Finance Comm Meeting 18.30 12.10.14 Bailey Bar

Present: GH, MT, SD, KM, MH, MC, MF, DS, HR

They just want to reallocate some money
Only training once a fortnight rather than once a week at freeman’s quay
Want to reallocate the money they’ll be saving to buying some volleyballs (which they didn’t ask for first time round)
Already given enough for 4 volleyballs in the amended budget
Do we need to allocate more money to more volleyballs?
Give them some time to sort these problems – find out how much they were originally allocated and how much they’re spending (and not spending) on freeman’s quay
MF will talk to JC

The budget is being spent on pool sessions
Unsure they’ll get 24 members
Currently have 18 prospective members and expecting an increase
How many will actually join though, inc post freshers fair
This would be about half of the ring fenced amount
Subs at £20 are very cheap
£4 for one session paying privately, which would make this a very cheap way to swim
An awful lot of money – they need to show us they’re committed before we give them lots of money – potentially asking for too much considering how cheap their subs are
A years membership is £170
They’re not representing cuth’s – other colleges don’t have aquatics so they can’t compete
Increase to £30 subs, an extra £250?
£20 per term? still have the price of going alone
They’re not paying per person/entry – they’re booking one lane – 25 people in one lane – wil be v crowded
£20 for the first 2 terms each plus £10 for the 3rd term = £50 for a year
^Unanimous agreement on this
That way it would still be cheaper than doing it alone
Suggest that if they’re paying freeman’s quay termly then they collect subs termly?
Easier to do it as a single sum – people would be more committed and get it done
£235 is what they’ll get

£25 per member – lots of members, have up to F team and are representing cuth’s
How many do they need to send on a first aid course – they’ve asked for 10 – we think they need 2 at each match, that’s fair
Left with a surplus, just need to amend it to remove the 300ish pounds leave it at £1124
Won’t remove anything from the ring fenced amount, we allocated a separate bit for football
All in agreement