President’s flat, everyone is in fancy dress for the social after. Some people arrive late.
JR and EE are ridiculously late so RJ provides mango.

Present: EM(President),JC(Vice-President),RJ(FCO),MW(Social Chair),AJ(Librarian),ES(Senior Welfare Officer),EE(International Rep),SA(Outreach Chair),SM(Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair),AC(Sports & Societies Chair),JR(Facilities Manager),SW(Chair)

Apologies: CG(Communications Officer)


Apologies – CG

CG: I’m very sad that I can’t be there but I’m on a field trip in Singapore. Everyone get smashed and don’t be too sad that you’re missing out on my hilarious chat.

Expectations for the Year – EM

EM: General expectations for the year. All of you are here because you want to be and other peple want you to be so be serious and commit. Should spend at least 8 hours a week on your exec roles. Some of you wil spend more sometimes, so average it out. If you consistently don’t spend 8 hours then talk to EM and she’ll give you things to do because being on the exec is more than just your role, it’s all about making Cuth’s better. If you know that you’ll have a really horrible time at one point and won’t be able to do everything then RJ and EM will be able to assist so speak to them and they’ll help, but please tell them as soon as possible. Lateness is unacceptable. If you have a good reason to be late tell EM. If you’re running late tell EM and pick up your phone. Any issues with committees tell EM. Have fun because you’re meant to.

Committee Budgets – RJ

RJ: If you have a committee with a budget, I will explain how it will work. When you do reclaims, RJ will add it to a spreadsheet which includes total budget and will work out how much is left. This will be shared with committee chair so they know how much money they have.

SA: Do reclaims work the same?

RJ: Now you need to download a spreadsheet and fill it in but it’s the same as the old form. Does apply to social comm activities budget.

Length of voting period in method 1 elections – RJ

RJ: Interested in what people think. Currently it’s 64 hours. Very few people vote on the last day, and 60-75% of votes are on the first day. One reason people don’t like JCR is spam from posts, and this happens a lot on the last day. Maybe would be less annoying with shorter voting time.

EM: Could also be less stressful for candidates if shorter period.

SW: Never seen voting system. Haven’t spoken to SP. Probably is possible.

Action:SW to found out if we can change voting period.

ES: Much less stressful if same day.

SW: don’t agree with point about spamming because it will just be more concentrated.

EM: Worth it if shorter time period. Much less time scrolling through facebook in 2 days than 3.

SM: I think 2 days is better.

*General agreement.*

*EE and JR FINALLY arrive*

AC: Yes.

*Consensus that it would be better if it’s shorter.

Action:RJ to write motion for 2nd meeting

JR: Can we limit post numbers?

EE: very difficult to police.

JR: 2 days is sufficient.

EE: Drawback is possibly that people might think there’ll be less engagement.

RJ: lack of annoyance is more important.

*JR is ignorant because he was late*

EE: Want to discuss why we have social media campaigning

EM: Better way of reaching people, leads to higher engagement.

Postgrad Levy – SM

SM: Postgrad levy is £53.50 but people coming back for 4th year pay levy for 4th year, but people on integrated courses don’t.

SA: I never graduated so paid 3 years levy for 4 years.

SM: Last year was possibility of everyone paying yearly but don’t know what happened. Wierd divide that some pay again and some don’t

EM: Yearly payment was scrapped because it might have a negative impact on payments. People have contacted us because they restarted their course or other reasons. We didn’t make them pay agian.

RJ: No reason not to allow 1 year pgs who were here as undergrads to continue without paying again. Don’t know numbers.

SM: Only data I have is from pg families, but it’s at least 10.

SA: What about reduced rate?

RJ: Slightly more work but possible. Not likely to have negative impact.

EM: What reduced amount?

SM: Maybe 25-50%?

SW: Don’t understand why discussing reduced rate when could be no fee.

SA: Could change year on year.

SW: We have sufficient reserves to tank this and it seems really unfair. Some students because of their course will end up paying more and this seems unfair. If we have the resources we should allow no payment.

RJ: don’t see how this would affect operations.

EM: if cuts were made would they be to everything or pg comm? Still reducing income.

EE: Maybe make an application process?

SA: Very subjective.

JR: Should be same for everyone regardless of masters.

ES: A lot of people who stay at Cuth’s to do so because they like it and it’s no different to if they did a science or integrated course to if they graduate and then stay.

AC: Need to decide early for science degrees.

ES: still has same financial impact.

Doesn’t refer to PhDs.

SW: Can we charge more to all postgrads?

EM: For masters or fourth year?

SW: 4th year only.

JC: We can’t change systems of 4th year integrated masters not paying without completely changing levy system because it’s done through University. Number of people this affects year on year will vary in the same way as intake so it would be very easy to include in the annual budget fluctuations with very little impact on budgets.

SM: Masters that aren’t integrated are a lot more expensive because of student finance. If we want to make it fair it would really help these people.

EM: I’ve been convinced that subsided rate isn’t great and hard to monitor. Should just allow people continuing for masters after undergrad to not have to pay. Let’s vote then discuss where cuts come from.

Unanimously in favour of them not paying.

RJ: Don’t think it’s about cutting but don’t think it will have much of an impact.

Action:RJ to assess feasibility.

Action:JC to add to next agenda.

