Minutes of Standing Comm Meeting, Held on October 11th at 6pm in the Reading Room.
Present: CP (Chair), LM (Senior Returning Officer), SC (President), MF (Vice-President)
SC will prepare a slideshow of the motions to be displayed during the meeting, as well as printing copies of the agenda, CP will therefore be able to paraphrase the motions to save time in the meeting.

Motion to Repaint the Gym – the motion’s name was changed to ‘the More Women in the Weights Gym Motion’. The reference to the ‘air of masculinity’ was moved from Notes to Believes. The second point in the Believes section was changed to ‘should be made more appealing to women’. The second point in the Resolves sections was changed to ‘thereby encourage more women to use the gym’. The word ‘weights’ was added throughout to precede the word ‘gym’.

Table Tennis Motion – the motion needs five further signatories. The reference to the JCR naming ST as President of the Table Tennis Society was changed to ‘Acting President’ and the phrase ‘until someone can be formally elected’ was added.

AltSoc Motion – the phrases ‘further opportunities’ and ‘their inability to attract students’ were removed from the Notes section. The phrase ‘goings on’ in the Resolves section was changed to ‘events’ and the phrase ‘our own’ in the same section was changed to ‘its own’. Also in the Resolves section the word ‘said’ was removed and the brackets around ‘arts’ were removed.

Lacrosse Team Motion – the section about ‘exemplary achievements’ was moved from the Notes to the Believes section.

Social Comm Motion – was found to be constitutionally in order.

Insurance Against Unfilled Live-In Exec Positions – this was written during the meeting in response to the problems of finding people to fill live-in exec roles (the current example is the role of Librarian). However, it was decided that President and Treasurer could not be live-out roles under any circumstances