In Brooks bar, following the naked calendar shoot. Everyone is now fully dressed again. AC thinks he’s EM’s favourite exec member.

Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), JR (Facilities Manager), CG (Communications Officer), SA (Outreach Chair), MW (Social Chair), SM (Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair), SW (Chair), AJ (Librarian), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), AC (Sports and Societies Chair)

Apologies: RJ (Finance & Compliance Officer)

Absent: EE (International Rep)

Art Supplies & Storage – SM

SM: There was drama yesterday at art soc. The main thing to ask is reee the social comm art supplies, can they not be stored in garage? Because they went missing.

EM: Currently we can’t get into garage because they’ve changed the locks. We do have the old woodshed, but that has 2 bikes and crap from the builders in. We tried to open it today but couldn’t. While the builders are there, we can’t.

SM: So it will be resolved in future?

EM: Yes

SM: Can we work out what’s what in art budget given that art and social comm share

MW: Yes

SM: I think it’s good having one budget we just need to talk about it

MW: Yes, let’s formally split up

SM: We had to throw out paint brushes because freps didn’t clean them. Can we sort this for next time?

EM: At the start of frepping we had loads in the exec office but now we don’t

SM: Art soc has loads of nice new small ones. There are some big ones but I don’t know who’s they are. Some freps left paint brushes in turps and they’re wrecked

MW: They had that for cleaning rock. I don’t know why paint brushes were put in it.

SM: So basically a load of stuff got wrecked

EM: Can you please make me a pile of paint brushes that aren’t art soc’s? There’s a draw for those

SA: Why don’t you just buy new ones and tape them in colours?

EM: Good idea

Action: SM and MW to buy paintbrushes and electrical tape and talk about sharing

SM: Can we clarify that art soc can take supplies elsewhere?

EM: Yes

1888 Club – EM

EM: Half my idea, half RJ’s. The alumni association are alright. It takes ages for them to communicate with us. College do their own alumni networking, but they always flop. When college do their alumni things, the money doesn’t go to the JCR. We want more and good relationships with donors. The best fundraising that happens in the JCR is with the boatclub and that’s amazing. If currently we’re not getting much we should start something. We think it would be a good idea to have a facebook group that’s a bit more social for alumni. It could help if we needed training, or ideas. An easily accessible network for us. 1888 club is the same style as other colleges, and it sounds jazzy. Thoughts? It could cause some friction with EA and the association. But do we care? KR (alumni development) struggles with engagement. If we had a group she’d be allowed in it.

MW: I think it’s a good idea because people care more about the JCR than college. They’d probably donate more to us.

SM: Is KR doing HLE’s job?

EM: Yes, in a less official way.

SM: I like it as long as college can post in it

AC: I like the idea, just wondering who runs it?

EM: The idea would be that it would be under the president’s role to manage it. But each year could elect a rep.

AC: The head of the alumni association could be an admin. Or EA.

EM: I don’t understand the structure of the association.

SA: Can you not propose it as a joint thing?

EM: We just want a group that can facilitate what we need it to. Because people don’t sign up to mailing lists.

SA: My village has a similar thing, you get added when you leave middle school. There was a lot of controversy.

SM: IS there any problem with just having a group anyone can use?

EM: That’s what I want, but I think the association would get eggy. They’re very slow

AJ: Tell them what you’re going to do, offer for them to be involved

EM: We want to do things differently to college. We want to attract young professionals and get them in the habit of doing things. A network of more chilled connections.

SM: Will there not be a separation between the alumni we attract and those college attracts?

AC: We could have different events though

EM: Alumni things are being centralised and I think we’re losing of people through that. People from central University ask people for donations and no one wants to donate to the University. I’ll chat to KR about it and ask her for help talking to the association.

JR: We’re kind of separate from college

EM: Kind of separate from college? *EM makes a stupid face and slaps her forehead*

Action: EM to talk to KR and tell the association what we’re doing

Participation Fund Sponsorship – EM

EM: The participation fund has £900, hopefully soon £1,000. We were asked for £1700. Some people weren’t even asking for everything. I would like there to be more money. RR once tried to get teams sponsored but it didn’t work. But I think we could do a sponsorship drive based on this information. My idea would be to write to alumni and people in the community asking them to informally commit to a small annual donation. I welcome any other ideas and thoughts.

SA: The 1888 club

CG: We could make a video like WWF

EM: We should have more videos

SA: I politely rejected SP yesterday

JC: We should target the SCR because they’re still all involved

AC: The football team has a plan to get themselves sponsored on Instagram

AJ: Run events in college then talk to people when they’re here

AC: Alumni Brooks Friday

SW: Sponsored sports matches?

EM: I prefer that going to charity. There needs to be a distinction between participation fund and charity.

CG: We could go to local companies

MW: SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager) was very successful with auction prizes

Action: Everyone to think about it

Automatic VoNCs – JC

JC: We have a process called auto-voncing were if someone misses two consecutive or three total meetings without sending apologies there’s a vonc carried against them with no seconders. It requires an email to be sent to them beforehand by me. It’s designed to make it easier to get rid of people who aren’t doing their job. If anyone wants me to begin the process with anyone on their committee, let me know.

SM: Last year we had a register for committee positions

JC: We should bring that back

AC: If you send apologies but never turn up, is that OK?

JC: Yes

EM: It’s not hard to send apologies. Make people aware that they can send apologies


CG: It’s my birthday next week.

SA: I’m going to Estonia

*Meeting Adjourned*