Quick Meeting Explanation
Mostly budget amendments, which we discuss, and if over £500 then must go through jcr meeting
Finance Comm members will soon have some work to do on SAGE after meetings

Men’s Football Club – Footballs
Got some old rubbish ones and they want new ones
Have £305 in their reserves at the moment
As the footballs are an investment, and to keep their reserves from going up, then think it’s acceptable for up to £100 worth
– Say they have the be given to the JCR at the end of the year or the captain has to pay for them
– Found a big bag of footballs (7 not great balls) in the sports and societies cupboard – check them by them so they’re aware, and if they’d like to buy more up to £40 and a pump, and if none of the balls are good then can be up to £100
Also check with women’s football to see if they want some more balls as well

Netball – Dress Subsidies
In general for sports kit for personal use, then they have to pay for themselves
Netball dresses are for communal use, so we can put money towards them
If it’s communal, then the JCR will pay, and if not then we won’t

Netball – Netballs
Want to get three for £40 – have enough in their reserves
– Approved

Not got exact figures yet – got predictions based on last year
Should be put into their initial budget in the future, rather than keep adding amendments since it’s becoming a regular event – think about subs going down as well since reserves keep going up
Agree it can come out of their reserves this year since they’ve got a lot of reserves – clarify if it’s one or two events, if two then we’ll reconsider for the second event

Mention to badminton to invest in some racquets for the club since they have a lot of subs