Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-Presidnent), SP (SRO), KB (JRO), SG (JRO), BT (JRO)

Apologies: WE (Stool)


First Session – Before JCR Meeting

*SP reads out MP’s response to the previous ruling*

SP: We decided to stop him campaigning until noon. He’s not contesting the suspensions of MS from his campaign team. There are 248 people in that group chat. I understand the bribery part was said in jest. But he did tell her on Tuesday that he was running, which is against the rules.

JC: It does feel harsh, but equally he has broken the campaign rules and that has led to pre-campaigning to 240 people. Although he can argue that she’s just a fresher and might not have known, the situation has stemmed from him breaking the rules.

KB: I agree with that. He should know that he shouldn’t be mentioning this early.

BT: I agree with that.

SP: We could reduce it to not campaigning until 10am. MP isn’t present so he can’t campaign in person.

EM: So that does make this sanction harsher.

SP: We could restrict his posts before noon instead of a blanket ban.

EM: How about only MP can campaign before noon, then the rest of the team can?

JC: I like that.

SP: I think that’s proportionate.

Second Session – After JCR Meeting

*SP reads MP’s latest response.*

EM: He’s given a different story this time. Although it was done by a fresher, he should know the importance of telling freshers detailed campaign rules, which was his responsibility. Also, I don’t like his comment about considering asking her to be his seconder. That could be abused and he could ask 6 or 7 people to scope them out for campaign teams.

SP: I don’t like that he’s changed his mind about what happened.

KB: I don’t even think this is a particularly harsh sanction.

*We move to a vote on the sanction. Options are to ban anyone from campaigning before noon tomorrow for MP, to allow MP to post but ban the rest of the team until noon, or to discuss other possibilities.*

*Unanimous result in favour of allowing MP to campaign from midnight but restricting the rest of the team until after midday.*