Finally got internet banking!

Exec can approve expenditure up to £100, but above then finance comm have to approve it
Budget of £180 for this to get people involved – so £15 per day

Women’s Football Kit
Mostly wearing old t-shirts and stash at the mo – club captain wants stash
They have £414.16 in their reserves
Can use it on kit, and it’ll not be personalised so it’ll last through the years and better to use reserves on things longer term rather than pitch price rises which should come from subs increases

At the mo – they’ve only raised half of what they thought they’d get based on previous years, so they may need more money for hall hire – short approx £200 – they haven’t asked yet though
They have asked to get speakers which are £96 – £44 in reserves that can go towards it and we’ll top it up to the price
– Issue – would it be JCR speakers that other people can use? Would they just be kept in the prez’s house that could be used whenever?
– Also they could get better priced speakers, and also the JCR do have some that they could use.
– Happy for them to find cheaper speakers and we’ll match the money from their reserves, and as it’s from their reserves then it’s just for them to use, and if it’s broken not in BodCon times then they’ll have to pay
For hall space, could they use the dining hall? It would have to be taken down and set up every evening though
Also it’s expensive for what it is, so maybe they need to look elsewhere

More people have signed up this year, so he wanted to hire out more pitches
Originally wanted to use £500 of reserves so he didn’t have to increase subs
Been edited several times, and now still don’t agree with it but bringing it to this committee
Recommend they pay £2 more termly social membership and rise the prices of the weekly one to £1.50, then that’d give more money that we’d match and would wipe out their deficit

The tankard and electronic scoreboard are a bit much, they’ll need to up their subs for that
Also tankard, they didn’t sign up to Team Durham rules so don’t have a trophy, which is why they probably want it and if they want one they can get it themselves
The deficit they have isn’t actually particularly much, and they have no reserves since they’re new
They want another board, which college is against but not sure the reason against it, but if college say yes then we’re fine with it too
Also if they don’t have the tankard, then the deficit really is quite small so the electronic scorer is alright – although can possibly find cheaper ones
Need them to clarify whether they’re getting two extra boards or having two total
Note that they may want to increase subs next year to build up reserves

Running Club
Want to do a 10k in Feb 2018 – entrance is £27 per person, and they want to split the cost between JCR and participants – up to 20 people doing it so £270 max
This is a new budget as they’re a new society so it’d have to go through a JCR meeting so they need to write a budget
Also has to be run past Gov Comm, so needs to be written by 7pm tomorrow
Apart from that then matching it is fine

L? volunteers as tribute for next on cake rota