JC (Treasurer), MC (President), TJ (VP), PM
Apologies: Ellie Doubleday
JC: Distributes submitted budgets.

JC: Tennis Asking lots of money. Want to go 1:1. Tennis rackets are big expense that they only buy once. Pay them over 5 years. Raise subs to £7, so that they pay back £30/year.
MC: There are three in the cupboard, use those. Raquets are cheaper than £75. Don’t want to give them anything for it.
PM: Tell them not to buy them?
MC: Give them 50 quid for raquets because you can buy 2 for that (googled it).
JC: Changed deficit to £20.

JC: Same things as tennis. Asking a lot for raquets. Do the same?
MC: £50 again for 2 raquets instead of £80. Brings expenditure down to £125, raising £35. Have to raise £1 subs. Raise to £2, so that the JCR pays £55 less.

JC: Lots of talks throughout the year. Subs is the ticket, funding covers the rest.
MC: Supplies are separate budget. Free member?
JC: You Have to be a event member to pay. It works out as more than £1 per member. Glass making and art therapy is big expense, but fine because they make more than they raise through subs.