Minutes of Finance Comm Meeting on October 14th, 2013
Women in the Gym Motion – It was questioned whether any quotes had been obtained, SC confirmed that they hadn’t. SC also thought it might fall under the University’s remit, since they maintain the buildings.
Table Tennis Society and Alt Soc – both of these motions are fine, though both societies may later submit a budget, which will need examining.
Lacrosse Society – Asked for more money for 5 new sticks, as well as balls and bags. They are believed to currently have 8 sticks, with 11 players on the pitch at a time. Previously players had owned their own sticks, and took them with them when they left. Sticks are thought to cost £50. Initial suggestion is to amend it to 3 sticks and ask them to cover it by subs. GH asked how many members they had and how much they paid in subs. This led to an investigation of the records, which revealed that they had not submitted a budget for this academic year. It was therefore recommended that this motion be postponed until after they had submitted a budget.
The other motions did not require financial discussion.
BH raised the issue that Big Band currently has its own bank account, which is not allowed under the charitable status as it is not audited. It was therefore decided to ask them to merge their account with the JCR’s account.
BH wants to hold a meeting on October 20th to do an internal audit as we have to submit our accounts, in line with our charitable status. It will be held in the conference room and may be lengthy. BH will assess how much work has to be done and how long it will take. Finance Comm were also asked to help BH submit the VAT report, which may take a couple of days