Michaelmas Term JCR Meetings – EM & SW

SW: In the standing orders there are 3 JCR meetings in Michaelmas. Last year EC had 4 and this year I’m doing 4. I think that’s a consensus on gov comm because they’re too long. JCR meetings are too long and cutting them down isn’t a negative thing. Want a motion written. Rearranging calendar of first term. But want 4 meetings.

JC: I’d just that mandating 4 meetings every year is too restrictive. It’s really easy to have extra meetings if gov comm want to, but if we increase the minimum then we’ll always have to and there a lot of people who are mandated to come to meetings and won’t want to spend an extra evening on them.

EM: My view is that I agree with SW, I think that 4 meetings means we can spread them out more and create an atmosphere where people stay after and people want to go because activities happen afterwards and it’s a community.

MW: Michaelmas term is the longest term so it makes sense to have more meetings then. Plus people are back early.

ES: A lot more welfare roles now so better to reduce meeting length.

EE: I agree with JC and increasing the minimum is not a good idea but we shouldn’t limit them either. No-one will reduce it if we increase the mininum. It’s one more meeting where everyone has to read motions and manifestos and puts too much strain on everyone. Also putting up posters is very time consuming. It’s still allowed to have 4 but we shouldn’t need to.

EM: If on outreach comm would have several commitments throughout the year so shouldn’t be concerned with JRO workload.

EE: Not reducing just not increasing. Less people would run for JCR if there were 4 meetings.

EM: I disagree.

EE: I was the only JRO in Michaelemas.

EM: Me and RJ could put up posters.

SM: I never felt overworked as JRO. Also, with the number of new positions it’s better to have elections early so 4 meetings are needed.

ES: Lots of positions are method II so no posters needed.

EE: Was the only JRO in Michaelmas and it was a lot of work. Only early epiphany that others were elected and it was too much.

SA: People not wanting to JRO is not concern because people don’t normally re-run and this won’t factor in decision to run.

EE: If someone runs not knowing what they’ll do that’s worse. Then it’s a lot of work so they don’t do it.

SA: Wouldn’t each meeting be smaller?

EM: Can we vote?

9 votes in favour of 4 per term, 2 against.

SW: Let’s chat about pg positions, and anyone else email if you have concerns about when people are elected.

Chair Impartiality – EM & SW

SW: Part of my handover was pointing out that if there any issues on the exec then I should be available to help mediate. Just to let you know.

EM: So if people have complaints go to you?

SW: Depends, can contact chair of trustees, but if less official then SW.

Long Term Purchases – RJ

RJ: We have lots of $$$. £80,000 in reserves. We should spend some of it. We should think about what to spend it on but bearing it mind it should be a long term asset in line with our charitable aims.

RJ: We need to spend it because we haven’t for a while. We have enough money in a separate account to operate for a year without levies so this is all money to be spent.

EM: Has to have long term benefit. I’d like to buy a pop-up dark room to be kept in the garage with a lockable cabinet for chemicals.

SW: Question about new building at Parsons. Will it involve a gym?

EM: New space will include JCR and what is currently JCR will have 2 offices and gym. Old reception will become bathrooms.

SW: Gym is a massive facilities complaint.

EM: Won’t affect equipment. Should be an issue for next year’s exec because this year we haven’t moved so better to wait. But good idea.

JR: What is space for new gym? Did gym budget get cut?

RJ: Haven’t changed anything.

EM: Don’t have plans for the building on me or any maps.

Action:EM to find out about gyms and tell JR.

ES: Will new bathrooms be gender neutral?

EM: Was brought up. Don’t remember what was said.

Action:EM to find out about gender neutral bathrooms.

Action:Everyone to think about what we are lacking.

RJ: Can be anything that will help people in positions.

AJ: Is college in charge of library desks?

JR: What about decorating Bailey gym?

EM: Depends how much effort you want to put it?

EM: If you want to do it then it’s worth it.

JR: I’ll try and sort equipment first but maybe next term.

Action:AC to ask sports and societies.

RJ: Lacrosse could have their own sticks for 5 or 6 years.

AC: We could build a climbing wall. Hild Bede has one.

Action:JC to add to agenda of next meeting.

Exec tasks for JCR strategy – EM

EM: We have a strategy. My laptop won’t turn on. SW wrote it.

EM: There are 5 points. All of your roles should fit into those sub categories. Maximisation of resources/facilities fits into facilities manager job description. What do we want long term? Cuth’s in a wider context relates to outreach and projects they do. Comfortable compliance is boring stuff for me and RJ. I’ve taken examples and tried to fit them into those 5 categories. I will circulate those 5 things, so you can think about them and suggest things that you do so they can be included.

SW: Cuth’s in a wider context is not just outreach but also our relationship with other colleges, the university and the alumni network.

Action:EM to put 5 things on a post in the facebook group and everyone to comment.


RJ: How often are exec meetings?

EM: Ideally every 3 weeks. Anyone have any awful dates?

MW: Have bar shifts already.

EM: Send apologies if you can’t make it.

JC: Not Tuesdays

EM: Generally they’ll be in the evening.

SW: I tutor on Wednesdays in the evening.

EM: No guarantees but hopefully in the evening late in the week but not same day every time so no-one is systematically excluded.

JR: I have ideas for motions, do I bring them up here? Eg. women only hours in gym.

EM: Could bring here if want opinions.

MW & SA like it.

JR: Maybe 1 peak session and 2 off peak.

EM: If people who use gym like it then sure.

Action:JR to write motion.


*SW in 19-20 minutes = SWC in 20-21 minutes*