Roles in the Committee
International Rep: JB, International Welfare Rep: MG
Events: OM, NG, NT
Campaigns: RU, DA
Publicity: POR


Introduction, international committee last year focused more on events → suggestion, shift focus onto campaigning and raising awareness of issues, addressing issues make life easier for international students

Brainstorm issues to focus on + campaign for / ways in which we can address these issues
As for events, MG in charge of these — last year, international festival events (chinese new year) low turnout because International Student Association runs inter-college events which are a lot bigger

So this year, focus on smaller get-togethers so internationals in cuths can meet each other, received messages requesting this
+ Arrange get-togethers during term break for people staying in Durham over christmas and easter


Campaign for ~5 or more main issues that internationals face → figure out how college can address these
How we can make life easier for internationals → summer storage, information we can provide to prospective students etc.
Hold successful events for people in cuths to meet each other

Roles + Tasks

Campaigns: Next meeting, brainstorm issues that students face + how these can be addressed → can draw from personal experience / things that could be improved for you / ask around, other internationals see if they have any suggestions
Events: MGin charge, next meeting: focus on events that you’d like to organise
Publicity: Think of how you can successfully advertise our events and work with the campaigns team to help spread awareness of the issues they come up with

FB Chat

Next Meeting — 2 or 3 weeks time

Make sure you have stuff prepared → if you need help just let me know