In the conference room on a dark afternoon. SP wasn’t planning to come because he has work, then decided to come because he has work.

Present: JC (Vice-President), EM (President), SW (Chair), BT (JRO), SG (JRO), SP (SRO)

Apologies: WE (Stool)


Orchestra Society Motion

SW: He was told that not all the seconders need to be from Cuth’s but they do. That’s sorted now. Do we want to add something in the sports and socs order about inter-collegiate societies? We should probably clarify. I could write it as part of this motion.

JC: I would prefer that as a separate motion.

Action: SW to write a motion about inter-collegiate societies.

*No further issues with this motion*

SP: How will subs work?

SW: Everyone pays the same but Cuth’s only pays to match Cuth’s members.

Sports and Societies Motion

SW: AW is on a roll this meeting. This relates to our motion from last meeting. Last meeting we agreed that non-Cuth’s people can run for society exec positions at the second running, this motion will make it so they can run from the beginning but there are certain roles they can’t hold. I have no issues with this motion.

SP: Not in terms of procedural issues. Can we ask for a more complete list of positions that would be open to people from other colleges?

SW: That’s very difficult because there’s such a range. I don’t think it’s possible or that they’ll want to.

SP: I feel if this was worded differently, so that only learning positions were open to Cuth’s students, it would be better.

EM: I think you’re right.

SP: So the open-ended side should be within Cuth’s.

EM: Those are very specific positions that some societies don’t have. In this case there could be a welfare rep for a society from another college. We’d like it to be overriding so that all positions are Cuth’s only other than some specifics.

JC: Procedurally, there’s also an issue that president and treasurer aren’t precisely defined so it’s open to abuse of the intent too.

EM: I think he’d be happy with our suggestion, and our suggestion would fix that.

SW: I’ll suggest that to him.

Alt Soc Motion

SW: It basically moves alt soc to music committee as opposed to being a society. Currently it has one member and no subs.

Song Motion

SW: It’s nice and Christmassy. He wants some new verses in the song.

*Arguments over the rhythm*

*EM will have a musical battle with EAM in the meeting*

*No further issues*

Facilities Comm Motion

SW: JR wants to restructure facilities committee and rename some positions. He wants some of the hires to be divided up better.

SP: Why is technician Method III now?

SW: You’ll have to ask him.

JC: I hope the application consists of a weightlifting test.

SW: Any procedural issues?

JC: Is membership of the committee still defined and consistent?

SW: Yes.

Assistant Bar Steward Motion

EM: The current bar steward is concerned that such an important role is elected and the bar has no say over it. He also thinks some supervisors would be unsuitable as assistants. So he wants to create that position anyway as a position interviewed by college and we just elect a liaison.

SP: Why not make it Method II?

EM: I still want it to be a big role but I don’t care. It is quite a big thing so it’s good for them to have a manifesto.

*No issues*

World Map Motion

EM: Why does he need a motion for this? We have this in House 8. And he has a budget.

SW: I’ll tell him he doesn’t need a motion, he can use his budget.

EM: To get it put up he needs to email SC.

Automatic Vote of No Confidence in ABD, Keeper of the Couplets

EM: I went to alumni event recently and they asked me about the keeper of the couplets.

SW: It will be voted online.

SP: I’ll set it up now.

JC: The orders don’t specify who proposes the motion, but the original meeting said it would be the president and I don’t think it’s been changed since, so I’d say it makes sense for the president to propose it.

SW: I agree. Should I write a basic template motion for automatic motions of no confidence?

JC: Yes.

Action: SW to write a template motion.

SP: I adore ABD but I love that this is happening


*No dates are possible this term*

SP: We can have a gov comm meal and meeting at my house before the presidential election. I can make a good dahl.