Exec + T? meeting


apologies – JG, HLE


website (JC)

MC wants to redesign the website

get matt to make a facebook group about it


jcr meeting relaunch (TR and LM)

2 major changes

propose a steering comm – non contentious motions can just get passed by steering comm

people can be invited or just rock up to steering comm

people can also request a motion goes to a jcr meeting if they want

add a couple of lay members?

everyone has vested interests in something

how you decide on what’s contentious

phrase it like a mini jcr meeting – you can come along if you want to but the fun stuff will be in the big jcr meeting

put motions online and people can send in comments

steering comm meetings need to be widely publicised

don’t call it steering comm, makes it sound a bit more exclusive

all budget motions should go through a jcr meeting

ratifying societies or motions like the society execs motion can go through steering comm

steering comm can meet whenever


reduce jargon in talking about motions

someone speaks on behalf

any opposition

then comments in turn from each view

LM to summarise positives and negatives and hopefully inspire debate

don’t read out the motion – the first thing to be said in someone speaking on behalf

keep it in plain english – phrase it in an accessible way

need enough copies of the agenda around so people can read them themselves

jros and stool are also publicising meetings

make as many people hosts of events

make the freshers group the host of the event


pick keen beans and ask them to be reps – make them feel special and get them to be your friends

house/block reps

start ‘help us help you’

want to find out what people want from us

– online or whiteboard style

‘can you do my job better than me?’

send targeted emails to certain people

use members of the exec to advertise positions and roles – ‘i want you to run for my role’

make it competitive between the exec on getting people to run for your role and your committee roles


slimline jcr meetings

jcr lite

only 45 minutes (calories)

new years resolution to lose weight – slimming down jcr meetings

make the point that we know they haven’t been good

– need to say that they’ve changed not just that they’re great


do three small ones in the first few weeks – break people in gently


straw poll at the next jcr meeting

should allow campaigning online

– reduce bureaucracy

– e.g. person who makes the best video wins but to be fair cares the most

– seems more fun and attractive when it comes from other people

– more natural than coming from just T? and LM

selects candidates that have a good online presence

– a very different skill to being good online to being being good at a role?

excludes that don’t have facebook or have fewer friends

makes it into a popularity contest

– but it drums up interest in the positions and makes them more attractive in the future

– shows that people care

– would it put people off running because – they feel they have to do a lot

put it across through the same platform

– can post in groups but not as statuses – access is equal that way

messages are quite invasive – statuses you can engage in if you want to

make it clear that there might be change from a straw poll


getting rid of posters


rebrand ron – change it from ron

– ‘request new candidates’


sometimes unexpected things are more contentious than anticipated

– be careful not to


eyes closed for method 2 so people don’t mind ronning


change it so you need to get twice as many votes as ron – this is one for the future


calling to hust –

ideologically everyone should hust, but logistically can’t necessarily

at least have them standing up and be able to ask them questions

add a point of information in questions so you can say the answer to certain questions or correct someone who’s said something factually incorrect


governance review after elections last week

have committees (finance) elected by their committee head through interviews and cvs

– extra responsibility for committee chairs


exec proposing/seconding

– it’s our responsibility to be more selective about who we say yes and no to

– exec names are valued more, regardless of the candidates

– certain people not getting votes based on them not thinking to ask exec to propose or not being friends with them

do we need to list proposers online – you’re influenced by them at the last minute

candidates should be allowed to have weighty names behind them

removing the names from du vote

won’t announce them in a jcr meeting

straw poll


review of the term