Finance Comm Meeting 11th March 2014
Social Chair has requested £300 (£200 to be spent on infrastructure and £100 to be spent on events). This is slightly less than the surplus made at the Feast, and Social Comm do not currently have a budget for small events. This was approved by Finance Comm.
Greg Kyle-Langley – more for information, but the donation has been added to the budget and the first cheque received. The President and Music Room Manager have discussed how to spend the money, though more discussions could be held after the meeting. The fund will probably be administered by the Music Room Manager applying to the Treasurer and President, who will discuss the application.
Table Tennis – Uncertainty about how the subs situation works, presumably competitive and social members? This would lead to us making a slight loss, but it could be re-cooped at a later date. In future budgets accommodation needs to be made for newly founded societies.
Social Comm (2) – The Social Chair has requested an annual budget of £500 starting next year. Discussion of this can be postponed until the budget meeting, since the application is for forthcoming budget.
Any Other Business – Does the Living Wage effect the presidential salary? As the president also receives board and lodging, should the minimum wage in fact be lower