Apologies: JW, ED, RW

JC (Treasurer), MC (President), TJ (VP), EC, ZK, LW, PM

Auditing II
JC: Anyone have any problems?
PM: A few weren’t on the database.
JC: Happy with the process though? If there are any little things, tell me at the end. I will give an additional task for the next thing:

WALKTHROUGH There is nothing filled in in “Expenditure” since last meeting, so you can do so. You can find it in cashbook, check documentation is there, “SBC009” for example, put in the date it was paid on, add in expenditure. Hard to tell if “budget” or “reserves” on a case-by-case basis. Consumables, stash, travel, events (other than cuths day) comes under reserves, everything else under budget. Apart from if it’s a sports and socs budget, in which case if the expenditure was budgeted for, in which case it goes under budget. ALSO, if anyone asks for an expenditure that takes them above their budget, the rest should come out of reserves.

From now this budget will be a google spreadsheet, which you will be able to take from there. When done, rename the account record “SN” and send it to JC JUST the spreadsheet. The budget will be on the google doc.

Reclaim forms
JC: Reclaims forms weren’t produced last year, but accountants need them. Splitting them up and doing them all this year. Done by first January meeting. In accounts, there is a folder called reclaim, each reclaim will need one of the spreadsheets, add in name, email and student id from formula bar, then add into excel formula bar. In some there will be a single payment, and there will be only 1 payment to add into “Total”. Be careful with VAT. If bought from a shop or restaurant, leave as is. If bought from Team Durham or a charity, no VAT so add in 0 and the Total value at “Net”. Afterwords subtract from specific budget. Assume all are Part 2. If there are multiple payments, you must go into folder Mco 2015-2016, go into account, then cashbook, then find a payment from just after that time. Look for the “Proof”. If you had to look this up, you can actually put in the paid date. Then look at the proof supplied in the Mco folder. Look at date of receipt and use for the money, and add in where they were from. Then copy (with one row space on either side) and print selection for it to come out neatly.

Photosoc budget part II
JC: Photography budget. Discussed splitting some into facilities last time. It’s been removed and they have now requested more than their income, and a lot of it isn’t even from subs, so I suggest raising subs to £10 to ease gap.
All Agree

Fashion Show Budget
JC: RR said that some people have to pay subs. That’s wrong, so they don’t have to pay subs. We shall tell the exec not to pay £1 each. They make a surplus and donate it to charity. They request a grant of £300 which is effectively a charitable donation.
MC: Going to argue against completely at start, then relent and give a bit. Other colleges are varied in what they give. They ask for the maximum that other colleges give. We should amend to 0.
PM: Amend to 0 but then expect it to go up.
ZK: Surely if it’s good and it’s a quality show… It’s for charity so surely they can get some money?
JC: Can we amend to £100? So as we’re not giving them nothing.
MC: Even £200, just don’t set a precedent. We’re being nice as most colleges don’t give anything at all.

Football budget
JC: They’re asking for additional £1000 for pitches, £370 for equipment, they have no reserves and are not putting subs up. We can give half for the equipment, then put the rest into a deficit that they can pay off over series of years. Amend subs to £35 so that it is 50:50. Captains currently paying out of their own pocket as there isn’t enough money, which is their issue, not ours. They should get the players to pay.
Everyone agrees.

Meeting Adjourned