1. Apologies
2. Volleyball Budget
3. SageTutorial
4. AOB

E(S?) – at Grandma’s
B? – ill
SS– missed train
CM (President) – Dorset

Volleyball Budget
Didn’t really exist before as no one was on the exec – getting first budget now
Have paid for some facilities so far and want it refunded as well as they didn’t have a budget yet
Budget approved

Went through how to process reclaims

Reserves – figure on SAGE isn’t completely accurate
Part 1 – have enough in part 1 to keep cuths running if we didn’t receive levys all year
Part 2 – any money on top of that – what we’re classifying as our reserves – approx. £19,000 – shouldn’t really have any reserves as a charity – trustees want us to have some in case

CM’s raised the idea of campus card scanners for our facilities e.g. gym and music room etc – approx. £6,000 for this, but we’d never have to pay towards that again (under warranty first few years and college would pay from then on anyway as it’s in college buildings) (for the library?)

Brooks Bar? – this bit is independent of the campus card scanners so don’t need to consider it right now
Think the scanners are a good idea and a good investment
Proposed motion that the spending is transparent and published?