VC: planning to do chinese new year events – want to do a survey to see what international students want provided
EM: raised £50 with pub quiz – FRAMDA showcase hopefully in March – looking at logistics of mismatch stuff
RJ: getting sports and societies reporters doing things – had meeting at MC about some stuff
DG: end of refreshers week now – started organising Feast, tickets on sale on Sunday
HJ: meetings and going to start this term’s stash order
CS: looking into bar staff and who they can refuse entry to and things – SHAG week start of Feb – sexual violence awareness around the same time as well (SU one)
LJ: did newsletter and spoke to webmaster – had meetings about uni social media
CW: had some silent discos – got some booked in – potentially buy in some tech so CDS don’t rent and then we can rent – may invest in some new dumbbells – D? is looking at music room – PE had acoustic night
AF: JCR Meeting tomorrow – man down in gov comm at the mo
CM: working on a consultation framework with college so they let CM know about discipline – will do some focus groups with students as well to see what they think should happen – rewriting memorandum of agreement with college – and doing trustee stuff as well, making new procedures – and looking at shed outside dining hall
AK: both of us have internet banking now – doing the accounts – can now connect to SAGE properly – can finally unload stuff onto finance comm

Minutes passed – AJ is ill

Handover Documents
These will be taken to the trustees – deadline end of June

Memorandum of Agreement
What we’ve got since we’re not a part of college, and it’s an agreement that we’ll work on things
Currently not specific to Cuth’s at all so we’re going to update it – and hopefully before any changes come in about independent colleges.
For things where you’re not sure if it should be college or us we need to finalise:
– E.g. porters – in some colleges they have responsibility to help move tech or take people to venues

Data Protection
Data protection laws have changed, so uni can’t share data with external organisations – including us – so they won’t send us names or subjects of students for college parents, so we need to get around it somehow, probably asking students to give permission for us to use their data – at same time as JCR levy?

Training (trustees)
– Want to get a list of things of to be trained in for the trustees to organise for next year
– Website
– Audit
– Team management/leadership
– Graphic design
– Chairing meetings
– Effective campaigns

Got lots of books – but many are outdated so a book sale probably wouldn’t be good. Could see if any are worth anything, and if we sell them we can use the money to recycle them properly or donate them. EM will collab.
No one minds what happens to them.

DU Social Media Takeover
Writing a blog post that will go on a DU blog – will around 600 words, and about the day in the life of a Cuth’s student or similar. Maybe three people about
If fashion show goes well and no controversies, LJ would like someone from there to talk about it.
– Feast manager
– Sports team that’s done particularly well – women’s rugby?
– Martha’s debating in Mexico
– FRAMDA volunteer? CP
– Producers of cuth’s drama show? RT

Study Space – house 8 room/shed
Gonna buy a load of desks and chairs for house 8 study room – raised idea of portable desks for brooks, but little storage.

Brooks Bar
Need list of things to get quotes for:
– Change colour scheme
– Reupholster the wall chairs
– Want new chairs rather than the low ones
– Tables – maybe booths?
– More cuths frames things
Current idea for payment – we get a third of bar profits, and we want the money to be paid off by that within five years

Campaign: student misconduct
Always an issue raised. Uni thinks it’s getting worse and worse, but we’re probably just becoming more aware of it. So do we think there’s a way we can do a campaign that isn’t annoying to people
Are we actually responsibly for student behaviour? Yes for cuth’s sports and societies
Spin it as something we do in fresher’s week – not a “don’t do this” but like “we’re cuth’s, we’re better than this” kind of thing
Perhaps have a local resident come to the housing talk.
Get respected captains of teams to do a talk? Give them some sort of incentive?
Perhaps make sure social secs have a responsibility over their socials
Side note: college punishing students with community service – currently it’s helping in the kitchens, which we don’t like since it makes it look like they’re jobs are punishment
If someone is bad at a social, maybe get them to come at closing time to clear up. Also gardening.

JCR levy paragraph
Uni agreed to send a paragraph to freshers that we write about the JCR levy so they know what it’s for

DG: heads up that exec come in on day of open days to talk about college life – 14th Feb
Also SCR want to do a joint film night – will ask postgrads to do it probably