Over Zoom, because even joke motions need good governance. BT is minuting has JC double-booked himself.

Present: SWC (Chair), EM (President), SP (SRO), BT (JRO), KB (JRO)

Apologies: JC (Vice-President)


Ree Motion

SP: I claim to have had this idea before, I have messages to prove it.

SWC: Do you want me to message RJ, or do you want to second the motion?

SP: Don’t bother it’s fine.

*No further comments*

CRAS Deratification Motion

BT: Seems a bit harsh to prevent it coming back for 15 years and requiring a referendum.

SP: Can we fact check that the motion last year only lost by one vote? I know it didn’t because I counted the votes.

SWC: I’ll message EAM.

*No further comments*

Stolen Music Room Key Motion

EM: I don’t like the name of it because a person can’t be a key.

SWC: Bring it up in the meeting.

*No issues*

Aperiodic Tiling Motion

SWC: We need an official JCR Stance on tiling.

EM: This should be a charitable aim of the JCR.

SWC: I’m glad they spelt my name right.

*No issues*

Tie Up BT Motion

EM: BT do you like being tied up?

BT: Not entirely.

*EM looks disbelievingly at BT*

BT: If this motion passes then the official stance of the JCR is that I like being tied up.

SWC: BT do you want to change the This JCR Notes section?

BT: No, I look forward to opposing it in the JCR Meeting.

EM: I agree with it, it makes sense.

*No further comments*

Darude Sandstorm Motion

BT: An impressive amount of effort went into the This JCR Orders section of the motion.

SP: I expect nothing less from JC and EuM.

EM: It is true that Darude Sandstorm does well in Facebook polls.

SWC: It’s a lot of effort for us if it passes.

SP: This has common sense issues.

EM: I hope it passes so that GovComm suffer next year.

*No further issues*

NHS Motion

SWC: I didn’t know this was a thing for so long.

EM: FiComm are fine with it.

SWC: EM do you want to second it due to the poor gender divide of seconders?

EM: No thanks, I’ve managed to avoid it throughout all of my degree.

*No issues*

Elections Equity Clause Motion

SP: We have forbidden campaign methods, but this motion lists some other things that you can’t do during elections. Our current election rules are not specific enough on these issues. This motion gives GovComm a better ability to handle inappropriate jokes and comments and gives the SRO and Chair the power to stop them during their hust. It also outlines proper way for candidates to behave during husts and requires the SRO to tell the candidates of these regulations beforehand. It also guidelines how JCR members should behave during husts, regarding questions to candidates and respect while husts are ongoing. This motion tries to resolve those problems.

SWC: Where should the behaviour expectations part of this motion go?

SP: The behaviour expectations are based on the policy from the trustees, and it mandates the SRO to advertise these rules and outline them in a message in the group chat for Method I positions.

SWC: They could also go in the election information page on the Cuth’s JCR website.

SP: They can go in there as well, but should also be in the Standing Orders.

SWC: I’ll put it on the website.

*No further comments*

Sarco Plank Escapologist Motion

EM: Is ‘shit tons of money’ an accurate description of JCR finances?

SWC: Well relatively, we do have ‘shit tons of money’.

EM: Yes we do.

SWC: I oppose shipping capitalism and the private ownership of land to other planets.

EM: But does the JCR?

SWC: I am the JCR.

SP: If America and the current Trump administration take over Mars, then you won’t even own the Mars land anymore.

EM: So you’re telling me that this a scam, SP?

SP: Can we elect this during the meeting on Friday?

SWC: Yes SP, but we also need a specified amount of money in the motion.

SP: FiComm have not seen this.

SWC: They should as it’s based on JCR expenditure.

SP: It costs loads.

SWC: SP it needs a money limit, e.g. no more than £50. But put whatever you want – I’ll leave you to put it into the motion.

SP: Of course.

EM: I’ll be opposing it.

SP: EM why?

EM: As has already been explained, SWC and I oppose the expansion of capitalism into space.

SP: SWC, can you put a £30 maximum spend into the motion?

SWC: I have done that.

*No further issues*

Tiger Named JC Motion

EM: I loved the song and now I don’t anymore.

SWC: I’m going to watch this video.

*EM sings the song from the motion*

SWC: I have no issues with this.


GG Manifesto

SP: l have already messaged them in reference to the need for a signature, photo and Cuth’s crest.

SP: They namedrop JS, I’ll message them to change it.

*No further issues*

EE Manifesto

SP: My friend’s calling me, he wants to play Call of Duty.

KB: What is this position?

SWC: Communities Officer replaces the International Rep on the Exec, representing all of the minority reps.

SWC: LGBTQ+ should be changed to LGBT+.

EM: We agreed a few years back to just use LGBT+.

BT: It’s not called the LGBTQ+ Officer either, so that needs to be changed.

SP: The environment section is not relevant.

EM: It’s not part of the role so it must be changed.

*No further comments*


SWC: Do you want to say something SP?

*SP gives a heartfelt speech of his love for GovComm*

*Scattered applause*