MC: Any comments on the motions? Seem straightforward.
TJ: Can we change CM (Female Welfare Officer)’s wording at the end from removing and creating 2 positions to simply renaming them?
SJ: I will reword the resolves section.
MC: Can we also make the formatting/wording better? Bullet points, etc?
SJ: I will do that as well and upload the amended CM motion.

Election Rules

KL: Wording of “disqualified” within STV rules? Can it be cleared up/ changed to “knocked out”?
AF: Will change “disqualified” in that section to “removed”.
AB: Are the president rules a third document?
MC: No, they are included.
KL: What did we do about the “mini-refounders” wording?
AF: Changed “refounders” subsections (mini-refounders, etc) in poster locations to “refounders”.
MC: Don’t like the “Applying for a presidential method one presidential election position” wording which appears twice.
AF: Will change to “running for the position of President of the Society” and “You are eligible to run for the method one position of President of the Society”.
MC: Think it’s otherwise fine.
AF: What is the “official St. Cuthbert’s Society Crest”?
MC: I will send you a copy to send to each candidate for posters.
AF: The proposer and seconder also don’t have to be present in the old standing orders? I have made it so that they are recommended to be there. Also should we add that the proposer reads the speech if the candidate is not present in method one elections?
TJ: Can we make it the chair? Makes it a level playing field if candidates are not present?
AF: We will make it to be a member of Governance Committee instead.
KL: Should the thing about the husts also apply to presidential elections?
MC: Yes.
AF: Will change that to match method one rules, and apply it to proposers of presidential as well.
MC: Did we decide on sweets?
AF: We decided that we should decide following the next Governance Committee meeting.
TJ: Can we meet to discuss standing orders next meeting?
SJ: Yes.

Meeting adjourned.