetherspoons – Sunday roast – pub – pub quiz on Britain
2. Think we might do this before end of term – N doesn’t mind leading
x. Need to check how much budget the committee has
1. If we do too much we’d have to charge, and people might not come
2. Maybe just have british snacks and tv/films?
3. Idea for quiz – ask british people some questions, then ask internationals what they think the answer would be
4. Could be incorporated into pub quiz
5. Maybe ask internationals that come to bring a british friend?
Agree that a pub quiz would be a good idea

Great British Pub Quiz
1. Leads – N, G
2. Need to find some british people
3. Need to come up with questions
a. Do it via a google doc we can all contribute to
4. Need to book bailey bar – can’t book, but talk to Bec about when would be the best time to do it – let’s say second to last week of term for now
5. Decorations?
6. Advertising

Stuff to do for next meeting
1. V contact B
2. E– advertising – V will make event so access to freshers page
a. Want people to share it
b. E happy to make posters
3. GY – print posters
4. Everyone contribute to Google Doc
a. Suggest questions, and see what categories fit to it
b. Famous british films, quotes, slang etc
c. Food
i. Will decide what and who to buy later on
5. GR – contact PE and Vietnamese society

Will do a poll for when the next meeting will be